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User Reviews for WRAL News Mobile

4.51 out of 5
12.6K Ratings
3 years ago, sparklezplenty
To the whole news team’
I’m glad you are back on the air! WRAL was the only station we watched for over 20 years! Now a very serious question since I heard a person state…, we should blame this surge in covid on the people who are actually responsible…, those who are not vaccinated!! Please tell me how they can try to enforce a policy on the American public and mandate we take the vaccine when we have documentation from our physicians that we are 99% likely going to be allergic to it because we are allergic to the flu vaccine and the pneumonia vaccine?? I think this is a very good question and I think Monica Laliberty is the perfect person to ask that question and find out what the pharma company’s have to say about this!
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6 years ago, kdiard
Technical Errors, Grammatical Errors
The articles themselves are full of grammatical and syntax errors, but that’s every local media outlet these days. The most annoying thing is the app itself will give an error message almost every day (cannot load) and when I sent a trouble-ticket requesting assistance, WRAL’s tech support told me to delete it and reinstall when that happens. WHEN that happens? Every time? No thanks, I’ll just read the news elsewhere. (And it happens on three different devices with at least two bars-strength signal throughout multiple updates on two providers (AT&T and US Cellular,) so this is not a device-specific issue). The app is fine when it works, just not sure why It’s such a challenge to use. Another concern I can’t seem to get an answer for is why so many news stories click out to B-side news sites that moments into reading a supposed news story, you get a “You’ve won a FREE iPhone, you have 5 minutes to claim it!” pop up. You have to completely close the app, there’s no way to close the pop up. Seems scammy and frankly, a little trashy for WRAL. I’m surprised they associate their site with clickbait like that. And from the list of stories on the main page, there’s really no way to know what’s real news and what’s not. Talk about “fake news.” *eye roll* C’mon, WRAL, you’re better than that.
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4 years ago, Mbgrant0714
Left leaning news
I’m not sure what happened or maybe I just didn’t really pay that much attention but over the years WRAL has become quite left leaning. Not far left just leaning quite hard left. In this day and age of everything from what kind of toothpaste you use (yes an exaggeration but) all the way up to the president. Anything that makes Trump look bad is highlighted. Stuff that doesn’t even matter on ANY level get put out there. Meaningless stuff. And the things that show him in a good light get either looked over or just a blip on the screen. Now I’m not saying I’m pro-Trump on all the things he does, says or tweets but since day one of his presidency its been all you can do to bring him down. IMO. On another note, it’s a shame that the ability to make comments on some articles is disappointing. Maybe you can on social media but I’m not on any of that “crap”. I try to read things from the opposite sides of media like Fox News vs. cnn. Usually the truth lies between the two. My big plea is to report the news and not report left leaning news. That is what I wish for you and ALL the other reputable news companies. Thanks.
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2 months ago, Ami Berliner
App Will Not Work With VPN
WRAL is, hands down, the best local news organization in the area. I have enjoyed their app for years despite the regular spelling and punctuation errors in their app’s news stories. A few weeks ago the app stopped working while using a VPN for online security and to prevent app tracking. This has never been a problem in the past. The app opens immediately when the VPN is paused. A Bug Report in the app was submitted which has gone unanswered and the issue has yet to be resolved. WRAL, please allow your faithful app users and viewers to use VPN’s while using your app. WTVD’s app still opens with a VPN…just saying. UPDATE: The app opens again when a VPN is active. Not sure if WRAL did something to resolve the issue or not, but thanks if they did. Now, if we can just get the frequent spelling and punctuation errors taken care of. **Rating changed to four stars**
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9 months ago, engel556
Great app, room for improvement
The WRAL team gets five stars, I’ve watched them for decades. The app is great and easy to navigate. I’m giving a four star review because of News+. I rarely watch live broadcasts due to my schedule, so a live stream is ideal. My issue is that lately, it seems to be two minutes of news followed by ten minutes of WRAL promotions, rinse and repeat. I’d get it if it was sponsored advertising, but you don’t have to convince us to watch WRAL if we’re already on the app! I would much rather have repeats of old news cycles than watch ten minutes of ads trying to get me to download the very app I’m watching from. I hope you’ll take this into consideration. If nothing else, fill those spots with sponsored advertising so you at least get paid instead of trying to sell us the shoes we’re already wearing so to speak.
