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Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSMV 4

4.54 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Colleen Hartline
News 4 is an example of how a news channel should work.
The News 4 investigative team is second to none. They look out for the communities they represent - don’t we all wish the politicians in Washington did the same! News 4 features are thoroughly researched and are reported appropriately. They don’t have empty-headed females trading on sex appeal to drive the ratings up. They dress and act like professionals. The weather team headed by Lisa Spencer are prepared and react swiftly to changing conditions. They know their subject matter well, and it shows. We don’t get News 4 live since we stopped our outrageously expensive cable package, so we rely on the News 4 app., but its not the same!
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6 years ago, Kaydaver
It used to be a good app, but now you can sometimes only see the news headline but no other info on the story. I hate the breaking news notifications that when you tap on it, it takes you to a live video feed when there isn’t one and it’s not during normal news broadcast times. Also, news isn’t routinely updated on weekends or holidays unlike the other local channels do with their apps.
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5 years ago, Star's above
Love it-sort of
This is the only way I can get the news and wsmv 4 is the only network I really like. They are using Farmers insurance commercials-the most—ok8 get advertising but...instead of the 30 or so seconds of silence and we'll be right back message, also the app "times out" right in the middle of an important story and then I have to wait for it to replay.... Not a fan of that glitch- can you all please fix it so that live truly means live, Or a replay of the live version is the same? Two versions ago it really worked well on the iPhone 5s and 6plus-now,we have glitches...... also there have been times when I couldn’t get anything to play at all from the site- it’s getting very frustrating! Please find the problems and fix them...Thanks for asking!
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5 years ago, Mike F 101
Out with the old and in with the new
Looks like WSMV is about done with their house cleaning. All the “old faces” are gone and replaced with “new” ones. I tried t look the other way when Dennis Ferrier, Nancy Van Camp and Jennifer Johnson we let go. Then came Demetria, Rudy and Snowbird. Now the last 3 or 4 leftovers are gone. Shame on you management. You just thought 2nd place was bad. Looks like you’re heading down to 3rd place now. Your ratings continue to drop. Your treatment over the tried and true staff was pitiful. I for one can’t look the other way any longer. I’ll be one of those turning to another channel for my news. Hopefully upper management will finally come to the realization is that it’s their fault that the ratings are falling and not the on-air staff. I hope they all win in their actions vs your company.
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7 years ago, LaLas phone
Hate quick cast!
Channel 4 used to be the best local weather source in the area, but not anymore! I used the app several times a day and mainly for the current weather videos. Now they have taken that part away. Now it's called a quick cast. You only get current weather. I can stand outside and figure that out! I want to know what it's doing tonight, tomorrow, 2 days from now! Channel 4 had every other channel beat with their video weather forecast. Now it's no better than the other local news apps. Really no reason to keep it now? The other part of news, I can get at any other local app as well, so 3 stars, down from 5 as of last week!
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3 years ago, Morticia89
What Happened To 4Warn Weather App?
I love the crew at WSMV. Love the 4Warn Weather app too. Just a couple weeks ago it stopped bringing up the temps and conditions. Tried to send a report but there was an error. I guess they’ve stopped supporting the app which is horrible because it was all I used for my weather no matter where I was in TN. Don’t like TWC app. Please bring back the 4Warn Weather app. I don’t like having to bring up your news app to try to find the weather. With as fickle as TN weather is, we really need instant access to our weather, and since I live outside of station range now, the weather app was the best source of good info!
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5 years ago, Black404
Live Radar
I love the live radar. I think it’s spot on!! BUT, for some reason you can never get the time a day right. The time is usually wrong at the bottom of the screen and the meteorologist just repeats the wrong thing over and over. I took a personal day when I realized that I was an hour late getting outta bed.
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6 years ago, tnt nash
WSMV Review
This app is not worth having on my phone. A story is nothing more than a picture with a caption. In older versions, there was a written story that accompanied the caption, but not any more. The only way to know what is going on is to stop what I’m doing the minute that I get the notification. At that point, you can watch what is on TV at that same time. after it’s over, all you have is a still picture and a caption, no explanation, no nothing. I’m removing it because it’s a waste of my time.
