3.7 (5.3K)
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Current version
World Wrestling Entertainment, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WWE

3.71 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Aditya N.
Plentiful content, few layout problems
Bought the subscription and downloaded the app about a month and a half ago as quarantine got quite boring. I’ve been watching it every day since. I’m genuinely surprised how much content there is from WCE, ECW, etc. The documentaries also especially well made. Unfortunately recent Raw and Smackdown episodes can only be shown on the network after 30 days but that’s obviously because of tv deals and not really at the fault of the network. PPV’s are lively shown and if you remember how you used to Order PPV’s a few years ago you’d know how much money you’re saving. The only concern I’d have is that the app’s layout isn’t as smooth as say Netflix and this includes trying to forward to a certain part of the video etc. Other than that I definitely think it’s worth the cost.
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5 years ago, Mario Edwards
Great but one problem
The WWE network is great but it's lacking one thing consistency with the networks original programming they have yet to release the second half of camp WWE and the second half of holy Foley and also another season of wwe count down and wwe rivals. If the network to become more like Netflix with their original programming it would make this app more better it will make the network better because we don't have to wait for a second half of the season we could just watch it all there and then wait for a second season when it comes. Other than the original programming for the network, the video on demand selection is great there's only one problem, I wish they would add some more ECW footage. WWE claims to have all of the ECW footage but I don't see the Barbwire match between Terry Funk and Sabu anywhere in the catalog. Other than that the W network is solid if you're wrestling fan you will really enjoy it you enjoyed all the countless memories going down memory lane watching every single Wrestlemania known to man and more Wrestlemanias to come also it's $9.99 and you can't beat that. EDIT: Please bring back the casting feature!!
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5 years ago, Sparkle)78
Bad, bad, bad.
This is my third rating to give the app since the update. I just re-updated the app this morning and still no success. They are making this app uneasy for us that’s visually impaired to work with since the update. I miss the old lay out to where it was easy. I guess Vince McMahon and the Wwe doesn’t care about their customers. It seems like all they want is money. Now! If they can fix the lay out the way it was which I know it’s not going to go back, yes I will return. If not, I am taking my business somewhere else. But other than that, I can read the news so I will keep the app for that. As far as the network goes, no thanks until you fix it. So you guys went from a five star which I wrote last year down to a one star. The update for the network is bad, bad, bad. For those with site that can appreciate it, congratulations. I had to unsubscribe yesterday because I couldn’t take it anymore. When you tried to close the certain video, it won’t close out. You have to close the app in order to watch something else. I really wish they had a special Wwe app for the visually impaired since they are not going to update this properly. For my fellow visually impaired folks that’s having issues or trouble with the app like me, I share your grievances. For those with site who loves this update, more power to all of you.
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5 years ago, Blah blah blah24
Desperately Needs an Update
As a long time WWE fan, I absolutely love the WWE Network for its affordable price and access to the entire WWE Universe My main complaint here is that the app have some major glitches that need to be resolved. 1st, when it comes to trying to play back videos or click on a tab, the app will shut down at least 4/5 times before it will actually load the content. The second issue is with the Shop portion of the app. I purchase a lot of items from the WWE shop, but it is hard to do so when sometimes it will not scroll down and let me click on other options. And lastly, I think it would be a great idea if there was a way that if you are watching smackdown and raw in order, that the “up next” episode can be in order from the last one. For example, if I just got done watching an old episode of raw, I think the next episode of Smackdown should play immediately after, rather than exiting out to go to the smackdown tab. I have been a longtime member of the WWE Network and it would be great if at least some of these issues were resolved.
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5 years ago, TONYWHYYYYYYYYYYYYYdeeznuts
Okay so I have been having this problem for many times I watch a stream, and even a previous PPV show before present time. The problem is that it would always crash when I am watching a televised PPV and RAW or SMACKDOWN LIVE. Even worse it would just lag and freeze at moments when I’m watching. It ALWAYS happens mid stream. And the graphics are near 144p. But in overall situations here, I like how WWE network at least gives notifications of a start of a televised show. That’s pretty cool. But I hate how it makes the current stream you are watching to stop and makes it not live as other WWE network fans that watch it live. So things you HAVE to fix is 1. Please make the lag and the frozen moments stop. 2. Make some of the graphics better. 3. Make the notification of a new event not freeze the current stream not making it live. That’s really it. But in overall, out of 1-5 stars (1 is really bad 2 is bad 3 is decent 4 is good 5 is really good) I would give it a 3 star. Thanks for looking at my review if you are a WWE member. Make the errors I wrote to stop in the next update.
