WT Assistant

2.9 (295)
112.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gaijin Distribution
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WT Assistant

2.89 out of 5
295 Ratings
6 years ago, RED-N9NE
More Development Needed
This app, through what I've seen and done with it so far, has real potential to be a powerful asset on the War Thunder playing field. However, the app truly isn't finished. It has errors that are easy to fix but really take away from what is good about it. For instance, I specifically mostly fly and prefer not to mess with anything related to the tank portion, as it doesn't interest me, but when I look on the assistant app it has my data switched between the two showing I have 3% activity on Aviation and 97% on Army. Simple things like that make it harder to find the light for this app.
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6 years ago, *D. B.*
Great App Overall
It is great overall, except for a minor problem. There is no way, or at least I don’t see it, to login with Steam. I am kind of stuck since I have no way to bind my email to it since I made a backup account with it. I am trying to delete the backup, but I can’t find a way. That’s besides the point, though. I can try to login by spamming it, which sends me to a screen that gives me the option to login with Steam. However, when I click on it, nothing happens. Hopefully this issue can be resolved in the future, but either way the app is amazing. Great work, Gaijin!
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7 years ago, Ethan Zingariello
Some issues
I love the game, I play it a lot. The assistant doesn't seem to work though. For starters, I play the Ru-251 a lot. It's my favorite tank, and I have a win/loss rate of 40%-50%, and I've played a lot of battles. However when I go on the assistant it says I have a 0% win ratio and like 10 kills. Also nothing shows up when I set the filters to realistic battles, and that's all I play. Also some pages pop in Russian.
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6 years ago, Fido313
it’s not working
We’ll chat and info works but rest like map or my statistics not . Not even one info about what planes I have or tanks nothing it shows I just started game have lvl0 and no exp in game even after reset app still do nothing except chat but even that I can’t do because I have to play minimum 3 times to leave comment lol I play this game since 2014 so seriously guys work something better that will work not just make more money for thunder . Yeah I get it it’s nice idea we can read news about game patches and other stuff and compare planes but it’s useless for me if I can’t do nothing with it so just 1 star fix problem I will think to give more stars
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7 months ago, P4008
rating this app is very funny!
hear me out, to be fare and all! this app provides a huge assistance when you want to look up on the ingame stuff and it does behave as an excellent assistance app! you have notifications and all, you can fix on your profile and have a look at some comparisons between multiple vehicles! however, sometimes it won't read your profile correctly if you haven’t logged in for a while, but it’s simple! just log out and back in, and another thing that kinda bothers me is that you can’t pick or take your login rewards. but other than that it’s a 88+
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5 years ago, BlackDragon5386
Gets worse each time it’s updated
This app is almost useless after last update. Personal scores are totally inaccurate; my scores are the same for Arcade, Realistic and Simulator-and I only play Simulator. After the update my score went down by almost 1000 points! And it still only shows data in metric only. Having an option to use Imperial data would be a plus. The inflight map is also almost useless. It does not provide the same information as the in-game map. Fix it, please. This app could be a big plus to the game if it worked properly.
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5 months ago, $G$Z$
Very good just add one little thing
Hello gajin this app is amazingly good and useful for me to use to help me to grind tanks, aircraft’s, and boats, and what to expect from the tanks, airplanes, and boats of how powerful there are and there horsepower. How ever if you could penetration simulation to the app it would be a real nail gamer, also you could charge 5 dollars for the new features for people who use this app.
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6 years ago, Dhddjdh
I have a big question
So I was looking around in it and I wanted to sign in but I play war thunder through steam and it didn’t look like there was a way to sign in that way. I’m not sure if there was something I missed or if it is even possible. If not then can you make it so you can sink your war thunder account with your steam or just let you sign in with steam.
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6 years ago, Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm 26
Really rough, but serves most of its intended purposes
Everything basic that you need, like instrument display, vehicle details, and even the poker game work very well. However, once you want to expand the uses of the app for when you are away from the game, like friends, chatting, among others, it get really rough and really Russian. Has its uses, and is alright.
