WPXI Channel 11

4.6 (13.9K)
86.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cox Media Group
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WPXI Channel 11

4.63 out of 5
13.9K Ratings
3 years ago, USER98435
Amazing App! Amazing News Station
This app is SO much better than KDKA or WTAE. WPXI gives updates on its story and sends push alerts about the updates to breaking news stories. The app is always very well functioned. It is good at delivering the Breaking news locally and nationally. It often issues National alerts before stations like CNN, Fox News, or CBS News do. They always provide Breaking alerts when they get new details or learn an update. It really is so much netter than the other stations! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
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2 years ago, brianqqwwee
Solid but too many alerts
Solid local news app. better than other ones for the area. However, the number of push notifications it sends, if you turn those on, is crazy. Literally everything you can imagine, from traffic and weather, national and local news. It must send over 15 a day, and there appears to be no way to customize if you only want a small subset of these delivered. Having to swipe through the number of notifications daily is quite the chore.
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3 weeks ago, Sparkling Patty
Keeping on top of Current Events is a priority.
I read your news articles daily. They are well written. Keeping up on events around Pittsburg and current events in other areas of United States is my top priority. Also World Events are important to keep up with. I also enjoy hearing about my Pittsburgh Teams, Steelers, Penguins and the Pirates! Win or loose they be are my favorites! It is also nice to keep track of entertainment events around Pittsburgh.
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2 weeks ago, viewer from east liverpool
Can’t get WPXI
WPXI has always been my favorite news station. Signing up for cable was only done after getting assurance it would be included. Needless to say it came as quite a shock when we found that it was no longer included with our cable a few years ago. Now I can only get it through my phone app. Quite disappointing.
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4 years ago, CL327
Needs another update!
This was once the best local news app. Not sure what you did but now there’s constant problems. You brought back the back button but it still goes back to the top and you need to scroll to where you were. And now it crashes continually. I guess I need to use the other local news apps.
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4 years ago, toddpittsburgh
After most articles, there is a survey. Some of the questions are of a political nature. Unfortunately, if you give too many replies that reflect a conservative viewpoint, they sabotage your ability to reply in the future by cutting off the bottom half of every question... thereby skewing the surveys true accuracy by falsely over-representing liberal popularity.
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3 months ago, KLK2425
This app isn’t bad I wish it was more up to date with new news. Since the last update tho I can’t get the news to not play every time I open a story to read it a broadcast starts playing and even when I hit pause or mute it continues to play sometimes even after I close the app it continues to play it’s very annoying. If I want to watch the news I’ll turn it on.
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12 months ago, Hammy909
Various things
New version of site will not allow me to view in landscape - only panorama Running the same stories for weeks, ie People of Color find ...etc is ridiculous. Do an update. By the way these are racists stories. If you can reverse the “color” or minority description with “white” and then think it’s now racist. - then the original story is racist. BE COLOR BLIND. Act on content of character not skin color. Often your stories do not “finish”. Ie there is a general description but the storyline just trails off.
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3 years ago, Sunflower618
NewsFlash in the Morning.
I don’t know what it is about the WPXI morning news at 5:00, except I’ve been addicted to it for well over 10 years. It’s the newscasters, it’s Tricia with the traffic, Scott, Katherine, Danielle, Ryan, Gordon, Jessica and sorry if I missed anyone. I enjoy they’re news presentations. I record the 5 & 6 o’clock news every day in case I miss it.
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2 years ago, Starbear22222
Need to update app more often
I’m so tired of seeing so much worthless junk day after day. This app was never great, but was never this bad. How many different sections do you need?? Certain ones I actually find offensive, due to their content. And, how long are you going to keep out of date articles on here? IUP, fern hollow…to name a couple. I’ve been seeing some of these articles for months. If there aren’t any actual news stories to cover, just have less articles!
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2 years ago, newsylady
Love Wpxi
I always watch Wpxi news. It’s the first station I turn to when for news and weather. Especially if there is breaking news and weather. there is a weather emergency or I need information fast. I have both the news and weather apps! Great job
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4 years ago, Perry guy
Good app
This app is way better than KDKA. It doesn’t make you go all the way back to the beginning after you read a story and then you have to find the correct place. And they update their stories KDKA had some of them on for months then go away and in a few days come back . Dump KDKA and get channel 11 news .
