WTOC 11 News

4.6 (2.7K)
67.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WTOC 11 News

4.57 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Gatorboi54
My favorite local news app
I’m going to make this review short and sweet, I absolutely love WTOC and all the news anchors. I love the new version of the app and I have no issues or crashes with the new update. No I don’t work for WTOC or do I get paid by the station so my review is definitely real and I hope everyone will enjoy this app just like I do
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3 years ago, Cat24125
Please bring old website. New update terrible
I used to visit WTOC 11 daily. I love it for always having the most current up to minute news. THEN they did an update to the website this week in April 2021. It is now impossible to navigate. It never takes me directly to the current news. The weather section takes forever to download. I used to come to the website several times a day. Now I am going to delete it. It is just not designed in a manner that makes it easy to get the news that you want. Please go back to the previous design. It was easy and fast to find out what I want to read. I really hate to delete the website. It was my favorite for local news.
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6 years ago, Melloreel
What a disappointment this update is. I run this app on my iPad, and it’s confusing at best! Why can’t the stories be listed in a simple format (Headline) with pic? Although it appears that way now, it looks terrible. Also the same stories are repeated as you scroll down! If the page needs to be this long for a reason find other news outlets to fill it in. You don’t need a home page, and news page that has the same content? I can’t understand why this app can’t be made easy to read, and follow as well as update itself each time you open it? Very disappointed again!!!
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5 years ago, D N Ga
Constant alerts
I appreciate how WTOC News sends me news alerts during the day. This keeps me up to date as the day goes by and feel more informed 👍
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3 years ago, KWCR Realtor
Terrible app update
Constantly get pop up ads and then the screen just turns blue so I have to reload the app, guess what, more pop ups. Weather section won’t let you add cities and just tosses you off the app after you try a couple of times, but not before you get more pop up ads. I love WTOC news and really used the news and weather apps a lot. Now you have effectively made it unusable. DO NOT UPDATE YOUR APP! I clearly regret it
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3 years ago, skipinco
Ad Farm
Update: the app is now basically unusable. There are so many interstitial popup ads that you can’t really use the app. The app navigation makes no sense at all. The app has progressively gotten worse over time. The UI looks like it was designed by a fifth grader and there is so much ad and promoted content that you have to search for the news stories. Other local news network apps are much better. Try WSAV.
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3 years ago, CtinaSulli
Update Ruined
The newer update from the other app layout has not worked like it usually has. Weather doesn’t upload even with location on & I have tried to uninstall-reinstall only to find that didn’t help!!!! I’m on 5G so I don’t understand what the problem is. Please fix!
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3 years ago, AlexDaHunter
Poorly Designed
I find this app to be more of a headache than informative. There are too many ad pop ups that make it hard to use and all of the articles require you to watch a video. Also the weird menu screen that you have to interface with before getting to the newsfeed feels unnecessary. Not my fave.
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2 years ago, sawxswr
App problem
Every morning before I start my day, I open the app. For the last 4 days it simply will not open. I have restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app but the problem is still there. I miss the app and I want to know what’s going on with it.
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2 years ago, ptl4hig
Slow to load
Most of the time when I want to watch live, the commercials load just fine but IF the actual news broadcast loads, it cuts in and out or stops altogether. Reopening brings up the annoying commercials again. Extremely disappointed in this app.
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3 years ago, FurloughedChick
Do not like the new updated version
WTOC was my favorite local news app but not any more. The latest version of the app is so busy and cluttered looking that it’s hard to navigate and visually jarring. Unfortunately had to delete and get a competitor’s news app instead. Also it constantly refuses to load and has annoying pop ups. Keep your old version!
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6 years ago, BodhiMews
This new update is so confusing and missing so much that the older version had. What happened to the recall section???? With all the recalls lately this was the place to keep up to date. Now it’s gone and jumbled up if you search recalls. The ads every paragraph is annoying and confusing when your reading or looking for something. You took a great app and totally ruined it!!!!!
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6 years ago, rhwarno
The updated app does not work near as well on iPhone. It’s formatted strangely, uses several different fonts and sizes and he ads are now sometimes appearing on top of other things. Appears to be little consistency in the format of the different news articles. I gave it a week for me to get adjusted but it's too irritating for me. As much as I hate to, I’ll go to elsewhere for news headlines now.
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3 years ago, kiaaaaaajaaaaayyyyyyy777777
Home sweet home
I’m from the low country but I live in Miami (im so home sick) im able to keep up with the news with this app I absolutely love this app !!!!
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4 years ago, catfish1953
Same thing again
There is no organization to this web site
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3 years ago, WLEveryoneknows
Not Savannah - TERRIBLE APP
WTOC is supposed to be Savannah’s Go-To station. New app is awful, unless you want news, weather, and missing child reports for other states. What a waste - the old format was much better. I miss being able to watch repeats of earlier shows when I missed the live show. I’m also tired of counting the comb marks in the new anchors hair.
