WTAE Pittsburgh's Action News4

4.4 (5K)
115.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WTAE Pittsburgh's Action News4

4.43 out of 5
5K Ratings
5 years ago, Poohbear6157
Great for Out-of-Towners
I live in Virginia now, but lived in Pittsburgh for most of my life. I like keeping up with weather events, current events, school issues and especially sports. When I feel homesick I can actually watch a newscast. I also like knowing the inside news on the sports teams to report to others before ESPN gets it! My only complaint is that I will get an alert and if it takes a bit before I actually can read it, the app doesn’t take me to the story. If I search it sometimes I can find it. But if I use “elderly” when the alert was senior citizen or 72 year old etc. I will never find it. You need to fix that to get all 5 stars as I see that as a big issue because I still have most of my family in the area.
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6 years ago, Tealady55
Needs some work
This app is my favorite and the easiest for checking both the weather radar and my local forecast. But there are a several problems IMO. I don’t like that it won’t rotate when reading but especially when trying to watch a video. It drives me crazy when, after reading a couple of news stories it takes me back to the beginning instead of returning me to where I was, leaving me to have to continually scroll back down to continue with the next story. Because of this I generally read my news from another local news app then come to this one for the radar and to see if there is news not covered on the other app. Some stories stay on this app for weeks, maybe longer, and I’ve even seen one that was posted for weeks and FINALLY taken off reappear a few months later! NEWSFLASH! Those stories are no longer news! That also makes me crazy. At times the live news doesn’t work and I can’t go back and watch a broadcast I missed in between live news times. So I don’t usually bother trying.
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4 years ago, meak-h
Thank You!
Grew-up in the ‘60’s & ‘70’s, in the South Hills. Early-on, it was black & white tv, w/only 6 channels: 2, 4, 11, 13, 7 ( from Wheeling), & 9 ( from Steubenville). Channel 4 was “ghostly”, so I didn’t see much. As I grew, things changed, & we got a color tv, & there’s channel 4! Always enjoyed the “Afterschool Special “, & of course, “General Hospital “!!! I got married, stayed somewhat local for about 6 years, then moved out-of state for 4 years. While away, I always sought the ABC affiliate. Since coming back, I’m still somewhat local, & I continue to watch channel 4; some series (ie; “Grey’s Anatomy”), & especially, the news. Having the app on my iPad, & iPhone, I can keep-up w/EVERYTHING...news, sports, & especially weather, if I’m not near the tv. Just means sooo much to be alerted when severe weather is upon us, & have the radar, right @ my fingertips. Thank You!
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6 years ago, Dwreck0320
I want NEWS not ADS!!!
This app was my go to app for local news. It works most of the time and is usually up to date, but with one of their recent updates, they lost at least one user, if not more. I know ads support your revenue stream, and your trying to get as many people to view them as possible, but come on, do you really need your embedded ads to launch mid-story, without interaction? I love reading the news on my packed bus into work, and while I’m reading a tragic story about what’s happening in the world today, I don’t need a random ad, that I didn’t interact with trying to sell lipstick to everyone else on the bus. I’m fine with the accidental AD video launching when I click on it, but don’t force ADs on me that I don’t want to know more about, when I’m trying to see if it’s going to rain on me at the bus stop. I hope they fix the app, and make it so I can get News again, but in its present form, with the bombardment of ADs, this is definitely a free app that’s a waste of space on your phone.
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4 years ago, too loud in the am
Commercial volume and repetition
I turn my phone on to watch the news every morning as I get ready for work. Only one complaint..... commercials that come on at the beginning are blaring loud so immed I turn to mute to not wake husband .... and seems like I see the SAME commercial repeated soooooo much ... to the point it is frustrating! I understand your need for commercials ... but can you change them up more and make it so they come on in normal volume so I can hear without muting ! Thanks
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6 years ago, Cherubcrnp
Although the graphics are terrific, the rest is annoying. Having to watch an entire video of the weather to see the forecast is annoying especially if you are somewhere where the audio can’t or shouldn’t be played. The breaking news alerts are inaccurate. When clicking on a breaking news alert isn’t not on the site. If it’s that important, it should be there. The news stories are old and often there for days. Playing a video of a news story is also annoying especially when in areas where playing video reports is inappropriate.
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7 years ago, Great graffics
I didn't like the old format and had hopes that the new one would be better. It is not. For one thing, I can't flip it on the iPad and I don't like that inconvenience. The stories are repetitive and often a day or two old. I don't understand why things that are 3 or more days old still are at the top of the list. I don't find it easy to use and find things I want to read. Not a fan of the update notifications, but I can turn that off. Disappointing since WTAE is my go to place for local news. Old news stays on there for weeks, sometimes months. Like the story of James Conner being drafted by the Steeler. That “news” was on there even after the regular season started. Sad, for me, that I don’t use this app much anymore.
