WTNH News 8

4.6 (18.7K)
63.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WTNH News 8

4.57 out of 5
18.7K Ratings
4 years ago, bob0368
Channel 8 review
I love Channel right. Their news media tries to stay neutral as much as possible and their weather is always on a positive look even if it’s gonna be bad. Sam is the best weatherman of all the networks. Very positive and moves around the screen so you can see the whole Ct. The others including one of your stand on the south eastern side of the State so you can’t see the Newlondon Norwich area . But that is the only negative thing I have to say about the station. Dennis House will be a definite improvement in the overall presentation. Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, ChrisBell453
Swing and a miss
I had to rate according to how quickly it becomes frustrating after opening the app. I get several notifications per day of breaking news stories, and that’s really the most helpful feature of the app. However, when you try to open one of the notifications to read more, the article isn’t there. It just brings you to some video stream that is slow to buffer, and is not talking about the news story it just notified you of. Looking forward to an update that makes the end user experience more enjoyable. If you folks there at 8 paid some company top dollar to create this for you, you were ripped off. If designing this app was your kid’s project in computer class, then it was a great start, kudos to the little ones because its was better than I could make, but it still needs more tweaking to be professional.
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5 months ago, Bachminnie
Weather videos don’t always work
The only trouble I’ve ever had with this app is the weather videos. Sometimes an incorrect video is posted, such as one from a different day, or there is no sound. These issues seem to happen less than they used to, or maybe I’ve just gotten used to it? However now if I click on the ‘weather’ tab, it closes the app. Not an issues if I click on the main weather headline on the front page, only if I click on the tab on the bottom. Otherwise we like this app and channel, just a few fixes would be great.
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5 years ago, bosula63
Too many notifications
I like getting channel 8 news on my iPhone daily but the reason I am giving this only 3 stars is due to the number of notifications that I receive. They send WAY TOO much and it’s day and night and almost non stop! I’m also not sure how to get less news stories or if there is even a setting where one can limit the amount of news and stories that channel 8 sends . And another issue for me is the fact that it’s almost always bad news . It would be very welcome to hear ANY good news or human interest pieces . So please less constant bad news and/or useless information and more good deed kinds of news and human interest pieces please, thank you , BSL New Haven
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5 years ago, BossDon Corrado
App not working
I have to change my rating to 1 star instead of 5 stars due to the fact that I’ve been using this app for years, streaming WTNH news at work every morning since I moved out of CT, & for the last 2-3 weeks it hasnt worked at all, it stays on the screen that says “content not allowed for streaming” then it freezes..I hope they fix this soon, I love this app & use it daily..
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6 years ago, Grumpykins75
Disappointing...thinking about deleting this app!
I love WTNH Channel 8 news so much! Such a pity this news app is just not up to par. I want to like it, however the stupid pop-up ad that greets you EVERY single time you load the app from the notification screen! By the time you get to the actual news article, you could have quick-viewed the news on SEVERAL other news apps! Attention developers: Please fix this app! Yesterday! Also, weigh the weigh the costs and benefits of the pop up ad you have sprung at the viewer BEFORE you even get to see the news! Really?! Your average rating is: 2.7!
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6 years ago, MarcScolari
You’d think WTNH would have a good app like some of the other ABC newscasts. Unfortunately that is far from the truth. 1) Alerts pop up for breaking news then the app doesn’t show the article at all. 2) Other articles show on app, when you click on it to load, it takes you to a video screen saying “they’ll be right back” and never plays. No written article, can’t read NOR watch it. 3) Under each written articles, there are phrases from other news, but that’s all to it, you can’t click on it, you can’t see anything other than just that phrase. Not to count the pop ups. App deleted, gave it a shot, totally not worth it.
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6 years ago, Pompatoose
Please make this better!!
I keep this installed because I read the push notifications or whatever fits on the preview of an article. "Click to open app" does that and only that, opens the app where there is no full story. The first couple of times I did this I tried finding the story but either it wasn't there or I realized I'm expected to watch some live feed. Really very irritating and can obviously be better. If someone is inputting some breaking news story, part of which is available as a preview, than the full story must reside somewhere. Why not on the landing page when you open the app? Look at the CNN app for inspiration.
