WXII 12 News - Piedmont Triad

4.4 (3.8K)
116.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WXII 12 News - Piedmont Triad

4.44 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Kennedad
Mostly Pleased
I love WXII! I’m mostly please with the app too. However, the app can be frustrating. Whenever I get an alert on my phone for ‘breaking news’, or ‘weather alert’ and I click the alert- it doesn’t take me to the actual place to read more about it. It just takes me to the home page and I have to search for the story. Sometimes the app hasn’t even been updated with the new info that I just got the alert for.
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6 years ago, HerbAnn
The old Weather App was excellent - 5 stars for that but it’s being scrapped. The weather on the current site is terrible. It can be pouring rain but nothing shows on the map. I can’t get it to “remember” my chosen area no matter how many times I set it. Don’t even think about using it if you are in a hurry. The traffic part of the app is completely useless. I can be stuck sitting in traffic on 52 for twenty minutes and it shows nothing! NEVER count on it for traffic. The news arrangements make no sense. The stories are all over the place when it comes to organizing content. Often stories stay up for several days when you know that plenty of other stories could & should replace them. If you like ads and have plenty of time to sit through them to get to where you need to go, maybe you won’t mind using this.
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4 years ago, Southern Mom 91
Sometimes quite frustrating
The biggest reason that I use the WXII app is for weather. Frequently the weather video is many hours if not days behind, especially on the weekend. I would think that once the weather had been aired at the different times during the day, the recording could be posted fairly quickly. Many times I check it around 1:00 or 2:00 PM and the 6:00 AM video is still on. Or checking the weather mid-morning on Saturday or Sunday it may still be the Friday night forecast. I do appreciate the weather alerts, though. Thanks for your hard work!
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3 years ago, beachscrapper#17
I love WXIII.I like the app when checking the weather or for closures. However, I get notifications of new stories and when a click on the app, that is not the story that is presented. You have to scroll and scroll to find it, if it is even there. I find that very frustrating. I get notifications throughout the day and it still the same story that it was to begin with. I think you need to do some upgrading. Thanks
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6 years ago, ollielama
Weather app was great, not this
I loved the WXII Weather app. It would tell me that it was raining nearby, & I had time to roll up my car windows. Severe weather alerts for wherever I was would keep me in the know at work and at home. The news app has always been a mashup of headlines that link to a story and full stories without following a link, with the most useless news alerts. In the current political circus, I don’t need to hear about every stupid announcement. I seldom can find useful weather info on the news app so I have deleted both.
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3 years ago, JTandLJH
Very good app
Very good app, timely news and weather updates. Only issue I have is when you click on a story from your cell phone Home Screen, the other alerts disappear. Wish the other alerts would remain like the way the CNN app performs. That way you can pick a story but go back later for the others. Once you’re in the app, it’s difficult to find the other stories.
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4 years ago, Lvpzls
Some News Is Ancient
I enjoy reading the current news but some of the news articles are very old. I always check the dates to see when an article was written so I won’t mistake old news for current news, especially when they put articles about the death of people up which is old.
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3 years ago, briwnshoes
On News
I have been an wsjs/WXII all of my life and I am 73. Spectrum just kept Raising prices and my SS did not . I cut my cable TV and got Ruko. It is great but I have watch you on News On It drives me crazy when there is a pause. I can handle the advertising but then it says “we’ll be back after this message. After while I just change to CBS All Access. If I buy an antenna I can watch.... but that is more money.
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4 years ago, Sshu8
Love WXII/app needs work
I, like another reviewer, love WXII, but the app can be very frustrating. I agree that the alerts do not take you to the page of the alert to read more about it, just to the home page. Also, when trying to read a story, there is an advertisement that sits in the story and it blocks out a portion of the story and I have found no way to get around this. So you miss major parts of the story. I still use it, but I think the app needs work.
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5 years ago, Binkle02
Not worth it.
The title says it all. This app is free and it’s all but useless. I have it configured for breaking news and what they send to my phone is not breaking news. It’s story headlines. I want only breaking news, if I wanted stories I would open the app. When I do get breaking news, 90% of the time the report isn’t updated or sometimes don’t even exist. The weather page is near ridiculous since they changed it. And now they have ads that you have to watch before you can see something live.
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3 years ago, Taylors Ham girl
This is the only station that I really listen to, this is real coverage, not fake crap like some of the other stations. And I just love LANIE and Michelle, for the weather. Especially when is threatening weather, they are always right on top of things. Thank you very much for your broadcasts whether it be on my cell phone or on my TV. Love and hugs to all. Diane Gill, from Jamestown.
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6 years ago, Lar3692
I really enjoy being able to check the news without having to turn on my tv, however I cannot stand the ads that play before every video.. I play the video because I want to see the story not listen to a commercial. When I see a notification about something serious going on in our local viewing area I would rather see the actual video as soon as I click the link not an ad.
