Writing Wizard - Handwriting

4.4 (3K)
56.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pierre Abel
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Writing Wizard - Handwriting

4.44 out of 5
3K Ratings
2 years ago, bellamyandeleanor
Word Error
I love this app. My only issue is each time I click on the word 1 part the words do not match the pictures. You type the right word, but that word is not the word is not the spoken word when you see the picture.
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5 months ago, Aberberian
Applause (and suggestion)
This app exceeded my expectations. After using this only one time with a child who has multiple disabilities, I saw great improvement in his ability to form letters without segmenting them. Not only that, but he smiled, had fun, and experienced success. It was nice to see him so proud of himself. And can I also brag about the fact that you provide a left hand mode?! That’s actually how I found you; I was looking for ways to support my left-handed learner. My favorite (and unexpected) feature is the ability to record the sounds myself. I was very excited to be able to record the path of movement for the letters. For capital A, I prompt with, “slant down, slant down, across.” I was delighted that I could record this. But the same recording attached to the lowercase a. I wanted to record, “over, around, up, down” for lower case. Is there any way upper and lowercase letters could have separate recordings? Or if you could provide the path of movement, even better! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Kiwi1323
I wasn’t sure what to expect. This app is fantastic for my kindergartener to learn his letters. And also to allow me to add his vocabulary and sight word list! It even has a layer built in the background that parents can access to allow parents to check what they worked on and also how their words looked when they were tracing! The only thing that would be better if there was a way to allow a quiz for the words without the tracing or even how to say them by recording them and having some form of voice recognition. Overall for only 4.99 it was completely worth it and just what I needed!
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2 years ago, a father 04931605395973279
Less a review and more a suggestion
I love your product. I bought the full version and used it to teach our child how to write abefore 4 years old. I was hoping to see a way of supporting the apple pen or active stylus in general. Like, I would love to see the ability to disable touch in favor of the pen only. At the moment, my son would just drop the apple pen or stylus in favor of his finger. I currently use other drawing apps that can disable finger touchs but these free-drawing apps are no where near as engaging as your app. Thank you.
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3 years ago, TSF200
Great app, one important revision is needed
When a child works in handwriting without tears mode, it is important that the sequence of writing the lower case b be programmed correctly. Right now, it is programmed in the traditional way, with the child drawing the first line down then bouncing straight up before making the belly of the b by going right and down. In HWT, however, the line for the b goes straight down then curves to the right then up and back to the left toward the starting line. This is a hugely important distinction because it helps kids stop confusing the letters b and d. Please fix this ASAP.
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5 months ago, reesead6667
I loved this app so much as a school based COTA. It’s fantastic in helping kids learn their letters and how to write with proper top to bottom formation and I even paid for the full version, but lately it’s getting so laggy when using it. The kids get frustrated because it’s not picking up their pencil strokes until a good 10 seconds after drawing them. I would love to continue using this app but it’s become such a big issue every time.
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5 years ago, jlmtucker
Fun tool for handwriting mastery!
Simple and effective without being overly juvenile. I really appreciate that the developer made it customizable. I can easily change the handwriting style, add or turn off tracing arrows, add word lists of our own, and more. This is helpful when you have multiple children at different stages of handwriting as well. It's one of the best handwriting apps I've seen so far.
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4 years ago, luv-ly
Perfect for our needs!
My 8 year old son has illegible writing, and needed practiced. I found this app, and so far - has gotten him in the habit of writing between the line of folder paper! Developer is responsive to a question I emailed about too (grateful that he responded!). Will definitely recommend this app to his school and other who also deal with illegible handwriting!
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4 years ago, heistrueeverlasting
Perfect for beginners
This is a great app! While I’m teaching oldest this is perfect for 20 mins a day tracing for my pre-k beginner. The best part is that it keeps tabs on the progress history and shows in detail how he traced, what time, what letter and it’s fun! I love it because it’s a detailed game for beginners to keep track on what to work on with your child! Love this, highly recommended.
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2 years ago, Mommy Sheine
Can make your own word lists and print it
My kids love to learn with Ipad and this app is the best app for helping them to learn hand writing, lines has different styles or fonts, it is not boring, easy to use!It’s a must-have app!
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2 years ago, NotoriousHOW
Paid but it didn’t unlock
Good for my kids but I just paid for everything and cannot access everything. Things are locked and I don’t know why. Any help is appreciated.
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5 years ago, smyth mom
Paid for full but didn’t get even after emailing them about the issue
I like the app but when I transferred it from my phone to the kids new iPad all but a few letters came with it. I purchased the full version on my phone but only the started was added to the iPad. I have email them twice about it with no response.
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4 years ago, DMMKKD
Love this app
I have tried so many hand writing apps and this is by far the best. Not only does it have fun animation, it has many customizations that you can set. Plus you can have your own word list for practice. Give it a try!
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4 months ago, bthgbgb
Occupational Therapist
I love this application. I usually do not like tracing, because kids do not follow a definite pattern on paper. With this application the kids have to visually track while tracing and the visuals after the finish tracing is very motivating
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4 years ago, chare_bear7
Love it!
It’s exactly what I was looking for and more! I love that it won’t let the child form letters and numbers incorrectly. My kids love the animation also. I love having the ability to adjust the settings according to each of my kid’s levels and needs.
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3 months ago, Nick ready
The best game
This game helps my kid with hand writing and I would give it a 5 star it helps with so many things like for example like pations and drawing so download the game and I hope your kid or children Like this game
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6 months ago, Orton Teacher
A wonderful app!
This is a highly motivating educational tool. I recommend it to all the parents of the children I tutor, as well as teachers who ask me for recommendations for use in their classrooms and remedial sessions.
