WPRI 12 News - Providence, RI

4.7 (10.2K)
86.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WPRI 12 News - Providence, RI

4.65 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
6 years ago, RJ Parrillo
WPRI 12: Eyewitness News - App
This is a great, easy-to-use, and helpful app! With stories in an organized and thorough fashion throughout the app, it is easy to navigate, and there are different tabs for what type of news you would like. There are also videos and images attached as well! I would also recommend the Pinpoint Weather 12 App, as it features extremely helpful and useful features like Radar, Videos, and 7 Day Forecasts. I would give both 5 Stars!
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6 years ago, RIgirl06
Used to love the app, now not so sure.
1. Hate the ridiculous Providence Auto Body ad EVERY. SINGLE. TIME you open the app. It used to be just once a day and then you wouldn't see it again. I’ll tell you one thing, you aren’t helping them increase business. In fact, because of it being forced in my face I would NEVER go there!!! My husband and daughter have chosen other local news app WITHOUT ridiculous pop-up ads and deleted WPRI. About to lose me too!! 2. Also dislike that when checking the weather the forecast starts playing on its own....and LOUDLY. It was fine before when I could choose to play it IF i wanted to....not sure why this changed?!?! Many times I just want to read the forecast so I know how to plan for the day. Don’t use it at work anymore since it automatically plays now.....unprofessional. If these 2 things were fixed I’d give it 5 stars. Until then....not happening!!!
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4 years ago, Ms. Botwin
(Can't) "Reportit"
The "Reportit" feature is very frustrating and not user friendly. To start off, you have to scroll way down to find the link. (shouldn't it be up top?) If you take too long entering all the information or, if you have to leave the app briefly, it kicks you out and deletes everything. It also doesn't tell you if your submission was successfully sent. After attaching a video from my library it didn't show the attachment in the box and all the information I had entered just disappeared. No confirmation or anything. So, I have no idea if it went through or not. If you think this review is confusing, try submitting a (story).
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6 years ago, Lawyerdoc
Excellent Local News Updates
Keeps me updated on local news. Better than local newspaper. Turn the “Updates” on but turn sound off so one can see new events on lock screen without being annoyed by dings. WPRI’s Weather App is great too, especially in Winter for planning around Snowstorms with our Primary Care Medical Office. Download both. Ignore the negative reviewers. Probably from envious competitors. If one wishes to watch TV, turn on the Television to Channel 12.
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6 years ago, Radman991
Bring back the old!
Do not like the interface on this new version. Previous version so much easier to navigate. Old version you could see dates of articles, not on this version. Liked how they listed articles on left and you old choose which to open. No longer possible with new version. Definitely a major step down from previous. Guess I will not be using this app anymore. Here comes NBC10! Update May2018. Came back to the app with this new update. It stinks. Please please get rid of Providence Auto body. Will never go there now. Also can’t watch a video, constant loop of ads. Like the article set up but have tried multiple times to watch a video to no avail.
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4 years ago, not good 202042411
I normally do not review apps but this one is terrible. I support this news channel so I figured I would download this app. Every time you use the app and you place your finger in the wrong location a pop up occurs and it brings you to a website it is very annoying. I will have already removed the app. When a pop up blocker has been invited I might install the app again.
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4 years ago, great times at disney world !
WPRI news
I , feel that your news stories are the most ,accurate and informative . The weather forecasts are right on. I , really appreciate the updates on the weather reports.,and traffic issues , that may come up . WPRI 12 is the only news source ,I pay attention to . Thank you for all your hard work . Marilyn Alden 🤗
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4 years ago, viewer567
Weather people and traffic
Michele Moscatello, Pete Mangione are fantastic, Tony Petrarca not bad but T J DelSanto is terrible. Check out his snow forecasts and a lot of the other ones, he’s mostly off not good. Haven’t had time to figure out the new guy, sorry. Your traffic person either looks like a ghoul with those black hollow eyes or a hooker with the tight, LOW cut bodices on her clothing. I skip past her, kinda like I do with any pictures or news on Trump, don’t care for either of them. But she REALLY needs to stop showing off what she thinks are her ASSETS!
