2.8 (4)
30.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WTOV9

2.75 out of 5
4 Ratings
4 years ago, St. C Bucknut
The Upper Ohio Valley’s best
The weather team is top notch, as are the sportscasters! They are personable and entertaining! The NBC network dictates the politically left stories that can be aired on the local news. The anchors are friendly as are the reporters. I would have provided a higher rating if the news wasn’t so politically left leaning. By reading the national news on various sites besides the major networks sites, you will appreciate neutrality that is absent on this channel. We are a captive audience and they know it.
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10 months ago, ADABigRed
Don’t bother installing
If you’re looking for an app for up to date local news, this isn’t the app for you. In order to truly get up to the minute breaking news it’s probably best to go with the WTRF app.
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9 years ago, TDoggit68
Pretty Bad
WTOV appears to be resting on their laurels. For over a decade, Channel 9 has dominated their lone TV News competitor in everything including online presentation and content. For a few years, their coverage of local high school football was one of the best in the nation. Impressive for such a small market. While their actual website continues to attempt to maintain that level of service, it appears they've all but abandoned their iOS app. It looks like they may have put an unpaid intern or hobbyist in charge of content. While it looks pretty good, it's updated sporadically & many features do not work. I don't have time to list specific issues, there are too many. I will say their competition, WTRF, may have noticed this too and has perhaps invested more resources in their application as it is worlds apart from Ch. 9's at this point. Phone/tablet apps are quickly becoming the go-to medium for getting information. Why WTOV doesn't realize this and continues to neglect their app, only they know. Right now, WTRF is doing a much better job keeping their app filled with timely updates and fresh content. Ch. 9 is not.
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10 years ago, omaits
Not a very good app. Overall, it looks like crap and the streaming "feature" doesn't work. Looks like maybe they had a student worker try to implement some crappy turnkey solution. I gave it 2 stars cause it does have news stories but the Herald Star app is infinitely better at that task. On a separate note: they need to quit bragging about storm team 9 and there ultra super Doppler 8 million or whatever it is. The names they give their team of meteorology school dropouts sound like something my 8 year old nephew would come up with. As for their Doppler, I don't care what the model number is or what your radar is called. Just tell us what the temp will be and save us all the trouble.
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7 years ago, Kyle2900
School closings
There isn't a button for school closings. It seems you have to wait for the snowbird report to pop up in your news feed.
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9 years ago, A tush
The app itself isn't bad, it's the updates from the news that are lacking. Not just lacking, some days non existent for a few days. Case in point, bad weather and several car accidents on Nov 22, 2014, but no updates for 2 days, no mention of the traffic being stopped on the bridge for several hours. This isn't the first time something comparable has happened. Short version, don't waste your memory space on this app if you actually expect news updates.
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10 years ago, mr.drex
Slow and not worth the time
This app is almost as bad as iso7 witch I hate and will be buying a diff phone! But wtov9 has dropped the ball again! The weather showers a hot 81 when it's 58 outside! The videos never play without stoping every other second and the "live" never plays and when it does it makes you so mad that you give up! Before you you say check my connection I'm less then 40 feet from the hub for this city! No one has faster net then me. It's the app. Ps iso7 is bad don't down load it!
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8 years ago, Great job 👍👍👍
Super amazing
I love this app it's amazing because you can see if your friend go to a different school and yours is canceld u can check there's and maybe you could play because it's canceld my opinion is I like it 👍👍👍.
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9 years ago, Swampy and perry :))
Great App!
I love this app! What I nice setup and nice to check the weather or news updates before school each morning! I encourage anyone to buy this app!:)
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4 years ago, Nickkix37
Works as it should!
Had some issues in the past, overtime they have been fixed.
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9 years ago, Ravacade
Updates are old
This site does not update the local news in a timely fashion. I was watching news at 6 and went to this app to see if the news here correlated and the latest update was 18 hours ago! What a waste of an app. The competition is much better.
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10 years ago, The great spambino
What happened?
The old style was a lot better. Only local news stories are covered now, and lately most of them are video only, no text. Can we please have three news categories with TEXT PLEASE!
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10 years ago, Jess4800
Old app was better
Not sure why they completely changed their app. I really miss the old layout and why did the irresistible news get taken off?
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9 years ago, Mmcclelland02
What changed?
Went on the app just now to see school delays/cancellations and when I click on that 'box' it takes me to a generic looking news webpage with 3 news stories and a link to the weather. NO school cancellations anywhere. Please fix this!
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11 years ago, Jo.Esq
Where is the live streaming?
I just heard on WTOV9 that this new app offers Live streaming of news casts. I can't find that on the app. Disappointing.
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11 years ago, Tbear1114
No good on my iPhone 3g
I can't even open this app. It starts, then closes 3 seconds later. Tried erasing & redownloading, but it didn't help. The older version I had worked great. I'm bummed this one is having so many problems
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9 years ago, Radmo86
Bring back the classic app
This newly designed app isn't working on our iPads. perhaps they are still trying to work out the bugs , let us chose classic app in the meantime.
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10 years ago, Jtice10
Keeps getting worse
After the latest update my screen keeps flashing when trying to see headlines
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9 years ago, Mid_1134
Absolutely terrible
This app is totally useless. It shows news that happen a few days ago. It's not an app to use if you want news on the go.
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10 years ago, HunterTravis18
App crashes after a couple of seconds after being opened.
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10 years ago, cwise4459
This app needs fixed
As soon as I try to go into this app it crashes a few seconds latter, never even loading up on my iPhone 5s.
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10 years ago, Zitcoff
No sound on videos
Sound doesn't work on videos on iPhone 4s
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9 years ago, GamePlayer937
Why No Snowbird?
I couldn't find snowbird at all. The weather and stuff was ok, but I am upset that I can't find out if school is canceled.
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11 years ago, Jkosegi
Crashes about 5 seconds after I try to open it on my iPhone, very frustrating
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11 years ago, Squeab
It continuously crashes! Also the live video has never worked. Please fix!
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7 years ago, gumby26050
Needs work
Crashes every time I try to check the weather
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10 years ago, Deputiized
So good cuz
I be watchin this at the crib when i be high in the mornin keeps me chill, ya kno?
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10 years ago, Dave Rice82
Went from a decent app to junk. Screen flickers and no radar. Download WTRF's app for much better quality!
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9 years ago, Eweiler
What a horrible App
Something as simple as getting high school football scores is impossible!!
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10 years ago, Ordinary Player
Horrible App
This app shakes and crashes all the time. It is horrible. It needs pulled down and completely revised.
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11 years ago, Trbo15
Never works. When it did work, had a terrible design.
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11 years ago, chriswill72
Crashes as soon as I open the app on my iPad mini
please fix. thank you.
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10 years ago, Sarge391
No good
Does not work after you updated it, flashes then shuts down
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11 years ago, Zereoue20
Junk on my iPad 1
Crashes as soon as I click on anything.
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10 years ago, krikal
App keeps crashing
I keep trying to download the app. It's not downloading. :(
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9 years ago, ASMOOVE
Not good
The news is never updated. WTRF APP is much better
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10 years ago, TaylerTragedy
Nice app!
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