4.1 (8)
30.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSYX ABC6

4.13 out of 5
8 Ratings
1 month ago, Littlebit 2024
Thankyou for always sending alerts for weather in our area of Buckeye Lake region
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1 month ago, Bones 5/C3/270
Late to the party
Information sent is woefully inadequate. Lightning strike notifications are at least 5-10 minutes after it has occurred. Severe thunderstorms are already in progress or have passed when notifications are issued. Seems almost senseless to provide a service that provides no real service.
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1 month ago, rambo 932
Review of app
Good app but it could update sooner but I enjoy it
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10 years ago, FelixChar
Awesome App!
As long as the bugs are fixed and this app is updated it's awesome! Very happy previous versions have been fixed, keep up the good work guys!
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6 years ago, RobQ81
Video Irritant
The app works well and the content is good. My complaint is that every time you play a video news article it plays a commercial “for the WSYX ABC app”. The same app that I’m watching the news on. E v e r y single video article leads with their own app advertisement. Every one! I understand the need to have commercials, but really? The same add for the app I’m using...on every video. Even the big network apps give you a break from commercials after you’ve seen a few. Way too irritating to keep watching. BTW ABC 6 Columbus is my favorite news station. I just wish they would modify their app.
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4 years ago, Shinshiya
Biased news -disappointing
Have had this app for almost a year but have noticed a crescendo of biased news reporting lately. Yesterday almost every other story was anti- President/ anti-American. It was so noticeable and disconcerting. Why can’t our local stations just report the news without leaning one way...& one way only! I realize national news has been leaning left for a long time- reporting only certain events, half- truths, and exaggerated stories many times not true. I expected more from my local news and have always liked ABC6 but I refuse to watch Or experience your app any longer! Your journalism ethics should be re-examined.
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12 years ago, CagedBird
Love it but it has issues
The app has never refreshed properly. I have to double tap the home button and close the app in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Then reopen the app to get it to refresh. With the latest update it opens the safari window which I have to close and then reopen the app. I like the way the app is setup it just has a couple issues that need resolved. The issue with the safari window opening is a pain.
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9 months ago, Sandyw56
Commercials and down time
When the app works, it’s fine. The problem is at times the app doesn’t stream the news. There is an oops message. What is that! Also the number of commercials run into the next live feed. Sometimes cutting off entire features. There needs to be a fix for both of these. The technology is there, use it!
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12 years ago, Bswartz95
Making small strides
The new update is optimized for the iPhone 5 and brings a new category layout that is attractive and user friendly. Some work needs to be done on the stories pages and the menu buttons along the bottom. The UI here is very unappealing (both the gray color and fonts). Progress has been made, but still has a ways to go before its my "go-to" Columbus news app.
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4 years ago, MM in Ohio
Notifications don’t link to stories
This app gives news notifications but when you click on the notification to learn more about the story it just brings you to the app and there isn’t a good way to find the story that you were notification of. Make the notification pretty worthless/frustrating.
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8 years ago, Marmielady
Notifications don't lead to stories
This could be a good app... When you get notifications it suggests that you swipe right to read the story, but that never happens. It just opens the app, but even after searching, the referenced story cannot be found. I don't understand this, as I would think that would be the intended purpose of the app in the first place.???
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5 years ago, BuckeyeGirl1
Too many commercials
There are too many commercials that prevent this app from being worthwhile. I tried to get past the aggravation, but I eventually just deleted the app altogether. It’s a bummer because I decided to go without cable, so I have no way of getting local news except for watching their live newsfeeds and it’s just not worth the trouble.
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9 years ago, Physics1011
So Annoying
While I think the app works well, that's all it does well. Someone needs to fix all the typos and weird symbols that come up in the headlines, it looks like an armature news station. It's not well laid out or easily navigated. I moved here from a much larger city and all the news networks had fantastic apps, this is very disappointing. They need to hire better media people.
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4 years ago, Dan21162409
I deleted when I tried watching a video of a robbery on the East side. Told me I had to watch 5 ads before watching. People are getting way too greedy with their ads lately. I won’t be bound to them. I could just watch on local news with less time on commercials.
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2 months ago, lblair012465
Isn't working now
I love this app. Only giving it a 3 instead of a 5 because I haven't been able to use it for 3 days straight now🙁. It just won't open. Not sure what's going on but please fix it!
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8 years ago, BCColumbus
Best Columbus News App
Doesn't bother me with worthless notifications, and let's me create a playlist so I get notifications about stuff I care about. Pretty cool.
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7 years ago, Jacob Mullens
Not a fan of this app
Not a good app. It freezes and glitches out to my home screen when I click to see the weather. And the notifications don't lead to stories. And the sports section also does what the weather section does but not as often. When the sports section it's not accurate and only displays Ohio spots teams
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10 years ago, Cameron Saad
Bill Kelly
Being the big fan myself, now while I eat with my bill Kelly lunchbox I can watch his weather at the same time on the go! LOVE it!
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6 years ago, robertab7
Won’t download.
I have a current iphone OS and this app will not download. Something seriously wrong with it. It finally downloaded after 4 tries. Hope that’s not a bad sign.
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5 years ago, jakerego
Rough Streaming
Content is solid, picture is decent, but you cannot maintain streaming without keeping the app open which is really annoying. The reason I downloaded was to have the ability to stream to AppleTV and I must have the app open and phone unlocked to do so.
Show more
5 years ago, AshvillePoorBoy
No search
It would really be nice if there was a search function on this app. There is lots of information and it’s hard to find something pacific if you’re looking for it. I would think this will be pretty basic but it was left out.
