4.6 (6.3K)
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Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WWBT NBC12 News

4.56 out of 5
6.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Hx lover
Used to be my favorite local news app
This new version is horrible. I get that there have to be ads, but they shouldn’t interfere with the overall experience. To have an ad pop up that you can’t close drives me nuts. Then the error-riddled copy finishes off what patience I have left. I now look for the same information on the channel 6 app which is much better (although they don’t seem to proofread either). I hate to say goodbye to channel 12 after being a loyal viewer for 18 years, but that is exactly what I am going to do unless this is fixed soon.
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6 years ago, Nbc Reviewer
New Version is Terrible
Yesterday when I opened my NBC12 app, it contained a statement that a new version of the app was available, in that the current version that I was viewing would no longer contain updated new stories. It directed me to download the new version of the app. So I did. The new version is nothing short of terrible. It is extremely cluttered, filled with ads and annoying pop ups, and a ridiculously oversized default font. Several times now, I have inadvertently opened and I merely trying to scroll among different stories. And, curiously, several of the news stories appear TWICE. This new version of the app is a huge step BACKWARDS. If if significant improvements are not made to the NBC 12 app, I will likely delete it and instead download one of the other Richmond news station apps. They cannot be any worse. I truly do not understand what NBC12 was thinking when it thought this new version was an improvement. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Greenbaypatch
Great Job!
Thought for the day: Attitude is everything! With the right attitude, the worst situations & circumstance are overcome much easier. Focusing on what could go right versus looking at what can go wrong will reap far better benefits. Even when things don’t go as planned, if we learn something during the process, that in itself is a victory. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Change the way you think, look for the possibilities, not the impossibilities! God Bless!
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3 years ago, Rvateacher
New version is terrible
I love NBC12 and used to love their app, but the new design makes it so convoluted to find news stories, and there are so many more clicks to navigate than there used to be and the ads keep you from locating the stories easily. Having podcast links buttons within news stories article buttons while scrolling is also very confusing and annoying. It also seems to work more like an html site not an app, so when you click on the side bar it doesn’t collapse and you can’t get back to the list of stories without closing the app. I hope this is a beta test and that they have big alterations in the works otherwise I’m going to have to defect to a different news app!
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4 years ago, g00g01p1ex
App Has Become Battery Hog
Battery charge has started to show battery charge percentage drop from 100% down to 80-90% charge with little usage. A review of which apps are sucking the life out of the charge, this app is number one with no close second runner. The app this morning is showing 54% battery usage due to background activity. I have turned off location & blue tooth - background app refresh was already turned off. What the heck is this app doing in the background when background refresh has not been turned on? iPhone is up to date on iOS. I am deleting this app and will check for update that stated battery impact issue bug has been corrected.
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6 years ago, buyer1212
Great way to connect to news
I love the app. Wish they would update more often especially on weekends and I wish they would edit content for grammatical errors better. Other then that; it’s perfect!
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6 years ago, New App Not Good
Newly updated app is not as good
The newly updated version is not as good as the other. Titles are not as bold AND way too many Ads!!! If your fingers accidentally touch one, it pops into a commercial! The Allen and Allen ads are awful to click out of!!!! The tiny X in the corner doesn’t always respond and when it does, switches over to web commercial! I have been forced to se it several times before I can get to the news!!!!!! Downloaded your app for the purpose of reading the news! You won’t let me!!!
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5 years ago, maxbert2018
Weekend Sports Report
Why don’t you ‘ll stop reporting sports on weekends. It ‘s kind of sad. Nobody knows what they are reading. Poor Kelly doesn’t know a baseball game from a soccer match. In reporting baseball the home team is always on the bottom, but you’ll seem to like the Squirrels on top when they should be listed as the home team on the bottom. Also you would have never known the British Open was being played because it was never mentioned. If you can’t afford a sportscaster on weekends, you ought to just skip it all together. I am trying not to switch channels but if this continues on I might have to make a change.
