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Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WVLT News

2.97 out of 5
153 Ratings
6 years ago, EvyR33
Good for news and weather but......
I’m a big fan of WVLT weather app and so decided to give the news app a try. Its very good at keeping me up to date on those things I am interested in, mainly local and national news and weather conditions. I do have a problem with some of the ads on their app as many of them seem to advertise one thing but when you click on the ad you’re redirected to a site that has nothing to do with what was advertised or even worse is just another advertisement. I also have an issue with the notification system. I set it up for news, weather and closings but continually get notifications for things I’m not interested in. I know I live in Vol country but I’m not a sports fan and have no interest in being bugged by all the notifications on what’s going on with the football team and their players. It was these two issues that caused my rating to be only three stars. Hopefully the two issues I mentioned will be corrected.
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3 years ago, KNWM22
Latest update doesn’t work at all
Too many adds normally and the notifications that are sent out are written in a click bait style. I don’t appreciate that. I do appreciate the news stations that will actually give you some quick info in the notification rather than just asking a question in it to get you to click. Also, after the latest update, the app will not even open.
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4 years ago, MaxWorldHQ
App Malfunctions - Useless - Makes Station Look 2nd Rate
Update: Now when I click on a notification, the app opens with an ad that blackens the entire screen but does not load, so it’s necessary to restart the app and then I’m at the main menu and there’s no sign of the story I wanted to read. What an embarrassment to the WVLT news station. I get notifications for stories that, when I tap them, either take me to an old, un-updated story with no new details as claimed in the notification or just the main menu with no story matching the notification in sight. I don’t have time for something that wastes my time. There are too many news apps that don’t malfunction to put up with this one. This makes the entire news station look second rate.
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5 years ago, Reverend WJB
Great Local News
Through the years, I have been accustomed to using Channel 8 news’ rival station Channel 10 WBIR. The last few years, I switched to Local 8 WVLT. The switch has been great! The news is great, but for all your weather followers, WVLT gets it right way more so than all the others in the area! Plus, WVLT is the Vol Sports channel! If you want to receive the best in News, Weather, and Sports, I suggest using WVLT over all the rest. This app is much quicker and better than the rival news stations as well!
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3 years ago, Spooner'sMom
I just adjusted my settings to get notifications from WVLT. However, unless I didn’t do it the right way, I’m not getting the notifications unless I happen to look at my phone and see there is a number attached to the icon. Another thing that would be helpful is when I’m notified of a new notification, when I go to the news, I have no idea what the new features are that I need to read. Nothing is marked as new. And as others have mentioned, there are too many ads that interfere with reading the news. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Mrblaster
Map links missing
Great local news app and I like the fact I'm notified of events near real time. I'm frustrated with the app because the admin takes time to tell you the location of the activity instead of providing a map link which would be most meaningful during a crisis. If there was (God forbid) an active shooter I would immediately know if it was near my location or perhaps avoid a nearby area. Neighborhood intersections identified by street names mean Nothing to the majority of us.
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1 year ago, grand96
To many adds that takes over the app. You cannot get them off your screen. There are some taking over this app. So I had to delete it. Hopefully this newly down loaded app will not allow this . If it does I’m going to switch to ch. 10 news app. It is ridicules that you would allow a add to take over your app. Like a virus?
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2 years ago, Pupangel17
Rating this app.
I rated this app a 2 star because 3/4 the time I can not get the live news and notifications come in late. (Example: Heavy rain in Jefferson City comes after we already getting it,ect.) Same with school closings. And I also get Spanish and I don’t know Spanish. I thought they had there own station. Beside I think that is descriminating against other people like German speaking people,ect. I use to like this station, I would have given it a 5 but not anymore.
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4 years ago, Cheery 1971
Mostly good but a bit annoying
Very informative with breaking news. However, if I don’t select that I want sports updates, please don’t send me sports updates. Please fix selections and only send updates that are chosen. Also..... way too many ads!!!! Way way way too many ads!
