Wreck This App

2.1 (35)
26.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Penguin Group USA
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wreck This App

2.06 out of 5
35 Ratings
7 years ago, kirstenelisabeth
Keeps crashing!!
I was feeling creative and wanted to use this app after the first time for awhile, and I tried to change the color and the app just keeps crashing. I used to really love this app, but I am not happy about this latest version with it constantly crashing anytime you try to change the color. 😡😡
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6 years ago, Lv35*
Love it
We haven’t had any glitches yet so assuming those are all fixed. My kids and I love this and the whole bundled group. I do wish there was a random page option so it would just pick some page for you to play that moment.
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7 years ago, melloyello🌺
Fix the bugs!
This app would be a lot more fun if the bugs were fixed. It crashes every time you try to change the color. Considering I had to pay for this app, I would like to be either refunded or just have it fixed.
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5 years ago, 💝ILoveToca@pps💝
Just One Problem
I love this app, it is awesome, But there is just one problem. On one of the pages it says “Doodle on the title page, the cover”, ect. The app prevents me from doing this, blocking off all tools. Other then that, amazing app!
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6 years ago, Micnicreed00345
Finally updated!
The app finally updated to where I can change colors!! I absolutely love it now!! I have the actual journal too so trying to match the pages is fun!
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7 years ago, Jamii_13
I would love this app so my more If I could choose my color for my drawing tools. But as soon as I click I change the color, the app shuts off.
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6 years ago, 😳😕🙄ehh😳😕🙄
I LOVE This app! I do wish there were more pages though, i mean once i finish it I am just gonna delete it-waste for the purchase...
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7 years ago, Littlemissprincess6
Please fix the bugs or refund me?
I just downloaded the app and I was super excited until every time I try to pick a different color it glitches and kicks me out of the app! This makes me mad cause I just spent 3.99 on it and it doesn’t even work! 😡 please fix this!
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7 years ago, MAJ12570
Please fix the bugs or refund my money!!
I bought the entire set for $6.99. This app especially shuts down everytime I want to change colors. It needs to be fixed if you are going to charge for it!! 😡
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10 years ago, Hunter368188
Honestly, the book is 10x better. This app is ok but NOT worth $5. I know if you see this before you buy it you'll be like "nah I'll like it anyway." It is truly bad/boring. But the book Is a lot of fun. My final opinion; NO APP- it's overpriced compared to the quality. Also gets boring after minutes. EXCEPTION TO BOOK- the book is a lot more fun. You can apply your inner destruction and there is a lot more to do. Idk how much anyone else can fun it but I got my copy for $14. I suggest you get the book.
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1 year ago, tmdentler
Don’t buy!!!!
Wish I had read the reviews. Exactly what was happening 5 years ago is still happening. Take this app down!
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6 years ago, Bergermeister Meisterburger
RESPOND TO ME! I will call Apple support and have them take this app down if you don’t fix the app crashing every time you try to change the color. ESPECIALLY FOR A PAID APP!!!! This is a scam!!!! If I could rate this 0.1 Stars I would.
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7 years ago, yomomma_69
Can I get a refund or something?
The app crashes whenever I try to change the color and I literally just bought it.
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7 years ago, parrishbenson
Really wish I could change the color and so more with this app without it crashing:( waste of money.
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6 years ago, chloe shenton
It was ever cool I have the journal and it is just like it
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5 years ago, Typ1cal Art1st
Waste of money.
Please don’t buy. It’s boring and a complete waste of your money. The book is fun, but this app isn’t. Please don’t purchase.
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7 years ago, Meow 26737💎💍💌
Fix coloring bug
I can’t even change the color without it crashing!! I want a refund!!
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8 years ago, CraftingInPink
Absolutely Horrendous
This app is so boring! ITS JUST COLORING WHICH YOU CAN GET A FREE APP FOR! I want my money back apple
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4 years ago, Parker/Rekrap
This app is trash. Pure garbage. Don’t buy it
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10 years ago, Shmoopski
Fun times!