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6 years ago, Michail михаил michal
Good but I need steam log in
Love this game app also but this thing doesn’t except steam that’s my issue I can’t get the account email since I can’t get it since I’m web it says send email then nothing else so never bind steam and i really want to use this app ASAP please do it for 20% percent of players who need steam to log in but don’t
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8 months ago, Tgr_II_10.5
10/10 app
This app is super convenient. You have all your stats and vehicles and much more all in one easy to access place even if you are away from your pc
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5 years ago, Vitogloburn
Need to upgrade security
Never have had a problem with people hacking my account. Downloaded this and in a couple hours I had an unsuccessful log in from Hungary. Since then I’ve added two factor log in and have seen upwards of 15 attempts from all over the world. The app would probably not really be worth it anyway, but with the near-instantaneous hack attempt of your account it’s definitely not worth having anywhere near your account.
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5 months ago, Trillix9726
Like others have said, this app has great potential. But I have been having an error where even though I’ve signed in with my account it is not showing the stats or connecting. I don’t know if I have to wait a day or so.
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3 years ago, maxpime
I cant buy vehicles!
I download this app to buy planes on my iPhone with Apple gift cards but when I open the store its says that can't load and it's not my wifi!
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11 months ago, Thedeaddogman
Please add daily rewards in app for wt.
The app itself is ok, but only if the developers made it that you could collect daily rewards it would make this 5 stars. When I go on vacations I can’t log in everyday and this’d loose my log in streak.
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4 years ago, angryy pilot
My last account got hacked, and the password was changed on me, I lost everything. So I create a new account now every time I’m trying to log into the game I have to login two or three times before it’ll finally accept my password now I install this app and I’m having a similar issue here telling me my information is wrong. WHY??? I was just in game. Max security settings for a player but obviously not for a hacker, go figure.
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4 years ago, SpartonLock5389
Love the game and the app just one thing
I really love the game and I’ve really learned a lot from it. I love playing with friends and the guide is helpful it’s just it’s outdated now. I would love to have it in date.
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9 months ago, CAPTIANREX_
Oh one more thing
One thing that doesn’t work is the tactical map thing but I never really wanted to use it any way but just a heads up
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4 years ago, By popularmmos
Fine but doesn’t work
The app is fine in all respects but on the tactical map even when a create a new rule on my pc it still doesn’t connect and after I type in my IP manually I still get an error massage so if Gaijin could fix that the app would be a little bit more bearable.
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6 years ago, Justintime2003
Micro transactions
Please add the ability to buy eagles with App Store money, I do not know the business aspect of it but it would be nice Gajin. I do not receive much steam or not do I own a paypal so this option would be very convenient!! Thank you for reading but cool app idea some bugs but neat!
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8 months ago, Ram Dram
Useful if you’re lazy
The only time I used it was in an arcade match with the highest BR vehicle having a BR of 3.7. I only used it to see the map without pressing the hot key for it. Okay if you have a computer with 2 monitors but don’t know about consoles or single-monitor computers. 3/5.
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3 years ago, JazzHandsFan
Freezes up my whole phone
After a short while it causes my whole phone to freeze up (2nd gen SE). I have to either force a restart, or wait a few minutes for the phone to reset itself. Otherwise, the stats are nice, but I don’t really see it replacing Thunderskill for me.
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8 months ago, The WT guy
I really like the app, there are just some bugs and things that tend not to work with the app and the gaijin site. For instance, I redeemed 2 codes and it said on the app I got the decal for them, yet in the game they have yet to show up. Other than that great app.
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4 years ago, BigSmonk
Good, but unpolished
I am primarily a simulator battle player. When I choose to see my statistics in simulation, nothing shows up. The other categories are fine and work, but if there’s a choice for simulator battle, then personally I feel it should be functional as well.
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2 years ago, Speciouswalk535
I think I am the only person to use this app in like 4 years
Good app and I can still look at base stats offline
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3 years ago, Killer00567891
Signing in
For people that play on console and don’t have your acc linked with anything else it is impossible to use this app they need to add the psn and Xbox services to the menu on the sign in. Other than that this is a really helpful app.
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6 years ago, boobeys
Have trouble opening after latest update
When you had the last version of this app I was able to open it fine. Now after your latest update I can no longer open it.
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6 years ago, SDrag0n
Let’s change this
Love the game itself but hate the pay to win let them play each other so the rest of us have a chance been playing over two yrs and ppl just starting are killing me
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5 years ago, bearfan5803
Not working
Been trying to use this app to see how it works and every time I try to login, it states that there is a login error. The app looks interesting to use, and when I try to login it takes forever to to update the app. It’s a bit disappointing that this app will not work even on the IOS.
