WWLP 22News – Springfield MA

4.5 (8.2K)
87 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WWLP 22News – Springfield MA

4.54 out of 5
8.2K Ratings
4 years ago, 💥😜😫
💕 getting daily updates.
Thanks for the daily news...keeping me current with my neighbors during this challenging Covid19 isolation. 💕 Cannot get past your “ nickname prompt “. Ugh
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4 years ago, MeanTeacher82
Get rid of the auto videos!
As a western Mass resident, this has been my go-to app for local news as we have a limited choice in media outlets. HOWEVER, I specifically use an app like this because I prefer to READ my news, not watch it or listen to it. It is INCREDIBLY annoying that in the latest version, the recorded TV version of each story starts playing whenever you open a story. Specifically, I hate that it slows down actually opening the story (because it is buffering the video) and that I then have to actually wait for the unnecessary video to start so that I can pause it to finally enjoy reading the article, which is all I wanted to do in the first place. FUTURE VERSIONS OF THIS APP NEED TO ADD A “STOP AUTOMATIC VIDEO” FEATURE!
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4 years ago, 53dcv
The Weather reports.
I’ve noticed that some of the weather reporters tend to state that rain is not good. Just tonight, Brian said “the good news is that it will not rain this evening”. Rain should not be considered bad news these days. Many people depend on rain for their spring and summer businesses, especially farmers, landscapers, and home owners, not to mention the low river and lake depths. It seems that it has been raining much less the past 5 years, along with less snowfall. We need this natural resource to live so I do not think that it should be reported as an inconvenience to some people. Thanks. All in all, I enjoy 22 news so keep up the good work. Thanks, Dave
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6 years ago, luka1234
Notifications now OFF...
I love the app, but I really wish there was a way to specify what type of alerts/notifications I receive.... I don’t need a “Football kicks off today” or “there could be something in your kitchen making you sick, watch tonight at 11 for the whole story”... I do want the breaking news alerts (emergency, weather, safety situations, etc...). But the programmers really need to calm down with the “anything and everything” for notifications.
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6 years ago, hilltowns
Preferred the older version, but making due. Most infuriating is that all weather reporters, except Adam S. gives these little snippets of information with this...update coming. This does not help me in anyway in the evening or morning to plan for the day. It is very frustrating. It provides me with almost no information beyond the moment, which I could step outside and see for myself. At the same time I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation to Adam for always giving a clear and accurate app report!! The other weather reporters could take a lesson.
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4 years ago, old-vibe/insom-goer
App constantly freezes or goes blank
This app is very frustrating!! It constantly either freezes up or totally goes black and freezes. In addition, it could use editing. Some stories are very hard to follow b cause of poor spelling and atrocious grammar, which is not only distracting, but can change the whole meaning of what is said
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3 years ago, johnnyb225
Disappointing app , but there’s a way around the pain
App no longer offers today’s weather forecast, in contrast to the WWLP website which does. When the user attempts to read a story by following its link, the app launches a video advertisement. Every time. Often the exact same ad. After reading some reviews and seeing how many users share my pain, I caught a clue. Following another user’s suggestion, I downloaded and installed the “Western MA News” app. To my delight, I easily found a supremely detailed, peppy and personable four paragraph weather forecast covering the next several days. And, I have yet to see a video ad. Hopefully the WWLP app team will consider how disappointing their application’s user experience is, when compared with their competition.
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3 years ago, cl4ares
Ads before story video are annoying for each video, a little too much much
Good to navigate just the ads before each story anyone, could use a little history of recent. Stories and grouping of. Types of stories would improve Navigation.
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4 years ago, tut96
Not happy
Just upgraded to the latest upgrade now will not load. Time to delete this app.
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5 years ago, Knixz
Ads are blatant
At least you fixed the bogus video ad stories. I didn’t read a single story for months. Nobody looks at the ads anyway, but I get why you have to do that. Overall a helpful app just a little annoying that you have to swipe.