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3 years ago, leatherbritches
WXII is the BEST it’s ever been. I can say that because I’ve watched this station most of my life when it was WSJS, so I go way back. You have the best anchors and reporters in the field. They are at their professional best! I’m well informed with your non bias news reports. Your manager is the best also. Also your weather meteorologist are spot on.
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3 years ago, Doc Wm
I enjoy the format but the advertisements are a real distraction & annoyance. I don’t have the time nor the patience to sit through an ad I don’t need or want. Plus, you can’t control the extent of the ad. It has to run its course before you get to the news or the weather report. Other than that, I like the site and use it frequently.
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6 years ago, strongpixie
Not pleased
I have been real disappointed in WXIII online services in the app. At 10:45 AM I have open the app and it still has yesterday‘s news on it. The postings on Facebook are much more up to date. I have given up going to the app for news. I get teased with “ happening now” headlines and go to the app and am seeing only yesterday’s news. While I prefer to watch the news on WXII., I find myself going to other local stations to get the news online. Not good, WXIII!
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5 years ago, MichelleMichalec
Local News
I am mostly pleased with the app. I just want more information. What I don’t understand is when there is an Amber Alert and you guys post it, we need more details. More details on other stories as well.
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6 years ago, Tarheelbread
Annoying and useless
I used the weather app, but had to switch to the WXII app. There are way too many ads. Many of the links do not work. You can click on an article, where the first paragraph is showing, but it doesn’t connect to the rest of the article. The page layout is crowded and confusing. It does not look at all professional. WXII should be embarrassed by this site. It detracts from your reputation. I have started changing over to WFMY and WGHP.
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3 years ago, dttarheel
President Election
All ballots should have been in before voting day and counted absentee Mail in voting so they won’t have had the correct number on election night and Philadelphia riots shouldn’t be throwing votes in ditches we need a whole new national vote instead. Of all the fighting in all these states and the night of election Donald Trump had the win and now because of ballots being thrown away this is sad but God is still in control
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6 months ago, App_state93
I’ve been trying to contact WXII regarding their app…I do not get a single notification on my phone like I used to. I have to open the app to see what’s going on locally. I have my notifications permissions on for this app, yet I receive no notification. Please fix your app!!! I used to love this app, but now I only want to delete it. I hope this review will land in the hands of their tech support team and finally will see some positive changes!! Please fix!!!
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4 years ago, Yellowrose53
Great coverage
I love getting the new headlines and being able to click on on it and reading about what’s going on. It keeps me aware of the latest news. It also alerts me of any situations that I may need to know at that moment. Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Carolis21
Breaking news?
MANY of the alerts are not what I consider breaking news. Many times it’s an update. Breaking news should only include very important items rather than general things that happen during the day. Every time something happens, don’t need to know..Tanglewood’ lights the best yet is not a breaking news story..it can wait til a broadcast time
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3 years ago, NC retired teacher
Poorly organized and poorly maintained website
As another reviewer noted, you can’t follow a headline to a story! Frustrating and annoying. Items remain for weeks and weeks. Is that news? Poor editing with gaffes. On air, little attention seems to be paid to visual appeal. Reporters with gum in their mouths or bouncing on their heels like kids. Amateur hour.
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3 years ago, vkxyz
Yesterday’s news, or the day before...
It often seems Fox 8 WGHP is more up to date. I’m disappointed when I have to turn to them to find what is happening locally. Sometimes old stories and fillers remain on the. Ap for too long. Also, the ads so overwhelm the stories that it is hard to read them when I go to them.
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5 years ago, Hatteras101
App shuts down all the time!
While reviewing stories from WXII, the app will shut down and it’s very annoying. What’s going on that makes this happen? I’m tempted to delete this app and choose another one for my daily news.
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3 years ago, CaptnPK
Never up to date.
The breaking news banner is never up to date. Items listed are over a week old. News flash… it’s not Breaking news when the story is over a week old. The app itself is fine, but WXII needs to have someone dedicated to making sure the stories are current.
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4 years ago, sparta nut head
I am very disappointed how liberal the news has become. It is now just another station that picks and chooses the things that make the liberals look like that’s the only choice one has and never tells the whole truth. I do watch it until the weather has shown but most times the mountains forecast is very short and Brief..The weather channel is a lot more accurate for these hills.
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5 years ago, mothernature149
More pertinent n c news
Please find more news in n c We are very sorry about a 5 car crash in Iowa but it effects very few locally. Same for shootings ,stabbings etc related to drug deals in the area. We really become numb . What about news on road work, health concerns , school and college reports or business developments? More personal interest stories would be wonderful as would more local current weather related stories. Please help as you are losing your audience.
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4 years ago, bjclewis
Don’t even bother!!!
One of the worst news apps I have ever used. Articles are incomplete due to portions being cut off I assume by adds. Near all stories exhibit missing portions to some degree or another. I realize it is a free app and must be supported by adds but if no one continues to read the stories (like me) then the adds will not be seen. I have requested bug fixes several times and have had no feedback at all. As I said “Don’t even bother!”.