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6 years ago, Summer0113
Local News
I love WTNH News 8 for a quick review of local news. The app is always up to date so it provides me with just enough info to keep me in the loop. I’m not a huge fan of the television, so it’s not often I will catch the news. Lucky for me, it doesn’t matter. This app gives me all that I need plus more!! Keep up the great work!! Don’t change a thing!!
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3 years ago, Hamden resident
New format is terrible
This latest update has totally ruined it. Before everything was grouped by new local news, or you could easily choose county/region/nation/or international. Now it’s a complete jumble - not user friendly or easily sorted. Front page stories from a month or weeks ago placed first???-really now, what were you guys/gals thinking. Obviously someone got a promotion and decided that to make a name for themselves they’d have to trash a very good layout and fix what wasn’t broken. For sure, the ego of this person and/or team could never admit to their own incompetence - so I’m sure the “my way or highway attitude will prevail. The purpose of this review is merely to let other users know they are not alone in thinking this update was a disaster. Those responsible won’t admit their failure - those types of people never do. Next step is to delete this abomination and move on.
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6 years ago, fpshannon
No live news streaming
I downloaded the app so I could watch live streaming news but all I get are the same commercials over and over again. Id like to watch the news. Even Maine has news on-demand! MAINE! I end up watching Foxct 61 which is not the station I want to watch. I hope someone can help.
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5 years ago, JimiMat
WATCH LIVE: Alert Settings
I’m sure it’s a nice app with good intentions. But, the custom alert settings aren’t as customizable as one may think. I had the “WATCH LIVE” news alert option enabled, but after a day I turned that option, and every other alert accept for weather and politics, off. Over the last 24 hours I have received no less than 24 alerts, of which 3 were for weather or politics.
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5 years ago, CoFeMomma
Data disappointment
I love News 8... been watching for over 40 years, however, I’m not loving the app. I can open the app, but it will only show content if WiFi is enabled. I can’t access it without WiFi connection. Most of the time, unless I am home, I do not has WiFi access, so when I am running on data, I get my news from one of the other three news apps. Can you please make your app available to watchers when WiFi is not available?
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5 months ago, kitkat9083
What have u done
I can’t view the weather anymore the second I press on it I get booted out of the app I can do everything else but view my weather and that pisses me off cause this app is all I use for the weather updates so FIX IT PLEASE AND LIKE NOW
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3 years ago, Oxford viewer
Hate the app update!
In my opinion, you have ruined the app for me. I used to be able to get to it and find what I was looking for, and quickly read it. I do not want to watch a video every time I want news. And when I get to the video, there is always an ad in front of it. Ugh! I always check the weather from this app. There is always a short paragraph about the forecast. That is gone now, and again, you have to view a video. Please fix it.
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3 years ago, sad tester
News 8 app
There is a problem with this version of the app. It works great if you are watching on the phone. But if you plug the phone into you tv to watch on the big screen, the advertisements come on and just repeat and repeat. The previous versions did not do this.
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4 years ago, Coolfshiongirl229
Good app but I like help
So... I would like you to know that I turned off all other notifications besides weather and I keep getting other notifications that I specifically turned off for because all I want is the weather. I don’t want corona virus updates or something about trump. I just want my notifications to only be about the weather and nothing else. So please News 8 fix this app or I’m going to keep this a low review.
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5 years ago, Sherrlu
WTNH!! My Favorite News Channel!
I love WTNH! Whenever I need to know what’s going on locally, I turn to WTNH! The weather app lets me know anything important especially here in Stamford! I also love the cast!! They are familiar friendly faces and personalities that I depend on for accurate local, national & international news! Thank you!