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9 months ago, Kingdom Builder By Mike
How I feel
Since I’ve down loaded WRAL app I’ve been so pleased to being able to keep up with the news. Being a Psychologist with a very overwhelming schedule I don’t get the pleasure of watching the news on my television , however, I’m able to get updated news, keep up with the weather, sports and business news right on my phone. It’s actually my favorite app. Thanks for all that you all do for our state , national and worldwide news updates. For the record I grew up watching WRAL News and I love our local station. Dr. Michael B McGuire .
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4 years ago, Wombatmatty
Junk notifications and spelling errors
Lots of grammatical / spelling errors and TONS of useless notifications, even when I adjust the notification settings. Jesus... ease up on the notifications. And not just the number of them... but also when they come out. Example... get an amber alert notification. About 20 seconds later, I get a second alert saying the child was found. When I find reputable news coverage about it, it shows that almost 24 hours passed since the alert was issued and when it was cleared. Is this just the people behind the scenes blasting alerts just to get you into the app? I also ‘like’ how titles are a little deceptive. Take one that talks about “local landlord, energy firm propose.....” When you click the article, it talks about MAINE. And it’s odd how I download this app and suddenly I get emails to the email registered for the Apple ID from WRAL sports fan... claiming I signed up for sports emails. No. I didn’t.
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2 years ago, acbhdad
The WRAL Review For YOU!!!
So, I downloaded the WRAL app today, Friday, July 29, 2022. I did this to get confirmation on a couple of news items that are going on in my world currently. One of the other apps I’ve already downloaded, doesn’t have what I’m looking for, so I’m extremely grateful for getting the app when I did. For a well-rounded and all-knowing coverage, be sure to download apps that you want and stop procrastinating!
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4 years ago, KT-dissapointed
Way Too Biased!
I grew up with WRAL. It was always the default TV channel at our house for news, sports & weather. While growing older, I don’t think my political views have changed that much, but obviously we’re not in sync as much as before. I had noticed WRAL seeming to lean more to the liberal side of reporting a few years ago. Not just nationally, but statewide and locally. You won’t notice it as much from the TV station as much as you do the with the website! The website was where I’d go several times a day to check the headlines and weather. Once they started linking opinion stories from The NY Times, it was obvious where the producers were headed. And the political cartoons were always bashing Conservatives in office at every level! Just when you thought they were getting worse, they “partnered” with NBC and took it to a whole new level. Maybe I’m not as “woke” as they think I should be. I find myself streaming more TV and bypassing the political ads now. You asked me to rate the App and here you go. Wanted a quick glance at the tracking of the hurricane. Haven’t opened the app in awhile. I can get along without it.
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1 year ago, galenbrad
I’ll give an example. You recently did a story on a Durham high school offering the AP African American Studies course. Not once did you mention the actual reason why the course is controversial. It’s not because it’s African American History. You know that it was the “queer theory” that was surreptitiously slipped in. Did you mention this at all? Absolutely not! Why don’t you do a story on what queer theory has to do with African American Studies?Sexual content of ANY kind has no place in the schools. I can’t trust your reporting of the news. I won’t always know what all you have left out or positioned to support your agenda. Like I said, that was just one example. You have rendered yourself useless.
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4 years ago, redhead attitude
Better than all the rest 🌟
Been fav TV station since Charlie Gaddy and Bob Debardelaben. Mr Bob came to Barton College (Atlantic Christian College) at that time and talked to my Nuring class about Cystic fibrosis since his daughter had it. He won me over that day. And in April 2011 when the tornado came over Wilson right over our house, the weather call from Greg Fischer probably saved my family’s lives. I will never forget. WRAL will always be first in my heart ❤️
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8 months ago, krystal2lite
App loses audio on my Smart App Tv
Overall the free app provides enough presentation but its operational usefulness needs updates. When streaming on IPad vs App supported TV the user experience is less than appealing. The IPad experience has no commercials but has less than enticing music. When I stream from my Smart App TV, the commercials are presented with no audio. When the commercial breaks ends, the sound does not return over 50% of tge time. For this reason, I give this app two stars. I am aware this is a free app but there are still some bugs that need to be worked out.
