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West Educational Leasing, Inc
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9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for WS+Jobs

4.77 out of 5
19.2K Ratings
9 months ago, !#1RollTideFan2018
New sub system
At first I was skeptical of anything new but I have to say this new system is better than the old one. Everything is online and posted. You don’t have to discuss why you can’t work “today”. All you do is look at where the job is and when and hit accept. It’s easy and a lot more efficient. Helps the secretaries too. Can’t say enough good about it.
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3 years ago, supersub2019
App no longer shows time sheets submitted for the day also doesn’t allow me log in at certain schools due to no internet or poor cell service. I absolutely hate this app it’s screwed up may pay check due to not posting my correct sign in times due to delays in service. I used to be able to check my time sheets daily through the app and now I can’t even see anything for the entire year not even daily. I would have to send screenshots to our pay roll to adjust my pay because I was working at the school but app showed me late … my times are checked by administrators at the school and verify that I’m there and they sign off on the correct time yet will sub screwed up the time sheets due to the crap app and I subbed a 150 days out of a 169 day school year. You all need to fix the it … absolutely hate this app.
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3 years ago, Asdavis3
Doesn’t work consistently
I used this app for substitute jobs all of last year and never had any problems. This year my schedule disappears and reappears seemingly at random. Often, the jobs I know I have don’t appear anywhere in the app, either on the calendar or list views. This is really frustrating. I need to be able to reference this so I know when I work, to check my availability for future jobs, and to cancel jobs if needed. I’m very upset, and have contacted my employer several times but no one has seemed to care since they haven’t responded. Maybe the app developer cares??
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4 months ago, Little Red Raider
Tired of reinstalling
I have red the reviews on how this new app is better then the old system. Well, the old system must have been pretty bad for anyone to this this one runs great. I am constantly signing back into the app. I don't see a lot of posts and when I call corporate, I'm told to uninstall and then reinstall the app. This is a weekly occurrence. The app isn't reliable and I have had so many missed opportunities at my "favorite" sub locations. It's very frustrating and I wish someone would listen and update this app.
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1 year ago, Ceciii_91
Issues signing in
This app has been working for me for months however, yesterday and today I had to call the payroll department because it did not show me the option to sign in and they had to do it for me. Can you guys please fix this issue because I don’t want to have to call them everyday just to sign myself in because I get to the building at 6:00 am sometimes and I have to wait until 7:00 am to call payroll so they could sign me in. I think this might be a glitch in the app.
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1 year ago, MJ Glenn
Problem with app program
In the last 2 weeks there have been jobs listed/offered at the end of the day for the same day requested. Meaning a job pops up to work but the day/job that pops up has already passed. Example, Wednesday night Around 7 pm a sub. job pops up but it’s for Wednesday, that same day. How can that be when the day has already passed? You have a glitch!
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3 months ago, Meko3434
Substitute- Teddi York
ESS has been so extremely helpful to me in getting the paper work and apps working. Brandon and Antoinette spent a lot of time helping me and some days it took quite a while to get me to understand what they wanted me to do. They were always pleasant and helpful when I knew they were bound to be annoyed at my lack of understanding ,but they never displayed anything but true professionalism.
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5 months ago, artistic#
Substitute Retired EC Teacher
I Give your Program a B+ but I would have given you an A+ except for one reason. I followed your directions to have my paychecks to be directly deposit into my bank account, but you continued to send me a check in the mail. I don’t know why? Disappointed🤔 Linda Bapst
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3 years ago, Lovebios
It works
It would be nice if job suggestions and assignments actually looked different - even if the header was just a different color. I have to sort through them in the app, and again in my email. So much duplication takes times without a way to sort. Contacting the person who sends out notifications on support chat is a public text; not always appropriate. Entering non working days is basic enough.
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2 years ago, TracTeach
Easier Check-in, Please
I like using this app a time card instead of a scantron, paper, or signing into an office computer. The only thing is that the phone version doesn’t let you sign in upon your arrival easily. As a good substitute, I like to arrive early to prepare. Once the students are in the classroom I certainly don’t want to go on my phone and click click click. I don’t understand why you can’t just check in when you get there.