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5 years ago, shanansgand
Constantly having issues watching the weather forecast..... used to be able to click on “weather” and you could watch the forecast, now you need to scroll threw “weather” and hope that you find what your looking for and hope the video downloads and not just refresh every time you hit the icon to play and it doesn’t play only to refresh itself. I did love this feature being that I never seen to be able to catch the weather live time wise. Hopefully, it’ll go back to that set up
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2 years ago, shortymcb
By all means not perfect but gets me the weather most times
App could be better if it actually worked all the time when it’s supposed to. I’ll be watching the live broadcast when it just starts and one story later it stops. Sometimes restarting it helps sometimes it doesn’t. By now you’d think the app had it together. Wish it would give me the entire broadcast the bits of it. When it works, it works. Frustrating!
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3 years ago, MycatLucky
My favorite station
I live in SE MA & have watched your news & weather every day for the past 30 years! I love your anchors & especially Michelle! I also have your app on my phone & check in for your news & weather throughout the day. Your like family! Keep up the great work! Julie Woodson
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4 years ago, Pattie122
Way Too Many Ads
There are almost as many ads as there are news stories and they are in very annoying places such as the middle of the page. Also when scrolling to view other stories the page has a tendency to refresh and go back to the top, thus losing your spot. Overall it’s just an o.k. site and no more annoying than any other websites I visit.
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5 years ago, Saved by Grace 79
Best Television Station
From early on in my life until I left RI for sunnier skies, WPRI12 has supplied me with the most up to date News and Forecast reports. Even though I don’t live in RI any longer, I still keep tuned to WPRI12 for my former hometown Weather & News and wish my current News Station was as efficient . GREAT Job WPRI.
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7 years ago, disappointednewsseeker
Upgrade is horrible
I had used this app for several years and found the Providence Auto Body pop up annoying. But it is beyond annoying trying to stream the Live news feed with the Raymour and Flanigan commercial popping up every 20 secs.
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5 years ago, Radjathat
Channel 12
Love the channel 12 App. Get all the news and weather updates. Can use the app to look up anything you might of missed!!! Channel 12 is my only news station. Thank you channel 12!!! Love all the news weather and sport anchors!!!! Great job!!!!
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5 years ago, Alto1967
Reliable and time tested
I enjoy this app largely because of the stations longtime commitment to accuracy and fairness. It usually is my first source of local news in the morning. I wish that it offered local obituaries. Fine throughout and highly recommended.
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5 years ago, Fairwindsri
Best Investigative Reporting
We watch 12 because they are an independent station with the smartest investigative reporting in the state. They help keep the government on their toes. Thanks to all!!!! Sharp, intelligent reporting. Tim White and Ted Nesi do their best to keep our politicians on the straight and narrow. Their work alone keeps me watching Channel 12. Thanks to all!
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5 years ago, Music relieves all
I like the app and the up to date news you provide but that first advertisement from Providence auto body that you have to move out of your way to see anything sometimes makes me not want to go on your app. I know it seems small but I'm often at work when I want to see your app but have very little time.
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5 years ago, Sassirn
Great news
I love the weather and news. I find them always to be accurate and they are presented in a straight forward and positive approach with out scare tactics often employed by other programmers. I’m calmly told what I need to do and what I need to have on hand. Thanks
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5 years ago, zhowm157
News you can count on.
I have been watching 12 for many years and always find them very credible. I love interacting with the morning team they make me feel like family.
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4 years ago, zoe carolina
Thank you!
Thank you for your hard work! We appreciate you being out there keeping us informed! God bless you and your homes!
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5 years ago, nancyst26
Great news reporting
We watch the news on WPRI in the morning and evening. The reporters do a great job keeping us informed. However, I would like to see more local stories and less national news stories about cars going into buildings and such.
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4 years ago, Ajeanp19
Video playing automatically
I just want to read the story and play video at my choice, app is playing video automatically when you click on a story, even with my phone on vibrate it plays sound! Can’t use at work or at night for fear of video playing with sound and disturbing others.
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6 years ago, JACKS 3
Joke of a news app should be under joke section
PEOPLE DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You people who approve video ads in your app are discussing your only worry is money. Here we have a POLICE OFFCER get shot and killed and his K9 also get injured who is a POLICE OFFICER. You have a video to say what happened but no you need to watch a video ad so your just saying you don’t give a S#%^ your just worried about the money. This app should be listed under joke section.