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6 years ago, therealmjfox
Too many junk notifications
Even though I went into this app’s settings and turned off all notifications except traffic, it still sends me at least three notifications early every morning urging me to watch the morning news and the Today show. So I had to block all its notifications in the iOS settings which is unfortunate because the traffic alerts are useful. WRAL has ignored tweets reporting this problem. Other than that it’s an excellent local news source and a well done app.
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12 months ago, 94PSUgrad
This is not about content
This app is very buggy. It has no problem playing the commercials if you want to listen live, but at times it will play the ads over and over again and then quit. I would say about one out of every four times that I start the app and try and listen to the radio station, It actually works. Most other times I have to restart the app two or three times and listen to the same ads over and over again before I finally get to the radio broadcast.
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3 years ago, raleigh waterboy
Better than nothing
A lot of the news doesn’t get reported for a while after The incident happens, and there’s a lot of things that I see going on that’s never get reported in the news. Especially this app it’s very unreliable in that sense. And don’t even get me started on the traffic for this app it’s pretty much nonexistent there’s back ups and they’re not even reported on this app or it says there’s a back up and is completely clear on the highway. This app is frustrating but it’s not bad if it’s all you have
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5 years ago, carleennc56
Comprehensive and informative keeps me up to make on news and events in North Carolina. I especially like the way it helps me to stay connected during our numerous and diverse weather situations here in central NC because there are times I can go a week without power and WRAL new app can be my best tool for staying connected to conditions around the area in those times. Thank you for your diligence
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3 years ago, TONEY-O
Moving With The News, On The Go
I love being able to stay connected and abreast on (breaking) news, weather and traffic!! It can’t get any better than having the news at your fingertips. Plus you can glimpse or see/read it in details. Better yet you can decipher and skip over what you don’t want to know. My favorite, the best, WRAL News Team💙
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1 year ago, unc9699
Forcing viewers to watch WRAL+ instead of live news or previous recordings RUINED the app
I’ve been a loyal viewer for decades and loved having the app to be able to watch live broadcasts at 5 and 6 pm when I’m traveling outside the broadcast area, and watching the recent previously recorded broadcasts allowed for pausing and ffwd. WRAL+ ruined these options for viewers, showing way more redundant ads than news, repeated content, no option to pause or fast forward, and no ability to watch the actual live news being broadcast on tv with the anchors we love. Please bring that option back.
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6 years ago, TwoBadWolves
Ok, but too many notifications
I really like the app from the standpoint that I can check the news anytime of day. Only issue with the app is the NUMEROUS DAILY NOTIFICATIONS!! I'd much rather have one or two each day (with the exception of emergency notifications) rather than so many as it stands now. Even one daily "list" of stories from which I could select the ones that are relevant to me would be great. Love WRAL though and have watched them since I arrived in NC in 1994!
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6 years ago, cvick_01
WRAL biased reporting
WRAL was at one time the best local news agency. It’s declined started when they kept reporting through the national anthem at an event in Raleigh. Then come all of the biased editorial cartoons and news reporting. When I complained about it was stated that it was an opinion of CBC, WRALs parent company and that they would continue to put them on their website. I very rarely watch any of the news anymore. I try to catch the weather and that about it as I think the weather team on WRAL is awesome! I hope they change something soon! Because the people running CBC is running this once great news channel right in the ground.
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6 years ago, ncmuumm
Where’s the news story?
If you LOVE getting notifications about interesting news stories only to click and never receive then this is the app for you! The app is fine as long as you never expect to be able to actually find, much less read, a news story sent in a notification. I have deleted better news apps for less. I guess I will just turn off all notifications for this app as I struggle to find ways to get me to keep it.
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2 years ago, Mctennis555
WRAL News+ is incredible!
I’m obsessed with WRAL News+! It does such a great job of providing up-to-date news over a neat and organized interface. The content is excellent and I couldn’t be happier. They are really keeping up with the times, and it shows through their innovative news strategy.
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2 years ago, HalZero
Battery Drain!
I use this app daily it’s a good app. 5 stars if you fix the battery drain that happened twice so far! The app (according to the apple battery app) does something in the background that drains the battery steadily. So far opening the app then killing it will solve the issue, but frustrating to se my battery at 30% having done nothing with it today!
