2.4 (35)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSET ABC 13

2.37 out of 5
35 Ratings
7 years ago, Lesview
excellent news app
This app is a hit. It has everything you want when it comes to news and everything else. When it comes to local information this is where to go.
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5 months ago, Spring213
Hourly temps returned
The news app is okay. It is rarely updated on weekends, but does give some local news the rest of the time. On the weather portion, Hourly temps are returned but they do not go as far in the future as they did. I will continue to use this app . I use the weather portion almost everyday. We liked the hourly feature where you could see temperatures for each hour of the day. This feature is now not as extended and useful. Updates always make it worse. Just a note: i really dont want to have to load an additional app for the weather. That seems ridiculous and just crowds my phone. So no to that. I will use a competitors news and weather app before i do that.
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4 months ago, 9 month user
No dates for suggested stories
If you read to the end of an article it suggests other stories, however they are usually weeks old. This is especially annoying in winter when it announces an approaching snowstorm followed by the coldest temperatures of the season. After checking the weather, I realized the story must have been from last month, however there’s no date showing when it was reported. This problem seems to be consistent for Sinclair stations, such as WJlA-7 in DC.
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9 years ago, GRofVA
From good to bad
The old version of this app worked pretty good on my iPhone but would not play videos on my iPad b/c it was technically a phone app. I travel with my job 3-4 nights per week but I could use the app to keep up with local news & sports. The new update is pretty much worthless. There seems to be about five local stories mixed in with 60 national stories & stories from other areas and you have to hunt for those five. My guess is it is a canned app that was cheap. If it doesn't improve soon, I will probably just delete it.
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2 years ago, v-the-c
Hate new app
Dislike the layout. Difficult to navigate. Frustrating weather is not updated more regularly - now facing 2nd major storm since launch and the “Latest weather update” was 12 hours ago? Impossible to enlarge weather screen to see better. Was unable to find cancellations/closings during last storm. Looking elsewhere now for answers to my Lynchburg news feed….would love to come back….
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2 years ago, RLMullins1
Useless for live news
I’ve not been able to see the live broadcast in a long time. I used to use it every day last year or more, but last fall it started freezing all the time so I quit using it and watching WDBJ, but I live in Lynchburg and would prefer to watch local news. Tried watching the past week or two and it would never load and play, it kept giving error messages. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, Bigez833
So far better
I have to admit I use this app a lot for notifications and breaking news. Thanks guys.
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10 years ago, Swafav
Great App! Just one thing…
The one slightly annoying thing is that they give the option to edit the bottom menu but if you do it doesn't save what you've edited. As soon as you close the app and reopen it the bottom menu is reset to defaults. Other than that, an all-around good, useful app.
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2 years ago, AW2Infinity&Beyond
Crash & Burn
It is difficult for me to give a thorough review of the functionality, performance, or features of the WSET ABC 13 News app due to the fact that every single time I attempt to watch it, it crashes back to the home screen. This occurrence has not been mediated by attempting to do so on another device, deleting and reinstalling the app, or any thing else. Open this up for a shortcut back to the home screen.
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10 years ago, hshshwhisiiijd
This update is HORRIBLE for Iphone users. The older version featured top news headlines and the place which they came from AT A REASONABLE FONT. I can barely read this now! On top of that, everything the app has to offer is all slammed into one screen. So basically you have to see all the things you don't care about in one screen and barely catch a glimpse of top local news. I hate it. I think I'll be deleting it soon. I miss the other version.
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8 years ago, Cammelot00
Big hopes
This app is delivered to you with high hopes and good up to date alerts, however it falls way short. The page can only be viewed one way which is unfortunate. Some articles are written past the screen, there are no up to date stories, the majority of items are video, the local news is not local and it is not user friendly. If you are going to have an app, do it right, not like this one.
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8 years ago, jlvaughan120
Bad news app
I thought this app work u the latest and greatest as far as the news goes and it doesn't... This one of the worse news apps out there. And it definitely is not updated daily. WSET should be ashamed of themselves for not updating news on app more frequently. And I am definitely disappointed with this app and will probably be removing it from I iPhone very soon if they do not fix this issue very soon...
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9 years ago, KMJ4KV
Worst update
So disappointed!!!! I read the wset news nightly and now it's worthless and frustrating and hard to find! Also the weather app doesn't even give a daily description! It's basically the same thing that my iPhone weather already tells me! Please fix this disaster or bring back the old app! And I agree with the iPad format doesn't go horizontal and that too is annoying.
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9 years ago, Pearls77
This app will not even load news now. Needs too much work to use. Looking forward to a good update! This app need to be available for ipad in landscape mode! Also, the weather has no video and no worded forecast. I'm having to use a different app for weather now. Seems a little buggy at times but hoping for a good update as it looks promising with some changes.
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8 years ago, Hoofirefighter
Fairly useless
The new app is relatively useless now. The news displayed is from all over the country with very little actual local news sprinkled in. The weather information is less informative than looking out the window. Good luck getting any new local news on the weekend. Stay away not worth it.
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9 years ago, BRCmail
Will not work on iPad mini
I had the older version on my iPad mini, worked great, when you upgraded to the new app, I have not been able to use my app, it will only show the tutorial . Not able to use the app itself. I have deleted it a couple of times and reinstalled , still does not work.
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12 years ago, Chase F5
Love it!
Way to wset.... Awesome app, five stars! Great graphics and quick Download speeds. You guys have came along way. Keep up the good work.
