WSYR NewsChannel 9 LocalSYR

4.5 (7.1K)
63.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSYR NewsChannel 9 LocalSYR

4.54 out of 5
7.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Sue is my nickname
Thank you
Thank you for your accurate reporting. You have staff who are professional, caring and keep me well informed. Have sense of humor and even in this unsettled time you have done an excellent job keeping us informed without terrorizing us more. Thank you. I listen to news when it is on and programs. Keep up the great work. Stay safe and be well. Sue Reiffenstein
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3 years ago, -03948838493020128838:93
New format is terrible
New format is clumsy and a huge step backwards in my opinion. But the worst is the weather! We used to have the wonderful lightning track local Doppler and now it’s a basic live view like everyone else! And all the other locations are gone. Sure you can have 5 at the top now (I think I had 20 before saved) but you can only see the current day and even that you can’t see much of. 10 day forecasts are gone as well. And the alerts are gone or at least I can’t find them. I still get notifications that a storm warning is in effect for one of my old saved locations but when I click the notification it just takes me to the main page on the app?! What the heck? Biggest downgrade I’ve ever seen for any app, ever.
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2 years ago, My nickname is Dave
Frustrating App
I think the content and the folks at channel 9 news are great. With that said, this app is frustrating to use. You have to enable audio on every video you watch. In order to go back to search videos you need to hit a very small button to minimize the video first, however, the button is typically right next to an advertisement which opens up in your web browser taking you away from the app. As a user, I just want to click on a video and have it play, sound included. After watching a video, go back to the list with one click and play another video. It should be that simple. I hope this app gets fixed and becomes usable again.
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3 years ago, 55tess
Unhappy change
I’m unhappy with the new format of the app. The previous format was well laid out and clear- easy to follow and find things. Now features are even missing, such as Consumer Reports. I searched it and the most recent ones didn’t even come up. I loved this feature and would often reference it. Also, even though we’re in April, in an area where winter is around 75% of the time (and as a teacher) school closings were nice to have easily accessible. Now you have to search for it. In general, it’s a much darker and unappealing app. I’m very disappointed in something that I’ve always started my day with.
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3 years ago, sjtryon
Notification Abuse...
Despite having numerous setting in the app to control what notifications you will be sent, those choices aren’t respected. Notifications are used incessantly for things like, “Spring weather on the way, see how warm it will be on the days ahead...” They might as well just say, “Click here so we can show you some ads.” Terribly disrespectful. I wanted a local news app that alerted me to important local news. After using the app’s own settings to control that, I instead have a constant set of alerts about things that are nothing more than fluffy attempts to get me using the app more.
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7 years ago, Utica Newshound
Great app SYR9
I live in Utica NY, an area with very limited news and weather. I can always count on this Syracuse station (which neither cable nor satellite in my area carry) to come thru with news alerts, 24/7. Be sure and get their weather app also if you live in CNY. You'll get instant info on breaking news and breaking weather with these two apps. Great reporting.
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5 years ago, future meteorolgist!!
I love newschannel9!!!!!!
I have been watching newschannel9 since I was little and I love the WSYR app! I want to become a meteorologist so I wrote a letter to Kate Thornton(meteorologist) and I met her and went to the station in Syracuse. Everyone there is so so so nice. My dad suggested that is get the app and it is very easy to find things out. So I rate this 5 stars!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, jrsost
Now not useful
Prior to this update I looked at your app a couple times a day. I liked it. It was easy to use. Relevant. Since the update I look maybe once if I can get the ad to be swiped away without closing the app. I am not interested in the new layout. In fact I go to tap on the app and I say nope not wasting my time. Figured I would give it some time. But still don’t want to use it. You have gone the way of spectrum app. Not relevant. I hope you will put the app back to its useful purpose.
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4 years ago, Darien Lake
App keeps freezing
The app is great, when it works. Every single time when I open the app, within 5 minutes, the app freezes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and it still happens.
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3 years ago, SharonArtist
Best news to start my morning!
I started using WSYR’s morning app so I could get the weather right away with one or two commercials. One morning I counted 9 commercials in between Good Morning America. Sorry GMA. When I have a busy morning the app gets me going without all the distractions.
