WRTV Indianapolis

4.5 (210)
56.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
E.W. Scripps Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WRTV Indianapolis

4.53 out of 5
210 Ratings
4 years ago, Snarkshift
Moved over from WTHR
I just dropped Channel 13 after they replaced a really good news app with a totally illogical and click-bait-laden mess. Really pleased with your app, clear to navigate, ads are not outweighing the content, and intend to stay. Thanks for not feeling your app has to look like a teenager’s Instagram.
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6 years ago, indyisok
Terrible. Just terrible
I really used to like all platforms for rtv. Back when you could listen to it on fm. But I just can’t do this app anymore. Compared to other local news-and when you throw in the star it is very easy to compete with-it just fails. The stories are usually 24-48 hours behind-meaning stories rarely get updated. Although very minor, but speaks to the neglect of the app, often times the same graphic appears for multiple stories, day after day. It’s almost laughable when some graphics appear for the same story. RTV6, how are you still doing this??
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5 years ago, Carmelmochalatte
❤️ LOVE IT ❤️
Up to date very informative app. The weather lay out is awesome as well. The only thing I wish could be changed is a follow-up on ALL the stories when someone/something needs to be done about a situation or an accident etc. js
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6 months ago, McKinzieP
Was my go-to for news updates
The last update ruined it. In the middle of reading a news item, loud ads will pop up and disrupt your reading. WTH! There are already enough ads in between news stories. Now they can’t even wait till you get to the end.
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4 years ago, our will
Local news
Thanks for bringing local news to our citizens. It’s so refreshing to receive the news without the agenda we get from national news.
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7 years ago, Artteacherdawn
RTV6 Most Trusted
I believe that RTV6 offers the most up to date news coverage in the area. Its my “go to” station for weather and breaking news.
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5 years ago, 42lisa1968
Love this channel!!
They make sure that I get the news as it is happening!
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3 years ago, Wana vet
WRTV vs Ch13
I too deleted the Ch13 news app. It was hard to follow, full of advertisements,and disorganized with nothing pertinent. WRTV is easy to follow and read. Tells me what I want to know in an organized fashion. Nice app. Good job WRTV.
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7 years ago, It's.me.sabi
Was fine until...
Ads starting popping up and taking over my entire screen without the ability to close them forcing me to close the entire app without being able to read the story. And not just regular ads, those awful 'you just won a new iphone' clickbait scam ads. Sayonara RTV6.
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6 years ago, Haff Caff
On top of national and local stories
This is a great go to app to stay informed and on top of breaking news!
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5 years ago, Mmc1963
Basically unusable on iPhone
Any time I open a story more than half of the text on left hand side of page gets cut off, with no way to adjust size, etc. I’m disappointed as this is the last serious news service in the Indianapolis area.
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6 years ago, Carolina "Girl"
Officer Pickett’s funeral
So glad this channel showed everything to the end.
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5 years ago, bbk8805
Could be improved - not kept up to date
Stories are stale and not updated near as frequently as the competition Why do they have the same story posted five times? So many typos!
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6 years ago, Wh1te Rav3n
Animal abuse
If you are psychotic and love pictures of animal abuse then download this app. Because all they do is show pictures of tortured animals. They don’t focus on tracking down who did it. They just like to show the pictures. Beyond horrible app that provides no news besides animal abuse
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5 years ago, SDnowIndyoncehome
Solid news app
Well organized, easy to navigate.
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4 years ago, Indyou812
Excellent news app
Easy to use App and the best local coverage. A+A+A+
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4 years ago, best player 😎
Good very good
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5 years ago, Speirski
Articles not readable
Some articles aren’t formatted correctly so it is impossible to read because the 90 % of the text is off your screen.
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6 years ago, Nickname98789
Not loading
Hasn’t loaded any news for the past few days
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5 years ago, wmmwindy
The app Crashes a lot when opened.
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6 years ago, Starwynd
Doesn't work
Nothing loads. It's completely blank.
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10 years ago, Tylor Lovins
Great Weather/News App
This app, I have found, is better than any other at not only giving me up-to-date weather alerts, but also at giving me news updates as they are being given on air. I don't know about the previous versions because I have had this app only a few months so I can't speak to past failures, but the organization and seamless scrolling that make this app work so well is also what makes it extremely reliable and most pragmatic for one's all-in-one weather/news app.