I loved this app! A great addition to the wreck this Journal series! Some pages are from the book but some are new and the drawing tools are so much fun! I love the ink! Some pages are difficult to do as an app but that jus made me get more creative, which I love! The only problem is the page that tells you to draw on the cover, title page, and instructions. Your draw tools aren't accessible while looking at those pages in app. Other than that I loved it. You can draw and create and then snaps a photo to save your work, delete the page and start all over. I am having so much fun!
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12 years ago, Horger3
Don't listening to other reviews
Everyone has to be a critic.. Okay yes it is 4.99 but for those who need stress relief or just need to color, this app is a great purchase. It's a time killer and it's just like the book. Yes of course markers and paper cost cheaper but for uploading pics and "defacing" them isn't fun, then idk what is. This app has no technical errors that I encountered. Just saying its an actually good app to download if you're willing to pay the 4.99
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12 years ago, Sunmik45
Clever & very Fun 🎨
This app is really fun. At first I was put off by the the $4.99 price also But then I thought that I could probably spend the same money for Markers and a sketch pad & not think twice... So I purchased it & I must say it is very Clever it bring out the inner child artist in adults . For the kids they seem to be having a lot of fun with it as well. I think I will purchase the actual book tomorrow.
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13 years ago, Jessrbooks
Love this app
I enjoy the app and I have had it for over a month and I keep using it. I haven't finished it yet but there have been quite a few I have done over. The only thing that I wish is that they would add a paint bucket like in paint where you can touch a closed in area and it will fill it in. Also better colour options though I can make quite a few colours it is still very limited in what can be made. Also please keep adding activities
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9 years ago, Sunny1192
Just don't.
If you have the original book, you have most of these pages already and can do them real justice. Just tapping with a finger gets boring in about five minutes and every page starts to look the same. Plus, trying to use your fingertip on a phone is pretty useless and often results in misplaced and illegible blotches; a stylus could make it better, I guess, but it still wouldn't be great. App also has a tendency to crash when trying to import pictures. I'm such a huge fan of the actual journals that this was a big let-down (and waste of $5).
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12 years ago, Lapiccolasirena
I like it
I own the book & it's really fun, so I definitely wanted to buy the app. So far I think it's fun but I haven't gone very far. However I think some of the reviewers are DUMB because they think it says to do some of the same things the book says like spill coffee/tea, but it actually says to post pictures of these things. Obviously these people can't read. 
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13 years ago, ::Savannah::
I love this app so much, definitely worth the money. I just hope it lasts a while! I'm currently on page 21/54, but have a few pages before that I didn't fill in yet. It's been about an hour and s half or so since I've had this app, and I'll probably start it up again tomorrow or in a day or two.. Hopefully it has good "replay" value. (:
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13 years ago, Nanlamb
Perfect summer fun!
Easy, creative, and so much fun to play with (whether you're a little kid or just a kid at heart). Perfect for long car rides, lines at the supermarket, or rainy afternoons. The coolest thing is that it'll be different for everyone who uses it. I was worried at first b/c of all the black and white screen shots, but it's that way on purpose--you add the colors as you create!
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13 years ago, rachelpinkastoria
A game-changing app
So excited to find an app that encourages me to play, think and create--and not just kill pigs with birds. I am no artist, but the tools amplify my tiny talents and help me create fun little art pieces. The drip tool is addictive and stress-busting--and I love that you can incorporate photos along with all the other effects. Can you tell I really like this? I do.
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13 years ago, Tabmoc
Not worth $5
The app's concept is simple and enjoyable. However, it is not even remotely close to being worth $5. I have had many free apps that provide much more content and fun. This felt like a .99 cent app the entire way through. I would suggest saving your money for a price drop; there are many other drawing apps out there for free or for cheap.
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12 years ago, MarieMalone
So much fun!
I love this app. I am a big fan of Keri's books and this app is just as wonderful as her books! Since I can carry the app everywhere, I can be creative in small chunks while waiting for an appointment or anytime I have a few minutes to myself. I love it.
