4.7 (1.4K)
87.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Local TV LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WREG

4.73 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Obie Boyd
News Mobility
My being able to stay informed of what is going on has always been a problem since I’m hardly home or anywhere a television is for me to view. Thanks to the app and its ability for instant notifications I’m kept in the loop ad to what is going on around me.
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1 month ago, Nick (is Not my) Name
The newly updated 2024 revision is NOT good for iPhone
The News 3 WREG app typically works and functions well. However the newly released revision of this app is NOT good for iPhone users. I have an iPhone 14. All stories appear in extra large type from headline to story. The user must scroll down the page to read and the text is NOT uniform which makes read and following the information more difficult. The large text throughout isn’t useful. The stories and added photos also cannot be zoomed within the app. Some photos can be brought larger but no zoom. It has become less user friendly with the recent update and revisions. I’m probably going to delete the app as it isn’t easy to use, find and read the content as it once was.
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2 years ago, DøcW
Hardly functional
I'm writing this review during a severe weather situation and the live stream continues to freeze or turn off altogether. There's a higher ad to stream ratio, in an emergency situation I do not want to know about car insurance. I've given this a two star since it's not entirely useless but an absolute headache to deal with. Turning my device sideways resets the stream, which every time this occurs I have to watch another 15 second ad. I'm very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Owl lady 2556
Ch 5 plays Days of Our Lives Soap @ 1:00am when it is interrupted by Trump News!!! Y’all do Not repeat so WE can Watch it.... Please we will miss so much this week can’t y’all repeat it early in the morning???? Please Please do something 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Not only me but a lot of people watch the Number One Soap💞💞
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3 years ago, huntthemducks
Videos don’t play, etc
This is a terrible app. For one it wasn’t written for the iPad. They took the iphone app and stretched it to “fit” the iPad. It is distorted and terrible. Also, in the app there is a question “ Do you like the WREG app?” It’s an image and you can’t click yes or no. So they are pulling some sort of fast one over on you making you think you could rate it the app. What a joke. Finally, the ads play fine (makes them money) but videos don’t. They buffer and don’t stream at all. terrible app
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1 year ago, Bettythomp
Need text of articles not just videos
Many times I find myself in situations where I cannot play a video but the segments do not include text of the video. With todays technology, it should be a no brainer to include text with video segments. Also, the only way to get out of an article with only a video is to close the app.
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6 years ago, faithful-viewer001
WREG reports news worthy stories
I was a die-hard WMC News Channel 5 viewer until a few days ago. They were getting too much like the Big Biased news media! Love WREG, never looking back.
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4 years ago, tcountyvol
No Return to Top Page
Need a return to the top of the page, while scrolling articles. Latest update has video that freezes up and the only way to fix is to close app and restart the app. On the weekend the app rarely refreshes news items.
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12 months ago, LynneinTN
“Clicking” on ads
Your advertisers are going find out that all those clicks are not generated intentionally by your users. Just reading one story will generate as many as 4-5 web pages. As soon as I see I’m being redirected to an advertiser’s website I go right back to the story. Then later I X out every last one of them without even looking at them. Nice try.
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4 years ago, ardabu
News in a flash
If something is happening that I need to know about I can pick up my phone and count on News Channel 3 covering the story.
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4 years ago, real news1
News Channel 3, don’t watch it, the weather guys are really really bad. Most weather reporting is essential but instead of using split screens to allow regular viewing they use the entire screen. They constantly interrupt regular programming and give you the same information over and over and over. Especially Tim Simpson who does nothing through out gibberish like a teenage girl.
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2 years ago, tn real82
Liking to get the Memphis news
I No longer live there but I it’s home. Good to know what’s going on try to stop the crime Memphis the city is starting to be ugly !
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6 years ago, 37rodder
Always current and accurate news reporting and coverage by professional reporters
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4 years ago, Bazillatchr
B Thompson
NEWS 3 is always my “go to” for the most up to date coverage. Reports are always clear and concise.
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6 years ago, BobBakken
Few teases
Hate all of notification teases this app produces clogging up my phone. Have turned off all notifications and may be a step away from deleting the app. Do yourself a favor and be MORE SELECTIVE in what you push out for notifications for your own good.
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4 years ago, MsCraftyPaula
Alerts That Don't Open the Story
This is at least the third time in a month I've seen a worrisome news alert from this app on my lock screen, swiped to open, and found that not only does the story not open, but a matching story cannot be found. This morning it was something about a "dire warning" for Tennessee from the White House. I'm done.
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2 years ago, Cherelyn00
Cannot Resume After Expanding Video
When watching a video in this app, you can’t come out of that screen to go back to the dashboard to read other stories…you must close the app and start over. This prevents me from using this app and if not fixed, I will be deleting it.
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3 months ago, newsguy1204
Used to work
The app no longer opens the right stories. Sometimes when you click on a story it opens a different one. It is very bad about this on the national stories. I will click on those and it will open a random local story instead.
