WSFA 12 News

4.6 (6.5K)
67.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSFA 12 News

4.58 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
6 years ago, dee@emm
Keep up the good work
I LOVE WSFA EVERY SINCE I WAS A LITTLE GIRL. I’M NOW 51. If im somewhere else and the news is on. If it’s not channel 12 news. I really feel like. Im missing something. I have to watch 12 news to know I’m getting all the information i need. I’m loving the updated app. To everyone at 12 news. Keep up the good work. Love all of you. Dee Evans
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2 years ago, tothedevolopers
So it’s been a year since I last tried this once great app hopping it was as good as it use to be NOPE I can only get the news from you, if I give up my privacy, and let you track my location NO THANK YOU!!! Maybe I’ll try again next year So this app will work for me but only if I let you track my location NO THANKS aAnd why do you show reviews from 2 yrs ago Is it because all of the recent reviews show how you’ve totally wrecked it DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR Thank you for ruining one of my favorite app’s It won’t load just keeps searching for over 5 minutes never loaded When tornadoes are in our area we stream live feed from the app to keep us safe Now I can’t even get it to load I can only imagine trying to stream DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR Just tried the newest update on my iPhone and it still just keeps searching and never loads content Forced to update to an app that no longer works Both of my IPhone’s no longer work with the new update just keeps searching Downloaded update now it just keeps searching Great app but no longer works with new updates Deleted and reinstalled and still just keeps searching I’ll try reinstalling at a later date
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3 years ago, No Excuses Walker
WSFA News App
I don’t like the new app at all. Way too many advertisements for one thing stuck in the middle of everything. The layout is terrible. Don’t understand what they were trying to do. Doesn’t make any sense to me. Please go back to the way it was. I will probably remove it and try the Alabama News Network. I agree with the review above, your new app update is absolutely horrible. The layout just doesn’t make any sense. There are waaaaay too many ads that we are being forced to look at before you get to the article you want to read. I wouldn’t even give it one star, it’s that bad. I’m considering switching to Alabama News Network also. Why change it when the previous app was working fine. Please change it back.
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2 years ago, AB0487
Terrible app
I had this app for several years before and had no issues but recently I’ve been having several issues. At first it only glitched a little and then it stopped loading up altogether. I deleted it last year and just recently got it back. It wanted to use my location in order for the app to work. I agreed to let it use my location only while the app was open. It loaded up one time after that. I tried to use it without location and it didn’t work. I turned location back on and it still doesn’t work. I will be deleting it and not downloading again until the app is fixed.
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6 years ago, seriously 01
New WSFA news ap
This is Not an improvement at all. It is confusing and hard to follow . You still are not updating news stories in a timely manner. Just a brief update on a persons condition or latest development would help but nope look it up and last update was 26 hours ago . What was news Friday is same news Sunday night . With the resources at your disposal it is embarrassing to look at this inadequate reporting from the “ leading “ news source in Montgomery!!!! It is a frustrating and disappointing way to try and be informed about important news !!! Hire and train some competent news staff please .
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4 years ago, NoBubba
Love WSFA -BUT lately-
The loud, extremely annoying, video advertising on news and weather apps makes me avoid the apps. Opening the app especially in a public place, startles everyone in the whole room! Makes me use Accuweather or Rich Thomas for routine weather and add WSFA only in the worst of weather. “Notifications” to report routine weather really angers!! I understand the need to advertise but more calm, quieter adds - simple, calm, video adds, without obnoxious loud audio PLEASE! “Notifications” for reporting normal, non-urgent weather really angers me! Please cut the crap!
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1 year ago, Reeree63
I can not read the entire article before it blinks and I have to start over again. I don’t like the new slide advert where you quickly choose the article you want. But overall very happy. We’ve moved several times & I think we are blessed with our TV NEWS & TV WEATHER. Thank you!!!
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5 years ago, Jeff&Amanda
Too Many Ads
Way too many ads. At least give us the option to close the ad. Instead of making us watch a video ad. Ridiculous. I can’t read a whole story because the ads run me off. I close it and look somewhere else for news. Also...since the update I open the app and it crashes immediately. I had to delete it and download it again just to make it work. This app has changed and they are close to losing my 15 year loyalty to the channel. Get it together.
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5 years ago, grason allen
WSFA staff
This is the best app to get news and weather. I love that the reporters and journalists when they hear about something they directly tell you about it. I also like that they will update any case if it’s new. The weather meteorologists give updates and track the storm very well. I really want to compliment chief meteorologist Josh Johnson. The news anchor I would like to compliment anchor Mark Bullock. They are the best they break details down into bits and explain it piece by piece. Thank you WSFA for keeping us aware and ready for anything. From, Grayson Allen
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3 years ago, bamagirl@55
Change it back
I don’t like having to go back to the main menu to change stories. It is very time consuming. I would like it to be changed back to where you can just swipe from one story to the next. If it is not changed back I will probably just delete the app because I won’t use it.