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5 years ago, FrogginSexy
Lost a customer
My debit card expired and I wanted to simply change payment information to avoid uninterrupted service. Could not change my info on the app or online, so call customer service. The lady informed me that I had 7days left on my current cycle and that I had to let my account cancel and then I could put in my new payment info when I resubscribe. Do what?!?! From there the lady would not listen to my complaint and proceeded to talk over me. I tried to express how inconvenient this was. Someone else got on the phone and said they could cancel my account and I could resubscribe today. I was like “no just let it cancel when it’s supposed to”. Woke up the next morning to an email that I had been canceled and refunded the difference. What?!?! But there is a PPV tomorrow?!?! So I missed out and will not subscribe. Poor horrible customer service. Not to mention when I started watching this app, I was to get 30 days free. I got ten. I called customer service and they told me it was free for the month. The month was over and so was my free trail. Poor customer service. It’s so sad really.
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7 years ago, A Brother Named...
App Crashes ALL THE TIME on iPad
As a lifelong fan of the WWF/WWE, I love a large variety of the programming made available on the app. I agree with other reviews in that there should be more Original programming. Also, the rolling out of older programming from other federations/wrestling organizations is frustrating. They've definitely shown improvement but they're definitely taking their time. Heck, where's Wrestling Challenge and Superstars? My biggest frustration however is how many times I have to try to open the app on my iPad before it successfully loads. It'll give the impression it's going to load each time but then crashes shortly after. On average it takes 7-10 attempts to get the app/network to load. You should also have an option to remove things from your "Continue Watching" list. Often times I'll complete a program in its entirety yet it's still in my list. (Sometimes reflecting where I originally continued watching) it's really aggravating because you have to go through each program, love the slider bar close to the end, let a few minutes play. It then will prompt you with the next program they try to get you to watch. You have to press done QUICKLY otherwise it will then start THAT program and you have to repeat the process. Can you say RIDICULOUS AND IRRITATING? I knew you could. The WWE Network could learn a lot from their fans and what they look for in programming and more if they just took us, and not just our money, seriously.
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4 years ago, amiactuallywritingthis
No problems with stream. Software itself is mediocre
While there are no connection issues, and the video player is equivalent to what you would get with all of the other top tier streaming service, the software itself leaves something to be desired. Many shows are hide to find, and the search feature is so crowded what you’re looking for might be on the screen and you don’t even realize it. Also, and this was a huge surprise, it’s hard to subscribe. The number one thing the WWE wants you to do with this app, is pay for it, and they make it difficult. I’m 26 years old. I’ve been around technology for my entire life. I’ve been looking for 10 minutes where to renew my subscription in this app and I still haven’t found a way. When you go to account, it just tells you your sub isn’t active. No option to renew it. When you go to a subscriber only video it tells you this video is only for subscribers; Any other modern app would have some type of way to instantly renew your membership as soon as you clicked on that video. Overall viewing experience is great, and the catalog of programming is absolutely massive, but the software behind it is bad, always has been. Even the browser is bad when watching on a computer. Dear WWE, if you’re hiring the software development for this project out to an outside company FIND SOMEONE ELSE.