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4 years ago, Mystery Killer
Always Freezes
I’ve used this app for YEARS and it used to be fantastic!!! Now, every time I open the app and click on a story it locks up and freezes. You must now close app and re-start which is very very annoying. I also can stand the advertisement videos (which I suppose is par for the coarse these days) and automatic playback on ALL news stories. Currently using iPhone 8 Plus. Will be deleting if this is not fixed.
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7 years ago, Mm665686!
Hate new version
Hate this new version. Very hard to operate. Weather section is frustrating to navigate as well as the rest. Should think about going back to old version. This new upgrade is NOT user friendly what so ever!
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7 years ago, Zagato4r
Could be better
Too many non-alert alerts. I don't care when high school kids win tournaments or some minor business news. Also the weather radar should be on your initial screen. When I go to your site which is 4-5 times a day I want to see what the weather is doing. Also I would like to see traffic blockages given more emphasis.
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6 years ago, Just Pam
Keeps getting worse.
I originally downloaded this app for the weather but they have improved it to the point where it’s practically useless. I like the radar maps because I like to check where the storms are in relation to my location. The maps are so tiny you can hardly read them. They don’t expand to fill the screen, nor do they rotate when the phone is rotated to landscape orientation. I have had to go elsewhere for my weather info.
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11 months ago, NY country boy
I like the people on channel 9, and the people who do the weather are the very best! Just wish whatever issues that are keeping them off Direct TV would be resolved!
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7 years ago, frugalnista
Top notch
I have been watching channel 9 forever it seems. Everyone on camera seem like friends. As far as I am concerned they offer the latest and best in news, weather, etc. thank you for keeping me informed.
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5 years ago, MelJWD
I love your app
I live in Georgia but most of my family lives north of Syracuse so this app keeps me up to date on their weather and news. I also love the other news item included.
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11 months ago, ToddmCollins
My review
I used to like this news source but now the app doesn’t even work. Keeps saying update my app…. Huh!?! There isn’t even an option to do so !! Also while on the app(when it workED) we should be able to zoom in on photos…especially when you’re “on the lookout” for a potential threat. Who is making these apps??? I know who isn’t making it ! Someone who knows how to make one.
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11 months ago, mkts2005
Fix your app
With how many updates this app goes through, I’ve downloaded the most recent version only to find the app stating to “update your app”. The latest version is installed yet nothing. Please find better app developers and at least fix the app to be able to stay abreast of current topics.
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4 years ago, Freefondue
Don't Care for New Site Upgrades - Do not like automatic playing of video when clicking on story
of stories with middle column offset is visually distracting. - looks like Huffington Post used to before they improved their site. Everything is an "Alert" to Channel 9. It was so absurd that I turned the feature off. Started to look for an alternative source to Channel 9 app.
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5 years ago, Joepz3
I enjoy Channel 9 News
I really enjoy watching channel 9 News in the early am of my day! Although I can’t say the same for GMA, too politically bias for my taste. I do like the daily updates on my channel 9 phone Ap keeps me up on any news happenings. Keep up the good work channel 9!
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5 years ago, 176()$9@&!?
New changes not good
We all need radar first thing without clicking on a stream. They removed the forecast video so nobody can watch the weather guy explain what is going on
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4 years ago, Nasfreak
Good, when it works.
For about the past month this app freezes almost every time I open it. Whether it be on the main page or trying to scroll through news articles to read. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Chang chow
The app
For the most part of the app is fine a couple of things I would try to change are the swipe up ads at the beginning when you first turn on the app and the school closings and delays section needs to be a little more user-friendly.
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4 years ago, Annoyed2!!
Locked screen
Sometimes my screen freezes and I am unable to open the next article.
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3 years ago, pegryfun
How do I watch Live Stream?
I do not live local anymore and every weekday morning I love to watch live stream News on my iPhone. Your new app is good, but I can’t find live stream. Which setting is it? I have to search for it in Google and then I find it.
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6 years ago, duiedan
We spend time away from Syracuse and when we do, we read your news every day on our IPhone! Thank you for being there for us.
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4 years ago, Gonzo 155
Keeps shutting down after last update
Keeps shutting down when I click on “more”
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11 months ago, NO HOPI
Storm cells
The green areas moving into Syracuse area are often just big black and gray clouds…and no rain…I’d like to see a graphic that looks like rain drops !