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4 years ago, MassNative
Stuttering app, too ad-heavy
The app is so bogged down with ads that the entire content stutters to load. I’ve seen this on multiple different device platforms. Absolutely no one looks at these ads folks, except those companies that bought time slots for those ads. Just report the “news” in a clean app for once. A perk request: make turning off auto-play of your videos easier to find. It took me days to stumble upon it.
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6 years ago, poboyx
We need to hear more positive reports from the inner cities besides all of the drug arrests and shootings. There must be some positive things people in those communities are doing. Many people from outside Springfield are afraid to go to Springfield. The sports, academics, club activities, charities, churches. Maybe you can find stori es there.
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1 year ago, OceanLvr
It’s Great - When it Works
The app is a good source of info - when it works. Crashed about a week ago and will not load. Deleted it and re-loaded but to no avail. Telling me no internet connection, yet every other app I have works. Not the first time I have had issues with the app & I’m sure won’t the be last!
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6 years ago, Pete Patriot
Go back to the old version! Although that too wasn’t great, it was better than this updated version. Also, PLEASE stop posting stories which, when clicked on, take the user to a “watch live news” player that has absolutely nothing to do with the story the user has selected! A major misdirection scheme which only serves to aggravate & force the user to seek news stories elsewhere!
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6 years ago, Bk BadBoy
Just want to thank the 22 News team for keeping us all well informed with accurate news and trust worthy weather reports. Keep up the good work..
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4 years ago, Moojeta
Proud to be American:
Sadly 22 new is part of the media group who can’t seem to let people know the truth. They are going along with main stream media and only tell their bias lies and turning people against each other. They don’t tell of the death and destruction that is being caused by supposed blm rioters. And the fact that blm is funding the biden campaign. I could go on but it won’t matter 22 new is part of the problem.
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6 years ago, Apiemy
My one and only news source
Channel 22 News is the only news program for accurate news reporting.
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4 years ago, geam of 7
Not getting my notifications as I always did up to 2 wks ahi.
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4 years ago, Forest Park resident
I want to like it but I just don’t
Just an old fashioned news site that isn’t progressive enough for a modern viewing audience. Late with the important news and doesn’t follow up on news events. Just read masslive Springfield section, it has more details and far more current events. Sometimes a full day ahead of this new site.
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4 years ago, an old beachbum
Changed app
This app used to be a lot better then it is now- now it takes forever to open and sometimes it doesn’t open at all- it just says please wait- and I’ve waited a long time sometimes and it never comes on at all-and the weather is horrible too- I don’t know why they changed it but it needs a big improvement
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6 years ago, Jingles56762014
Latest update
Do not like this new update. Cannot vote in the daily poll without logging in to Facebook. I don't have Facebook nor do I want it after all the recent issues with it. New update is hard to navigate Wish it didn't change. Have been looking at other local news pages and find myself using those more and more
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5 years ago, Leslieann,
A Sincere thank you for your weather updates ....
Especially for the poor people who don’t know how to get the snow bands broadcasting.....
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7 years ago, Anon2246
Worst news app
I thought the previous version was bad, this is terrible. Currently looking for a new way to get local breaking news alerts sent to my phone. There is no way to set preferences for notifications like it used to have— it’s either ALL (and there are a A LOT!) or nothing. No response from support, very disappointing.
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3 years ago, Red333Ryder
Annoying app
It’s so obnoxious that videos start playing automatically and then it’s difficult to get the pause button to stop it. I don’t want things yelling me. If I’m on the app it’s because I don’t want to listen to anyone.
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4 years ago, Niki12702
The WWLP news app is frustrating at best. It is very sluggish and doesn’t always allow you to click on the full article. The paragraph of news per topic is sometimes very lackluster and disappointing. I try not use the app but sometimes rather the notifications, then I can look up the story elsewhere.
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6 years ago, old sweet fart
Watched 22 news for a few years
My parents got a tv in 1952. My mother loved John Quill. To this day it is our number one station.
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6 years ago, DCCoda
Clean news
Easy to navigate and great reporters make 22 news essential for daily news updates. Other news stations should get pointers and follow suit.