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5 years ago, ZeleronX
New Update ruins app
I have the WWE Network App on my Apple TV. When I first got it, there were some bugs, but it was relatively easy to use and still accomplished its task. But now on the heels of Summer Slam this new update makes everything worse. For starters, my account was somehow lost. When I called WWE support they told me to contact Apple. When I called Apple, they told me to contact WWE. To resolve this issue, I had to cancel my previous subscription and re-subscribe as a new user. That’s inconvenient, but not terribly difficult. Now I’m watching SummerSlam and guess what happens now? I can’t fast forward or rewind. Whatever new update you guys made to the video player completely negates the use of my Samsung Smart Universal Remote, an issue I did not have with the previous versions. This is my biggest gripe with the update, fast forwarding through the matches I don’t really care about is important to me and I’m sure many others. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, AidenTGM101
Does not load
Hi, I used to love this app, so I gave it an extra star. But now, the app would just go to the loading screen and will not finish. I hope that this will be fixed, but until then, only 2 stars. What I mean by, not loading, I mean it goes to the WWE logo, the loading wheel spins, and spins, and spins. The entire app doesn’t work! Okay, I found out it was my internet, but now, when I sign into my WWE Network account, it either says, “You are signed in as...” or “You are not authorized to see this media.” Please fix this, because for a long time, I’ve been a WWE fan, and I still have hope that this will fix, but if it doesn’t, I will be forced to cancel my subscription. Thank you, -AidenTGM101
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7 years ago, Thelostnomad
I don’t exist apparently...
The appleTV app works fine for me and there doesn’t seem to be any problem for WWE to bill me every month, but when I try to use the iPhone version of the app... I don’t exist. The same exact email address works on one platform, but not the other... Not a password issue as I received an email that straight up says there is no account associated with this email address... I am typing this while streaming an episode of Total Divas to my TV. Please fix your database and I’ll change my rating. -Update- After a couple of months of using only the AppleTV version of this app, it no longer loads videos on my AppleTV, merely giving me the spinning white wheel of doom. I’ve uninstalled the app multiple times and rebooted the AppleTV itself in every possible order before trying to load videos and NOTHING WORKS. Will be cancelling my subscription to this service due to a (now) complete inability to load ANY VIDEOS ON ANY DEVICES. Thanks for stealing my money for this month.
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5 years ago, The Dude From NYC
I used to love this app/network until they ruined it
The WWE network used to be my favorite app and then....the big update happened. OMG what a hot mess! It ruined my viewing parties with my cousins because after the update the app will no longer cast to Chromecast. And they still haven’t fixed that. And it’s sucked all the joy I used to have watching the network with my cousins because we’re not all going to gather around my iPhone to watch. So I no longer see NXT or any of the PPVs or specials with them because I can’t cast anymore. I’m trying to give the WWE time to fix this but I’m paying for it in the meantime. And as this time goes by as I wait, my cousins are watching WWE less and less and the UFC more and more. They have even suggested switching our viewing parties to UFC events. If the casting issues don’t get fixed soon then I’m going to have to cancel my subscription and the UFC will be getting my money from then on. It’s a shame because I’m a longtime subscriber.
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2 months ago, DyreLogan
Save your money
This app is trash. Scrubbing is nonexistent with this app on Apple TV. Trying to find anything is a chore. And the final nail in the coffin for me which caused me to cancel my plan was that their biggest two nights of the year, and remember, this is a billion dollar company, their biggest two nights of the year, Wrestlemania 40, could not watch it at all. The audio and video is completely out of sync and I started the 4 hour show from the beginning and heard HHH speaking then it jumps to the Becky Lynch match already in progress but with the start of Wrestlemania audio playing from the beginning. I mean, what a joke. I'm paying for this???? The tech guys have one job and they can't do this one simple thing and put up the most popular show of the year correctly??? Everyone is complaining about it on reddit. Look it up. Canceling my plan after just 2 short months subscription.
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5 years ago, MLSCrewFan
Update made app worse
Where to begin? A 2016 Samsung TV no longer has the app. I can’t use my 3rd gen. Apple TV either. Why would this app be updated to such a point that it eliminates hardware that is only a few years old? I don’t want to have to go out and buy another piece of hardware to watch the Network or watch it in my phone. Continue Watching: I don’t see the ability to continue watching a show that you did not finish. Where did that go? PPVs: The update took away the ability to choose a year for old WWE PPVs so you can watch them in order. Now, the PPVs are listed alphabetically. So unless you know which PPVs are which month, it is no longer easy to watch in order. Even so, you now have to skip around to different PPVs to watch in order. Plus, PPVs that have been retired are on a separate line. The solution I was told? Put a year in the search bar. But that brings up every piece of content, not just PPVs. I don’t need the most recent PPV front and center. Just have it part of the PPV tab line before. For some reason, WCW and ECW PPVs are still by year, but not WWE ones. The app seems more crowded and congested on the main page. I am all for updates, but this one missed the mark. Allow users to organize PPVs by name or year, so those of us who like to watch old ones in order can pick PPVs by year.
