4.7 (3.3K)
87.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WTEN News10 ABC

4.67 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
5 years ago, grammt06
Jeopardy was not on last night due to the NFL draw. As I record every show I saw that it was supposed to air at 2:07am today but it wasn’t, it was some other show. I was so looking forward to the show since it is so much in the news because of the amazing guy on the show. Was it ever aired at another time/channel?
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6 years ago, Winchiker
Please address your closed captioning. Channel 10 news is the only news station that has closed captioning set up to come on the screen before the news reporters speak it. This may not be a problem for the deaf but it is for the hard of hearing. We occasionally look at the CC when we miss a word or two, however the conversation on CC is way past what the news people are saying. Love channel 10 news. Please solve this problem.
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5 years ago, Lovingnurseaide
Getting aggravated
I’ve had this app for quite some time. My aggravation is growing because it’s poorly kept on the weekends when I need it most. I check the morning weather on Saturday, and it hasn’t been updated since 9:45pm Friday night. I check again Saturday afternoon and it still shows the 5:45am weather. Please address this issue as it’s been going on for a few years. It’s very inadequate for those of us who rely on the weekend weather updates that aren’t updated regularly like they are during the week.
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6 years ago, 10 news fan
Good days and bad days
There are good days and bad days with this app. Sometimes it closes or freezes while reading a good article. Local is pretty much up to date but other sections are not which is disappointing. Wish the weather component remained the same in the radar section. The update version is a bit confusing and doesn’t really show how the storms are tracking like the old one. I love Channel 10 and when I miss it, I rely on app but not so much now.
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4 years ago, Seanbailey
Terrible app
This app has been more trouble than anything. It very rarely works. Live news doesn't even work. I will not be using this app and I will be letting every body else know not to use it either.
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5 years ago, mitibird
Don’t like recent changes
I really don’t like the changes made over the summer in the way to read the news on my iPhone. I try to scroll but it keeps opening articles that I don’t want to read.
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4 years ago, Agandmamatay11
Best place to get everything you need to now
I love this app I can open and see what is in the news I want and I love the notifications so I get the most of the important news I need to know for myself and my family
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7 years ago, Bmania31
Update App
Please change it back the old way. It’s not user friendly and when the Doppler radar is on when bad storms are coming the map turns yellow. I am not happy sorry news10 but this update stinks.
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5 years ago, uam4ever2
Not easy to maneuver
I seldom use dovto not seeing what I see on tv. Can’t seem to get into parts of the app. Shame cause I used to watch 10 all the time. Love the morning team. And capt.
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5 years ago, Crystanthony
Enjoying watching the news on my app
I like the app. I get to watch my News and I can bring it with me wherever I go. It’s very convenient.
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6 years ago, bertkhook
Always give accurate and current events. Your news staff are top notch and a pleasure to watch.
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6 years ago, Manateenvm
Rating WTEN News Channel:
I love being in touch with what is going on in Upstate, New York. You’re doing a wonderful job. Keep up the fine work!! Thank You!!!
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6 years ago, Jgranjan
Current, Up to Date, and With It
Channel 10 news does a terrific job!
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4 years ago, ValerieTo
Best ever
Love this app! It gives me up to date info on everything that is going on in my area!
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5 years ago, Joanie548
The BEST news station
By far the best news station around. The only News channel I watch!! Thx
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1 year ago, grabage app
No more live news
They care so much about getting stories out and keeping people informed they no longer stream live news. Probably so they have time to filter out anything the woke crowd won’t like. Off to wynt news channel 13
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3 years ago, zaphia9714
Needs improvement
It is glitchy and crashes
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4 years ago, DebTans
Best local News
Ch 10 is the best Local news. Good reports and a A plus weather team.
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2 years ago, Field Office
Broken App
Weather defaults to Albany even when another location is set in settings.
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6 years ago, mopsyjesse
Channel 20 Albany
They are the best most complete news and weather station.
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3 years ago, Former 6
The latest at my fingertips....
The best news outlet in the Capital region!
