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User Reviews for WSOC-TV

4.72 out of 5
12.5K Ratings
4 years ago, And it won't get any (better)
I love Erica, John, Scott, Demany, Keith, Steve, Elsa, Brittany, Tina, and all the other anchors and weather hosts. Some of whom I know their faces, but can’t pull up their names right now. That’s what being 73 years old does to your memory sometimes. I actually know them all. That’s and high regards to them all for a enjoyable morning, noontime, evening, and nighttime delivery of all they do. But what I can’t understand is why sometimes your shows pause, probably because of at&t but, I have Direct TV. And now I’m thinking of stopping my service now. He price is too high to not get the service you desire. As far as the stations problems with Dish Network, I remember when you had problems with Direct TV also. So is there something wrong with management or the people making decisions. Everyone wants reasonably priced service and AT&T and Direct charge too much for you and me to access the service. Just thought I’d put my two cents worth in. Keep doing the good work you and your staff do. Good luck with the Dish Network George A. Gaines
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4 years ago, SGM / ARMY
Where is the true news ?
I have been a long time fan of WSOC-TV news. For the last several years though, I have found myself not really trusting the news media at all. First of all,I have found that Vince Cokeley to be extremely trustworthy and he stated that when he was a news caster he could not express his true feelings. I am of the belief that all news broadcasts are slanted and extremely untruthful, yours included. I have sent several articles in to your station and as of today have had no response. Just in case you are not aware, we have already lost our beloved country to communist organizations like that bunch of Black and White liars within the Black Lives Matter bunch of people with ingrained lying warped minds.
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3 years ago, WhiteGirl❤️
The most reliable news channel in North Carolina
I have been watching channel 9 since I was a little girl when I moved out of town at the age of 12 I no longer had access to the 9 news channel but every time I visit that was the news channel that I would watch my grandmother Lord rest her soul she would not look at no other news then channel 9 and everybody knew do not call Miss Rosie into after 630 her first part of the news and I am the exact same way the older I get the more I see a lot of me in my grandmother that was one tough cookie right there It’s funny because if you wanted to know something and you missed the news we would say go to or call Miss channel 9 because my grandmother she knew everything that went on on Channel man NEWS Erica Bryant that’s my girl I just love her so much! If anyone ever called channel 9 fake news they telling a fake lie and the truth ain’t in it🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
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3 years ago, Dirtysticks
Overall, I enjoy WSOC-TV 9. I do think Britany Johnson is melodramatic, in talking to the audience like we’re all 5 years old (irritating), and do you have to keep interrupting my news every morning with Lisa Robinson trying to sell stuff to me?? Always starting out with “Hey guys; I’ve got something I know you’re gonna love; and I think it’s the best thing ever!” Well, let her buy the stuff! I’m trying to watch the news while getting ready for work! Can she, or ‘Steals & deals’ do their own commercials like everyone else? Other than those two items; I love ❤️ the broadcast over the competition. But honestly, every time I’m enjoying the news; as soon as I here Lisa Robertson with that “hey guys, have I got something for you...”; no matter what I’m doing or where I am; I immediately stop what I’m doing, and I go switch to another channel. IJS. Thank you. 🙏🏾
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2 years ago, west Charlotte
App Notification vs Live
While I like instant notifications, I only watch the 11 pm with Erica Bryant and Scott Wickersham. The early morning live is too scripted with no empathy and compassion from the news people to those outside the studio, ie, weather girl slurs her words, male news person quiets his voice at the end of his sentences to understand what he says;and” I have to do playback not to mention smacking his lips. Presentation is everything. The station needs to invest in a speech coach for morning crew to improve their presence from dress attire to news presentation. Jason Stogenke is the most informative…clear, precise as though he’s right in my den. Thank you.
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2 years ago, amyisredeemed1
App issue
I got most of my news online via news apps. I keep having issue with you app. I’m in the middle of reading a story and the whole thing closes for no reason. When I go back in, the story is gone. Super frustrating and has definitely had an effect on using you as a news source.
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2 years ago, Rogue_Spirit
I have never in my life seen recurved such spam notifications
Even after adjusting notification settings, disabling certain alerts like sports- I still get every single one. Most mornings I’ve gotten 2 or 3 notifications before the sun is even up, usually about some meaningless drivel that is not even kind of relevant to me. I want breaking news. I do not want notifications from my trusted local station telling me that Will Smith said sorry for slapping Chris Rock. I don’t want notifications about the Panthers POSSIBLY finding a new place to practice. This is not the breaking news that we want, and it does nothing except drown out the real stories when they do occur. 18 notifications a day is not okay.
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6 years ago, Tkaykay
Notifications are ridiculous!