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5 years ago, Kevin46422345
I got the WWE subscription to watch the recent crown jewel match and I haven’t been able to get pass the 10 min mark without it constantly exiting me out of what I’m watching for no reason and then when I try to continue watching it’ll play audio from earlier along with current audio. And if that wasn’t bad enough I’ll exit the app close everything and try again and it’ll start me off 2-3min earlier then where I was when i closed the app and if I try to scroll/fast forward to where I was in the match before the app crashed on me. It starts to crash because I fast forward. Honestly I’m just gonna do the 1 month free trial and then cancel because what is the point of paying for this subscription if I can’t watch anything in peace. I also realized a lot of other people have this exact same problem and they don’t seem to have done anything about it and that’s upsetting.
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5 years ago, Abraham Jimenez
Love the update but where’s chromecast?
First of all, I don’t mind the update at all. It is better than the previous version. The videos play instantly instead of seeing the disclaimer every time I wanted to open one. There are some things to improve on but for the most part it’s decent. My only huge upset and drawback is that I no longer see the Chromecast feature, this is a major blow especially since it lost 10 other platforms. The other reviews bashing the update are ridiculous, people have to get out of the comfort zone and adapt to change. Although not always but change is good. Thanks WWE!
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4 years ago, PhantomSlayer29
It’s an amazing app!! I love it, but......
It’s great for a WWE and just all around wrestling fan like myself to watch the WWE Network that has thousands of hours of content on it to watch from interesting original shows that give you some insight into the lives of the superstars and the company itself to every pay-per-view ever from WWE, ECW, and WCW but I would love for the WWE Network to include programming from other shows like Velocity, HEAT, Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n Wrestling cartoons, Shotgun Saturday Night, and WWE Superstars from 2009 all the way to 2013. I found the Network lacking in that area, but other than that it’s great! Hopefully they’ll be able to add those shows in the future.
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5 years ago, DrNebuloso
What happened? This is garbage now...
Every week, I’d watch my 205, NXT, Table for 3s...go back and rewatch all my favorite nWo nitros and PPVs. I used to watch it via my old Apple TV, but they decided not to support that platform anymore. Which upset me because I could enjoy content all day long while browsing the internet on my phone with no interruptions. So I DL’d the app and was able to cast to my ChromeCast and it didn’t bother me much. With ChromeCast you can still browse the internet with no problem. Then WWE made an update to the app that is complete garbage. Not only did the layouts change for the worst. I can’t even cast to my ChromeCast or to my Apple TV. I have to watch on my phone or Ipad...I can screen monitor but I lose the ability to browse the web and live tweet about matches. Why am I paying $9.99 now? Ill just pirate your content because its the same amount of headache to watch on my TV as it is to browse pirate servers for my wrestling. I don’t understand why you are doing this, but I am going to give it another month then cancel if it doesn't improve. Now that Shane’o’Mac isn’t on TV anymore you have him running your IT department? Completely garbage...save your money and pirate this content until they maker easier to enjoy.
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5 years ago, Daniel6150
Tons of content
I had wwe network years ago when it first came out & I didn’t really care for it then they made you get locked In to a 6 month contract & you weren’t able to cancel. This is much better thought I love this app now they have so much content it’s crazy every PPV EVER from ECW & WCW & WWF/WWE they even have old PPV that aren’t even around anymore like judgement day & backlash. They also have every episode of raw & smackdown ever + NXT I am really enjoying this app & I plan on keeping it for a long time I’m probably gunna buy the year membership that’s how much I like this. If your a wrestling fan new or old this is for you.
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4 years ago, Mr1jmac
If I’m paying, why do I have ads?