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12 years ago, Iluvthisgame5671
Awesome App
I have the book, which I loved, and I saw an advertisement for this app. At first, the price tag turned me off, because I was expecting maybe free or 99cents, maybe $2or $3. Anyway, it's a rely fun app with no computer malfunctions or any crashes or things like that. P.S. Hint for the page that tells you to draw a nonstop line: draw a circle!!! LOL
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12 years ago, Alejandro Mezza
This is great i enjoy it everyday
Thanks for fixing the problem that the previous version had of adding photos. I have lots of fun drawing and doing my stuff here, i totally recomend it if you have creativity.
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13 years ago, Sewalker11
Creative fun!
This is such a refreshing app where creativity is promoted. I usually zone out looking at Facebook and I had gotten bored with Words with Friends and along comes this app. So much fun to see what you can create and what others do too. Love it!
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13 years ago, a very concerned citizen
Good but read this
The book is much better than the app so if you don't have the book buy it instead. If you already had the book and you enjoyed it then buy the app!
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9 years ago, Lexie(-:
Download it now awesome
I have all the books but I am not a person that tears up books so I got the app and i loved it because I can do it anywhere and I have all the supplies at the touch of a button so please download this app
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9 years ago, Bunny rocker
Sp far so good
I've had it for a few hours and it seems pretty good but you think when you look at the pictures that you can draw as well as they did but then I try then I'm disappointed with what I made but otherwise so far so good 👍🏻👍🏻
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13 years ago, Kerry Zasoski
The book minus the mess!
I spent a whole day completing my "wreck my journal" journal, and this app is the perfect solution to "wrecking" something that you love. You can start over again and again without the irreversibly torn up, muddy, sticky, or gummy pages. I love love love it.
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13 years ago, sonnichsenfamily
At first i was very skeptical, and thought it had a high price... (mabey change to 2.99?) but it is great!! I only gave it four starts because its hard to find a specefic assingment, when u found something to take a pic. of, (or wanting a friend to draw)... Better categorizing??
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13 years ago, Ampcinti
Fun to get lost in
I love the book this is based on, but I think the app is even more fun because you can doodle and create with goofy abandon then delete it and do it all over again (and again). Great for exercising the creative part of my brain.
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13 years ago, Awesomeboomer
Love it
What a fun and whimsical app! You can just do everything in this app and spend hours having fun with doodling or just drawing things you see like a lemon grove! I'd recommend this app to people who commute.
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10 years ago, Skawgur
add more pages
in the original book, there are a lot! of more pages! and I know they're are some things you cannot add in the app but maybe some things you can't add in the book.
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11 years ago, erinxlynn96
I only gave it three stars bc I recently purchased the book, and I was hoping to find more creative ways to have fun when I saw there was an app. So feeling spontaneous I went ahead and got it. It's a great app, but it's a repeat of everything in the book. What a let down!
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13 years ago, FAVALA
Paste a picture tab doesn't work
Good app but the tabs of the tools don't work , I know not all tools are visible for each project but where it says paste a picture it doesn't work .. It's really frustrating
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11 years ago, Wcoun1234567890
This is the best app ever the book is ten dollars more this is cheap fun my kids love it when you buy this app you will be pleased you'll absolutely love it it was worth the 5 dollars😊
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13 years ago, sarahbest
Best app ever!!
I love Keri Smith's books and the app is a perfect extension and adaptation to them. She offers very fun way to jump start your creativity. The drawing / painting / cutting / copying tools in the app are very fun and easy to use
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11 years ago, Thatgirl745893
If you have the book
If you have the book DO NOT BUY THE APP!!!! It is the same exact thing. If I delete this app will I get the money back on my iTunes account??? Because I want to delete the app but I want my money back.
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13 years ago, Dorizzille
Wonderful, highly original app. Devs: one complaint: seems harder to nav between numbered exercises than it should be.
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13 years ago, Sweet John Muehlbauer
It's genius is the simplicity
A digital notebook with tasks that you interpret the way you want. Great for getting the mind moving. If you are a creative this is a must- have app.
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12 years ago, niccpet
I love
I absolutely enjoy this app. It's the best thing I have ever bought on my iPhone. Thank you! Buy buy buy..
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11 years ago, @laqom on Instagram
I've ways wanted the book but couldn't get it, but this app is even better!!! THANK YOU! And add more pages!! <3
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