WSVN - 7 News Miami

4.8 (18.7K)
74 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sunbeam Television Corp.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSVN - 7 News Miami

4.81 out of 5
18.7K Ratings
5 years ago, MiamiNancy
Unable to share/post anything!
You do not enable us to share any info/news. ALL other news media outlets allow sharing/posting from their sites. Some news needs to be shared to the public that do not have access to the news at the time of airing. Many people are glued to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If you want more viewers, attract more viewers, don’t cut them off. Another pet peeve, get addresses correct. I do like when you show the actual street signs because you can’t screw that up, until the reporter states double avenues or double streets. Showing the street sign then quoting the actual address/street sign correctly is superb!
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7 years ago, RobGutz
Poor streaming
I am an avid Channel 7news watcher. I wake up watching their news and drive to work every morning listening to 7News. Very comprehensive. However their streaming leaves a lot to be desired. It often freezes. sometimes video freezes but audio continues. Other times the reverse happens. The ads cut into the news. Sometimes ads or news repeat themselves. Like it goes backwards and I hear and see the same thing three times. Then sometimes the video freezes, the sound continues, the the video fast forward to catch up with the audio and once it does, it all rewinds and then freezes. Very frustrating. I stream live TV on DIRECTV all the time with barely a hitch. I stream movies all the time, without problems either, and from three different providers. So it has to be the 7 App. Please fix it. A Loyal customer
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6 years ago, justmemitzi
I watch channel 7 news everyday but, their app doesn’t allow me to watch it as much as I want to because it crashes every 2 seconds which is annoying!! Then there’s a glitch where the commercials plat like if a dj is scratching a record!!! That’s super frustrating!! I am now looking for another app to watch my news on the go!! This is a horrible app and if I could give it 0 stars I would! If they can fix the glitches then it would be better!!
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6 years ago, Jan Momof2
Great App !
I initially downloaded the app to track a recent Hurricane in 2017 - and kept it! The Channel 7 app has been a great tool to have at my fingertips. I get important news alerts in a clear and concise way. I simply tap on the news that I want to see, and leave the rest alone. I always have the option to go into the app when I have time to see more news. I have already recommended it to others. It’s great!
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6 years ago, JulieJe
The app leaves a lot to be desired.
First of all, it is difficult to watch any of the news videos without getting hammered by ads, which always seem to work without freezing. However, if you try to watch the news videos... the weather forecast, for example, it will just close the app altogether before even running or it will just completely freeze. I rarely use the app anymore because of this annoying issue. I’ve used it primarily in the past for the weather and have rarely been able to watch the video forecast without first being assaulted by ads, and worse, the same ad every time - only to have the app close abruptly.
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4 years ago, KnorfC
Poorly maintained app. Does not refresh for current news articles.
I know channel 7 is a good news station to use however, this app does not refresh so its a luck of the draw each time I open it as to whether or not I will watch yesterdays news or todays. Very frustrating! I do not have cable tv so I rely solely on the app and unfortunately it isn’t reliable. I just wish they would fix it so I could open it in the morning and watch the morning news etc. I don’t know if the station doesn’t input the news into the app or the app has issues either way it needs to be fixed. Good concept, terrible application hence the terrible review.
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6 years ago, mikee c 3
The long connection
I love to get last minute news , I like Chanel 7 news, But You guys are fast and informative that’s why i love 7 news, ? But i don’t know why it takes for ever to get good internet connection , reception is a pain I can be at work or home,still nothing,by the time it comes up , it’s to late I give up most of the time ☹️it’s sad,sometimes.
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4 years ago, T& J
Videos not playing after the fact
I cannot play the videos after he fact it plays but no sound. Will this be able to be fixed i went to rewatch today and it plays and no sound. Please fix this. Older ones play
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1 year ago, zyggypop
Why can’t I get current traffic conditions on the app any longer? When I tap the traffic section I get a blank map. I love the weather map, but really miss the up to date traffic. Please advise Thank you!
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7 years ago, Ron M. Ft Lauderdale FL
I am a faithful follower of Channel 7. I appreciate all the updates. Especially when traffic delays & gives me alternate routes. I have lived in Ft. Lauderdale and always your 7 News. I am 59 yrs here. Thank you & your company for all the information that I watch on channel 7 News
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7 years ago, Mia Tamara
It is good - although I always think there is room for improvement. I've noticed some other news channels with more updated and accurate info. I love WSVN it has always been my #1 news station, but I am looking forward to seeing them provide more. And maybe working more in the local communities.