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3 years ago, need to see the weather
When watching the weather it’s hard to see when your weather people are always standing in front of the Groton, Stonington spot on the map can’t they more over to the Rhode Island side more or move the map to the left of the screen. Thanks
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4 years ago, martycossette
Terrible setup- Everytime you click on a story a annoyingly loud ad come on!!! Then the actual replay of the news video from the telecast plays above the story as your reading!?!? I want to read the story not read a transcript as the video blares... what’s the point of reading then? Ridiculous, I only keep for rare time the only New Haven based newscast actually posts a breaking new haven area news story before all three Hartford area channels break the story and report long before WTNH even posts
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6 years ago, Lindsay (Not Lohan)
Seriously Ads?!
I have everything on my phone set to silent during the night since I’m frequently waking up with a baby and I don’t want to disturb her. However, when my little peanut woke up tonight I went to her room, sat in her rocking chair and fed her and rocked her until she went back to sleep. Then I decided to check the weather for tomorrow and BOOM the loudest ad in the history of ads comes on! And even after hitting the mute button it still played loudly! Thanks for waking up my baby again! Jerks...
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1 year ago, Nae27
I used to love it but not as much anymore
This app was great, especially being able to see the live feeds certain times of the day. But now that has been replaced by Watch-Now, with commercial/ads between every 1 to 2min story, it is annoying… it’s mostly useless unless I’m searching for a particular story or weather condition. My rating went from 5 to 2 stars
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4 years ago, charlotte gusto
News on Ch 8
Love Gil Simmons and Alicia on traffic in the am. Ann and Darren are fine in eve but that eve weather man, Joe Fury is horrible. He constantly interrupts himself. Also it isn’t his fault but your practice of teasing a little info and then saying “ get details when I do full forecast later “ is HORRIBLE. Causes ne to change the channel. Your news is weak, probably because ABC tells you what you can say and result is you always praise Democrat’s and are critical heat vest neutral about President.
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5 years ago, Patti up on the news
When I need the news
When I want to find something out 8 Has either text me already or I find it as soon as I go to 8 and look for it. I’m so glad I have the app now. I feel like I’m up dated on the news as it happens.
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6 years ago, aswate
I like ch8 news, BUT, I wish you would stop interrupting reg programs to put in something that isn’t important. Especially, when you have regular news coming up in less than 1 hour. The last two times you did that, the other 2 major networks did not interrupt their programs. Please take a hint. Thanks
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3 years ago, Linder103
Time is off!
I don’t understand why so many times that I turn on the news or a show and Channel 8 is an hour behind. I turned on 12:00pm news and The View was just coming on. What’s up with this? It seems to be happening more frequently.
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5 years ago, critical in nature
First class news reporting
I enjoy ur app a lot for the most part it’s right on the money but sometimes I’ll get 3 notices on the same subject but the news And ur reporters do a great job and the weather reports r great
Show more
4 years ago, Perfectsyorm
Channel 8 app feedback
Just wanted to let you guys know love the app it’s great getting local weather and news reports when you don’t have access to a tv or radio.I watch channel 8 news every morning before work and I love you guys thanks for keeping us informed
Show more
3 years ago, igimlet
Where are you?
So we switched from Cablevision to Dish and now I can’t get any local news because our location reads as New York. I knew there might be an issue because we had Direct tv in the past and had the same issue. I thought now that we have smart TVs I could just download the News 8 app but I can’t find it on any of the TVs.
Show more
3 years ago, Meauni
Ok.. now what?!
App stays frozen, cannot see video. Told it needed update, “click here” only to find that when I hit OPEN, it told me it needed to UPDATE! Tried 3 times and gave up. Don’t want to lose this but if I can’t keep up to date, may have to... Freezes my screen every time and I have to closeout my phone (new phone so not the phone)... can’t get the “live feed” as it always says “we’ll be right back”... frustrating.
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4 years ago, ddfahey
With all the fake news on TV, Channel 8 is always True. Walter Cronkite True. Old School True for sure. Give us all sides of the story. Regardless of where it goes. Truth will win out in history.
Show more
5 years ago, John4919
Falling apart
Not really up to par the latest changes. Horrible job of setting up new app. Sorry I rated 1 instead of 5 (which I rated 5 few years ago.
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5 years ago, Calichica05
I can’t watch the weather videos
I use this app mainly for the weather. However, for the past several weeks it won’t play the video. This is HIGHLY annoying! This is by far the buggiest app I have EVER experienced! It’s always something and it’s very disappointing. This app has been around too long for it to not work more than it works. Do better WTNH... do better.