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6 years ago, TFD44
All veteran staff have been fired‼️Now this station is no better than a small market station such as Jackson, TN. Quality broadcast professionals are what makes viewers tune in. Not the building, the tower, or the call letters. It’s the people, stupid. Now they are gone. This app is simply a reflection of how bad the station is. You CAN make a difference. Call the advertisers and ask them to stop buying ad time on WSMV. Otherwise, you will stop shopping at their business, and will encourage friends & family to do likewise.
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2 years ago, CAMtheAppleFan
Traffic Pages Need Help
The traffic part of this site needs to be completely revamped. With all the issues about navigating around Nashville and surrounding communities, traffic reporting should be real time. It could include access to live feeds from traffic cameras, updates on existing incidents, etc. Between Waze, Google Maps, and Twitter, your site could be the place where people go for real-time updates. Right now, the site doesn’t even have the latest alerts that you send out included…..
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1 year ago, This is effin stupid
Your app is getting ready to be erased. I’ve always enjoyed it until recently. The ads are getting ridiculous. I know it’s a part of our lives now as a part of e-commerce but when you leave me no way to get to the news after forcing me to watch the commercials, that’s aggravating. As I type this, I cannot see it. I have a brand new phone to so I’m positive that’s the problem lies within the app. Also, cycle the news out faster. I come back two days later and find stories still the. Get it right before you deploy it.
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5 years ago, Kara k
Notifications with no video or articles
I consistently get notifications of breaking news and I open the app to find out I have to watch a few commercials and wait for a live video. This news app is a joke. Most major news apps have a video accompanied by a transcript for those of us that can’t wait for or watch the video. Nashville needs to catch up with supply and demand in so many ways. I’m ready to delete this app and unfortunately catch the Nashville news when I can, as the app is completely useless and extremely time consuming for those on the go.
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4 years ago, gee 1314
Keeping up with Nashville, Tn.
I appreciate being able to keep up on all the news around Nashville while I am displaced in another city. I will be home to Nashville soon but until then I’ll be using my phone and channel 4 to capture all the news.
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3 years ago, CellularDoor80
VPN Question
Very happy with the Channel 4 News App. One issue: at times it works with the VPN I use. Other times, content is blocked (possibly) because of it. Was wondering what purpose is served by blocking VPN channels from United Kingdom or any for that matter, as many native Tennesseans do travel and hope to see news from home by the app for channel 4. Thanks!
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5 years ago, TnGunNut14
Too many notifications
I keep the notifications turned on so I can get weather info, but I get overrun with way too many notifications about things I couldn’t care less about. The app lets you select which notifications you want to receive, sports, weather, breaking, etc., but it sends you all notifications anyway. Even if you turn off everything but weather. I don’t like my Notification Center being filled up with crap about sports or stories that don’t affect me so I am deleting this app.
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2 years ago, TB 1970
Weather notifications
I love getting the weather notifications. That and the wether is why I have the app. I could really do without a lot of the other notifications. Like when some one is arrested in Nashville. I don’t want to get woken up for everything that happens. Kinda over board. Will search for other apps to provide weather warnings.
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6 years ago, Laura Elkins
Used to be favorite News Cast
I have been watching Channel 4 News for over 40 years and have respected them for the truth and experienced weather and news anchors. In the last several years they have let go or fired many experienced anchors for younger and I’m sure cheaper anchors. I am ready to find another news program and that makes me sad!
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3 years ago, Futurethink
Used to be good
4Warn Weather was a useful app with a reasonably short ad before you got to the weather. This has too much data to sift through to find the weather, then makes me watch a full commercial before I can see the radar. In normal circumstances I’d resent the time it takes and having to pay for the data on my phone. Tonight there’s a possible tornado headed my way and I really don’t appreciate the obstruction. Deleted this app and am headed toward more efficient alternatives.
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5 years ago, Eeehez
News and weather in Nashville
We own a second home in Nashville so we like to keep track of the weather. We are Season ticket holders for both the the Predators and the Tennessee Titans. It’s nice being able to find out what the weather is going to be.
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7 years ago, Ronnie691993
Outstanding efforts
These guys give me constant updates throughout the say with this app. This is how a news app is supposed to be—never leaving the user in the dark but keeping them posted about what’s going on around them. WSMV, thanks to all of you for this app.
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5 years ago, TheDuckOfDeath1970
I know ads are necessary but they are a bit invasive. Also the home screen shows material that is already outdated. Should be a way to read it from an archive but remove old headlines from the title screen. Thank you.