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5 years ago, NoWake
Ads Data Mine You!!!
Their ads are data mining you. If you google search something on your phone then all of a sudden they show up, this is one thing on a laptop or desktop, but on your phone when the app is supposedly closed is another! Where I drew the line is when the app started showing ads that I never typed or entered into my phone, and where part of a conversation!!! Was talking with a co worker about a restaurant just outside of DCA airport, and at the time we just drove past it, and said the name and pointed it out. Then all of a sudden ads for that restaurant in DC start showing up, when I live in S. FL.! I checked to see if the app was accessing my microphone, and the settings said no, BUT CLEARLY they were!!! I know it’s a free app, but data mining their users shouldn’t be the price tag!! DONE!!
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4 years ago, Sca41084
Great station
The app is great. It keeps me updated all the time about the things that are going on. I actually appreciate all the notifications, I stay alert on everything.
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6 years ago, Nikkon305
App issues but great
I’m a die hard channel 7 fan and love the app. The only issue I’ve had is where the app closes it self randomly for no reason. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled but no change. Not sure if that’s a bug but non the less I still love having my news on the go and on demand.
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1 year ago, SebbySmellie
I receive notifications on my phone when something is happening. It feels great to stay informed especially with weather and accidents.
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5 years ago, nbhku
Annoying ads
The news info provided is ok and usually up to date but the one thing that killed it for me and made me delete the app, is the home page has a pop up ad that fills the screen and is almost impossible to get rid of. It’s clickbait that draws you further in. Doesn’t matter how carefully you try to navigate the home menu, this thing will trigger. Very frustrating
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4 years ago, VYS2U
Love the App!
I gave it a 4 star, because I’m not getting breaking news alerts when news is happening. When a suspect is on the run in my neighborhood, I’d like to know as soon the news feed is uploaded. TV channels get it right away, the App should too. Other than that great App!! Keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, Flock leader
My go to news app for South Florida!
From the news of the day to community issues, this is the channel to go to. Their reoccurring segments of Help Me Howard provide information that is helpful (and being copied by other stations now) and educational! Thank you Channel 7 for years of service :)
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5 years ago, sarahgiruzzi
Closes out while streaming live
The only feature I use for this app is the live news stream. For over a month, when streaming live it closes out app or blacks out only to show the news casters say they’ll be back in mins. Commercial starts and then it blacks out, every time! It’s a constant battle of restarting the app and the hoping I can at least get 1 story. This needs to be fixed, most frustrating stream I’ve experienced!
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5 years ago, Florida jack
Great app when working
I have been using this app for a while and the previous versions worked pretty well however more recently the app will close randomly when streaming the news. What is odd is that the adds play fine then when the news comes on the app closes. It is like only the adds work. Please fix this as I like to stream the news from WSVN which is not available on my cable network in Boca Raton
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6 years ago, Mcpeba
Very slow in updating any news. Other news channels are more efficient. It takes almost 24 hrs for 7 news to catch up on things happening
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2 years ago, Comfort13
Storm tracking
Tell mr Ferro that I have watched storm forecast / warning for years now. However I don’t understand why he would remove the mark which advised 1/2 way in the forecast cone. I have spoken to a lot of people about this and they aren’t happy . Put it back and leave well enough alone . Channel 10 still has it. I would like to see it back or you will leave us no choice….
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2 years ago, Rich Block
I love what y’all do keep the latest up date and on time better then any south Florida news
Best news station in the world south Florida news Miami 7 news
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3 days ago, Unhappy 33014
Thumbs up
Great news, however don’t like how the sound comes on as soon as you click on a story.
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6 years ago, Happymamah
Too many ads
The sponsored "living well" reports are seriously irritating! They get in the way of the real news but even if you do try to click on them they don't function correctly and you can't read an entire article because it keeps sending you back to the first page. Almost ready to drop this app.
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4 years ago, kitkaz59
Crashes all the time
Been crashing all the time especially since the latest IOS and before but now it’s unusable. Can’t even open a article without crashing several times while trying to read. I believe the ads are causing most it it, so many trying to open while using the app. It needs to be fixed!