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2 years ago, Gloveman48
Thank you
While I was out west in Nevada and Arizona for seven months the notifications from WXII were the only way that I could keep up with what was happening in the triad
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3 years ago, harleybob527
I use this app all the time. I have other weather apps but I get the most out of WXII. I not only get weather but so much more. Thanks for all you have done with your app.
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3 years ago, Pete9836
Upset your upgrade requires IOS 13 when the max IOS for IPhone 6 and below run on 12.5.
Now I can’t update your app nor can I use your app. Keeps popping up to update then It takes me to the apple store. Now I’m just going to have to delete the app cause not going to be able to get my news unless I buy a new phone or WXII fixes this pop up so we can still get our news.
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5 years ago, IpadAlan
The Latest Version is a Step Backwards
The app worked well till the current version which frequently freezes to a black screen. Commercials sometimes immediately repeat (and never freeze!) Our devices are on the latest IOS version. We now watch WXII via Chrome or Safari rather than the app. No freezes, works great,
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5 years ago, Cricket8842
No video unless I select one, including commercials.
I don’t want to hear commercials every time I click on a story. I want to read the story. I don’t even want to watch the story unless I select to watch it. For that reason I have come very close several times to deleting the app all together.
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5 years ago, Mspooh68
Weather reports
I always watch WXII for the weather— even though I live on the Forsyth/Gilford line... I trust the crew at WXII to better predict the weather...Keep Up The Good Work, you feel like part of my “family “ !! Sports also !!! ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟🌟
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6 years ago, mcrafiki
I use this app daily and it got me through a hurricane when I didn’t have any other form of communication or a news feed after a move. Thank you, WXII, for keeping me “In the Know!”
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6 years ago, green yards
Like the rest of the people that rated WXII low it is hard to get the latest news. The old news stays on the App. for hours if not days I can watch the news at noon or at 6:00 and see news that should have been added to the App. Also when you work outside you can not relay on the App. to give you up to date weather.
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4 years ago, 1229joe
Page will lock up
Sometimes when clicking between the various news stories the page will not load it goes white and locks up I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling nothing seems to help
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5 years ago, LotsaRs
My Hometown App
I'm not one to stay on my phone that much and I don't Have the previous apps to compare this one to but I do Like this one very much. I would like to see less ads and commercials though. I like that when I get up each morning, I already have weather alerts or breaking news updates before I have turned on my TV. I was Really nice for the listings of Lost & found pets But I haven’t seen it On here lately. If it’s been taken off ,it needs to be put back on.
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4 years ago, SeniorLib
Great app. I’m informed quickly. Weather radar is slow but helpful. Notifications are great IF you tap the notification as indicated. If not tuff to find article. Overall app really helps me be informed throughout the day.
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6 years ago, John3:sixteen
Current news
WXII is pretty good at keeping me in formed as the news changes. When there is breaking news you guys are normally the first to send an alert.
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6 years ago, ctconner
One more commercial
I hate the ads. I have to see the same one over and over with each story I read. Plus the add before you get to the site. The stories are not updated timely, some stay on for months. I get fed up with the ads, leave the site, and go other places for the news and weather
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4 years ago, linpat1218
Not very well put together. Grammar and punctuation are really poor, and, frequently, very little actual information is given. The whole app is inundated with flashing, moving ads that are very distracting. There is one ad for some keto diet stuff withe a picture of a woman with her pants pulled down to her pubic are that is so inappropriate! I’ve begun depending more on WFMY for news and weather.
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5 years ago, LexiG1
My news source!
This is my go to app for news and weather. Excellent updates and great for local news & national news as well. Thanks WXII for keeping us informed!
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4 years ago, jb27103
I get breaking news notifications from WXII; but more often than not, when I open the app to read the story, it’s not there. The same headlines stay on the app for days at a time. Where’s the breaking news? Frustrating.
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2 years ago, Advancian
Hometown Girl
I grew up in Winston Salem so I love WXII. I do wish the news was a bit fresher and the weather a bit more accurate. The app always tells me it’s about to start raining and it never does. But I still love WXII and the newscasters.
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4 years ago, Abst3r77
News Junkie
I love WXII watched them all my life I just wish they would not leave the same stories up forever and ever on the app. It constantly needs to change like the news.
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6 years ago, NCCatbert
Late to the news party
Seems that WWII is usually the last to post a breaking news item. Site index could be better. Pictures and graphics are good, as are most of the routine news articles. Site navigation is average.
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6 years ago, Jedismama
Really Frustrating
I used to love this app. After an update suddenly it’s all full of ads and every single time I open a page to a story I have to watch a video about Duke energy. Go into a new story got a watch that again. Three minutes on the app I watched it four times. So very frustrating. Going to start looking somewhere else for my news.
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4 years ago, cantuseapo
News stories
I’m unable to open news stories. When attempted the app locks up and have to exit.
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4 years ago, Miss Jerri
I the past day or so, there has been ads that pop up and keep popping up. You can’t even read the news once you open it. What is going on? Well, a new update and now the app is COMPLETE TRASH! I get notifications but am unable to read anything because it opens to a black screen. 👎👎👎👎
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