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3 years ago, Jude3455
So much better before
I feel bad, because i am sure this was meant to be an improvement, and someone worked hard on it, but i may have to find another local news app, because this feels even more like i am being programmed. Where did all of the stories/articles go?
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5 years ago, C.Gage
Best News In Memphis!
I watch WREG in the morning, noon, evening and night. It’s more informative and accurate in providing what’s happening local! I love the service it provides! Thanks WREG!
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5 years ago, JoeKaren13
Be In the Know!
This APP is fabulous. I love the text alerts also. It is truly a way to stay connected.
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4 months ago, Mississippi Mark
Newest version of this app is terrible
Whomever takes credit for this newest version of this Channel 3 app is a very special idiot. Memphis elementary school children can design better images and functions of this app. Call me when you fix it. Because it’s so bad I ain’t staying.
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3 years ago, MsMagnet
You’ve ruined it!
The update this morning has completely changed the format of this app. I used it because as a senior citizen it was easy to read the stories but now everything is in small print and so close together that I can no longer enjoy this app.
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5 years ago, BORN_WINNER👊
Since Day One of downloading the WREG News App, I have thoroughly enjoyed the substance and quality of news provided.
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4 years ago, Greg Errion
New Annoying Ad
A new ad was added to the app which spins along the bottom of the screen like a casino wheel scrolling. Very annoying when you are trying to read. I deleted the app and added the local abc app to take its place. I already have the local nbc app.
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7 years ago, Bossbev
Love this app
I truly love it! I keep up with the goings on In Memphis and that makes me happy! Highly recommend
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4 years ago, BeeMack
They don’t post news, but only click bait. Certainly not an unbiased source either. If you want actual news in Memphis, go anywhere else. Seriously, your dog will likely have more actual news about Memphis. This app and news station is a sad joke.
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4 years ago, Doug McCain
The layout is terrible
The app layout is terrible. The same story will appear in multiple categories such as “new” and “suggested.” I want to see a story once. I suggest a simple layout of all stories. See the AP news app for a layout that is easy to read and enjoyable
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3 years ago, TFD44
This app is nothing more than an ADVERTISING platform with a few news story’s sprinkled in to make it legit. It’s a 5 star ad platform and a zero stars NEWS platform‼️ Television news apps are supposed to be a service to the community NOT a source of $$$$ to the station owner, in this case, NEXSTAR.
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3 months ago, bmXTREME22
Screen Freeze
This app used to be great. Now, it freezes when opened. You can’t get past the first page when asked about updates. Hopefully, this will be resolved.
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4 years ago, musicteal
Great news site!
Love your app!
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6 years ago, jbs123abc
Does not update well
The new version does not up date automatically well. I find myself having. To stop the app and restart it to get an update.
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3 years ago, DandyDonK
Okay, but...
I like the app in general and the news articles are great. However, the app always locks up while in use.
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3 years ago, TashaMuh
Fine, but
Everytime I use this app, it locks up. I have to open and close it at least 2 times before it will work.
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6 years ago, DONT DO IT!!!.......
Live feed!
I love news channel 3. But unfortunately, I hate that I can not watch it LIVE on my firestick like the other Memphis news apps. Why is that? I hope andate is coming soon.
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2 years ago, ImJw39
Super Glitchy
This app gets stuck more than it works. Newest phone and all. Always been a problem. No other app problems but this one. FIX YOUR STUFF !!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, slackbriches
Thanks,Merry Christmas to all the cast
Some of the best outstanding people.
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3 years ago, Sterry3
New update
I HATE the new update. Why do I want to see news from 2+ years ago????? I want up-to-date news. I guess I’ll start using a different news network. This one is garbage now.
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6 years ago, HighSchoolSkinny
This app is awesome !! It’s always on time with great news. I love it 🤗
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3 years ago, Follower of Isa
Recent upgrade
They recently upgraded their app and while it looks nice it does a very poor job of having more recent headlines. Their national stories especially outdated.
Show more
3 months ago, DC Mem
Font Too Large
This used to be the go to app for local news. Now, it’s unreadable after the last update.
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7 years ago, MeanJoeGreen7961
Great up to date news I love this site
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4 months ago, Bob ole boy
Can’t get news to come up
Please fix this app. Cannot get past put your location or zip in.
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2 years ago, Shoelace22
So many ads
This app has so many ads that I literally can’t see the article.
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6 years ago, wjm0314
Updated today. Now it crashes every time I open it.
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6 years ago, BillyBespoken
Great News
#1 in Memphis!
Show more
7 years ago, virtueeater
Not great
Not great, mainly because at least half the stories posted ARE NOT LOCAL NEWS!!!
Show more
4 years ago, jmhjnh
Way too many ads and click bait. 👎🏼
The worst.
Show more
5 years ago, G33:(
Keeps freezing
Fix it
Show more
3 months ago, daniel arata
message center
meassges center is not showing upon the app now and save stories to is not showing up
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