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6 years ago, Metpj
Dislike the new format particularly the weather app
I rely heavily on your interactive radar being up to date. With the old app when golfing, fishing or watching approaching storms I could count on your interactive being with a few minutes of what was happening. Now I have noticed the it lags by as much as 15 to 30 minuets. Many Times the storm has passed before it show up in my area on your map. It also take a considerable amount of time to upload and just sits and spins where before it was much faster. I don’t feel that I can rely on it any more and have to to other sources. Also when you look at you extended forecast and your live forecast the temperatures do not match up and you can’t rely on the.
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3 years ago, SherBrown
Needs work
I watch the morning news every morning while getting ready for work. Almost every morning when there is a break the news doesn’t come back on, it just sit idle with the logo and never returns to the news. The only way to get the news back is go out vine back in and start over. That’s usually when I go to a different station. Let’s make it more professional and less like story time. So many times things are partially repeated every time it switches to a new subject. So aggravating. Very hard to understand with today’s technology that wtae doesn’t find a solution. I have noticed CBS and ABC does not have that issue.
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5 years ago, Sisfairplayr
Channel 4 News and Weather on tv and app is the Best !
Love watching Channel 4 News and Weather on tv but not always able to . That’s when the app comes in real handy ! It’s so easy to use and very informative. I love getting first hand important news through my notifications . I haven’t found any issues with the format or going to the story I am interested in. Thanks for the up to date world & local news at my fingertips.
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1 year ago, BJHerrington
Best news station
I grew up with the channel 4 news it was the only news station my parents would watch. They have the most accurate news and weather reports that I have found. When Joe said it would you knew what to expect with the weather and the new weather team is just as good as Joe was. I love everything about channel 4 news. Keep up the good work. 👍
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6 years ago, Pghbulldog
Pretty good for the most part
But there have been several times that I click on an alert that pops up on my phone and I’m super interested to read the story, but it takes me to the home page and I can’t find the story that I’m interested in reading. Really frustrating. Or I get a notification, click on the app - nothing. Just the homepage with the same breaking news I already read hours ago.
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3 years ago, Evan_Novakova
Updated review
Ever since the most recent update, the articles are too zoomed in, cutting off whole parts of sentences, and I can't zoom it out. I literally have to search the article title in Safari if I want to actually read the blessed thing... or just go to WPXI, who actually have an app that functions. They fixed the issue. The reporting is usually pretty fair, and I like knowing what’s going on in my area. Kudos.
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5 years ago, Billie and Morf
Channel 4 action news
We love watching channel 4 news and weather. I now live in central PA and we like 4 news and weather best! We wish you would still give weather for our area, but it’s still better coverage than we get lovally. When we are traveling we get coverage from our app. It’s great! Love the live updates provided by the app too! Thank you for providing the coverage for us!
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6 years ago, Jaden6270
Deleted This App
I love getting news alerts on my lock screen, but unfortunately with this app, if you don’t open the app to read the news story, they quit sending the alerts. It would not be so bad if there was actually a story to read when you take the time to put in a password and open the app, but the “story” is essentially the same as the alert with no additional information. What’s the point? Rather than continue to be aggravated by not receiving alerts, I just deleted the app. If this changes, I will get it again. In the meantime, I continue to get alerts from the WPXI app with no penalty.
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4 years ago, ashperez2001
Good news, bad app
I hate that you try to scroll and it scrolls on super drive on it’s own. I wish the news stories were updated more often. There’s been times I go check other news apps while I’m waiting for WTAE to update their stories. I also hate that if you close out of the app even for a second, when you open the app back up, it refreshes the whole app back to the beginning and you have to scroll back through to find where you left off.
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6 years ago, pgh woman
Channel 4 app
I enjoy this app to keep me up to date on local news. The one thing I don’t like is the sound from video comes blaring out as soon as you go to the article. Would be better if it was muted and then you touch it to unmute. Sometimes I prefer to just read the story without the video.
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4 years ago, RodneyP@hp
Rossen Report
I have been a viewer of WTAE for 50 years. I listen to the Rossen Report tonight explaining the difference between mail in ballots an absentee ballots. You should be ashamed ofYourself for allowing Rossen to go on and report that the absentee ballot and mail in ballot is the same and that there is no difference. This is a total misrepresentation to all of your viewers. This Rossen report is one of the worst segments I’ve ever seen your station have
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4 years ago, betteratthelake
Same Old Stories
No longer living in the greater Pittsburgh area, I still like to keep up with what’s going on there. I see the same old tired stories for days, sometimes weeks on end. I also don’t like suffering thru an ad every time I open a story and notice that often the video attached to the story is either old news or has nothing to do with the story itself. Also, your idea of breaking news is clearly different than mine. My husband has already deleted this app from his phone.