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2 years ago, ThreyaKhazâd
Thank you for squashing the bug.
The app crashes after showing the splash screen for a second or two. I rely on WRAL’s app for weather and news. Please don’t force me to use one of the other local news stations. Update: Issue appears to be solved. Thank you.
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4 years ago, HCWoCH
Poorly Designed
I like WRAL News on tv, but this app is very poorly designed and not up to the standards true journalism should be. Too many ads and they are placed right in along with the real news stories with hardly anything to distinguish the two from each other. It should be obvious when you click on a story whether it is news or an ad made to look like one. Also there seems to be no vetting of the ads. Many are for quack products or are just complete misinformation. They really tarnish the reputation of WRAL as a source for legitimate information.
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6 years ago, Aleaddict
Excessive and unacceptable bias
WRAL can't even pretend to provide balanced news with the heavily-biased editorials and comics appearing on the home page of their app on a daily basis. After over 40 years of watching channel 5 news, I recently switched to another triangle TV station and have found that I actually like the competition better. And I'm sorry Greg and Elizabeth, but I'm finding their weather to be much more accurate. Thank you for all the bias, it guided me to a better news and weather source. I uninstalled all instances of WRAL news and weather apps across all our devices.
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3 years ago, ncmtngirl60
App Issue
What is the deal with trying to share an article? For a few months now, I’ve been unable to share any news stories. Every time I click on the share icon, I’m kicked out of the app. I thought it would be fixed by now with updates but still not. When will this be fixed?? I would give this app 5 stars but this issue is big for me.
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4 years ago, shotts ml7
Excellent coverage, well written and informative
Compared to other local TV stations, the WRAL website is beyond compare. It is well structured, and easy to navigate. It always seems to be current, with early reads on new breaking stories. The information inThe triangle and statewide is excellent. Also comment on national events is rapid and comprehensive.
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3 years ago, Forgotten American 763
Very bias, emotion over facts
I deleted this app as the news story’s titles where so twisted with bias. It was like a emotional child wrote half the standard news and the opinion pieces are always one sided with half/stretched truths. No one at this station could write a fact based research paper at a high school level. Emotions are not facts. I opted for another local stations app and they are more center with how they write articles and I feel they are more fact based and let me decide how to feel. WRAL wants to tell you how to feel. I also grew tired of small matters being over hyped.
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7 years ago, MameJohnston
Love this app, but not always the news!
Oh, how I wish the news didn’t start every broadcast with a police blotter report for 20 minutes. At least with the app, I am able to choose whether I click to learn more about the latest body that was found.
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5 years ago, Cheryl E Love
Not my “Ho to” news app anymore😖
WRAL used to be my “go to” news source every morning for the last few years. Now.... it locks up more than it works!! Don’t know if it’s because it’s not yet fully compatible with IOS 13 on my XR or not but cannot scroll more than halfway before it kicks up and have to close it out. Average 6 times while scrolling. Emailed support and reported it last week but so far no response! I hope they fix this bug soon.... I’m running out of local news sources since WITN no longer works also!! Uggggg
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3 years ago, VOUser
Too many notifications, even when I turn categories off
In the settings, I have deselected all notifications for everything except for breaking news. However, I continue to get constant updates all day about traffic, weather, video, and what’s coming up on TV, even though I have turned all of those settings off. This application sendd dozens of updates every day. So I finally had no choice but to turn off all notifications. You need to fix the notification spam!
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10 months ago, TimmyG 58
The app is poor, as is the news organization behind it. The stories and headlines are constantly filled with spelling and grammar errors. They read as if written by 4th graders with no proofreaders or editors. The journalistic quality of WRAL has definitely slipped over the years, and content in this app shows it. Also, why does it take 15 seconds to load a TechWire story? And, I don’t like the app taking over my phone by popping up a video window when I try to close it.
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1 year ago, Love 2 Quilt
I love that they are available almost 24 hours a day so I can see what’s been happening at any time. Of course I enjoy all of their Reposters and News Anchors. They don’t know me personally, but I feel very comfortable with all their staff. Thank You WRAL! Chris Littebrant
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2 weeks ago, Coorsman29
Bad app
The development team is very rude and they can’t handle criticism. They refuse to fix bugs and will not listen when you submit a bug report. **UPDATE** They have since removed the bug report button so now you can’t report bugs to the arrogant children who are behind the development of this app. There are more accurate and reliable news apps available, download one of those and avoid this app and other apps from the same producer.