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2 years ago, Three In Tow
Ads have taken over
As the title suggests and others have noted, the increase on ads has negatively impacted my experience with this app so much that I had to delete it. There is always an ad upon opening (which is fine), but I can’t read more than a story or two without more ads popping up. This is a shame because I really enjoyed the content NBC 12 provides. I hope they reconsider this decision so that I may re-install this app at some point in the future.
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4 years ago, TonyDJr123
New VIDEO ads pop up
The layout is great. NBC 12’s articles however are full of grammatical and spelling errors for which is truly disappointing coming from a professional media organization. Additionally, the annoying ads that pop up have now turned into video with blaring audio that have you scrambling to turn down or off. This was the last remnant of NBC 12 that I held onto and somewhat appreciated. Now deleted, my separation from this organization is complete.
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2 years ago, Nat. Maye
Black screen
I love this morning team but don’t have television so I tried using this application. With workout technology as well I hope you all received this for improvements. Currently, I am writing this on a blank page. Every morning, recently, the screen stay black but I can hear news speaking for a mint or two. After each speaking moment have to close and refresh the app a few time before I will see a screenshot of the new and can hear the next portion.
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6 years ago, $/100-£
New App for More Ads
Forced to upgrade to this new app for news and weather, but the new interface is laid out so that every time you touch the screen you get redirected to another pop-up ad. Really poor function layout. I feel like my phone is getting hijacked. What happened to the “Swipe right for new articles” in the news feed? Now you have to go back to the home screen and then scroll down to the next article. Bad design!!
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3 years ago, tignorjl
Too Cluttered, Not User Friendly
The new app isn’t user friendly at all. I shouldn’t have to click through multiple ads to get through to the home page.... the home page that is now so cluttered that half the time I can’t find what I’m looking for. The new UI when it comes to going back and forth between articles and sections isn’t intuitive, either. A huge step backwards... disappointing, because this was my favorite news app
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3 years ago, mjw9143
Terrible, terrible, terrible update
You’re latest update is the worse update of this app. Get a notice of some news article, tap on it, get to the app, have to go through many, many icons to get to the article. By then I’m frustrated enough I just close the app and go elsewhere to get the news I was looking for. Don’t know who the developer is on this app but they need to do much, much better. I will not be using this app anymore.
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4 years ago, Travis siegel
This version of the app is useless
I use voice over to read my screen. With this version of the app, I can’t close the pop up ads because the close button is grayed out. The only way for me to get it to go away is to switch to another app, then switch back. However after reading another asection of the screen, the ad pops up again. It is impossible for me to get through an entire article. This app is unusable for screen reader users.
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3 years ago, Maerwyn
Had to delete app
I have followed WWBT CH 12 since the earliest days online, way before apps. I have used all the apps. Each update was more problematic, and the last was the end for me. Horrible! Clicking on a notification did not even take me to the story (previous links did at least take me to the story, even if it wasn't the updated version.) I am done with the app, will try to use the website from now on.
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3 years ago, chawoott
Horrible app
My wife uses this more than I and she is just livid. The layout in the previous app made it easy to find articles. Not so with the April 2021 update. Unless there is a new update reverting to the previous format we will look around for someone that can make local and state news easy to find at a glance. Just because your team CAN “update” doesn’t mean it SHOULD be done. The previous app worked just fine.
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6 years ago, lmcladybug
During weather alert. Stop ads and reviews.
I can’t watch weather news on app during this tornado warning time because of so many pop ups and ads and now review request. I keep getting to the updates and live news then it interrupts with something else programmed in your app. During emergency weather situations cut the crap off on app and let us get to needed info faster and without watching ads each time we navigate into app. Common sense.
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3 years ago, Efan2
Since doing the latest update, app crashes immediately upon opening. Please fix soon!