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1 month ago, Feed up too!
I think I have had enough. I’m deleting the 4 news app and trying another news app. The articles seem to be written by a fifth grader. I have complained in the past and they seem to have gotten a little better but not much. Does the editor read the articles before they are posted? They must not. It’s very frustrating. And maybe I’m just use to old school journalism. I don’t know, but I’m done.
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4 months ago, sarcasm 101
As I’m hiding in my basement while a tornado heads my way, I’m opening the app, trying to find a real time weather map. Well, this stupid app makes you watch a 15 second Bart Durham commercial before finding out if you’re about to fly away in a tornado. Seriously?!? Turn off the ads in dangerous times!!
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6 years ago, Humbug367
Help w/content Issue
When I click on a article to read the content the type is missing ; "article" only contains the photo and headline. Where did the content go and how do I restore it? (using iPhone)
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3 years ago, Sloshinz
Bring back the weather app!
You cannot look at weather anywhere outside of Nashville with the news app. The weather app needs to continue to be supported. Your viewing area isn’t just Nashville. The upper Cumberland has different weather than Nashville and now I am going to have to use a different app to get MY weather. It is really a joke to think that having a feature that only allows for Nashville weather was the way to go.
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3 years ago, readiesgirl
Not a fan
I loved the 4warn app. When it began glitching, I decided to delete the app and re-download it thinking it would update it. I am not at all liking the new app. It’s not user friendly nor convenient anymore. My least favorite part about it is that when I do find the radar, It doesn’t pinpoint my location. I loved that about the 4warn app.
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4 months ago, TxEngr
Too many ads
I had to stop using the app. Just way too many ads. Really “in your face”. I see a lot of reviews praising the news reporting and I agree WSMV news is the best in area, BUT the reviews here should be about the app! The station is always pushing the app on air obviously because it generates huge revenue with so many ads. The news is good, the app os not.
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7 years ago, Flamedcoupe
Good local news
Great for local news and weather. Sometimes I receive notifications but they do not appear on the mobile site.
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6 years ago, MaryKathrynZ
It's great. Sometimes I could wish for less notifications except that is why I will know about the situations I'm listening for because there is that like it is.
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5 years ago, Train *
Two thumbs down...way down 👎👎
What’s up with your news channel lately? It appears you are being run by a bunch of liberals now. Isn’t it your job to bring to light both sides of politics and not just sway it to the left to influence your viewers? Give us the facts and let us make up our own minds. I’ve been watching channel 4 since Bill Hall days, but sadly I’m going to have to change my channel. You’ve lost sight of your job, channel 4.
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6 years ago, Gi6607
Poor Review
WSMV app used to be the best, but within the last month (September 2018) their page has experienced multiple issues that have not been addressed. Please, please look into this. Thank you.
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2 years ago, tennierunners
New isn’t always better
I have deleted and reinstalled it several times. It still doesn’t send out weather alerts and doesn’t show current conditions. I have reinstalled the WSMV weather only app or I use channel 2 for my weather
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3 years ago, AndiGH
I miss their old weather app
This app is great for up to the minute news, but not for weather. There are too many clicks to get to a usable live radar and the window is much smaller. The weather is my main go to and the greatest disappointment in the app.
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4 years ago, Mifflin Lady
WSM Review
Live in West Tn, really enjoy getting Nashville news as well as rest of state. You have good balance of all state news, sports & entertainment. Great job!! I don’t get channel 7(Jackson), my locals are out of Memphis so I feel like I have best news coverage.
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2 years ago, Impatient 14
Print to small
Like the app but my eyes aren’t what they use to be so it’s very hard to read the stories. Other news apps have the ability to change text size so they are much better for those of us that have a hard time seeing small print. I’ll revisit the app in a few months to see if you can help make the changes. Thanks
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5 years ago, Pah watching
If the fish stinks....
If the fish stinks, it starts from the head down! Maybe the problem is Management? All the people you let go had nothing to do with bad ratings. I would like to see All the bad complaints you are referring to against the people you are blaming for your Bad ratings! Usually if the Fish stinks it usually starts from The head down! If it was me you were blaming, I would demand proof. Personally I liked all the people you have replaced. At any rate, I have Changed to another channel anyway. Respectfully, Pah watching
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6 years ago, GranD5188
What happened to live streaming news?