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2 years ago, kajshxndu
The world around me
I feel updated on important news stories in my area as they happen. When viewing the news on television is not always an option it’s nice to be kept aware of this fast changing world on my phone.
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1 year ago, A in RVA
Reliable app
Compared to others in the area; this app is consistent with latest news and does not flood you with ads and a video that auto plays on every page.
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5 months ago, SG6592
New Update
I previously enjoyed this app, however, after their most recent update I’m disappointed. Videos start playing by themselves, even when you’re not interacting with the app. As soon as my phone connected to the bluetooth in my car, randomly while I was on a phone call, etc. Also, I receive push notifications but when I try to open them, not only does it take me to another story but the article I’m looking for is nowhere to be found.
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2 years ago, 15090Nancy
Not fully operational
The main news stories are east to assess, but no links work elsewhere. For Ex.: When reading a article, there are usually ~5 links at the end of the article & just above that survey that’s on each page. None of those links ever work. Frustrating to try and find where they are located if I do want to read them. Sometimes I just end up logging out if the app and Googling the title.
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2 years ago, armsmarg2
The Best Newspaper!
I read the paper on line and I enjoy it. I have to say that I do miss getting the paper delivered. I would read it online and the papers would pile up. I had to quit getting it delivered, husband wasn’t happy with all the Newspapers lying around!
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3 months ago, Me16066
WPXI app / video feed
I use this app quite a bit. Dont like the recent change that the video feed with sound starts automatically when the app launches. Please give us an option to turn this off. Also please fix that the notification alerts go to the story for the notification.
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4 years ago, Pancake6444
Once the best, now a joke
For years, this used to be my favorite news app. Good local news, and national news push notifications that sometimes came before national news apps. Now every notification is vague clickbait trying to get you to open it and make their daily active user stats better. If nothing changes I will soon delete this app for a conpetitor. I am very frustrated with this app’s push notification quality and now firmly do not recommend it.
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4 years ago, Mb-ski
Search feature
WPXI app does a good job of notifications and breaking news stories, local stories, national stories. However it does not have a “search” feature.
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2 years ago, Sandy from Bethel Park
Love the app
Love the app. Only gave 4 stars because there is no search button, and when I just catch something quick or at the end I can’t search for it . Very informative .
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1 year ago, Peanut128
Why do you have articles which only have partial information and then tell you to find further information at the Pittsburgh Business Times? I do not subscribe to the Pittsburgh Business Times, nor will I ever. In essence, I’ve wasted my time. Luckily, there are several other Pittsburgh news apps which don’t do this; which I consistently refer to to get complete and readily available news and information.
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1 year ago, you mahdah
Actually quite trash
Literally have to force close the app every time you open it just to get a story to load, then when you finally get the story to load a video pops up even though you didn’t click on it. And please don’t get me started on the face they have the same news stories EVERY WEEK. SInce November 18 it has been “breaking news” that dish chose to black out all CMG channels. Cause that is what’s important
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3 years ago, ggttkkp
To many adds
We live in a rural area where the adds slow loading to the point of not working sometimes.
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3 years ago, Zo Fletcher
A piece of my hometown always in my pocket
I love that I can live thousands of miles from home and whenever I’m homesick or simply want to know how beautiful Pittsburgh winters are I turn on channel 11 news and skim till my hearts content
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6 months ago, ortago
Coverage is the best
I enjoy keeping up with local news! WPXI is always on the scan and the coverage is the best! People want the facts and your reporters are the most detailed! They cover individual counties
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4 years ago, springbiew
Keeping in touch
Love being able to keep in touch with the happenings in the Burgh! Even though I live in Florida, Pittsburgh is always in your heart and Channel 11 is my way of keeping it there!
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4 years ago, okkkkkk10
Same stories
It seems like the same stories are left on for days at a time with nothing else to put up.
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1 week ago, Kings First Daughter
Great Highlights
For those of us on the go this news coverage is just what we need. Current news is provided in an easily identifiable format. Thanks.
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12 months ago, DonnaL10
Too many Notices
Notices are sent too often and I begin to ignore them. At the very least please put more details in the banner notice. I don’t want to be required to click on every notice to see if it’s a story from my end of the world or something that doesn’t concern me.
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3 years ago, Conneaut Lake
Great news and weather. Would like to see more weather videos of all the weather details not just tune in to the T V channel 11. Thank you!