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5 years ago, danielthegreen
WSFA 12 News blows
If you want a liberal shill of a news source to reinforce your narrow minded views, look no further than this echo chamber. Complete with absolutely terrible reporting, miserable interviews, the worst camera angles, and cringe worthy headlines. After downloading this app I understand what led Rich Thomas to do a line before ghost riding the whip in the WSFA parking lot. I’d rather listen to that closeted cokehead than any of the garbage that comes from WSFA. Of course their only good meteorologist would screw up his own career. Go download his app instead, this one will make you suicidal.
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6 years ago, AD 1947
I really wish you had not changed now it doesn’t give the news like it use to please change back so you know what you have
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4 years ago, fall ball
Changed and disappointed
Several months ago they would report about all news, all they focus on now is the virus. Yes we all know that we should take the virus seriously and be careful, but there are many other things to report about. We moved to channel 8 news after watching wsfa for over 10 years . Hopefully sometime in the future they will realize that we want to hear about other news not just one focus.
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5 years ago, mswhard
News statement in error
Very disappointed in the media, your job is to report the truth. Instead people that have nothing to do stuff, get their information blasted on the news, and it not the truth. I will never forget what has happen to me and my family, because false news reported.
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5 years ago, AL4evr
WSFA news review
I agree with other reviews I have read, you have made it completely difficult to follow. I myself can’t figure out why, but it has been a long time since I’ve opened up your app and enjoyed it. Now, I normally get so frustrated I close it before the 3rd story!! I still hope to update one day (soon) and read your news the way it used to be.
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3 years ago, Not Happy WSFA
Don’t like the upgrade
The previous version of this app was MUCH better! The reason I have the app is so I can read the news, this app has too many video versions of the news stories. It is also not as user friendly or easy to navigate as the previous version. Just my opinion but I wish the older version would come back.
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1 year ago, After12
You’re going backwards! But on the positive side you’ve increase commercial ads! That’s what you want right? $$$$$ Theyv(WSFA) will take every opportunity for a commercial regardless of the content of the news item. Some news items should require a bit of humaneness
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5 years ago, bmm;)!
Problem with new update
The latest update has made it to where when u open the app it attempts to open but crashes been having to use the WSFA site itself really upset and wish I didn’t allow it to update plz come out with a new update to fix this bug
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5 years ago, gdd7mizpah
Very informative
Very user friendly, very accurate and I am and Family are well pleased. Much and continued success in keeping your constituents properly informed. Thank you for the opportunity to respond.
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3 years ago, Disappointed in Deatsville
New App is awful
You get a Breaking News alert and when you click on it immediately you get an advertisement then an entire page of the WSFA logo and then you have to click on News then search for the article. If you send an alert it should go straight to the story. I’ll just use WAKA until y’all get this ridiculous app straightened out.
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5 years ago, CtheTflow
I find it difficult to maneuver, the format for me is not clear and concise. The cCentral Alabama isn’t up to date nor informative. And it has too pass events listed. I’m disappointed.
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6 years ago, jsumonkeygirl
Update is buggy
I watch the morning news on the app since I cannot get WSFA over-the-air. The new version of the app will reload the page that the video stream is on, the video will stop and close for no reason, and ads skip like a broken record. This is no longer a reliable source for news and weather in Montgomery, which is sad because I really like the people in the morning.
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6 years ago, Coop D' Ville
Review of local news
WSFA is the best. Reporting whether it news sports or weather is on point. My only criticism is sometimes at 5 there is too much national news. I watch NBC or CNN for that.
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3 years ago, ImmieJ
The new app format
I fond of the newest version, it takes too long to load and it begins with a ad. I prefer the old format. Progress is not always better
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5 years ago, lv cruise
Regarding News And Weather
I agree totally with Mr Grayson Allen they the best 🤗. Thanks to both of you for keeping us to date on news and weather . Always there for us . Thanks Bettie Adderhold
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1 year ago, dcutup
Won’t Load News App
The New app froze on me yesterday so I deleted the app, now it won’t load as I tried to reinstall the App. I’ve been at it since last night, I’ve never had this problem before! I’ve always had the News and Weather App. Till it froze up yesterday and wouldn’t unfreeze no matter what I did!