Going on over a year and some time now having the network, and I enjoy it because I live in yesteryear. These last couple of months however have bothered me with the frequent ads for upcoming programming. I get you have a product to sell, but I can’t watch one episode of RAW without an ad coming up before the next. Very annoying and unfair. Would also like a feature that allows you to relive the days by episode and not just show. For example, if I want to watch a RAW from 2001, I should automatically be able to go to SmackDOWN! of that same week without interruption. But the ads are by far the worst thing about the network since I’m paying.
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4 years ago, NBT001
Ads...really? And still payback issues
I love the accessibility of the network and being able to look back through the years that made this company so great. But it’s hard to do that when the content you watch stops and buffers every 2 minutes...literally. Then after a time will just quit on you with errors. It is one of the cheaper streaming services, but thats no excuse to have so many glitches. Also, maybe I missed but I’m a paying customer of the network; have been since the the early inception and before the release of this free version. So if I’m paying a monthly fee; why am I now seeing ads before videos play. Shouldn’t that be something reserved for viewers that choose not to pay for the service? Just saying.
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5 years ago, Chris Lomax
The newest update
Hi my name is CHRIS, and I am blind, And ever since updating the app I’ve regretted doing it in, it is very jumbled and inaccessible for voiceover users, the previous update before the current was way better and organized, if possible wish there was a way to go back to the original set up. legit every day I would watch the raw exclusives and the SmackDown exclusives and every day I would watch Raw and SmackDown replays from back in The early 2000’s when I was younger and still could see: but now I’m actually considering turning off my WWE membership because I’m not going to pay for something I won’t be able to use.🙁☹️ Hopefully they can fix it soon.#RedoTheUpdate #BlindVoiceoverUser
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5 years ago, TheLoneDrake
Not perfect but great bang for buck.
For little over the price of Netflix, to have access to the entire WWE collection with more and more from the archives being added almost every day, how can you not love it? I would make a suggestion of being able to choose video quality though, peak internet usage times do seem to affect streaming speeds. Also, I’m having to reinstall it right now as it simply won’t play any videos, I get the spinning loading/buffering sign, but after seconds of nothing but a black screen, I’m left back where I was, so there’s an overall reliability issue.
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6 years ago, gooflagoof
Worst Streaming Platform for a Big Company
First off, why don’t they have auto play for the watch list? That should’ve been on here since day 1. Searching is not as smooth as it could be. If you have more than 30 things on your watchlist be prepared for the list to either never load, take like 3 minutes to load up, or crash as soon as you open it. Why no iPhone X comparability yet? When there is a ppv I still want to be able to check wwe news section and it doesn’t allow me to. Speaking of ppv’s, you have a Raw and Smackdown section, why not a upcoming ppv or nxt section? Wwe for all the money it’s making you would think they could get the little things right. App is as good as the current product.
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5 years ago, Anibalftw
Great service but application interface is outdated.
The WWE network service is awesome for any WWE fan, so much content to watch through and at anytime with smartphone access, it’s amazing. However, I have to give this app three stars. The interface is so outdated, and is desperate need of an update. I have an iPhone XS and when watching videos the screen is cropped which means I am not watching the video in full resolution, which dampers on the experience. Im surprised that at this time with so many larger screen smartphones the interface has not been formatted to support them. Fingers crossed this gets addressed and I can adjust my rating because as stated previously the whole service is glorious!
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5 years ago, JoeStranger2113
Video Player Isn’t Great
Only issue I have with the app is the video player...but with a video playing app that’s a big deal. Sometimes videos won’t save on the spot I left them at. Sometimes it doesn’t know how long their videos are. I watch 47 minutes of a 47 minute program and it’ll still be in my “In Progress” section...listed at 60 minutes. So the video won’t be completely watched because of a phantom 13 minutes. Also I wish the “skip back” feature wasn’t 30 seconds...a more manageable 10 seconds would be preferable. Sometimes I wanna just hop back real quick to rewatch a specific spot and I have to go back further than desired.
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3 years ago, Stan Lee's biggest fan :) :)
On a scale of 1 to 10 it’s a 9
It is amazing I love watching all of this. I have recently gotten into WWE so I wasn’t up to date with most of the stuff but this helped me. But, 2 problems. Some of the most recent matches and tournaments are locked so I can’t see them but I understand why you did that. It’s an app, it basically needs in app purchases. The second is I favorite the wrestlers that I am interested in and interested with the storyline so I have them favorited so that I can watch their matches when I want but they keep getting randomly unfavorited.