Show more
4 years ago, EBrunk
New format is terrible.
The article links are now really large pictures with smaller text headlines. It makes skimming for the articles you quickly want to read more difficult. Take a look at Apple’s news app. Balanced mix of clickable articles and clickable graphics. Cmon WRAL you can do better than this. UPDATE: Developer responded with settings to change this. Much better experience.
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4 years ago, 69goingon70
Information I like about the WRAL viewing area
Moved from the viewing area... This gives me a way to keep up with my former friends and neighbors... Plus the National up to date news coverage is next to none... Keep up the great news coverage...
Show more
3 years ago, zznotopkb
Pretty good app
Good app for a local TV station. Needs to be updated more often. Seems like yesterday’s news today and again tomorrow. Also it leaves a news story video playing on your Home Screen even after you close the app on an I phone.
Show more
4 years ago, App.fiend
Overrun with ads
You used to only have to contend with non intrusive advertising such as banners, sponsored “articles “, or short commercials before videos, but now there are full page ads. I clicked on an article and instead got a full page ad... was in the midst of reading another article when it was hijacked by another full page ad.
Show more
7 months ago, Monica Cannady
User Friendly
I love the fact I can use this without having any issues. I am not internet savvy so this is a dream for me. I can look up any story check weather and lottery information!!!
Show more
4 years ago, Myowna
App shuts down
I was greatly enjoying the app, but I must read most articles through the website because the app crashes constantly.
Show more
4 years ago, two4teeth
Fake news organization
You push leftist agenda. I was a true patron of wral. But the day you are not down the middle of news but you are on one side or straight democrat. Never once have you ever said the president has done a good job at anything. But they have pushed blm antifa and the racist organizations that they can. A black man killed a white kids and they talked about it once but if it was the other way around they would have a month in honor of a thug. You have lost one of your loyal viewers forever.
Show more
1 year ago, Pgaskier
News about weather
Keeps me informed about weather for planning purposes. I check the weather twice a day on my app. Also watch Kat and Elizabeth every day. Great job you all!
Show more
4 years ago, Thedew34
With the Times
Downloaded to stay in the loop with local news and events. Impressed with the robust layout and content, which is great because I don’t watch the news, I catch it “on the go” — probably like a lot of my peers.
Show more
8 months ago, Resa Cr
I enjoyed getting the mobile app on my phone. Listening to the weather and getting the news.
Show more
4 years ago, Tavy919
Stop spoon feeding junk news
This used to be my go to app for news. All I want is important headline news and urgent weather- lately I am getting - video alert...entertainment news, political news, human interest stories- I can go to the app if I want to see these- please don’t push these articles as alerts—and some people record shows and don’t need WRAL to tell them what happened on a show before they watch it- turning off alerts- I’ve had enough!
Show more
3 years ago, Let's save!
Great information!
We moved to Raleigh a few weeks ago from NJ. We’re enjoying all the useful advice as well as the local, state and National current events! Keep up the great work! Thank you!
Show more
10 months ago, Rick1 B
WRAL app
A great service from WRAL. It would be nice if the weather people covered the entire state since residents of the Triangle travel regularly from the mountains to the sea. Recently you replaced music, that was nerve wracking, with the old music that was soothing. Also, it would be better to play public service announcements then music when you don’t have a commercial. Before the music was changed, I listened to WRAL most of the time but stopped listening because of the irritation of the music. Compared to most TV apps, it is very good.
Show more
4 years ago, 2thebeach
Short articles
More and more often I select an article and there’s the briefest summary, no photos, but I’m supposed to watch the video from the broadcast. I don’t want to watch a video. I want to read an article and look at a few photos so I know what’s happening as quickly as possible. And I the few times there are photos, you can’t zoom in on them. Ridiculous
Show more
2 months ago, D-n-w
Issues since mandatory update
Since the latest update the top stories section never loads - it just spins. I can read the stories in the other sections, just not that one. Also it seems I only get notifications once I open the app. Hopefully this is a temporary state
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