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2 years ago, dottieg 1
Substitute jobs
It would be nice if it made a sound to let you know when the jobs are coming through. I have missed several jobs because it did not make any type of sound or gave any notification
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10 months ago, Brick_avenger
I’m finding it very hard to submit my days and see request. The connection is always not good and it doesn’t let me stay logged in. so I often miss notifications. it’s not my settings or my phone it is Will sub plus.
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3 months ago, navabear
WillSub Plus app
My app wouldn’t show me the details of the current job I have already accepted. I’m sure there are lots of jobs, but I can’t see any of them! Currently, a job will post hours or days afterward & I can’t accept it. It’s too late!
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5 months ago, clunky at first
Clunky at first
I had a difficult time signing in but as I get use to it really works well. I prefer something a little more seamless. I get frustrated when there are issues. Today it would not give me the option to sign out. I finally was able to sign out but you should be able to sign out before leaving the school.
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6 months ago, My ACNB
Signing in
I tried a few times to sign in-once in the parking lot, once in the office, 3-4 times in the classroom. I was on time at 815 walking into the building. I had to restart my phone to get the app to acknowledge that I was in the school and even then it’s said it couldn’t verify my location. I did try calling the help line and sent an email to HReast.
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2 years ago, Tx2145
Quick but needs Update
The app works well but I can’t see what I’m typing here in the write a review section. A suggestion I was going to say was: please make it so you can search for jobs by distance to a location. The way you have it now, I have to lookup each of these schools on your list to see which ones are closest Thank you 🙏🏽
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4 years ago, Fhgxfgvghjccggdjjhchjfkhgaq
leaves something to be desired
this app does not allow for teachers to use a specific sub. they must enter the absence with the knowledge that any sub can pick up the job. it’s unbelievable in this day of technical advances that this glitch is allowed. this places ALL of the work on the admin at the school to address that issue. also an absence can’t be entered the morning of a day when teachers need a sub. they must call in to the school and have the admin deal with that issue. why anyone would procure this app as the vehicle to assign subs eludes me.
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8 months ago, Goldixhingchingching
Thanks for the update
For almost two months I wasn’t able to even use this app for anything. Thankfully the update allowed me to finally use it.
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2 years ago, ANH0018
Email & App Notifications Don't Work
Really disappointed. My app recently started not sending me notifications for job suggestions/listings and I don't get emails anymore. Contacted HR and they said it's an app issue because everything is set up right on their end. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling, turning notifications on/off and nothing has fixed it. Now I'm missing out on jobs!
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3 years ago, SPAJA
App not working
I’m new to ESS and I’ve tried using this app twice so far. It wouldn’t work signing in or submitting a time sheet. Also under “My Schedule” there are no jobs listed. I’ve reached out for support and received a PDF of how the app is supposed to work. After reading other reviews I see I’m not the only one running into problems. Too bad. It could be a great app if it worked. I’ll update this if they get it fixed.
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1 year ago, Hazel Lu 25
ESS is a great company for substitute teachers. I have the app and it notifies me of jobs available and I can accept or decline. It’s simple! I also can put in non-working days with the app. It is easy to use and very helpful!
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2 years ago, Trinka 02
Substitute teacher!
This was my very first time out the gate!!! I had a beautiful glass !! I was greeted by all when I walked on ge door! Teachers were willing to help ! Give me pointers ! Just a beautiful experience!!!'n thank y'all so much!!!!
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8 months ago, eeifoy
It getting a bit easier because in the the pass the clerk took their time logging us in.
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3 years ago, Icelyn
Give us Face ID please!!
Can you please allow face recognition to log in? I don’t see the point in the coding to log us out of the app DAILY. If you’re going to require daily login of password please give is face ID recognition please. Or how about require the password once a month. I doubt someone is trying to steal my jobs and come to work for me. 🙄
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1 year ago, BBRxPress
Substitute Teacher- SPED
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to teach students in their teachers absence. I try to develop a good working relationship with staff as well as a good rapport with students.
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2 years ago, cmb10!
Better today
Process is getting easier
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10 months ago, Lady Gem!
This is a great company to work for. It would be great if the teacher’s would list the grade and type of class you’re filling in for.