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5 years ago, EvilMadnessv1
The updated app is missed up
Some of the videos will not let to exit out of them right before they end and they will start playing another video without you wanting them two and sometimes the skip intro button will be stuck at the beginning of the video even if you want to watch the stat of the video. It wasn’t like that before this “new” update. They need a “new” update to replace this “new” update or better yet just go back to the old version just without the show TV-PG rating. Some of these videos need major improvement in quality. Put these videos in full 1080p this company is supposedly a billion dollar company and can’t afford to put its full library in 1080p quality? Come on.
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6 years ago, CM. McKinney
Blind user with iPad
I am a major fan of the WWE and the network. I am blind and use voiceover with the WWE app I cannot get it to tell me anything that is on the screen except for the side menus and when I try to log on to the WWE shop the logon screen doesn’t stay on long enough for me to fill out the credentials to login although I can navigate to the left menu and login to the main site to get to the network. But after I login to the app I cannot access anything else on any of the main pages such as the homepage or WWE shop. This is all being done through using voice over. Someone could please look into this I would really appreciate it. Thank you
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4 years ago, efontenette42
WWE app Layout
The app layout on Apple TV is terrible. You used to be able to find the years in chronological order and find anything you want from that year. Now, it seems to be just thrown together. When logging on to other apps (ie: Samsung TV) everything is the perfect. Why is the Apple version different? We need to go back to the library being in chronological order and, honestly, it would be great if you could watch everything as it aired originally with Raw, and eventually smackdown, included. We could just press play and watch everything in order. All platforms should be the same. I shouldn’t have to go to another room or use another device to get a better app experience.
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6 years ago, Rdrunnero2
Possible Fix and Request
Overall, the app works great on the Apple tv. There are times that we start a PPV later and click “watch from the Start”, but it always goes to Live. The fix we have been able to do is go Live and rewind to the start. But that is a little inconvenient and spoils some outcomes of matches while rewinding. But, still the best way to watch a PPV. On a side note, not sure if it is possible, but I would love a feature that would allow us to search for a year and have all the shows and ppv’s in chronological order for that year.
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3 years ago, Oedx08
Poorly developed app
There are so many things wrong with the app. At this point there should be PIP and if there’s not going to be, I should be able to resume where I left off, not be taken back for the opening page. On top of that, after I search for what I was watching, it’s from the very beginning of the program. Also, when I search a specific superstar and scroll down through the video categories it doesn’t allow me to scroll back up. Every time I click any button the app asks me if I’m enjoying using it. It’s like an annoying pop up on a virus ridden computer. There’s just so much wrong with the app and it really needs to be updated and modernized. Such a huge company can’t be putting out such a low functioning app.
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3 years ago, Jjjamks101
Big Tech Censorship and Money Always Prevail
This was the best app ever for a WWE fan. The option to watch any show and ppv for a reasonable price was awesome. I watched old shows everyday. But now you sold out to MSNBC. Not only that, but they have to go thru and review all the material in the archive to determine what is acceptable for viewers today and what isn’t. Hey big tech, why don’t you let the user decide what’s right for them to see and what isn’t. One of the best things about the old shows is how people didn’t get offended about everything and you could joke about things you can’t say now. The fact you’re going thru and deleting scenes is just ridiculous. This is a joke and I hope no one pays for a subscription. You sold out. And Big Tech and censorship won.
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5 years ago, Msquizzy
I love the content, when it works. The new smart cast is a buggy feature and frequently stops or even quits out during matches; the ‘jump to match’ feature doesn’t even work at all for me, I have to manually fast forward and rewind every time I want to watch a specific match; whenever I’m watching in full screen, the audio will start over while remaining the same, so I’ll have double audio going on, both of what I’m currently watching and of the beginning of what I’m currently watching; where did the superstar playlists go, I can’t find my favorite superstars best matches, like the Miz or Jeff Hardy. I only watch on my XBox since the phone app is so buggy and unproductive.