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6 years ago, Stahl31
Wish it worked...
I’ve been playing war thunder since 2015 and have had this app on my phone since the min it has been available. Has never worked past the wiki feature. Every time I try to sign in with my WT login all it says is “ERROR”. Can log into gaijin just fine....but wish I could look at stats and my aircraft on the go. Please do better gaijin.
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4 years ago, Nmai02
Needs more login options
This is a great app but it needs more log in option. I play on Xbox and all the app can do is tell me the specific planes and tanks there are, so I wish they could add a login option for Xbox
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5 years ago, gamerwholovesFPS
Note this is also for the game since I got it on the official site
Good thing wish people were more active also why the heck is it so hard to install a custom skins 4 stars still a good game and app
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2 months ago, Khtermx77
Fails to connect
For years this app continues to have problems with the login authentication flow. Regardless if you have a strong cell signal or being connected to WiFi. It always reports a slow connection, and times out. So frustrating with the lack of support and proper QA for a simple user edge case.
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4 years ago, ==CODBO2==
Plz help
I’ve used this app before for a different account the old account pops right back up but the new account that I’m currently using will not load it’s stuck “updating” my profile and won’t do anything else. Good app when it worked, don’t know why it stopped any help or info on possible fixes would be greatly appreciated
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8 months ago, Hexgamer874
Not up to date
So it works like its intended for, but everything about the player’s profile is not up to date. For me it stopped updating when i was lvl 26, now im lvl 38 but it does not show that. Same with your items, its not up to date
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3 years ago, kylethebeast124
Potential App but One Problem
So this is a mediocre app, but it’s still not finished, what you all need to do is to finish it. I’m a PS4 player of War Thunder. And yet I can’t use this app because I can’t log in to my PS4 account on this app. Please finish the app.
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6 years ago, sbluetruck
Good App, No Console Support
App works well for PC users but there’s no console support. Console support would be greatly appreciated especially to support in-game chat. Hate always having to resort to quick comms when in battle.
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6 years ago, Mocha15
Fairly decent
Some of the features such as battlemap don’t seem to work properly and the setting on the app don’t function properly either at times.
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3 years ago, is everything gaken
Missing major functions or very hard to find
Is the officers table and the chat options even still available I’ve been looking for about an hour and I’ve got no idea. Personally that was the only reason I got the app.
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8 months ago, jejdndjdndndjd
Outdated information
I downloaded this app just to check it out. A large portion of the information provided is wrong. The whole purpose of the app is to help you find info and it can’t even do that.
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6 years ago, all-4-1
Your app... It be broken.
Overall the app is very useful, but as of this most recent update, it crashes every time I try to open it.
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3 years ago, r3tr0@ct1v3
Can’t log in
Currently I can’t even log in as the log in screen doesn’t give the option to log in through Xbox Live.
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1 year ago, War thunder fan duh
There is nothing wrong
I personally think it’s fine Honest review here
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7 months ago, Coach Tim joe bob
Won’t updated
My app hasn't been accurately updating my stats or anyting in months. Not sure why even after reinstalling it??? Love the app prior to this.
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3 years ago, bobblesmop
Problems from the start
As soon as I logged in, it bricked my phone and I could not exit the app or lock my screen. It stayed like that for like 5 minutes before it would work again. Not a finished app.
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4 years ago, FearTheStash
Guys listen
Yes they made a big time war game, but think about it, not many people like war thunders type of gameplay, so all we can do is support it to the max. Thanks if you read.
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6 years ago, Siessemaster
Half of the stuff in the app is written in Russian. Please fix. Make it so it can only be one or the other. Also the map does not show.
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5 years ago, bradley635
Big problem
I really enjoy the game and have put a lot of time into it. Just one thing tho, there is no way for me to link my Xbox one to the app. Hope you can fix it I love your game
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6 years ago, Yo Mama's Drama Lama
Half works
It’s a cool idea but when I change it to ground forces nothing shows up. The play time also seems very off. Once I downloaded this I’ve had my account hacked 2 times in the past 6 months from Russian users so they either sold my info or it’s just not a secure app.
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5 years ago, emvxl
Must be Wifi
I thought this app will allow the phone to connect to your computer if it’s in the same network, but no, it has to be on the same Wifi. My computer is hardwired (ethernet) and the phone cannot find my computer.
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