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2 years ago, Valbaby356
Great app only alerts you what you select to be alerted doesn’t always blow you up only on what you select to be notified of thank you WVLT best weather and news app there is and I don’t even watch the news so that’s says a lot ty
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6 years ago, Zalf14
Great local news app
This has up to date local news and weather. I check it a few times a day and the news stories are updated and keep me informed on what is going on in East Tennessee. Overall I am pleased with this app.
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3 years ago, GeishaGirl2018
App doesn’t want to load
Once I’ve downloaded it to my phone it doesn’t want to load when I pull it up & I’ve reloaded it several times. Needs work especially at a 2.9 rating! That’s terrible for one of the best stations there is in Knoxville! Update- have tried to use this app since my last review & no change. I’ve reported it to your station & on here to no avail. It used to work great, so Idk what happened!
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7 years ago, Argdyne
Update not completely functional
Seems that the latest update has corrupted some functions. Can no longer get weather radar. When clicking on a video app shuts down. Needs to be fixed.
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1 year ago, Edward321123
More worried with ads then news
App is the worst. Try to look at the news but can not get past their ads. Close button place over the link for the ad so try as hard as you want all it does is take you to the Ada. Wish news business actually cared about reporting news instead of tricking you to click thei ads.
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5 years ago, DanielleRichardson
I love the WVLT app! The notifications keep me update on news throughout the day and you can even mute the notification sound by going to the app under phone settings.
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3 years ago, ETNgrandMum
Their reporters are quick to cover stories, but could use some editing. For instance, someone who has been shot while breaking into another person’s home is the deceased, not the victim.
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6 years ago, Lethgo15
Great App
The only thing that I can say that needs to be fixed is the app will crash here and there. Not all the time just every once in awhile.
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3 years ago, J1912!
Increasing trouble having the app open
For the past few months I have been having creasing difficulty getting the app to open. Alerts come through fine but will take upwards of 5 min to open. iPhone 11 and this happen on cellular and WiFi
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2 years ago, ME625220
Old News
Every story on the state page is 2 years old nothing current
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3 years ago, romfjiies
Why was the police procession for the fallen member fron East Tenn info not given until 10 hours later. The public wants to pay their respects as well
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4 years ago, sixara
Better to go to website
The App could be much better. It will send a push notification of breaking news then load ads immediately! There is no way to close out of the ads. Closing the program and reloading does not take you back to the breaking news! You’re better off going to their website!
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6 years ago, Ericamore
WVLT news app
I have had this app for a few years now, and I love it, for helpful with the weather and what’s going on in my neighborhood or town or even my families town if I want! Thanks wvlt!
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4 years ago, TN StevieB
News Bias
I’m used to ads, the station has to make money; but now I’m getting full screen Biden ads before the app will even open. I’m held hostage until the ad runs through. Imbed the add in your articles, I’m fine with that, but to give me an ad before the app even opens (regardless of the ad content)... that’s unacceptable. I’ll get my local news elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Rickybobby2189
Works with my iWatch
Love the real time news updates on my wrist. I live in Campbell County and you guys seem to keep up with us pretty good. I like the fact you haven’t forgot us up here in B.F.E.
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4 months ago, E T Hills
WVLT News App
The WVLT broadcast news team is top notch. Unfortunately the news app is not. Too many ads. News stories over a year old mixed in with recent stories. It could be nice, it just needs to be kept organized and up to date.
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2 years ago, Duh_Mom
Stop the commercials!
I understand apps have to be supported but being forced to watch a video about a dentist or a movie before I get to the news is obnoxious. The other stations in town do not do that. If this continues I will delete the app
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4 years ago, 5knots
This APP use to work on my iPhone and on my iPad. My phone is only a year old
But This is the ONLY app that has not worked for the past year. It use to be my favorite news app, and I have patiently waited through so many updates, but it STILL does not update on either my iPad nor my iphone. Did someone block me from using this local app?