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4 years ago, geauxart
Timed Ads
Use to enjoy quick responses when looking at different subcategories. Now I have to wait at least 5 seconds to close an ad I don’t want to see or go to. Like I told my daughter many times, if there’s a problem follow the money trail.
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6 years ago, gamerinAL
This new app is set up like a grocery list! Only problem is you forgot one ingredient-Food for Thought! A section for up to date strictly local news would be good also. Why are you keeping items that happened two weeks ago on it? If this was a newspaper I would use it to wash windows. Bye bye WSFA, I’ll find another app to use your space.
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5 years ago, abbeygail1
New app
I was looking forward to a great update, but all it does is crash want come up , if it not fix soon I will go to a better station ( Waka ) lg
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5 years ago, Dr. CJ Dial-Benton
You are the Greatest
Thank you for your fantastic job that you do each day. Keep up the good work, which I am sure you will.
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5 years ago, Goose Loosey
Top News Station
Best station for up to date news
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5 years ago, hate theupdate
Weather updates
I liked the old way the weather maps and radar was set up was much easer the last update really screwed things up do not like it now is there a way to go back to the old format before the last update
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2 years ago, True American 123456
Horrible News Network
99% of their commercials are for crooked lawyers pandering to lazy people. Their coverage and topics are just like the typical liberal/left news outlet. All of their commercials are eaten up by crooked ambulance chasers pandering to low income people or crooked people looking to fake injuries, which is what the crooked law firms prefer. I DON’T recommend WSFA News for anything.
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3 years ago, CeeWool
It’s a news app I want to see the news stories.
Your app is not iPad friendly. When I open a news app I want to see The News. Not an advertisement not do I want to have to go to a menu, then choose news, then chose again. TRY AGAIN. Have you ever heard.....if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?
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8 months ago, Krngld
For Apple TV only
The app for Apple TV is only partially functional. Viewers can watch the last news broadcast, but trying to watch the “Local News Live” option always ends with a video playback error message.
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4 years ago, Syded
Political Media
I have had WSFA app for several years and it’s very user friendly but over the past year and half, WSFA has chosen to join in on the Trump bashing. If you are affiliated with the Democratic Party, then this is your News source. I just want accurate and unbiased reporting. Deleting app. Sorely disappointed!!
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4 years ago, carolinelynchminor
I just downloaded WSFA live app. It apparently has “bugs”. I tried to find a way in the app to let you all know that I’m having issues, but I couldn’t. I enjoy WSFA. BIT, the app isn’t working to well for me. I’d like to know what to do.
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3 years ago, whersmysensoar
Adds are bad
There are now multiple adds I have to click through to see the news and a countdown timer to close the add! And the color of the text in this review window is the same as the background color! WSFA can do better!
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3 years ago, Duce triggalo
Fake news
Some of the worst stories I have read. Most of the stories are hand picked from the editor and have nothing to do with our area. In my opinion WSFA should focus more on local stories instead of following what mainstream media is reporting.
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6 years ago, Melison123
A little frustrating
Windows keep refreshing while I’m reading articles/stories, then finally they go out completely.
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4 years ago, Mm Nora
Now it’s there
The update didn’t appear until I sent a review.
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3 years ago, ABCD-12345
Too Many Ads
For the love of God, stop with the advertisements. Some of the ads for games don’t even give you the option to close them when they finish, forcing you to close and restart the app. I’d rather have a paid version than deal with this.
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5 years ago, ruthie#1
Wsfa News Team
They always on top of the news
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3 years ago, Hall, V
Why does the ad takes over nearly the whole page when scrolling down the list of headlines on the home page?
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6 years ago, ps1518
New app
This app is awful!!!! Hard to follow and so many ads. Please go back to the other app. It was user friendly and the stories were much easier to follow. I am so disappointed in WSFA. You are taking steps backward instead of improving! I am trying to remove the update now.
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6 years ago, Not-ready-to-pay-10-bucks-for-1-song
Another step backwards
Why, oh why do they do this? The text in the “homepage “ is so small, and it’s so full of ads that it’s practically useless. I realize that advertising pays for “free” things, but at least before this latest update, the text was readable. Sending this piece of trash where it belongs— to the trashb
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4 years ago, Piggy Cham
I love WSFA NEWS APP they have the best news ever I met them all they’re good friendly people. I give them a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, Spurdg
Mr Joel Alford
Live in Athens, Al. From Samson, Al. WSFA gives me news from the southern part of the state. Thank you for the app. Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, Blarp!
New update
Hi, sorry but I don’t like the new update. I like the format where the headline is beside a small picture of the story. The videos do play better however. I also liked the “trending” tab which is not there now. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Ajda45Soljia
Needs a dark mode
App works great, it just needs a dark mode for the brightness
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