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11 years ago, sethkeever
Huge improvements. Best news app in Indy!
The new RTV6 app loads much faster and organizes stories in a way that makes the information easy to find. I especially like the ability to swipe to the next story. I can get all the news when I wake up with just a few swipes! Plus, the quality of the writing is better than most of the other stations.
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9 years ago, ShanMat8
Scrolling for days
I'm not a fan of the new update. The pictures are so big that it takes forever to scroll through all the headlines, there's also not a scroll bar along the side that tells you how much farther you have to go til the end. There are also now (huge) ads every 3 articles, and the articles sometimes repeat themselves. I like the speed, and the radar is cool, but it does not seem as easy to take in the headlines and choose what to delve into. It feels like a bigger commitment than I'm wanting first thing in the morning. I may need to try a different app.
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8 years ago, Atribby
Short surveys
I find it annoying when I go to read a story, I am required to complete a "short survey" before I can view the rest of the story. I consider this spam and fishing for information that is irrelevant to viewing a story. Strongly considering just deleting the app and going with other news sources.
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9 years ago, TG$$739
This was my go to news app. Thought it was more organized in old version. We lost all our sports, entertainment, traffic, etc. At what time did updates become updates for the sake of updates. People liked it because it was useful, but now it's no different than having a pile of newspapers in front of you. Rtv is better than this so go back to the drawing board on this one please. It's ok to polish something without reshaping it. And please drop the password and user name! Really! It's the news! What are we protecting here! Good luck.
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9 years ago, Glad to know ya
The news needs updated hourly!!
I see the same stories on the landing page days later when lots of news has happened that should replace those old stories. Surely someone working at your company is awake updating news? Also, too many times related stories are on the landing page when one would do and additional stories could be available as links on that one lead story. For instance, 3-4 stories on the colts, one about not resigning coach, one saying we won, while another saying we aren't in playoffs. Waste of space, and I'm a season ticket holder!
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8 years ago, N81988
Push notifications are great, however if I miss the notification, and go looking for whatever it was in the app, I cannot find what was just pushed to me........maybe put a recent notifications tab....
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11 years ago, Shaker Hts Hoosier
iOS problems
This app is actually my favorite news app for Indy and I would be more than ready to rate it a 5 star. But now I see I will no longer be able to use it anymore because I don't have iOS 6. If I could afford a newer iPad I would buy one and update the iOS but I can't. I think to exclude anyone with an older version is unfair. Maybe I'm the only one who is experiencing this but I thought I should express how I feel.
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9 years ago, Mads1987
Does not deserve stars.
This new app is awful. I used to read the news daily, every morning when I got to work. Now I hate opening this app. Half the time it doesn't open, when it does it goes to an ad. I will scroll and it will freeze and when I regain control I am prompted to an ad. I now will be reading an article and all the sudden...AD POPS UP. Why do we need so many ads? Between each article isn't enough? Can I pay to not have ads? Can I read a whole article without being bombarded with ads? STOP WITH THE ADS!
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12 years ago, Chris Slate
Video Ads
I used to enjoy this app and used it daily, but I just deleted it because they started playing (loud) video ads every time you touch to read a news story. Now I can't check the local news from this app anytime I'm at work or a doctor's office or anywhere other people are around! And there is no way to skip the ad, you are forced to listen to the whole dumb commercial before you can read an article! Forget this app, just stick to other news apps instead.
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9 years ago, Davis1018
Much more user friendly!
The bigger app is user friendly and easier to read. Ads are much less intrusive and work into the info without being distracting.
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9 years ago, lbdstud
Nuisance Notifications
If you are looking for an app that CONSTANTLY notifies you with junk information, look no further!! The push notifications this app does is horrendous! They push notifications of drug deals, dead body found, and children being abused is pointless. I don't need those kinds of notifications every 10 minutes. On top of the terrible nuisance notifications, they like to push "breaking news" that when opened in the app, don't exist. The next complaint is all the news stories are posted with little information on them with, "check back as we update this story", which NEVER GETS UPDATED! I have found more relevant news and better updates to stories by reading my cereal box and looking in pancakes for Jesus to appear.