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5 years ago, GameBoyR
Cool but why does this happen?
I’ve been playing this for a while, but every time I got to the rectangle at the shapes section, it just put me back to the first shape!!! Or at least whenever I completed the square one then it glitched and put me back to the starting shape! I even tried reinstalling the app, and it didn’t work on the glitch!!! Developers, can you patch this glitch soon?
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5 years ago, Priddy4
Great app to help with dysgraphia!
My kids really enjoy this app. Would like some flexibility with the play mode. Currently, you must complete a word 5 times before moving on.
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1 year ago, Jay2689
I love It!!
Wonderful app! I love all the features! I love that you can add your own list and also record your voice saying the words! Great app, highly recommend!
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5 years ago, khorne15
I love this app! It has been great for my 4 year old who is learning to write letters and for my older kids to practice spelling words. The letters that I paid for lock sometime but I just push buy and they come back.
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4 years ago, Wumpus23
Amazingly good stress remover.
OK. So I know that people have this problem but I’m always worried about things. Im always so stressed. Its like, IMPOSSIBLE to calm me down but this game does. Like super slime simulator, it’s a good time killer and plus it helps my handwriting and..... Well... I just love it!
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2 years ago, Personalized Learning SD
Fun, flexible and immensely helpful printing tool
I LOVE this app. It does everything possible to make this a fun yet effective tool for kids of all ages and abilities to learn how to print and even spell.
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2 years ago, CassxTacox3
Great app!
This app is brilliant. Not only has it helped our kiddo with penmanship, it has made studying for spelling tests fun and convenient. Thank you! Definitely worth the price.
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4 years ago, dogs are awesome 12444
I think this is A great app fun for all all ages specially 11. I love this game it is so satisfying. But I have a problem why can you only use a couple letters I don’t want to pay please just give all the letters for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#love the patterns
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3 years ago, OT.G
Great app for OT
As an occupational therapy practitioner I love this app for all of my kids even my most behavioral patients will sit and focus. Great for autism because it’s so sensory driven. Love it .
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4 years ago, Truemeissa
Paid to unlock everything, still locked and app shuts down when I try to email
I paid the $4.99 (went through and shows in my purchase history in App Store) and everything is still locked. The app shuts down when I hit the “email” tab to try to get it resolved.
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6 months ago, AlexanderLikesCountries
More characters supported
A very good writing practice fun game but why not add the letters þ and ð? This is very good, but it would be even better with these characters.
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8 months ago, ksaiello
I use this every day with the students I tutor. This is their favorite activity!
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3 years ago, Unique Wolf Potato
so yeah
i’m a literal 13 year old using this app- don’t ask why but that’s besides the point. i’ve been trying to improve my handwriting and this actually helps!! i think i only gave it a four because when i’m going to write a letter it made me mad how it demonstrated how to write the letter lol.
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5 years ago, Wyoming Teacher
Great for kids with low vision
This app is motivating and useful for students that need more assistance in writing/ learning letters. It gives rewards and is fun!
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2 years ago, veggie fam
Please add black & brown skin tones for tracing hand
Wonderful app! But would be nice to have additional skin tone options for tracing hand.
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4 years ago, xxfgjjk
I can’t do the lower case letters
Every time when I try to do the lower case letters it is put me back to the home screen if this happens to you just give it a three star
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6 years ago, demarcogirls
All 3 of my toddlers enjoy tracing in this app. Cute designs and I love the way the parents can change difficulty.
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3 years ago, unknow girl❤️🐝
5 stars
I love this app because it teaches my kid how to write and spell so you should download it 🥰
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2 years ago, apponstore ❤️
The best way to write
It’s amazing I can’t see anything else
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4 years ago, Dr. Iona
This could be better
This app is amazing when I am tutoring students face-to-face. It is just terrible when using an online platform such as Zoom.
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2 years ago, Holly Haskell
Engaging and Fun
Your child will love this well planned app to teach them how to write in a systematic and engaging way.
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3 years ago, Samsbee
Thought it would unlock more
How can I get it to go past 9?
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1 year ago, wiiehdjdjdjdjduyofgfurwgvywr
Thanks for making it,hope soon we do not have to buy more of it!WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
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11 months ago, GASou
Not ideal
The concept is exactly what I'm looking for, but the strokes encouraged are not proper. Certain letters begin at the top line, midline, or baseline and this app does not address beginning pencil placement correctly.
Show more
2 years ago, Sombra81
I love this app but
I love this app and bought several years back but now that I’ve gone back and redownloaded it wants me to rebuy the app. It won’t let me restore purchases
Show more
3 years ago, asidufhaiusdhvaneer
Unlock does not work
Purchased the “unlock” for $5 and it doesn’t actually let you do anything. Apparently you have to pay every time you use the app! Ridiculous.
Show more
5 years ago, Frankxcameron
This allows me to work with my grandchild. Thank you
Show more
4 years ago, grrrrmama
Nice animation
I like that this app lets the parent control how much sound, animation, and reward for the child. How do I unlock more letters?
Show more
1 year ago, Bena Ali
Easy and simple
Awesome and easy strategy for my kiddo. Simply love this app
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5 years ago, katdrinksdunkin
Great app
Really helping my daughter who is on the autism spectrum and has developmental delays. This app is fun for her so she’s really motivated to learn.
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5 years ago, antrav72
Let’s create writing letters numbers shapes and words to write hand
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5 months ago, Piiiiiiizza mom
It’s horrible
My son got in the parent stuf
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3 years ago, angel. olivares 7777
Similar fun
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