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14 years ago, walt300
Radar not working
I just downloaded this app and the weather radar is just a blank screen. Something needs to be fixed!
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4 years ago, Just grandpa
The Dunnigans
Congratulations on your new gift God has given you both enjoy. This is from just grandpa. I have six gifts and 12 grand gifts. Be blessed
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13 years ago, Alexanr1
Only app in Columbus news Market
While it's the only iPad App in the Columbus news Market, it has a lot of opportunities. The Weather is very stale. The radar is an hour and a half old view. Worst of all you can't zoom in. From a news perspective, it is not very organised. just a dump of news articles, no structure. Finally, the traffic crashes the app when launched. I gave three stars because it's the only one in the city. Great potential, please re-visit and do it right!
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7 years ago, Mason Pillow
Notifications are broke
The app notifications do not lead to stories. This has been an issue raised before, as Marmielady and others have reported. This should be an easy fix, looking forward to a quick update 🤞!
Show more
14 years ago, Mag455567
Good job 6
Finally a Columbus station with iPhone video. Good job 6, 10&4 could learn from you.
Show more
4 years ago, Photolover1234
No Live Feed
Super annoying that the live feed is gone. What happened? And the STIRR app you keep promoting isn’t working either.... would be nice to watch the news again on the morning during my workout. :/. Bring back the live stream!
Show more
9 years ago, Brayden the saint
It gives me all the info I need on sports weather and Crime stories
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4 years ago, Anonymous1000001
App not refreshing
This app worked yesterday but today no stories reflect and the date reflects as 1969. I have deleted the app and reinstalled twice but it did not fix it. Really frustrated that I am unable to report this issue. Can’t find anything on the website either.
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7 years ago, JJdacc:
App notifications don't lead
Love the app notifications. However when you click on the notification to read the article it pulls the app up and you can't find the article. This is really annoying and totally unacceptable. Really? Is it beyond the wit of the app developers to correct this obvious mistake?
Show more
9 years ago, onebratt08
News feed hasn't updated in 2 days
Apparently there is no good local news app in Columbus. Deleted the other 2, now deleting this one. The news feed has showed the same news stories for 2 days! Plus, no video weather update, which is a negative for me.
Show more
4 years ago, Medic_Coop
Since the recent update, this app is unusable. I use dark mode in iOS and this app will not work with dark mode turned on. I have been using it for years, but now all content is just black when you click on the news story. Please fix this....
Show more
6 years ago, hyfchyrdgjujhu
Still no audio!!
This works fine for weather and if you want to read an article. But LISTENING to the reports and the live broadcast? Won’t happen. And developer is MIA. Guess I’ll find another local station’s app to use.
Show more
8 years ago, dnh!
Can't get off the instructions pages
As someone else posted - when I get notifications, I swipe to access the story, but nothing happens. I only get instructions and cannot see any pages. The Fox 28 app works, but the WSYX one doesn't.
Show more
12 years ago, Mother Nature
Crashes constantly
I have installed this app and deleted & re-installed it several times----all to no avail. Every time I tap on the app on my i-Pad, it loads and then dissapears off the screen. I have deleted it and have given up hope of using this app until they fix it.
Show more
8 years ago, LeaBea527
Recent app update
I keep trying to do the most recent update for bugs, but it isn't working. Is that a bug in the update?
Show more
3 years ago, DSW3954
Can’t see news
Can’t see any news that's comes over my phone so guess I will tune in to other stations think advertising us the issue it blocks my notifications so see ya
Show more
9 years ago, 2four2
Crap, doesn't work
Very disappointed. I used to use this app often then it stopped working so I upgraded the app and now it doesn't work at all. The app has been deleted. I'll use the other news stations with apps that work.
Show more
12 years ago, FrenchieFriend
No videos
None of the videos work. Either fix the videos so that they work, or at least give us some text so that we do not have to make up our own stories about what's behind the picture and it's "teaser".
Show more
11 years ago, Sweetlove_0079
Great App!
I'm glad I found this app! Up to date news at the touch of a finger. Good job Wsyx Columbus Ohio.
Show more
2 months ago, confused in Columbus
App not working
Ever since your update a week ago the app is not working on iOS 17.5. Tried everything and nothing works.
Show more
10 years ago, TheAJR95
Great App
Good way to get local news and weather!
Show more
8 years ago, Andros1989
Wish this app would include a landscape view also and not just a portrait view.
Show more
2 months ago, P*ss'd
Stopped working
Enjoyed the app, until it stopped working a few days ago. Now when I pull it up, I just get a white space with the logo and sponsor’s name.
Show more
12 years ago, Not A Painus
Not helpful
My mother and I wanted to watch the Macy day parade but their website wouldn't live stream on our phones so I got the app and I could not find anything to do with thanksgiving or the parade. It's a matter of bad content
Show more
13 years ago, SYX Fan
App will not refresh when opened. Must reboot iPhone to get latest news.
Show more
11 years ago, Unicorn 72
Don't waste your time
Downloaded App. It worked first few times, now it won't open. It just keeps trying to load. Deleted it. Will not try again.
Show more
2 months ago, jevk6585
The app is not accessing
Problem with your app. all I get is your logo , one Link to an ad, and the rest a totally blank page
Show more
12 years ago, Dawsn3
Nice App
Would give you 5 stars if videos would load faster. GREAT APP!!
Show more
4 years ago, Highland Cnty viewer
WSYX channel 6 update
When chosen story comes up I am only seeing it’s headline and picture. Story comes up as a blank black box.
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