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7 years ago, Greywolfgw
Nice (iPhone 7 plus)
No problems what so ever, highly recommend if you wanna stay up to date with everything News/weather
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7 years ago, Steph_868
Great App
I have been tracking the hurricane (Irma) as well as places that's open and staying up to date on what's going on in my county. Easy to use and convenient.
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1 year ago, Floyd 1369
I love you all. I’m gonna tell you you make my whole day from morning afternoon and night. Love it love all the people. Thank you for that.
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4 years ago, QueTetasCreyendo
Limited only to live
Can’t watch it after live
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6 years ago, HG Wells 2050
I also liked to use this app, now it crashes, especially when the weather feature and video, begins playing and crash, goodness, so now I go to my browser of choice and this works.
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3 years ago, DakW2020
Slow app
The 7 app is very slow and often freezes to the point it needs closing and re-opening. Even opening this review page took at least a minute. I do like channel 7 but not the app. I do not have any issues with the channel 10 app so I usually use that one.
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6 years ago, Subisil170
The Great WSVN!
I love the WSVN group of reporters! They are excellent in their delivery and The crew remains constant and the new Additions are excellent unlike other channels that have quick turnovers and dismiss high quality reporters for new ones Less able and probably will get paid less Money. I won’t mention names. You must Know who I’m talking about!! Keep on the great work! You may be copied but never surpassed!! Congratulations!!
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6 years ago, MiaHeat305
Every time i try to watch news using this app the app kicks me out. Eventually if I try numerous times, i can watch a few minutes before getting kicked off again. I am running the latest iOS update. Not sure whats up but its really bad. All i even get to see are the attorney commercials (convenient for them).
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3 years ago, Delancey Street
Great way to stay up to date.
The weather radar is so helpful.
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1 year ago, Mrodda
Glitchy Live broadcasts
The live broadcasts used to stream well without any issues, but recently there’s a terrible glitch that is causing a big lag and the broadcast is unwatchable. This is regardless of which signal you are using, different wifi signals as well as 5G+, all freeze up while streaming live news.
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4 years ago, Fabro10
The best news channel
I love Channel 7 , I am watching you guys since 95* when i came from Venezuela. I love deco drive 🕺🍾🍾 thank you for always keeping me informe
Show more
3 years ago, Ener_007
Needs to adjust how it lets us share stories. Very prehistoric in that area. Also when I get a traffic alert it just goes to maps and that’s it.
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7 years ago, G.Gamer 20
Love this App from my first local news Station.
This App is great it keeps me updated anytime anywhere keep on doing a great Job!!!😃👍
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5 years ago, LadyDocFL
The coverage is good but there are too many ads and pop ups. I realize that you need ads to support the free app, which is avoidable if one reads the text.
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7 years ago, Nukie2000
Great source of news
Great source of news for me. Since I don’t usually stream the news here, their streaming short comings are ok.
Show more
6 years ago, Ziroff
Best Weather Report.
Born and raised in Hollywood Fl. WSVN is the best. Moved to Ocala area and I like watching the news and keeping up with South Florida. Thank you Vivian for your great weather reports and the rest of the crew.
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10 months ago, venture financial
Always on the
So good to get information as it happens
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1 year ago, witch craft heights
I love channel 7 ;I can watch it anytime I have it on my iPhone it on my ipad
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3 years ago, Jackdog3
I like 7 news
I like 7 news it keeps me informed on everything
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3 years ago, jrh00k3r
Just OK - Scrolling Jumps Sporadically
Just an average quality app with bugs that cause it to lock and abort altogether. Most annoying is the constant jumping up when scrolling down.
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4 years ago, Connar Daniels
Looking for black people to do wrong...
They drive around looking for black people
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7 months ago, centry village
Channel 7 News
Keeps me updated on my news !!! Best channel ever 💯👍😊
Show more
2 years ago, mrpanama1
Very good app but it needs to up date faster
Great app but it need to be a bit faster in updating the story’s
Show more
6 years ago, Twyceaznice
Poor streaming
I am an avid channel 7 watcher. The only issue I have when I try to open the app is that it takes forever to start up and when it does, it crashes a lot. Please fix.
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