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7 months ago, IDLYAA
The pop up ads are extremely annoying with the tiny almost hidden icons to exit out of them. Even worse are the ones that burst into a loud sales pitch. I intend to delete this app because of these issues.
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2 years ago, smith810
Commercials work very
The advertisements work very well but the news cast only about 20% of the time do they even work. Does anyone understand QA it mean check everything not just new features. If this keeps up I guess I will be looking for another channel to watch
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4 years ago, CamoMom
News is good, but ads are annoying!
I like the news, but I hate all the ads. You have to view an ad before you can even get into the app to view the news. I would give it a much higher rating if I wasn’t forced to watch ads.
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4 years ago, Rockytopman77
Used to be great
The application used to be great. Now it plays a loud obtrusive ad every time I open it. If this keeps up, it will get uninstalled. I don’t mind seeing advertisements, but blasting me with audio & video from some lame mobile game ad when I open the news app on my phone is not a good way to get me to continue using it.
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6 years ago, seveer1313
Horrible since last update
App freezes and sometimes never opens and when it does it glitches and crashes frequently...using iPhone X 2 weeks go by no response from developer app doesn’t even open beyond splash screen now. Not to mention your Alexa flash briefing is horrible as well time for a new IT Dept WVLT
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7 years ago, Krh59
Needs to be more current
I like the app but it needs to be more current. Top headlines this morning is same news from 2 days ago
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6 years ago, Taem
Piece of cake.
Easier than ever and surprisingly informative. A little too much ‘breaking news’ alerts that seem repetitive. Overall, great app.
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2 years ago, MtnGal1
Too many ads!!
I hate having to watch a 25 second ad when I just want a quick glance at the morning weather to determine what to wear. Very frustrating!
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3 years ago, bkrage2030
Poorly designed
Trying to find news is frustrating! The app even has a Rate This App option that doesn’t even work. The WBIR app is so much more user friendly.
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3 years ago, MIAMI FINS FAN
Should be a place to respond to some stories…
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4 years ago, J Scarlett
Please fix it
Used to like this. The weather in particular was decent, and well presented with a helpful forecast description. Also a good sanity check for my other weather ap. However, After most recent update, it won’t even launch on my iPhone.
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3 years ago, Citizen 1964
Too much politics
I have seen several adds pop up that are directly tied to politics. These adds show that this news outlet is not unbiased. I guess I will have to find another way to get my local news.
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12 months ago, lindaVFL
Hate this app
This was always my go to news app, however now every time you open in you are subjected to a commercial. Will be using a competitor from now on!
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4 years ago, Granny Moses
Great app but far too many commercials. Flows nicely but could use some help for visually impaired people making touch screen magnifiable so one could see things as needed. Far too many commercials . Sick unto deathWith the political agenda, other than that it’s good app
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7 years ago, SeetherRocks1
iPhone X Optimization
When are you going to update your app to be optimized to fit the new iPhone X screen?
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7 years ago, Suewho 07
They have the same news 3 or 4 days in a row. They need to change daily like the other news apps do
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7 years ago, JumpDown
Still crashes most of time when opening
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8 months ago, dippyapp
Nothing but ads
I have tried the app twice and have never gotten past ads. Will again delete the ad!
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2 months ago, Rockytopgal
More options needed
I’d like to see a way to stop traffic notifications.
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3 years ago, ABakerB
As seen on tv
News showed a story on refugees needing support and was told to go to As Seen on TV for details to help ….. Nothing .
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5 years ago, ssgjimbob
Get Rid of Opening Ad.
Great app until you put a 30 second advertisement on when you open it. Funny thing about the ads I saw were from NBC...your competitor.
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5 months ago, Dogwalkr
way too cumbersome. very unprofessional layout. very poor migration of information. Absolutely terrible website
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4 years ago, RetiredMajor
Obnoxious ads
I opened the app today and saw nothing but a full page ad that could not be closed. This happened repeatedly. Uninstalled!
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