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6 years ago, ItzYaHotBoi
Great variety but quality is “meh”
To keep it short and sweet, it’s great to see any and all matches i want. What is annoying is that is i want to watch a match , even recent match from the last few years, the screen quality is poor. On my iPhone 6 and now i have an iPhone X and even with the new oled screen it’s still trash picture quality definitely not hd. That’s my main gripe with the app. Second is just a suggestion i feel would be great, instead of having a playback of 30 seconds why not make it 10-15 seconds? If i miss a spot in a match I’d much rather shoot back 10-15 seconds than 30.
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4 years ago, AComedian
Please add year specific playlists for continuous viewing
I love the Network but the real pain that I have is if I want to watch all of the shows and pay per views from a certain year, there’s no way to watch them back to back. I would love it if I could select an option to watch all of 2001 and have it start on Jan 1st Raw then go to Jan 4th Smackdown automatically and then at the end of the month show Sunday Night Heat followed by that months Pay Per View. It’s a small thing but it would make watching more enjoyable.
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4 years ago, Ljhawks13
Raw and Smackdown
I have had the app for almost a year now and everything worked just great I was able to watch RAW and Smackdown just fine every week. However I don’t know how longs it’s been going on for but for a good while both RAW and Smackdown aren’t uploading in order, or streaming live the last upload from Raw is February 10 and it’s March 17th. If anyone has any suggestions of how I can fix this or if anyone has the same problem any help would be greatly appreciated thanks for reading.
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5 years ago, ==ShowOff==
Trouble with Navigation
Before the major update a few months ago, everything was great. Navigation was easy and finding new shows and episodes and adding them to your watch list was great. Now after the update there is no watchlist to add episodes or series to. What kind of streaming app doesn’t have a queue or watchlist to add shows to so you can watch them later? Also there were little ticks at the bottom of the wrestling shows that gave you the start and finish of each match which was really nice. The new update does not have this feature. The watchlist and ticks are the two biggest complaints I have. Please work on bringing them back soon!
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4 years ago, RobinLarry
Problematic logging in
I have set up three accounts thus far! The first time I was charged for the first month and then I could not get on it anymore I set up a new account looked at it for a while but when I went to wrestlemania Saturday I could not get in I set up a new account put my credit card in and everything else and still could not get on! You don’t have a phone number to call to get help and it is frustrating as hell
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5 years ago, fjencjekbpeni
App is great but......
So,I love this app just like I love the WWE I have the WWE network on my Xbox so this isn’t a bad review it’s just that I wish that you could watch pay per views and RAW and SMACKDOWN LIVE when your traveling or you don’t have a smart TV so basically I’m saying this is an amazing app it’s just I wish you could watch pay per views on it but if there’s nothing u could do about it then that’s fine I did delete the app cause I have no use for it but if it has these features then it would be great have a nice day-Dylan
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3 years ago, KenshiOrigami
This app is absolute dog water. I have had a subscription for a while now and all of a sudden, the freakin app signs me out of my account. I try signing in with my password and email that I haven’t changed since subscribing and it keeps telling me that my email and or password are incorrect. I tried over 10 times, same thing. I even went as far as too change my password on the website and the website picked it up and signed me in like nothing. So after that, I went to sign in with my new password on the app and the problem continues. I’ve even deleted the app and re-downloaded it to no avail. I can’t wait for everything to change over to Peacock, this app is absolutely garbage..
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6 years ago, KabookieJoe
A+ content, D+ app
All of the content available through the wwe network is amazing. There’s so much to watch- let alone getting every PPV. However, the fact that this app STILL hasn’t been optimized for the 6/6S family of devices is inexcusable. By now, this app should be updated for iPhone X (the phone I use), but the fact that they haven’t changed it to take advantage of the bigger screens of the 6 generation and beyond is unreal. Beyond that, the overall layout is clunky and unintuitive, and could definitely use some refining. PLEASE WWE: update this to work with the X and 8/8 Plus. You are a major entertainment company in 2018- this is embarrassing for you.
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5 years ago, Edgar tx
WW E app so far.