I was getting far too many notifications daily so I changed it to only breaking news and the weather but that didn’t help. For months I kept receiving all notifications. I just changed it to ONLY WEATHER notifications today and as soon as I changed it I received a breaking news notification in less than 5 minutes after updating so the notification customization doesn’t work. I can’t take it anymore so I turned off all notifications. The app barely works when you click on the notification to see the story anyway and there’s far too many advertisements.
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3 months ago, Mimi_2.0
It’s playing double audio since update
Audio n video errors need to be fixed immediately; I can’t watch it even just read because automatically the app opens with audio playing. If I try to pick something else the original audio n new audio plays at same time. Then at times the video doesn’t open with error showing but audio playing someone but another audio is playing as well. Very annoying and I literally hate opening the app now, but sometimes I want to read and update in a story and there goes that audio, geez. Please please please fix asap.
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2 years ago, lovesmynewscast
The best news station I’ve ever watched!!
Always have your details, to traffic accidents, weather alerts and conditions, all around news, in and what’s happening in the city, and other places ♥️🙏 love my Chanel 9 news team♥️♥️♥️ props to you all!!! And have a Merry Christmas 🎁🎄♥️♥️🎁🎁🎁
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1 year ago, Zhukov1945
Used to be better
I liked their app much better in the past. More recently I keep getting alerts for nothing alert worthy, practically “it may rain tomorrow “ type stuff, or the equivalent of “it is cold out.” In the past I only received the severe weather alerts. I check my settings, should be just severe weather. Also, when I click on the app for the “weather alert” I get a screen full of advertisements instead of seeing the alert.
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8 months ago, Information 1234
Repeat too many news events!!!
WSOC-TV repeat showing the same news events from one new cast to other new cast, especially on weekends. This cause me to turn to other local news stations. Need to show more current news events each day, not repeats. After the first 10 minutes of news, the repeats normally follows.
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2 years ago, supernova729
Basically unusable.
Links to “continue reading” an article take you to subscription only pages. The ads below every single article are often very gross: earwax? graphic images of belly fat to advertise weight loss??? Come on. Stories are repeated so often, sometimes my feed has 4 articles on the same topic. Not to mention half the time my page goes completely blank while I’m in the middle of reading an article. I think I’ll get my news from somewhere else.
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4 years ago, Beluvit66
Excellent Coverage
Living here in South Carolina, I feel that I’m receiving the true facts concerning the Coronvarius, along with the concern for the spreading. I feel that it should be mandated that all citizens in NC and SC, work in uniformity to handle the spreading. South Carolina has opened up everything, then they travel to North Carolina. Where there is unity, there is strength and the President has no concerns.
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3 years ago, Fingerfood!
I am always tuned in to WSOC-TV when it is available. I appreciate the different times of day in which they provide news giving thorough information, they are always on top of issues.
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4 years ago, MaryInConcordNC
Improve search and limit ads
I like the news alerts but when I click on an alert to see the story I cannot find it. The alert should link directly to the story. The search feature rarely works. The ads are invasive. I have tried to use this app to no avail. Take some lessons from The New York Times. Their app is awesome
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12 months ago, Baby Boomer Granny
My Daily News
I am a very early riser. Up at 5:30, turn on the coffee pot, open my iPad to WSOC-TV news first thing for my Carolinas news. I can count on updates throughout the day and can check traffic and weather. Love it.
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4 years ago, Chrisesmom
Biased Towards Democrats
WSOC-TV, along with the Charlotte Observer, are very biased towards Democrats rather than being impartial. Also, some of the News Articles remain on this site for days or weeks without being replaced by something new. Please stop sensationalizing weather events as they’re invariably made more of than they are actually. Causes people to fear, panic and rush grocery stores. Do not like the layout. It’s not appealing. I don’t use Twitter; so, I don’t want to read news from Twitter.
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9 months ago, DavidHollyDill
Improvement idea
It’s a good app but we’d love to see a new tab or section we can click on for additional local news. There’s hardly anything local published but they do talk more local news on the show. You just can’t find it in the app.
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2 years ago, lalastroud66
Channel 9 is my morning wake up call Some people have coffee but I have to be in tune with the Channel 9 crew. Absolutely the best news channel since I was a child watching it with my parents. News that keeps me informed of everything
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3 years ago, #rsloan
First to know
This App. Is awesome...very informative and up to date. The channel 9 view in that keeps you up-to-date with the latest news and weather information.
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4 years ago, Metaleen
I love viewing the local news broadcast when I can get to it. It has helped that the news is repeated somewhat throughout the day. I’m waiting for it to be available “on demand” - meaning it’s available any time when my schedule allows 30-60 minutes for me to catch up on the current events.
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4 years ago, 1$@6:);36&'
News scroll
The sports section and investigations need to be changed a lot more frequently .. I get tired of reading just a new news reports and the rest are old and dated .. UPDATE MORE FREQUENTLY; the other news apps have no problem doing so!
