WRadio Colombia para iPhone

4.6 (4.7K)
68.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Union Radio
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WRadio Colombia para iPhone

4.61 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
2 years ago, RUBENS2050
It is simply the best, it fills me with pride to know that this radio station is Colombian. They try to have homeland, but some believe that it is stratum 5 lol lol for which I laugh. The truth shows many points of view I love Mrs. Ana Vargas her sense of humor. Juan Pablo Calvaz talks like Julio but nothing that earns like Julio. I would like you to place a comedian, this app is good I listen to it every day, the music on weekends is super. Pelaez and Francisco is an explosive mix. I congratulate you, thank you for making a homeland. It was a surprise in Mexico when an Uber taxi driver had them as a radio station.
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3 years ago, CesarUcch
W nice but...
I’m listen this radio by internet first then with the app, who work a lot better and show actual live time vs. slow band with drops on the first one. I love the music and different segments during the day. Highlight the maturity journalist like Julio Sanchez and Casas Santamaria who know very well how to conduct interviews in a professional way, respecting the interviewer and the audience; I like as well new journalists like Lucas Pombo, Laura Palomino, Maria Camila and others who show intention to learn following principles of independence and respect for the audience and information they provide; I recognize the way how become a little more professional Juan Pablo Calvas who stop imposing his personal thoughts and show now respect for the audience following his leaders and the real journalist fundamentals; I dislike radio journalists who conducting interviews showing no respect for the audience and interviewers like DeBedout or the other from Medellin who always looking on his interventions conclude with answers they wanted according with they personal opinion, they don’t act professional and demerit the effort made for the real professionals radio journalists. Congrats and please JSC and Dr Casas and now JPCalvas control more this new guys and the mediocrity of others and continue providing good information and great interviews with respect for the audience.
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2 years ago, nirvanaproductions
Profesional Journalisms
W, offers us current information with professional journalism brings us closer to the country to all of us who are distant. I congratulate the entire W team and thank you for your work. Blessings for all of you..!!
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8 months ago, LinaMtf
It’s the easiest of the news/radio app from Colombia. One click and you are listening, does not take many steps and starts fast.
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1 year ago, 1234567890pipo
Live w
Hope we can have the option to see the live shows in the app
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2 years ago, robperio7500
The app goes off every time you reduce the volume.
After the latest update, the radio turns off if you turn the volume off for a second, making it very difficult to continue listening because then you have to hear 2 advertisements before being able to reconnect.
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10 months ago, AlejoMovie
Great to have an immediate connection
Fantastic to have an expedite connection with news from my country
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2 years ago, Ruby Pardo
Colombia day by day.
Julio, Alberto and the new generation are the best team! Sometimes news are overwhelming. When they are in “music mood” the W is smoother ⭐️ Thank you ⭐️
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1 year ago, Ny472
Good radio station
This is all Colombian information we need
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4 years ago, kikarm
Much slower
Unfortunately think that new app is no better than the previous version. It comes with slower connection issues. Always listen to W radio while biking to work.
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3 months ago, dmasa44
Nice but drops
I use this app every morning but always after receive a call the app drops.
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2 years ago, asalcedomira
Been listening for years
The app sometimes stop working, the amount of commercials have increased exponentially and its pretty annoying.
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2 years ago, Negritobucara
the W the best
keep me informed about the news in my country I love it
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4 months ago, XOLalaFair
My favorite station!!
La W Radio is for sure my favorite station
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2 years ago, oidar w
Announcement breaks in
It would be a five stars app, if local commercials didn’t break in often, sometimes in the middle of a great interview.
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5 months ago, OSPINA01
App no good.
the app has several problems. If a call comes in, it is cut off and does not return. if a message comes in it cuts off and doesn't come back. it constantly shuts off. Overall, it's a lousy app.
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1 year ago, connochaetes
Too many commercials
It used to have less Commercials, they are really annoying now
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2 years ago, Will O' Bee
Simply put. Wonderful companion everywhere I go.
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4 years ago, Clagomez
Colombian at Las Vegas
The connection is better, I never have problems!
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4 months ago, Dacadee
The best la W
Best team, best news and update in everything…. Love Julio and team…
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1 year ago, Juan Bravo Naples 🇺🇸
Juan Bravo Naples Fl
I’m so happy to hear this station really I’m enjoy
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4 years ago, Coñoe'madre
I had WRadio for years but last update is killing me... Ads pop up too often, connecting is extremely slow... please, let us have back the previous version ASAP!!!
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8 months ago, RichoGarek
Simply. Is very heavy and unstable. Don’t work well when you are in other app and doesn’t continue playing.
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9 months ago, Calvinycol
The best radio station, I love you gays
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2 years ago, no@el
App crashes too often
App crashes too often and it has to be closed and started over.
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1 year ago, PinillaFeria
Stop working
I updated yesterday April 7 but stop working
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6 years ago, Felipevillacn
Desastre pura publicidad
Fiel oyente de la emisora por mas de 15 años. Ultimas dos actualizaciones están mas y mas llenas de publicidad pagada y propaganda. Ya no es posible seleccionar audios o noticias con facilidad. Loyal radio station follower for more than 15 years, last two updates just pour with ads and more ads, no longer convenient to read or listen to news on this app.. 👎👎
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1 year ago, Amecheverri
It was the best radio station until they started to indoctrinate the country to be leftist,they all left to Spain and from there is easy to send the venom.
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4 years ago, Notifun123
W Radio
The best to news
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1 year ago, sumarris
Excellent and awesome radio station!!
Show more
4 years ago, Martozhka
Thank you
I love you guys😘😘😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏
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4 years ago, Makito67
Good but used to better....
Good but used to better....
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2 years ago, Toby Maui
Slow very slow...
Slow very slow...
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12 months ago, Fionia
The best !!
Me hace sentir como si estuviera en Colombia. Gracias!!
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4 years ago, ms.bot
Awful application
Loyal listener for 15 years . This application is awful bloated with ads.
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4 years ago, Edmo2005
App slow
I love W radio but the app is very slow to load
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2 years ago, marfis03
Lo mejor.
The best excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Edipro895
Julio Sánchez and his team are very stupid
Julio Sánchez and his team are too stupid.
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10 years ago, Bacata
Must have
Exceptional app to keep you updated about the Colombian life, work great when connects to my car via Bluetooth. I feel in the homeland when commuting my work place and everywhere else. Thank you guys.
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4 years ago, 1212ElverGalarga
No contestan
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10 years ago, C. Andres
Nice Radio app
I would recommend this app!! W Radio will keep you inform of lasted news in Colombia and around the world..
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10 years ago, JCR28
Very good
Quick and good quality of sound
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11 years ago, Drawsomethimg
Great App I love it
Easy, quick and reliable.
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11 years ago, iTunes Coll
Hello from U. S. A
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10 years ago, andcast571
Good app
I love this station especially in the morning
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10 years ago, AH_Architect
Nice But
The app is good but, it does not rotate with the screen is landscape. Also is only for iPhone what about iPad?
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10 years ago, Andresirris
Muy buena y completa app con facil navegavicion
Show more
10 years ago, Oscarlop
La w
Buena app, felicitaciones w.
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11 years ago, Titova
Nos hacia mucha falta.
Show more
11 years ago, clerigo
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