I LOVED being able to stream local news when I was out of town. Now all that comes up is now on the live stream is the real time radar!!! Why won’t live stream news work anymore?? Donna
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6 years ago, englemeister
I rely on Channel 4
I have been a Channel 4 fan for 60 years, but am becoming concerned about the on air staff. Great people like Paul Heggen are leaving and the replacements are not quite the caliber I am accustomed to. Things seem to be going downhill at Nashville’s best news source.
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5 years ago, Krickylee
Please just give me what I signed up for
I signed up for school notices only. But I am getting alerts several times a day for news. I don’t want that and did not sign up for it. I watch channel 4 for all my news. This is very disruptive during work and frustrating that I can’t just get school closings which is all I signed up for. I have tried on several occasions to fix this and just end up deleting. Sad
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4 years ago, Peggy Cox
Horrible redesign decision!
This has been my go-to app for local news for several years. I am a WSMV fan, but I’m about to delete the app. The redesign makes it exceptionally difficult to tell which sections are the news article and which are ads. I rarely can tell if I’ve read the entire story. Horrible, horrible decision! News 2, I guess it’s up to you now.
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5 years ago, Ty England
This app really is worthless. Notifications that are sent will forward you to the app only to discover there is no further information. You may also be sent to a live stream that is currently not in progress or by the time you finish watching the advertisement the story has come and gone. Most of the news is a headline and nothing more. Needs so much work.
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6 years ago, User2112VVVV
No news is actually shown
All you see are the titles of the news stories, often more than once. Click on the title for more information and you get NOTHING. No news. Just an ad. Completely ridiculous. I’ve used this app for quite a while and will delete if this isn’t fixed quickly. A news app that doesn’t have news is worthless.
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1 year ago, Cametoplayu
Terrible app
I’m a long-time WSMV viewer but their app is ridiculously subpar. The formatting is not professional in style. It is difficult to navigate. The ads content takes up so much space on every page. I have almost 300 apps on my iPhone. This one is one of the worst. I am very disappointed. Channel 4, Snowbird could do it better! Time for a new design team imho.
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3 years ago, 67Cutty
Unsecure app
iOS 14 has a new feature that warns you when an app reads your clipboard (the place where copy/pasted text is temporarily stored) without your consent. I launched the WSMV app and received the warning. Immediately deleted the app. I recommend deleting or not installing this app until this egregious privacy concern is addressed. There is NO reason this app needs to read what’s on my clipboard when I launch it. None.
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5 months ago, Kt1957
Audio levels all over the map
Don’t know if this is an app problem or a problem with WSMV’s audio generally, but audio levels on newscast playbacks are wildly inconsistent. Especially noticeable during field interviews replayed during newscasts.
Show more
2 years ago, Greg4843267
Unusable spammy app played an ad during a tornado warning
Tried to watch live weather coverage. App was incredibly buggy with random ads popping up here and there. When the sever weather stream started I had to watch an ad before it would load. Terrible app from a station that seems to really be going downhill.
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7 years ago, Son his
Needs improvement
I read this every morning. Main thing missing is date and time. Sometimes, I get a notification but there is nothing to read. Sometimes when you get a notification for an update for old news you get the same old story.
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1 year ago, Tmpizzle
Used to be a great app
Don’t waste your time! I tried to watch the news love in the morning but all I get is a rotating circle that doesn’t stop. I even tried later on but still the same thing. I’m deleting this app, it’s such a shame too because I love there news cast!
Show more
2 years ago, BBnTN
Too many notifications
Although I have all notifications turned off my phone is constantly alerting with useless messages. Seems like my only recourse is to delete your app from my phone. Also the new layout is so busy I usually go to another station to get news quickly.
Show more
6 years ago, jrock1979
Pointless app for weather
I was expecting a pretty robust weather section but it looks almost identical to the iPhone built in weather app (which is about as basic as you can get). The 7 day forecast is literally just an image copied from what you would see on the news. When I clicked on Alerts it said 0 alerts at this time, which is incorrect because there are actually several weather alerts for Davidson County right now as I type this, so that section obviously doesn’t work correctly. This app is pure garbage for weather. And as far as news goes, I can get that better literally anywhere.
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