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6 years ago, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
I’m a CT ex-pat in WA. It’s great to see the station I grew up with and keep in touch with home. Ch. 8 is only three years older and I watched the day it changed from Ch. 6 to 8. Also remember Happy the Clown, Capt. C. Whiskers and Admiral Jack. And of course, Mis-ter Goober.
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4 years ago, Ad Bait
Bait and switch
I had to sit through a lengthy commercial, only to conclude with a pop-up that said the video (which was prompted on the home screen) was not available for streaming. Then why offer it? Now is not the time to boost ad sales. Deliver the news please. People are sick with coronavirus and need information.
Show more
4 years ago, Rose Dougherty
Too many push notifications
I’d love to keep this app, but unfortunately it seems impossible to turn off some notifications. I have turned off the “Watch Now” notifications several times and it never lasts. Videos never load when I’m off WiFi and as such are useless but the notifications will not stop.
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5 years ago, Chief TP
Great Local news
I am very thankful that I am able to pull Channel 8 on my phone. Since I have DIRECTV and they are not allowing it to be put out for all.
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5 years ago, Good News Gal
Kudos to Channel 8
News casters are well informed, well spoken, and well dressed. Everyone who contributes to the programming, and technical aspects are what make Channel 8 worth watching. Love the sense of humor too !
Show more
5 months ago, Autumngirl1013
I love you guys but
I can’t get your weather to stay up it keeps forcing the app close
Show more
6 years ago, Teddy-Ben
I truly love the convenience of keep up on the news, back home in Connecticut. I sure miss not only the news team, but family and friends! However moving to Washington state, is nice, but not the same; from the shopping to culture of food. Yet very blessed with thankful for what is allowed to be given and the opportunity to stay in touch with Connecticut a far! God Bless You All Nuckols family
Show more
2 years ago, robertduer
thumbs down.
This app is the biggest piece of crap. Yeah. You get your news and weather but you have to wait long for it to load. I have used this app on various devices and it’s no different. Getting school closings is near impossible. I have to leave the app and use safari to navigate to closings. SMH
Show more
5 years ago, Codysmom913
Get it together!
This app used to be great for getting news stories. Suddenly top news gives you about 5 stories and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get one recent. If I go on the mobile site, I get ALL CURRENT news stories under top news as well as headlines I haven’t seen yet. The area I live doesn’t show NEWS 8 on tv, so I rely on the app. The last irritating thing is on the weekend, no matter when or where you’re looking at the news it never updated, why isn’t the weekend editing crew as efficient? Please fix all this, I’m slowly being pushed into the arms of other news outlets.
Show more
5 years ago, ninnypin
Quick news
Knowing what’s going on in the New Haven area keeps me updated on traffic & actvities
Show more
6 years ago, Mel45dawn
Best CT news for years
My family has watched ch 8 news for years. We try other stations but always return. It covers most of the state and doesn’t rely on sensationalism in its overage. We rely on it for up to date information 24/7.
Show more
5 years ago, TJEdwarsa
When I want to look at certain articles, it tells me I have to update the app first and says “click here to update”. I click and it brings me to the update page, yet there is no update for it.
Show more
3 months ago, GoJoehoho
Good for ct
I always use news 8 but for some reason every time I open the weather tab in my app, the app shuts down.
Show more
5 years ago, mgchev
News and weather
The wtnh team delivers with warmth and conciseness in both news weather.
Show more
5 years ago, locbeau
Doesn’t deserve been one star, but you have to click on one to send. Horrible. Almost every time says “content not available for streaming”. Also keeps telling me I need an update. Click and does NOTHING but says open. No way to get an update. This has been horrible. Will shortly being deleting it,
Show more
5 years ago, ana musallam 💋
My favorite channel news
I like the channel 8 see news whether etc
Show more
6 years ago, melisss425
Love the news articles but ad’s pop up too much. I don't have weather notifications on but I get constant notifications even if it only MIGHT rain. I only want news notifications!!!
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