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4 years ago, Ref's
Very Disappointed
Very Disappointed that the station is not covering the President Press Conference. This is American and he is our president. You cover OJ ‘s care case or Princess Diane’s weeding. But the President during the crisis. You may not agree with the president, but his team is very informative that this information is being broadcast by ABC, CBC or NBC.
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6 years ago, ihavechangednickname10times
It’s ok
It doesn’t seem to update on stories. And I know you have an editor that must proof read the stories because there are a lot of mistakes which means someone isn’t doing there job
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4 years ago, stevie frazier
5 stars
Great news application
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5 years ago, wgs777
Full screen ads make app too annoying to use.
Was a good app, but it’s full screen ads make the app too annoying to use. I am Uninstalling this app, and will look for a replacement.
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10 years ago, minteyez
Love it!
Very informative. I use it all the time as well as following them on Facebook! A great app and one I use more than once daily and always first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Thank you!!
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4 years ago, peacenlove1
Too many Video Ads
These video ads play automatically....ugh!! Let me decide if I want to watch a loud, annoying advertisement for something that is completely irrelevant to me.
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6 years ago, Briankeller66
Your live dose not work
Just do not come in clearly
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5 years ago, DianeR12521
Interruption of Service
Whats up with this past week or so? No channel 10. Get it fixed!!!
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4 years ago, lecll
I cannot get any sound when I’m on the app
I can’t get any sound
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9 years ago, NYJMM
Good App
Everbody seems to be going with the picture square click on displays. It's ok I prefer the list option better but this is a good comprehensive local app that runs pretty cleanly. It needs some fine tuning. Loading video and live feeds take forever. Layout of weather and other features need more organization.
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9 years ago, JAS066
What gives I agree with other review. Numbers of stories keep getting higher. How did that happen. I'm deleting this app till there is improvement. It's very irritating.
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10 years ago, TimPa2
Great News App
Weather team provides excellent morning weather notices to start your day Community News is always up to date Keep up the great work!
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10 years ago, badbozo
Love this app
Gives updates to breaking news and current weather conditions
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10 years ago, Dj lil john
Can't live with out it
Love this app it has been a great to for me and my family to keep up to date on day to day activities
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9 years ago, JoaephY
ABC News 10
The best app for local news weather and sports and a lot of other information to.
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7 years ago, Atrain98
Videos automatically play
I can't even tolerate this app. Videos automatically play without tapping on them. Two to three can play at a time, and you don't see them and only hear them. It's annoying when all you want to do is see daily forecast, then you hear three different videos playing. It's unusable.
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9 years ago, Wopmic
Story count
Before, if there was a count for a new story, on the app, then you viewed the story, the count would go away. Now, after looking at the story, the number keeps accumulating.
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10 years ago, Blu's owner
Channel 10 news app
Great news. Only one I read. Never get home in time to watch it on TV but app covers everything.
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11 years ago, Curlygolda
Best news ever!!!
This is my favorite news station!!! The app is pretty good but it needs a search bar. Btw thank you Steve Cappirizo for your support of animals.
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10 years ago, Bubbarett1364
News 10 app
Love it!! I can get the news when I'm not near a tv! Even on weekends when there is no news!
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12 years ago, Angelamerie
Great app!
I love it so far. Very quick and everything is easily accessible.
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10 years ago, Garrymac
News On The Go
Great app I can keep up with local developments while I'm on the go.
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10 years ago, AlltheNicknamesCantBeTaken
where did national news go?
Enjoyed this app for about a year, recently though the tabs for national, international and regional news are no longer there ! what happened? it was nice to have one app for ALL the news ...
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9 years ago, Albany ExPat
The full page ads between every news story are annoying and intrusive. Scrolling is jerky, especially toward the end of a story, it makes it hard to read the last sentence.
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10 years ago, Klusar
Super App
I use it every day. Updated regularly and the weather part is great.
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10 years ago, Mollybear1
My go to news app
Can always count on News 10 to have the latest updates.
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12 years ago, Lvsvs
It's about time!!! News 10 is the best news cast in the capital district
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9 years ago, Aly5384
Number count
I'm having the same trouble as the other reviews. I even deleted the app and downloaded it again...still didn't work
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12 years ago, Piper610
I've been waiting for news 10 to get a iPhone app
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