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5 years ago, hdpittsburgh
Not always convenient
This is my preferred station to watch/follow for news. However it drives me crazy when I get a new notification (which I can’t read fast enough or only has partial info) but when I go to the app the story is nowhere to be found. If it’s important enough to send a notification shouldn’t it be one of the “featured stories”? I don’t want to have to go digging around to figure out where the story is on the site.
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6 years ago, WeatherChk
I probably use the weather portion of this app more than any other part of it. The hourly forecast is great except for hours that have more than one line of text at the top. On those, the chance of precipitation is cut off so that it cannot be read. Not very helpful. When reading a longer news story, I have been scrolling down and all of the sudden I’m back to the top. Usually I just give up at that point.
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6 years ago, newsie 45
Timing of alerts
It would be nice if I could get the information about breaking news when I get the alert instead of waiting 10 minutes to find out what it might be. Put the information on the site as soon as you send out the alerts, or possibly before.
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6 years ago, bigg444
Too many ads!!
If there was a version that could be purchased it would be so much better. There are way too many ads. I would be willing to pay for it because it has good content and is up to date with the news and weather. I understand the need for the ads, but every time I try to watch the clip for a story and I have to watch a 30 second ad is a little excessive.
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4 years ago, Seconds to spare
This news app is almost always the first to provide alerts for national and international news — but their stories are CONSTANTLY plagued by the end of paragraphs simply being cut off mid-sentence! It’s as if they were tweeting the news story and ran out of characters! I quit even opening the app to read stories anymore, but use the alerts to look then up in more user-friendly apps. Too bad, because aside from that (and WAYYYY TOO MANY INVASIVE ADS), I’d rely on them for my news.
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6 years ago, Jen15201
Breaking news
I like this site for local news, but don’t think everything is breaking news...such as high school football beginning and ending and voting for game of the week. Fans of HS football know when those events are happening. Also, when I get a news alert for important breaking news and I click on it for more information, the story isn’t even on the app yet.
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6 years ago, Turnpike Dave
Poor updates
The news stories are old. Updates need to be made more often. For instance, a fire at the Bruce Mansfield plant was reported as under control by the on site workers at 8am but, in reality there was over 15 fire departments with major fire and partial collapse!!!! At 11:30 they were still fighting active fire !
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4 years ago, PA for Trump
Coverage unfair
I like your reporters, especially the morning ladies. I realize they report whatever they are told to say. I wish we could find at least one local station that is not Liberal biased. There is never any positive news for the conservatives and no mention of Trump’s achievements. He has been nominated for three Nobel Peace prizes and never even a five second mention of that or any of his other accomplishments.
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4 years ago, grmadid
Is ok
I grew up on WTAE news and I am used to the newscasters. Recently they tell half truths unless it benefits an agenda. I have to wait and wait for the news to come back on after the commercials and sometimes it skips video, sometimes it repeats a short audio/video, nothing like real tv but it’s my local news. I wish all reporters/announcers did real journalism and report the truth but sadly it isn’t true these days
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3 years ago, tuffy605
Best news updates on WTAE
We have watched channel 4 news since the 70’s they have all the up to date every day news and weather I have compared the weather forecast with other and channel 4 gives the best weather forecast coming our way
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4 years ago, North of Pittsburgh
Bug needs fixed, missing portions of articles
The app in general is good, however ads in the middle of every article obscure chunks of text and important segments of every article are missing and cannot be seen, even if the ad can be closed (mostly can’t.) I did email WTAE concerning this but no response and no fix...would rate higher if I could actually read all of the articles.
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6 years ago, grammie 47
I really like getting the news on my phone, especially when away from home. I hate it however, when you send an alert and there is no further info anywhere on the site. Also the weather is often a day old. Updated weather is really important especially when weather is inclement. Worst of all are the ads. 30 second ads were bad enough. Now They're often 60 seconds. Annoying! Would rather pay for the app.
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4 years ago, truth reporte
App works pretty good but most news is not
The news and the stories they choose to cover or not cover is the real issue here. They chose to talk about things Trump said about Kampala Harris but not what Kampala Has said about Joe Biden as early as the primaries. Seems that would be way more relevant and newsworthy but doesn’t support the Trump is bad narrative so we won’t see any news or hardball questions about it to Kamala. Lol! This is not news but brain washing propaganda. Very good brain washing propaganda but still fake and biased and pointed and misleading purposefully.