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3 years ago, MayorMike24
Crashes constantly
This app is tough to like. One second you are reading an article, the next second the screen goes white or black and you must close the app and start all over again. This pattern repeats itself nearly every time the app is used, so if you find a story that interests you...READ IT QUICKLY!!
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3 years ago, TheGoose25
Basically Covid News.
News outlets should start creating a stand alone app for Covid news. I got this app because every other local app was dominated by C19 alerts. I get it, the media is obsessed but I’m looking for an app that gives me real local news and traffic alerts. Until the overlords take their fangs out of media I’m going to have to without local news. Get a grip.
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2 years ago, C-Real
Doesn't work correctly
Love when I get a notification for a story I'm interest in, and after clicking on the notification to read more, being directed to an unrelated place and having to search for it. And the WPXI Now in the menu plays commercials over the news or interrupts a news story all together. I mean right in the middle of the live video!!!
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4 years ago, Ode2Spot
Video is no longer full screen
I mainly use this app to watch the morning live news feed. After the latest update the video is no longer full screen on my iPad. Plus, I can longer minimize the app and keep the small floating video. Despite a few nuances, this app used to be a great way for me to catch the news when I wasn’t near my tv.
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3 months ago, Stars are awesome
I am so SICK of tapping a story that comes up in my notifications, only for the app to glitch and shoot me to the homepage instead. I cannot even find the story I wanted to read, because the navigation bar setup on the app is HORRIFIC. Otherwise the app is fine. PLEASE fix this. I’m begging.
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4 years ago, Pittsburgh Pirate
Too much trouble
It is too difficult to transition from one story to another. Simplify by going directly from one story to another.
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4 years ago, Borocouncil
Unable to view videos
I have not been able to view video on this app for a few months. Not sure what has changed but the app is terrible now. Also, when you view a story, instead of going back to where you were when you closed it, it goes all the way to the top of the feed again. Extremely irritating. All needs fixed.
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1 year ago, twinkles twin
WPXI is and has been my favorite news station for many years. As soon as I awake in the morning and the last thing I see at night is WPXI.
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4 years ago, keepinit100%
Newest update made this app frustrating
The newest update took away the back button and videos dont play. Without the back button you have to use the home button and scroll back to where you were in the app. In addition to this the screen is jumpy. I used to love this app now its just frustrating.
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2 years ago, Donye_East
Read Daily but Broken Now
I keep an old iPad running 12.5.5 by the bed to read the news but can no longer use this app after the latest update broke it. I tried enabling analytics to help the developers but there have been no updates since then. Hopefully they will fix it soon and I can change this rating.
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4 years ago, Original DiDom
Too many commercials
Every time you go to watch a video you got a watch commercial first. I understand that’s how you make your money, but I’d rather watch the video first then put a commercial on afterwards. Most of the time I go to watch a video I don’t even click on it anymore.
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5 years ago, tylert120
Too many notifications
You guys send way too many, not at all important notifications. Most things aren’t breaking news, but you wouldn’t know by reading your notifications. I don’t need a push notification letting me know your AM news is on early due to snow (and 1-3” at that!), or what story is next at 5. If I wanted to watch tv, I wouldn’t need your app. I’ll get my news somewhere else.
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1 year ago, choc lab mom.
I’m not happy with the new school delays. I’m also not happy with how long it takes to update the app with news. Always the same stories especially on the weekends The other thing is this website is never updated on the weekends. Same news for 3 days. .
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2 years ago, giovanniBerretta
Needs better updates
I check this often though, some of the same stories remain after months of posting. Needs better updating on sports results especially. Also, spelling errors.
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6 years ago, Mickey Mouse71
Writing and print
There is always a news story that I want to read and when you open it up, the print is super small. You can’t make it bigger and it is to small to read. There are also a lot of grammar errors In the news articles or missing or extra words.
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3 months ago, Lornecutous
Alerts do not load the correct article
Every time I get a news alert of my phone I tap it. The app opens to that article, then bounces back to the main screen. News alerts from the app are uselsss in this way and have been for as long as I can remember.
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3 years ago, Gr8est1here
I wish you could look up , all the past years of stories from the news ..!
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1 year ago, iPhoneUser11_10_22
Good information, faulty app
The WPXI app doesn’t work well on any of my Apple devices. The text loads slowly and disappears frequently. Sometimes the text doesn’t load at all.
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4 years ago, debbie😷
Too many ads
There are too many ads between news items.
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