I do have to agree with Brooklyn geise. Visually impaired user also uses the WWE app. Ever since the update came out yes the tabs made it easier to navigate but when you try to move around the app to look through the WWE network it is a lot difficult than before. Also, you have not added the title history as well. I hope that this issue can be resolved soon for I enjoyed all of WWE‘s paper views and would hate to miss them do too The lack of accessibility for blind iPhone users like myself. That’s one of the reasons why I stopped using the network ever since the update came out.
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6 years ago, JoshKaBosh
Good app but awful shop
I love this app. It has everything to do with WWE. The shows, PPV’s, news, and stories. But the shop needs to be fixed. You have to pinch the screen and drag down to make it move. It’s really annoying because you end up pressing on things that you didn’t want to go to. You can’t scroll down on the main page, and you can’t scroll down on the products to change the size, quantity, etc. Everything else is great, just fix this problem. Thanks for reading.
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5 years ago, Dancesmom1313
Crashes a lot more than before Give new upgrade two star but old app 4 stars
I don’t like that there is no Watch list and is very confusing to find what I want if every thing I had to personalize my app is gone I wanted to see what the impact network was like s few days ago and I fell that this is a copy cat and I only watch impact to see rob van Dam am not s fan of impact what I am of wwe but not this new upgrade fix this now. By the the way smackville keeps crashing and voice is out of sync with mouth and move repeat them self life nakamura slam Ali to the ground and for some reason it turned white the screen and the move repeat it with no noise.
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4 years ago, Mikes jello
Download option?
What can I say. It’s WWE. If you love it, we’ll then you love it. And I do. I especially am appreciative of the really old school stuff I grew up with. And this is so much better than the $40 or $50 for just a PPV we used to pay. Way better with all the older PPV and programs to boot!!!! The app is a little glitchy sometimes but most streaming apps are. I would love the option to be able to download shows to my device with in the app so I can watch WWE programming on my lunch breaks in which I do not have access to WiFi.
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5 years ago, crime_alley
No Watchlist is bad for classic fans
A recent update removed the ability to queue up shows. Previously it had a watchlist and you could put together a run or just watch a bunch of shows in order. The shows are of course still there but instead of having them in a nice neat little order that works for you, you now have to look up what shows they have, when they aired, and after each show you watch, go search for the next thing. This super frustrating when you are trying juggle between multiple shows of one promotion, their PPVs, and any specials. Until a watchlist returns, I would not recommend this app if you are getting it for classic wrestling.
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6 years ago, JLB24
Usually I’m Satisfied...
I have had a WWE account for awhile and love what the app offers. I love watching the old PPV’s and so much more. My one complaint (that makes me only rate the app 3 stars) is that during the Live Pay Per Views the “Watch From The Beginning” feature does not work. It gives me an error. This has occurred the last 3 PPV’s. So I either have to catch it when it starts, or try to catch the replay when in starts. It’s a bummer because a few times I turned it on right in the middle of the main event. If they would fix that, then my rating would be 5 Stars!
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5 years ago, Ham&Egger
Could use some work.
I love the WWE and use the WWE app daily. I use it for updates, catching up on anything I missed and will use the network side of it from time to time. My one complaint is the shop zone side of it. It is very laggy and difficult to navigate at times, sometimes things won’t even load. If I to order something from shop, I will use my laptop which is fine but sometimes inconvenient if I’m not able to use my laptop.I’d love to see things fixed in the future as a loyal fan who uses the app. Overall it’s a must have app if you’re a WWE fan!
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3 years ago, fasher_gaming
Easier to watch on mobile than tv
So after I made my wwe account for Ppv and live events, I decided to watch it on tv, to get a better experience. And the amount of times this app has crashed is insane. It’s not my WiFi, I’ll just be watching a ppv and then all of a sudden the app crashes and it tells me a error occurred. And to make matters even worse, after you watch a ppv or event, YOU CANNOT WATCH IT AGAIN. I had tried to watch some of my favorites like Wrestle mania 25, and before the program can even start, it automatically switches it to the next year wrestle mania because I already watched it. WHY WOULD I CLICK ON IT IF I JUST WANTED TO WATCH THE NEXT ONE
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