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6 years ago, letsbefsir
You report as news talking points and opinions from CEO NBC. So this is not news. Your local reporting of Richmond metro is more appropriate. What makes it news when it is lead by one head, totally impossible. DETACH IT FROM NEW YORK. We are Virginians!! If we are to be more like them why should we have government and taxes. It’s taxation without representation. NBC gave over $1M to Dems and less than $150k to Republicans. News is news. So if it is not news, I do not watch. Journalism is no longer possible from NBC.
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3 years ago, Marathonrunr
Newest update ruined it
I agree a refresh was needed, but you have ruined it with more ad’s and self promotion tiles. Why do you need to put large tiles for promoting all your other apps and features in the middle of the Top News? Two stories then four advertisements is super annoying and that’s on top of the local business ads that paid to be there. This app should be renamed the NBC12 Ad app. Such a disappointment.
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3 years ago, 1tibookworm
What happened?!
I have had to switch over to another morning news show because of technical difficulties. I can watch a portion of the news, cuts to commercials and then it doesn’t go back. I get a black screen and “Error, something went wrong” message. Can’t even close the app and go back in. I miss the morning crew!
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5 years ago, JAMINACV
Room for improvements
Much work needs to be done on the app’s performance when playing video news clips.
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6 years ago, Earl of Frogs
Ads galore!
Just did the update today. Now there are ads in the app feed telling me it’s better in the app. Um..... really? And there were 2 literally back to back. A few headlines later there were SIX ads, 3 for the app (???) and 3 generic. Then I get an ad while reading a news story that requires me to close it to keep reading. I think it’s really an ad app with a few news articles sprinkled in. 🙄
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5 years ago, Skwyre7
Used to be good
The past few updates have been nothing short of a downgrade. The app is riddled with more ads than before. There are intrusive ads that pop up randomly - sometimes in the middle of reading an article! A few of the ads have no way to close them without clicking to open a web page or answering a survey question. The content is good, but the experience is absolutely TERRIBLE!
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3 years ago, kikihenrico
Finally had it with the ads!
NEWSFLASH: A new study published by cell phone users in Richmond, VA, has found that consumers prefer less advertisement and more beneficial information in their news stories. Our correspondent is live on the scene.... wait, oh nope, sorry... now for a word from our multitude of sponsors.
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3 years ago, Corollacruzin
Used to love this app but now way too many ads!!
Now there’s 2 ads to get through to see the content and they want cross app tracking? Why can’t I just give you $5 for an ad free experience? It’s deleted until they prove providing news is more important than making money off my views.
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3 years ago, Enmyj
Updated version horrible
Had to delete the app because the new update crashed the app. I had no issues with the app, & now can’t use it. Guess I’ll be looking at news and weather from another side of town🤦🏼‍♀️
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6 years ago, Phantix
Not a Fan of the new release
The new design is disappointing ... there appears to be no organization, articles are repeated multiple times and the redesign just seems to be a platform foe larger and repetitious ads. This app used to be my “go to” place for local news, but after this update, I’ll be looking for another source. To the app marketing lead ... “roll back to the last version if you want to retain viewership.”
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5 years ago, Robbie19??
Great Weather Coverage
I love the weather team. Especially Andrew! The app works well. I depend on it for particularly weather when I’m not near a television!
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6 years ago, MzRockii
Issues after the latest update
After doing the update, it shows nothing other than the Joel Bieber ad. Completely frozen. Prior to this, the app was okay. Nothing was special about the layout but at least I could see the latest news. Please fix! 2 weeks since original review, dealing with the same issue. Guess I’ll have to delete this app!
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6 years ago, RAVISHTZOFF
Too Many Annoying Ads!
There's a hurricane bearing down on our coast. When I go to check the local weather conditions I have to put up with multiple advertisements that slow the progress of my ability to accomplish my goal. Can't you temporarily stop the ads during emergencies?
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3 years ago, ReggieB2
No to new version.