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9 years ago, Chels929
Too much to look through
What happened to my local news stories and weather forecast? Now there are waaaaay too many stories to look through and I can't see any details for the weather!! Bring back the old app!
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11 years ago, Va Joe
Handy app
I use it to scan the local news.
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9 years ago, Catherine Carrington
Live stream not reliable
I got this app so I could live stream the news from my iPhone in the morning since I don't have cable. It works maybe 10% of the time, if not less. It cuts out or won't pull up most of the time.
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1 year ago, Smlsail
Can’t get to iPad version
Can only get iPhone layout format only. This app is not user friendly at all. Oh well, welcome your competition for thr area. Wish you would stay current.
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9 years ago, Mppppp7777
The new design is terrible. Used to be able to get decent local news and weather, now have to scroll through all national and world news to maybe find one local news story. The new weather stinks too. Bring back the old app.
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12 years ago, Charmed_66
Not impressed
I drive up and down I-81 daily between Lexington & Radford and disappointed that the weather only covers Lynchburg. Temps and conditions vary from Lynchburg somewhat and as a motorcyclist I'm even more attentive to that detail.
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1 year ago, Indeluin
fav news app out of the competition
out of the competition in the area i like this app best
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6 years ago, viewingangel
Needs an update
On my iPhone X when I open one of your pictures I have to close out the whole app to get the picture to go away , I am unable to click the x for me to close it out.
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12 years ago, Darrick T.
Great app.
Really love this app. Would have given it five stars but they had to go and put ads in. I should never have updated.
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8 years ago, greeniemommie
Hate the new version
Hate the new version and would give it no star rating if that was an option. I have deleted it, I hate it. Links don't work, videos won't play, I have to keep resetting my zip for weather each time- it's no good! Please update it.
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9 years ago, Letsgocruzing
Bad update
I don't like the update. Too many ads. As you scroll through it takes several minutes to load or goes back to the previous screen. I would delete but use for school closings.
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6 years ago, newsgeek2
What in the world?
Every time I try to use this app it freezes up and completely locks up, I am so tired of this , love my news but might have to cancel this one.
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9 years ago, Kattrin33
Only works in "portrait" vs. "landscape". If you use a tablet w/ keyboard, you're out of luck unless you want to keep turning it. Can't even begin to see if I like the content as I am too frustrated that I can't see it in landscape. Surely, this can be fixed????
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2 years ago, Kingskid1776
New app update
I hate the layout, too. Have mostly given up on trying to find things.
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2 years ago, Runt and Kitten
What’s with all of the advertising?
I was invited to upgrade and now advertising pop ups are happening. I will delete since I can go on the web and get my news
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9 years ago, Completely SOL
Doesn't Work On iPad 3
It worked fine before recent updates. Now it only shows how to use the app, but I cannot bring up content. Very disappointed. Too bad I can't give zero stars rating as it is useless.
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9 years ago, Trek980
Why did y'all change app this app by Sinclair is absolutely the worst mistake ever. Go back to old version please until then I've re downloaded old version from old app of my computer
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9 years ago, Fitness Pal addict
New app horrible
Impossible to find local news, can't find closings and delays without setting up alerts. This app is horrible since the new update. I can't use it anymore.
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2 years ago, 18 speed cornbinder
News 13 app
I used to enjoy this app. I especially liked the offbeat news. I am really disappointed with the update and new format.
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9 years ago, Knowsnews
Ugh...switching news
This new app is awful. I will be switching to another station! Way to much national news, and the local weather gives Roanoke, not even Lynchburg!
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7 years ago, OMMerk
Update broke it
Great update now I don't see any news after you click on the article. Do you all even test this stuff before you release it??
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9 years ago, Slotplayer109
This new version stinks !!!
I get notifications of urgent news then go to the site and if an article on it even exists, it's 2 pages down!! Go back to other format!!!
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9 years ago, Vt-Hokies
Horrible new app
I had the old app on my iphone5. I bought a 6 and went to download it and deleted it because it is so awful. What happened to the old one?
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9 years ago, Sharo78
This app isn't compatible with ipad, can't find closing and delays, and hard to weed through all news to find local news. Not a good upgrade!
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9 years ago, Yanksva
Big downgrade
Weather is useless! Miss the description of weather for the day! Pain to find local news. Don't need as much national news. Now app is useless!!!
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9 years ago, Lev1262
I used to like this app and now I can't find anything local on it. Am deleting and using Roanoke stations. No weather and only works in portrait mode. Worst update ever.
Show more
9 years ago, Link oh
Worst app ever! Can't understand why they changed it! I've switched over to Wsls channel 10's app, will switch back when they fix this app!
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9 years ago, Review by ivy
This updated app is NOT user-friendly!! Really miss the local weather from the local meteorologists.
Show more
8 years ago, Jacob mommy
Would get 5 stars except...
You can't access school Closings and delays!
Show more
9 years ago, Grampaw123456789
Fair so far
App keeps defaulting back to Roanoke Va in all areas. How do you stop this from happening?
Show more
9 years ago, BD Mcgee
Needs update!
This app is in desperate need of a update. The previous version was so much better. I hope that someone is working on a update.
Show more
9 years ago, Stonewalljla
Horrible update
This was my best app for local news now it is horrible Will be deleting it Please go back to old version I am going with wdbj7 or wsls10
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7 years ago, AWESOMEair
Any time I open the weather tab the app crashes and I'm using an iPhone 7 plus...
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