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9 years ago, Jlirvin10774
SOS: Dump this version already
Horrible new design. Must sign in now...really? Zero stars should be an option. I'm all about continuous improvements and efficiencies, but this is reengineering gone bad. Developers-please reevaluate and undo or at least combine some of the prior version with this version. No longer can we easily navigate to any different news sections. Scroll, scroll, scroll. Scroll some more. Plus, this was the go to app for traffic (maps and incidents) updates. Not anymore.
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9 years ago, BulldogThunder
Listen to live video
I like that you can control the notifications. But some of the "Breaking News" is not that big. With this whole senior center thing there is something every few minutes. How about a couple levels of Breaking News to chose from?
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12 years ago, Gmaguppy
Updates & Reinstalling
I too noticed that the news was not updating. I had the same stories for 3 days straight, odd pages & crashing. I had always updated in a timely manner so I wasn't sure what was wrong. I deleted the app, powered my phone down for a few minutes & then reinstalled. The app looks new & seems to be working fine!
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8 years ago, ChristianFamily1959
Filled with Hate toward our country
I would not get my news from this station. They are constantly putting down the leader of our country. The news is so negative about him, it begins to reflect in your body language and attitude throughout the day. My family and I, as well as a lot of friends, have chosen not to get our news from this station anymore. We don't even watch the channel at all. I would suggest getting your news elsewhere.
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11 years ago, Kayhem2012
Best App for Indy News & Updates
Fantastic for news, weather and traffic. The updates and information available are all easy to navigate and do the job of several apps in one.
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9 years ago, Terry star
Need a search button
This is a great and very useful app that I use everyday, I just think that adding a searching button would be awesome! So far , when I want to find a specific new I have to go and look it up on Google, but it would be great if I could do it straight on my RTV6 app Thanks
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10 years ago, Indyman173
Best Indy news app
This is by far the best app for news in Central IN. The layout and design is great, performance is fast, and content is very informative. I especially love the live streaming video, weather forecast, and live cameras. I highly recommend this app.
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7 years ago, Bevel001
It is a local news channel app. But, really nice!
This simple and smart news channel app are awesome. I usually drive around either deep side of IND or far north, and this app never bother me for step end world news. Dedicated for local news.
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9 years ago, AnneinIndy
Really helpful push alerts
Highly recommended if you're trying to stay up on the news
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9 years ago, Turkey Sandwiches
Liked the older version better
New version is terrible. I don't like the large pictures. Too much to scroll through. Bring back older format. My thumbs hurt from all the scrolling. Also, one can no longer select news options you want to filter for such as local news only or sports news or traffic. Will have to switch to a different news app. This one is broken.
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11 years ago, HCH753
No Breaking News
It is very frustrating when a breaking news story comes up and I tap it, but when the app opens up I am taken to the home page instead of the story for the link I just clicked on! Most times, I can not even find the story in the app! For as much as this app is advertised, you would think it would work better!
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9 years ago, Pinplus1892
Not a fan of new update
The former version had easier navigation. Feel information has been lost, or at least not easy to find. This was my local go-to for news updates. Based on the updates, I am now reviewing other apps for local news to determine if there is a better option.
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12 years ago, Jrw979
Liked old format better
Miss the old format greatly. This app performs better but I wish it was set up much more like the last app. Going to miss the "wierd" news section and being able to find local. Top, national, and entertainment news right from the front page. It would have scored higher of the app was more laid out like the old one.
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9 years ago, RTV6 Viewer 2015
Great app!
The RTV6 App is accessible and easy to use. I use the app daily to get my 'news of the day'. It is helpful when I want information on breaking news all over the globe.
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8 years ago, Busygranny456
Great information
Keeps me updated on breaking news. Lets me know about events happening in our state and around the country.
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8 years ago, Pepper520
Very annoying.
Every, every time you open the app you get a pop up to turn on notifications. I don't want them, there very annoying, you get a alert for every little thing. Channel 10 has a great app that doesn't annoy you with a notification pop up upon opening. They know how to do it. Come on channel 6, grow up, get with the program. Hope I haven't "annoyed you".
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9 years ago, cruztem
Not a Fan of the New Format
This was my favorite local news app until the new format was released. I used to use it daily. The new format is difficult to scroll through, as the pictures are way too big. I am switching to the WISH8 news app which still has a format that is easy to get around.
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