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4 years ago, Gerard-BrickNJ
Trouble signing in/out
I was in the Corridor outside the main office and the application said you are too far away from the school. Cannot sign in in the morning from the parking lot; too far from school.
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4 months ago, KangMu5ic
Barely functioning app
The app will randomly log you out at the most inconvenient times (and frequently will just not be able to log you back in). Will take too long to load leading you to miss picking up high demand jobs. UI elements will disappear randomly, requiring a restart of the app. Better off just using the website.
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2 years ago, Magnificently Melanated
Spot on!
Thank You! for your staying on top of the job of daily reminders and user friendly applications ☺️
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3 years ago, Tara2188
Problem with seeing my schedule again
This app was working great like 2 days ago and now my schedule doesn’t show on the app. That needs to get fixed right now!!! How am I suppose to use this app to sign in and out if my schedule isn’t on this app. It like disappeared. Please fix ASAP!!!!!! I need my schedule to show like now!! I need my job for 2morrow please fix now!!!!!!
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10 months ago, Starlingguy
Not Available to other Apps/Calendars
This system is OK, but does not allow export to other calendars, as far as I know. When this district was on Frontline, you could easily export to ICal and other calendars. Plus, Frontline is available to other apps such as Sub Alert.
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1 year ago, G&bree
User friendly
User friendly app. I love the convenience of submitting my time immediately after an assignment.
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3 years ago, Speedy berg
Won’t show schedule
After days of trying to use this app to see my upcoming schedule, and the app not working, I’m just deleting it and using my laptop. It shows nothing upcoming on my schedule, but I’m assigned to at least 3 jobs coming up. Sooooo frustrating and stressful!! What’s the point of the app if it won’t show you the very thing it schedules?!?
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3 years ago, Noname5001
Worst app ever
My job started requiring this and I get constant errors. It keeps saying I’m too far from the location when I am sitting in my work room. Then I try the website and that doesn’t work either. Keeps saying nothing to submit when I’m in the schedule. So I then get stuck calling in my hours and waiting on hold. Worst app ever.
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3 years ago, TnellieM
App not working
It’s been a week and every time I open the app it closes itself out. I can’t see any available jobs
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3 years ago, Bono Chigger
App help
My app is not working,Somehow this morning it has not worked and I have refreshed it several times
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2 years ago, AmyDansmom
App continually closes
It’s frustrating to have to sign in so often when the app shuts me out.
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2 years ago, gma4God
This company is fabulous. They have been making sure I receive teaching opportunities. I’m very happy with the staff they are so helpful
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2 years ago, Beaufortsub
Logging time worked
It would be more convenient to have more options for logging time worked. More of a window of opportunity to do complete this.
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3 years ago, @@@@@$&""
Not user friendly
Very complicated for the user to set it all up to see only the jobs that they want to
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3 years ago, zzddl
It is very helpful having the App! I like to sub as much as I am available and the App allows me to do that!
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10 months ago, NickLingen
Location services are broken
Location services have been fixed, now I’m constantly being signed out of the app and am unable to sign in for my shifts. Again, deeply annoying. Please fix.
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2 years ago, Deepakngupta
Lacking basic features
The downside is we have to keep going back to App or website to find if there is any new job being posted. 2. The job postings don’t have grades specified. The assignment should always have the grades mentioned. The filter function doesn’t work at all.
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3 years ago, Colstamm
I do not like that I can sign in on my job when I arrive at work. I am told that I'm too far away from the job site! Instead I have to remember to submit my time at least half an hour after I get home everytime I work.
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5 months ago, J.salcido444
Love the app so far
Just wish I could get a notification everytime a new job is posted !
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2 years ago, PAOLA#%#%#%
Signing and sign out
Sometimes it allows you too and other times don’t, it may be because of a lot people using the app.
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3 months ago, D Mae J
Enjoyed today
I really enjoyed working as a substitute teacher for my first day.
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3 years ago, JackSparrow15
Job opportunities
Why are job opportunities not available on the app. That feature would make signing up much easier.
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1 year ago, rrreea
Not as useful
I work at multiple schools within the district and every day I am only logged in/out at 1 school. I’ve called twice about this and was told it was fixed yet it wasn’t. All my log in times appear under 1 school so I hope my payroll isn’t affected by this.
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