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12 months ago, SRSmithSr
Cannot click out of opening ad not user friendly
Love the station, their Facebook but the app has so many ads and sometimes depending on the ad rotation, you can not get past the ad to actually get the news.
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5 years ago, JorneyinSight
Updated 6.2.10
Not able to review app after updating latest version
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5 years ago, Sup's Wife
I Enjoy The Alerts
Very accurate and it’s nice having local news at my fingertips.
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6 years ago, Fatback89
I love this app
Such a great and accurate app to have...notifications keep updated daily!!
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6 years ago, dmr0759
I miss all the old anchor men newsman and weatherman big Jim just isn’t as good news bring brought here. SoI am switching to another channel I can rely on to keep the good ones and not get rid of them!
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1 year ago, phillipsbw
Terrible Interface
Navigating through and past horrible screen-hogging ads with fake “X” icons lead to more pop-ups. So sad that the best news source in the area has a horribly clunky app. I will look for another source for local news on the go.
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1 year ago, W. Wapsurps
One sentence articles??
I have been scanning to read articles connected to your headlines. There are no articles, only advertisements!!! Shame on you!!!!! And if ya’ll don’t pull back on those attorney commercials, you will loose me completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been dedicated to you for 45 years!!!! But allowing lawyers to dominate serves only the lawyers. Where are the businesses we SHOULD BE FREQUENTING???? You are doing a HUGE DISSERVICE TO THE BUSINESSES WE SHOULD BE PATRONIZING?????? YOU HAVE DESERTED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU. Wanda Gordon
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6 years ago, Consuela here
The most trusted news
As always. Thank y’all!
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6 years ago, TheonlyHollywood
Commercials are annoying. News doesn’t update regularly. Most reports are days old. The same information regarding the newest update has been on the home screen for 3+ days and hasn’t changed.
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6 years ago, Rated PDG
Excellent choice in for local News.
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5 years ago, Penguin0852
What’s up with the app?
I’ve been trying all day to open the app, but it closes itself as soon as it opens. I’ve tried shutting my phone down and also reinstalled the app, but same problem exists.
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3 years ago, 07bmwx5
Bring back the old app
This new app version is terrible! Ad misplacement, hard to navigate and always “spins”. Please make improvements for go back to the previous version!
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6 years ago, Hittin from the rough
Deleting it today
Used to be ok and just keeps getting worse. Nonstop adds make it unusable. Crashes a lot. I’m sure I can find something better for my local news.
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6 years ago, z4Ladybug
My favorite station. Has been since 1985.
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5 years ago, keem b
Won’t open
After the latest update the app does not open crashes seconds after trying to open it.
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3 years ago, mybabe4you
Apparently no one works at this station on weekends. No real news until Monday. They don’t seem to follow up on stories either.
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6 years ago, Simba -Lexi
The new update and style of the app to me is not good. I liked the much easier last version much better.
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6 years ago, The only Gman
Bad update
The updated app is not as easy to navigate. Can not scroll through news stories any more. Must back out and select story to read.
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6 years ago, iBillDeveloper
New format difficult to read
The new design of the app makes it difficult to follow the news and read the stories.
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5 years ago, sls10123
Tried to search about Warrens visit to Beaufort and kept getting info about Hurricane prep conference in Savannah.
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5 years ago, Brian101901
Fake News!!
I grew up watching WTOC but they have fallen pretty far to the left! I think they get their national news from sources like CNN or MSNBC. This is not the news station we grew up watching.
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6 years ago, cksmith1130
Not up to par!
I do not like the new format. The titles are not enough to spark an interest in the reader. Also, the lack of reporting over the weekend shows a lapse I the news.
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3 years ago, MatrixSC
Latest update
Latest update has broken this app
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4 months ago, Tired of ads for WTOC
The invasive ads at the start of the app are very annoying, loud and my reason for looking for alternatives
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5 years ago, crsdlee
The new update crashes every time I open it. I shouldn’t have updated
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3 years ago, 📲📞123
New update
Worst ever. Very difficult and time consuming to navigate.
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5 years ago, lhgsav
New version keeps crashing
New update keeps crashing
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3 years ago, AW2626
New update
The app will not open now. It crashes.
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3 weeks ago, WD 7-4 off
This app is one of the worst of 97 apps on my phone. Feels like it’s written by children.
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6 years ago, Relaxingfun
Not even usable any more
I used to love this site. Now it’s full of reload errors, ads and useless.
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5 years ago, mmmmmmmsss
This won’t open.
I’ve used the app for several years. Just ‘update’ it.....won’t ru. Oh well, not much o an update.
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3 years ago, hairbender!
App for WTOC
Too many ads, not user friendly!
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3 years ago, RJL III
The new version is horrible
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6 years ago, mblock84
Worst app
The old app was ten times better Like the old saying goes If it is not BROKE Do not fix it
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