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4 years ago, ellie and jo
I like to watch the radar when there is bad weather in our area. We live close to Franklin and like to see what weather it has. Mike Harvey, your main weatherman, does a good job of keeping us informed. We cannot get our weather from Erie on our cable.
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10 months ago, J Falbo
WTAE-TV Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 channel 4 ABC.
I love this great source of news from Pittsburgh. They always have great news/breaking news and much more. Even the weather forecast is more accurate, it’s better than KDKA CBS News Pittsburgh, and WPXI Channel 11 News.
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4 years ago, Sharryn56
Needs tweaking
It’s easier to use compared to the other Pittsburgh news sites. Bad points are that it doesn’t show as much Fayette County news as the other stations and it’s not always as current as Channel 11’s site. One irritant is that it so often wants to know my location before showing me a story. I’m not hiding anything but it doesn’t need to know that either
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5 years ago, DAPperDAP
Good and Bad
The top of the main page has good with up to date information and news. As you get closer to the bottom, the same information appears day after day after day. Sometimes it is two weeks or longer. It is great for keeping up with new when traveling, but only 1/3 of the main page is useful
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4 years ago, 8996jak
Pittsburgh channel
You have become the Pittsburgh channel, solid on local news, heavy on local events. We love following you. KDKA used to be Pittsburgh, but the many changes they have made have made our household switch to WTAE. You have a solid rating here.
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5 years ago, m from the burgh
Too busy
The site is too busy. I don’t like that at the end of an item, if you continue to scroll, there are other items not at all connected to what you just read. There don’t seem to be too many local stories, either. I wish it were easier to navigate and less busy. The ads are very distracting.
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4 years ago, Angelinas gramma
Best station in town!!!
I have been a follower of Channel 4 (WTAE) my entire life, and I couldn’t imagine trusting ANY other news. Thru out the years you have stayed steadfast in always getting the facts CORRECT and what more can you ask for from a news broadcast! Thank you
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4 years ago, sad in pittsburgh
Updates to slow
To much old news from days past and little current new. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, spoklembo
Stories not updated, too many ads
Especially over a weekend the stories never change. Breaking news does not seem to appear on the app. Most “breaking news” is absurd and not truly anything that merits an alert. Plus I never watch the videos because I can’t stand the ads I have endure to get to them.
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4 years ago, mecmary
Channel 4 News and weather app
I like the app very much. I carry it on my iPad and iPhone. Getting the notifications and weather so easily is great. I also enjoy Channel 4 News on TV. Great Anchors who deliver important news in a concise and professional manner.
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5 years ago, N Hills Elf
Miss the WTAE Weather App
While both my wife and I have the WTAE app, we miss the weather app. Your weather app was the best weather app in town. It remembered options, allowed us to see future raider. It was very thorough. Now we have the WPXI weather app which doesn’t remember preferences like yours did and does not have future radar PLEASE BRING WEATHER APP BACK. Noticed we are not the only ones missing it.
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4 years ago, Pittsburgh area home roots
I always loved WTAE when I lived in PA, watching the newscasters & hearing their stories. It made me feel a part of their family. I continued with CBS in my current location & enjoy the same feeling, particularly with the “Good Morning” early morning news.
Show more
2 years ago, Johnni1234
Not bad, but the sensationalism in news broadcasting is so out of control, I don’t actually watch the newscasts, I just look at alerts and read what interests me. Just give us facts, don’t sensationalize. 😞view
Show more
1 year ago, luvsgeorge
Update ruined app
The app worked fine until the update 3 weeks ago. Rather than fix bugs, now my app won’t scroll past a certain point, nor does it fully support portrait mode anymore. Just half the page shows up, with dark space around it. Horrible app now. Disgusted because this is the way I get my news.
Show more
1 year ago, Pensfan8787
Not able to read articles
I am no longer able to view articles on my ipad. I can see the first sentence of each section but then it runs off the right side of the page and there is no slide to see the right side of the page
Show more
3 years ago, Reneeb518
Need simple fixes
You should be able to minimize the screen and make it full-size without having to restart the app. The app should allow you to watch the previous broadcast if there isn’t a current live broadcast. Live videos should have sound I shouldn’t have to sit here and wonder if something is broken.
Show more
3 years ago, Catd91521
I like wtae news
I’m not real happy with app. So many pop ups takes me awhile to see the story. Have been trying to update app to see if that will fix it but won’t update
Show more
2 years ago, Rmlb36
Can’t Turn Off News Audio
I used to read all the news via your app but now you can’t check out the news without a news clip playing. So much for attempting to silently check the news. I’m going to check out other Pittsburgh news sources and see if they assault you with audio. I tried to search your app to see if I can adjust it to not play news clips to no avail.
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