The new 2021 version is the worst it could possibly be. Very hard for me to navigate, just to find the news. The old version was better, even though they didn’t update the news on the weekend. I guess they didn’t think it was necessary to have a staff, for the weekend.
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3 years ago, jklemg
Who approved the new version of this app?
Why would anyone feel that this would be an upgrade? This used to be my local news app. Not anymore. I only open the app to see if it has been changed back to the previous version. Until that day comes I won’t be viewing.
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3 years ago, Nigel Rasta
Horrible changes to this app
The NBC12 was my go to app. I just deleted it because the recent changes make it unusable. Way too many advertisements compared to the other local stations. It is also difficult to get to the actual news stories. CBS6 is significantly better.
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6 years ago, Seventh_Fret
Hate the new Update!
Updated the ap and it is TERRIBLE!!!! Too many ads, can’t tell how old the articles are, same stories are shown several times and ads, ads, ads! Weather is on a different ap, why??? This used to be my favorite ap, I’m deleting this and going with another local TV’s ap. Hopefully you put it back the way it was.
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3 years ago, Woodlake Senior
Worst update ever!
The latest version of your App is horrible. I had to delete it from my iPhone- the settings are useless. Please go back to your previous version . Now I don’t have a local news app on my iPhone. Many people are complaining of the same thing- so it’s not just me!
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3 weeks ago, Lalais517
So many ads. During a severe storm I want to watch the weather. Not a few ads before the live. Also if you are watching live and you turn your phone the stream stops. You have to reload and watch yet more ads!
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4 years ago, richard sendwetch
Report news, not agendas
I’m embarrassed to watch your broadcast and call myself a Richmond native. You, as a media outlet have the opportunity to report the news without succumbing to the agendas of your parent company or what’s socially popular at the moment. Report the facts, report fair, and use your power to bring people together, not further divide.
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10 months ago, mikesslade
This planet
They want to kill 3 billion people - but this lottery scams is the biggest Heist ever 8 million our government just wrong period this planet will never evolve
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6 years ago, mom2foster
Weather app
Your weather app works only sometimes. Can you please stabilize this app. Thanks
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6 years ago, richmond ff
The newest app version has way too many adds. Also the top stories are located twice. So when you scroll down it’s news you’ve already seen. The last version was far simpler and easier to follow. I use your app daily and hope you guys or gals will return to a more simple Look. Thanks
Show more
5 years ago, Capnchaos77
Won’t even load
The new update won’t even load on my iPhone 8
Show more
5 years ago, RNJennyRVA
Live stream is awful
The only reason I downloaded this app is so I can watch live news in the morning from my phone so I don’t disturb the rest of my sleeping family. The live streaming has not worked well for months. Frequent pauses and then kicked out. Funny...the commercials never cut out.
Show more
3 years ago, Niecybrown
Crashes immediately after opening
Still crashing after latest update. This app doesn’t even work since the most recent update. It crashes immediately.
Show more
3 years ago, dfrat66
Lame - Constantly Freezing Up
Downloaded this app so that I could live stream the NBC 12 news cast. It never makes it through more than 5 or 10 minutes before it freezes up. I’m using it on a 5G WiFi network coming through fiber optic service, so bandwidth is NOT the issue.
Show more
5 years ago, Bruce Channell
Poorly Formatted
The app should open to a summary page of selectable news items, rather that a full-page photo of the main story. It makes the app cumbersome and unfriendly to use. I have this app, but never use it, for that reason. See NBCWashington’s app, as an example of a much better layout.
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6 years ago, Mimi19065
Not an improvement
Your new app is cumbersome and visually unappealing. The weather is not current.
Show more
5 years ago, Ron Buchanan
Latest Update Error
Just loaded latest update and it won’t allow the app to open. Real problem!!
Show more
6 years ago, Neisy V.
Love my channel 12
I love the channel 12 news team and the first alert weather team. They are really the best in town, that’s for sure. I don’t go a day without watching them.
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