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2 years ago, peanutman gastonia
Best of the best
I have watched 9 news for 35 years or longer the are always great getting the news and weather out to the people I love the weather app
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5 years ago, Jtgbjk
App is the worst ever
I’ve emailed them about the app not working and someone contacted me back and said they would forward my email. At first I thought it was my TV but when I tried it on a different TV/brand I realized it was the app because it did the same thing. I emailed them over and over and over again and no one would respond. They don’t care about the app not working. They just need to get rid of the app all together it is horrible!!!
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4 years ago, Valveeta3
Upfront and Personal
The best accurate and reliable news and weather over all other stations.
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3 months ago, Kakione
Need to change
To many commercials and when you click on a story it doesn’t show the video that goes with the story. I scroll down to see video of other stories. You just have to watch all the news I guess that I don’t want to see and I assume eventually it gets to my story. So I usually have to back out and start over. Shouldn’t have to do this.
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7 months ago, Jim Greenlees
Restaurant reviews
Why is it so difficult to read the reviews. I tried for over 10 minutes to read the September reviews and finally gave up. Why does your report on N Myrtle Beach 4 day trip keep blacking out after a few seconds?
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2 years ago, D'HEADLyNERZ
Every day news watcher
The best at giving accurate and to the point stories
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4 years ago, Kwebo Global
Always dependable
The WSOC app is always right there with up to date information regarding the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Plus, the 7 day weather forecasts are always spot on. Thanks Kelly Webb
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3 months ago, Latifah 1
Rating of WSOC
I gave WSOC Florence instead of five because sometimes it’s glitchy, and it seems as you go through a few changes before the news
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5 years ago, Tar Heel 311
Ads are ridiculous
Over the years this app has gotten worse and worse. Every video starts with an ad, which for many news stories is in very poor taste. Now they have ads that pop up every few seconds on their articles so one cannot even really read them. I finally just deleted the app and will get local news elsewhere.
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3 years ago, michele butt
Best news app !
The WSOC-TV app is the best in class for breaking news as well as local and national stories. It is my go-to for staying updated.
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4 years ago, Dawn Kebahlz
Opens with an ad
Unfortunately this last update makes the app open with an ad that my ad filter blocks, so the app doesn’t open for me on my home network. I’m not going to use data to use it ... so I have to go elsewhere for local news. Fix it please!
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4 years ago, cas0116
You need to update Channel 9 investigates daily ad well as sports If there is not to add to previously posted info. Don’t post anything!!!
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4 years ago, Scottyb90
Updated news
I don’t understand why the captions are not updated. I can read the same story for a week. Please update news more often
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3 years ago, HombreOrquesta
It’s a great gateway to read, hear, and watch the local, State and internacional news. It’s also a great tool to know the weather in live time.
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4 years ago, sargent of the guard
Correct news presented
Accurate news presented
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2 years ago, Stormn531
Chan 9 news
Excellant community coverage. Good group of reporters. Been wayching channel 9 news for 52 years and reporters and news anchors are excellant.
Show more
2 months ago, AngelBlue28
Live on App
Please take the live off of the app! It is annoying to have there!! Not to mention it gets stuck and you can't make it go up alot of the time!
Show more
2 months ago, casar01
Wsoc App
I love the Wsoc app because I always get news and weather on time. Thank you so much
Show more
2 years ago, Alfeedback
Unstable and old videos
The app has outdated content along with issues with playing the videos. Very frustrating trying to find the latest weather forecast since it keeps defaulting on 2 days old video. Way toi much ad on display too
Show more
3 weeks ago, nick #9
You write an article and only give us part of the story and end it with a statement that this is a developing story and to check v bc later for detail but that’s usually the end of it. Never hear what actually happened.
Show more
4 years ago, Jcjcr
Best source for local news
I live in Lancaster and channel 9 does a good job of reporting news for my part of SC.
Show more
4 years ago, stitchin gramma
I like getting news in short form! And you weather predictions are usually right on!
Show more
11 months ago, JfavElvis
Ads in the middle that don’t move
The new ad placement is terrible. I can’t read the news without the ad being in the way. I understand you need to generate revenue, but I will never use a company who advertises with you because of that ridiculous placement.
Show more
2 years ago, F drake
My review
The main thing is the way the race card is played, you don’t have to make everything a black or white thing. Next Y’all never change the sport section it will have the same head lines for a week
Show more
2 years ago, Lovistheway
Love the app
Please keep it free and without ads!! Please remain neutral on reporting, no political biased views, please!! Let our Police do there job, lots of your news makes it out that they are the “criminal.”
Show more
4 years ago, Tbonegonya
We use the app for up to date news
Show more
4 years ago, unuity
U n troops and vehicles
Why is there no one speaking about this under Obama they came in to our country and they are in Alabama stored
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