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Gray Television Group, Inc.
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8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WTOK News

3.14 out of 5
88 Ratings
5 years ago, YGaddis
Okay App. Closes and Freezes
Okay app. Closes on its own mid article or load. Or it will freeze and then force close. I preferred the text message alerts offered before vs this app & notifications. I don’t always receive the notifications I want and when I click the ones I do get the app opens and I may/may not get booted. The old text msg had a link that took me to the site normally...same diff except I can actually access whatever the text alert was about. Fix the bugs and it’ll improve I believe.
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2 years ago, Tiso0303
Small Market
The app appears to work when it wants. I didn’t expect a whole lot due to the small market of Meridian. The news anchors remind me of UF ( University of Florida television. I am from Jacksonville and there is a night and day difference. I don’t see a lot of city issues, while focusing on weather and feel good stories. God bless them for trying.
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4 years ago, foxusmc
For you!
Why do you have a section called for you. I don’t need you to tell me what I need to read. I hate that for you crap! Any website or app that says for you, I will not have. Does the for you section have to do with the fact that you’re keeping up with everything somebody looks at, if so it is true Violation of everyone’s right to privacy! By the way, where is your privacy policy. When I click on privacy policy,It says error 404. I thought a statement of privacy was the law, maybe not, I’m just saying.
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4 years ago, Louigi909
Gummed Up With Ads
News and other stories good when you can get to them. Have to wade through ads, made to look like news. What happened to obituaries in community section?
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6 years ago, Oprah's Own
Please consider
Please display at bottom of screen when there is a need in community FIRE ETC HAPPENING in Meridian before they occur so Meridian can turn out in breaking #’s. Thank u so much. Reporter are talking so fast U will miss or not remember.
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2 years ago, Mona Rigdon
Not pleased but a tiny bit.
It needs to be renamed WTOK politics! You report on local news 2-3 weeks after it happens and then only snip-its and nothing else is said!! You advertise good things going on around Meridian after it happens! WTOK has always been apart of my life for fun, enjoyment and knowledge of what’s happening around our town. Thanks for listening
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4 years ago, 80chunk
Failed to open
App has worked good for a couple of years. Always kept it updated. Now it will not open at all. When selected it immediately returns to the main screen. Have deleted and reinstalled numerous times. Powered off and tried to reinstall. Still just returns to main screen. Weather app loads correctly
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4 years ago, Smith7142
Will not Allow you out of news
Once you go into a section like local news it will not let you transfer anywhere else. The same thing if you go to arrest reports it will not let you transfer into any other section.
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2 years ago, Teambw83
Bad update
The app closes every time you try to open it. I had no problem with the app before the update.
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6 years ago, tweettweet18
Videos aren’t working
Lately when trying to watch a video from this app, it doesn’t work... It just closes out!!! Might need updating
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8 years ago, Jaime Lauren
Love it but...😋😋😋
This app I amazing but it doesn't load all my locations for the weather. I have to refresh a could of times and sometimes I have to exit out of the app just to get the one I want! Please fix! 😍
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2 years ago, Fevvay
New App won’t open
The new app isn’t working. Every time I click on it, it tries to open, then it goes back to the app screen. I might as well not even have it. The old one worked fine. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 😕
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2 years ago, J Kearley
New upgraded app won’t load
Ever since Channel 11 changed its news format in the past week, I can not get app to open. I get notifications for latest news, but cannot get app to open.
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2 years ago, Shaquenta
App won’t open
After recent update app crashes and now won’t open. Have restarted phone but no resolution. Please fix!!
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2 years ago, jcrpey
App opening
Not able to open app for updated news information
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3 years ago, BamaSleeper
Too many ads
Never seen a television station that had to resort to game ads just to open their app. Don’t open the app in a quiet area. Isn’t that what commercials are for? Isn’t that what app developers sell banners for?
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1 year ago, Twdoherty
Very little actual news
Mostly just local sports content
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2 years ago, Seclajes
Keeps closing
The app was ok before since the last update it won’t open.
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2 years ago, MonnyBlack1
After last update
Very bad update app don’t even open anymore
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8 months ago, Ftrfgtr
Television giveaway
I was going to sign up for this giveaway but changed my mind due to having to give my birthdate.
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2 years ago, Don'13
It’s worse now. It keeps force closing
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2 years ago, LadyD😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍
The new WTOK News App will mop open on the IPhone 13 Pro
New WTOK News App will not open on iPhone 13 Pro.
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8 years ago, MamaSuzP
I LOVE this app and the reason why is because when I'm not home I don't have to worry about missing the news or the weather, I can watch it live stream from my phone 😄 and this my friend ROCKS in my book !!' Thank you WTOK-TV for having this app it's awesome .... Nancy Price
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9 years ago, monnyblack
Good update but it still needs a little more work
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10 years ago, Fleetworm69
I dig
Currently, I'm digging the app, bro
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7 years ago, Fight5677788889
News problem
Every time I click on news it just goes to an advertisement
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7 years ago, Pa30pilot
I hate Adware
This is nothing more than adware. Can't even get to the supposed stories.
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3 years ago, meciuea owsn
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10 years ago, Shucktown
Cannot open this app after downloading latest update. :(
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10 years ago, Blackboyi
Not connected
Can't connect to this app
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