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7 years ago, Spooky gramma
The only news channel I will watch. My daughter put right on my phone as soon as she gave it to me. Live the people, coverage and the alerts. Thank you news 9.
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5 years ago, artmud
Great site.
You are my morning go to for many reasons. You teach me about what has happened in our town and give me clues on how to dress for the day. Love you guys!
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11 months ago, Ph13126
What’s happened?
I could not open my 9 app, it kept telling me to update app , I did, it still keeps telling me to update the app. I can get around it to some content, but why change a good thing? My IPad is still the same. I really liked the content on the previous app. Not sure why I keep getting this thing to update ?
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3 years ago, retiredteac
Ch 9 on iPad
Has gotten hard to use with all the ads and pop up video with annoying loud audio that seems impossible to avoid. I now only read headlines for fear of being trapped in an ad or video that is hard to get rid of on the phone or iPad.
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4 years ago, hdjdbrrvdj
Me and my wife use to love this app. The past few months it freezes up on both our phones. We have deleted and reinstalled multiple time to no avail. Please fix!!! Also the auto play when you tap on an article can be shut off in settings
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5 years ago, J. In liverpool
The website is better
I downloaded this a little while ago since I used the website for the weather. At first, it was fine but now it doesn’t even have the video of the weather forecast. I’ll get a notification that the forecast is available and it’s not even on the app. It easier to use the website.
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4 months ago, John Baum
App getting worse
The last update or two has rendered the app almost unusable. Between the floating ads and video, scrolling doesn’t work right, some stories crash the app back to the Home Screen. At this point it’s easier to just go to the website on Safari.
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4 years ago, jlm4681
Love App But One Issue
I like to read the news while I rock my baby to sleep. My volumes on high for my alarm to wake me up for work in the morning. When I click on a new story to read the video autoplays and startled my son. Please TURN OFF this auto play feature.
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7 years ago, boyden01
Channel 9 News app
I really enjoy this especially when traveling. I can keep up on what is going in my home town. Thank you Channel 9.
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11 months ago, The Phills
Latest update not available
The app says to update app but there is no update available in the App Store
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6 years ago, Crafty cindy
Thank You,for the updates. Keeping us alert while traveling
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11 months ago, Teddy Bear873
I have had this app for a couple of years. Currently when I open app it tells me to update and you are locked out of viewing app. Why isn’t the app updating through the Apple App Store? Deleted the app went to Apple App Store and downloaded and same thing happens. Has this app been hacked? Why is it circumventing the App Store?
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3 years ago, peptab
It travels
I check hometown news when we travel it’s great to keep me informed and up to date on the weather.
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6 years ago, ?&:4"
There are so many pop up... full screen ads that it is difficult to read the news.
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7 years ago, Maxwell974132
New push notifications tell you when anyone sneezes in Syracuse. Used to be just weather alerts. Can't turn them off without turning off all notifications. sad Also, navigation to weather is a little obscure now. Have to go through a couple of pages and scrolling, so not as fast as it used to be.
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1 month ago, papachungo13
Sunrise and sunset times are inaccurate
I depended on this app for the local weather forecast. It is May 7th as I write this and actual sunrise and sunset times are 5:51am and 8:11pm respectively. The app shows 5:50am and 5:50pm. At this point I’m not sure if I can trust the weather information it is presenting either. I’ll have to start using something else
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3 years ago, Drusso#75
The new app as of May 2021 darn bear blows your speakers if you go into viewing with volume half way up. Today, May 6,2021 I could not get the weather forecast video to play. There was a picture but nowhere to start a video. Keep at it. Thank you.
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4 years ago, penn yan guy
I live in Yates county. Always watch News Channel 9. Best weather forecast as It matches where I live. Great team. News weather and sports
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4 months ago, gmail12
Doesn’t work
Since you did a update the app doesn’t work anymore… I have deleted the app from my iPhone several times and reloaded it several times and still doesn’t work. Can’t get to the front page. It freezes up. I have an iPhone 12.
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6 years ago, Undrlocnkey
Too Slow
Annoying to use and rarely do anymore.
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6 years ago, kanegirl3
Not user- friendly
I am not fond of how the app has changed over time. I used to be able to find things quick but not anymore. And there’s way too many alerts especially in the early morning hours.
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