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6 years ago, A bacon thief
This app is junk. An alert comes about breaking news, then most of the time the article won’t even be there to read. Also, a lot of the “breaking”news is stupid. I never would have remembered to clean the snow off my car without that notification, thanks 22 news team!
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6 years ago, AmherstRepublican
Keeps you up to dathe on breaking news stories.
Sometimes it’s hard to locate these stories.
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1 year ago, Sumr1969
tiny font
Not everyone can read the tiny font. Enlarge everything please or at least have the option to enlarge individually
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5 years ago, gclef25
More commercials
Too many pop up ads take over site. Not worth waiting for them to close out to read the news.
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6 years ago, Papa Hannah 226-3
I have grown up with tv 22 all the way back when John Quill was young, and Rollie Jacobs was giving us a great run down of local and national sports
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7 years ago, Fdwalzjr
Very, very poor design
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Newest update is crap. Removed from my phone. Using mobile site instead. Ads, ads, ads...layout is awful and cumbersome to navigate. Can’t even find the articles that my phone notified me about. Should’ve left well-enough alone.
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5 years ago, BerkshireWoman
Berkshire County
WWLP app works for me because I do not have cable, but most importantly WWLP has the most accurate weather forecast for Berkshire County.
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6 years ago, Morayma González
About 22 News
Fabulous channel thanks for your hard work
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7 years ago, frtcltirate
Worthless update
App automatically updated and now it is useless. Old news keeps showing and no new news show. Perhaps only for articles show as well as live stream does not work. It's worthless. Please fix or put it back so we get the news.
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2 years ago, weather lovers
My husband and I really miss Allison Finch doing the weather. We love Kelly Reardon too but we still miss her weather team mate Allison Finch.
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7 years ago, Lb1016
New update has major bugs with live streaming
Since the new update I have not been able to run the live stream without it "glitching" on both my iPad and iPhone 6. I've tried resetting both devices as well as deleting/re-installing the app. Please fix it!!!
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5 years ago, eveve eeb
I love channel 22 app because it keeps me up on the news and weather
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3 years ago, delete?
Way too many ads, too many popup ads, crashing issues, click on stories with no details. Tempted a couple days a week to delete this app.
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4 years ago, lkwinwma
Ad heavy
It’s hard for me to see the weather because my phone has to load so many annoying ads. Most of the time I give up in disgust and open some other app.
Show more
4 years ago, really7777reallly
Great news and weather
Enjoy 22news love the weather team and actually mentioning holland, Wales, and Brimfield
Show more
5 years ago, Big Dave 58
No share option
It’s extra annoying to keep getting that the app needs to be updated wen it’s up to date and if there is a share option than it sure doesn’t work with voiceover
Show more
4 years ago, Madmama 1
Greenfield/ turners falls and Surrounding towns
A lot of the people in Greenfield and MONTAGUE would like to see news in our area
Show more
4 years ago, jackiemonty
Closes randomly
Every time I use the app despite getting all updates, it constantly closes on me in the middle of articles or just general scrolling
Show more
4 years ago, Old Man Windbreaker
Needs to be fixed.
It constantly freezes and now you are forced to listen to the news story as opposed to being able to just read it.
Show more
7 years ago, Sirsumwun
Infinitely worse
So this just auto updated. Its now officially useless. Its displays four articles and then 12 giant ads. If I want to read more apparently I need to go digging for it. This app is now horrible and unusable ____________________ Previous review The app doesn't open all the time. Need to force close it half of the time and try again. When it does open its slow and doesn't update automatically so you need to refresh it yourself.
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4 months ago, 4nyafam
Auto play fail
No matter how many times I adjust the settings, a Auto play will not shut off. When I try to get app support it just sends me to random websites. Uninstalling for good
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1 year ago, Customer is disappointed
Not working since last update
The app is not working. It updated 2 days ago and was frozen. I deleted and reinstalled and now nothing…
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4 years ago, Warn me first
Needs to not auto play videos
The app needs to 1. Not default to auto play videos 2. Make auto play a setting 3. Respect my phone being silenced I like to read news not watch it. But I frequently avoid clicking news items because a video will loudly start playing even with my phone silenced. This is unacceptable and makes me avoid the app.
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