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5 years ago, KMS 58
#1 newscast!!!
I only watch channel 12 news!! I like every reporter and the weather people and especially Mike and Shannon!! Congratulations to Shannon and her family on the new baby!
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6 years ago, Bethy0116
Fantastic crew!
I really enjoy watching your news program! Everyone is so real and friendly! It’s a great start too my day!
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6 years ago, Big PTrain
Can’t watch the broadcast without constant pop up ads
This app is awful. Constant pop up ads, even during the livestream of their newscast. If you want to do ads, do it every 3-5 minutes. But every 30 seconds (as it seems) is just overkill. I’d gladly pay for an ad-free app over this one. This app is just about unusable due to all the pop ups.
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2 months ago, Mymannnnnn69
Unusable on the iPad.
Have used for years and was fine. Most recent update to “fix bugs and improve general performance” has made it unusable on the iPad. Unable to read any article if there is associated video. Have deleted it and moved to a different local news station.
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5 years ago, Microtick
Love the show and all the personnel. I look forward to the news I can count on every day morning, noon and night!!
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6 years ago, RPRO65
So so.......
The Providence Auto Body ad that pops up each time is annoying. Also when you click on “weather” the meteorologist begins speaking right away which can be quite loud when in a quiet place.
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5 years ago, Katewilldo
Always keeping me informed of the news and weather in my family’s neighborhood. When I need my RI “fix” ... I turn to my WPRI app. I retired to Florida but, my heart is still in Rhode Island❤️
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4 years ago, Kduska
Fair and balanced
I only read your news page because you do not bash President Trump. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Madgrllla
The Worst!
This, by far, is one of the worst news apps on the Apple platform. Slow loading, giant ads, videos that take forever to load and won’t close. I just want to read the local news, not be bombarded with unwanted, intrusive content and ADS.
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5 years ago, GusBuddy2442
Great channel
The only problem is it keeps telling me heavy rain in Cranston but the sun is out I depend on the weather to take the dog out
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3 years ago, HJF1956
The last update did away with PiP, which came in handy for me. Maybe one of the other news sources for the area would look at this?
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6 years ago, bamado1
Best news in town
Love getting all my news updates
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6 years ago, Karen Lotti
Channel 12
It’s the place to get news! Events! Weather! Always current:)!!!
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5 years ago, News lListenrr
Too many blank times during commercials, News does not seem to come on right away many times, after commercials breaks.
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7 years ago, Superbeatle playing a banjo
Pop ups
Ads pop up every 15 seconds. Can't even watch. Pop,pop,pop,🎈
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6 years ago, Jjgilgun
Won’t watch 10 anymore because it is owned by Sinclair
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3 years ago, MaryAtz
I mostly watch your station as we get a lot of local happenings.
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3 years ago, mini brent rivera
Thank you
This is help full to know the news
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3 years ago, Cavy mom
Needs an update
I have been having trouble with the app pausing and starting up again. I used to live in Rhode Island and would like to be able to see the news without the interruptions. Please fix it.
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6 years ago, Lil' Flyers
Transmission stoppages with regularity; too often. Also, I’m sure it’s for copyright legal concerns, but the sports report is consistently omitted.
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4 years ago, IMHATR
Last update bug.
I loved this app until the last update. I use it for news and weather and now it will not open the detailed 7 day forecast. Please fix it's driving me crazy. After it is fixed I would give four stars.
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5 years ago, mikeds35
Providence auto body add and can’t swipe story’s anymore
Like the app but the providence auto body app in the beginning is annoying. And since last update I can’t swipe through stories any more.
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5 years ago, channel 12 review
Website not as good as it used to be. Same News stories stay on website for days.
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2 years ago, this nickname is taken55
While I love the content and format, the app is completely glitchy. More often than not pages freeze
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6 years ago, bo scho
Providence auto body! Really!
Old app was better. Why is the providence auto body pop still there!!! Can’t even look at the weather without an insane amount of pop ups. Don’t waist your time there’s better local news apps.
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3 years ago, ktom1123
loaded with advertisements
Awful app, loaded with advertisements! From the autobody app in the beginning to the lady with the low cut shirt baiting me to click. What a joke news WPRI is when all they care about is ad’s and not the news.
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