WXYZ 7 Action News Detroit

4.6 (571)
56.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
E.W. Scripps Company
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WXYZ 7 Action News Detroit

4.6 out of 5
571 Ratings
3 years ago, Buddy cat & Smokey
First rate news channel!
We always watch channel 7 news all the time because it is the very best news channel in Detroit! When we go to Florida every winter, we always have Channel 7 news on our phones and I also have it on my iPad so that we always have the news from home available. Great journalism and not FAKE NEWS!
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3 years ago, freekinni
All the news right in my palm, I catch up with the app more then I just sit and watch the live news channel, mostly cause I’m not always home to watch tv, and I get the notifications for the important things, the highlights, although I’ve lost complete interest, faith, and all in channel 7 WXYZ Detroit cause I’ve tried reaching out to them in need of help via Facebook they read it but said not a thing at all, so they aren’t there for people the way you’d like for them to be... (I bet if I win my case they’ll want to interview me then but I’ll refuse it completely and give it to some other station) but the app has been pretty much helpful mostly till I try to open the story on from the notification and it don’t take me to it like it’s should then you try searching and scrolling and you never find it even when it’s something that just happened and you try opening it right away, that needs to be fixed. So this is me giving those stars to the APP and no credit to channel 7 news.
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6 years ago, Oakleonard
Too much down time
While we have always loved the morning news, weather, and traffic from Channel 7, when we use the app, there is too much down time. When you try to open the "live" news, get ready to endure a 30 second commercial and maybe you get the live feed. There is no feed during the commercial breaks unless it is a local vendor. You may wait almost fifteen minutes until any news comes back. Try another station, you may have better luck. Thanks WXYZ for helping realize how much news one gets during a broadcast compared to how much time is spent on commercials.
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3 years ago, Ezmoney5
Some good stories and some that shouldn’t be “news”.
App has some good news relevant to the area and even nationally. But I question some stories they post as real “news”. Maybe it’s a slow news day so they put in filler junk but I’d rather not see a story about a sex worker in Ann Arbor getting stuck in a chair. And when did “sex” work become legal in Michigan????? Our values and morals are clearly heading in the wrong direction and the news isn’t helping by reporting on garbage like this.
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6 years ago, TaylorSwiftFan01313
Thank you guys for finally adding a location option for While Using! I had it disabled because it drained my battery because it was always or never. It's not really necessary to use it unless the app is open, so thanks for realizing that!
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4 years ago, Blake Loisel
Great app but...
This is great app and it is very helpful for snow day alerts. It gives me great traffic and weather updates to help with my daily life. The only thing keeping it from five star is that you can only save one school for snow day alerts as I work in a different school district than my kid. This makes things a bit harder in the winter. Otherwise great app!
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4 weeks ago, no8no8no8
It would be 5 stars if it wasn’t for all the ads
You might have to sit through 8-10 ads before actually seeing a news story. They only have like 15 ads altogether that they play so you hear the same thing over and over again. I would be able to deal with 2-3 ads but this is ridiculous. Sometimes they play the ad back to back. I just ended up getting an antenna which has less ads than the streaming service.
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5 months ago, Marleyjk30
Live stream window
I really like the app. But it would be better if the live stream video could run in a pop out window instead of having to keep the full app or browser page open to watch/listen. Then I can answer text messages etc.
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2 years ago, Nikeee91
Biased channel
I used to enjoy reading everyday news on the app, even though they are very slow reporting new things, your app is meant for local news and to keep people informed of what is going around them and not to express your political views, I get it you are democrat but at least be fair when it comes to reporting and let the people judge, also if you want yo report anything about Trump, make sure you report the positive news too and just the negative.
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3 years ago, Snudgey
Love the app!
Since my work & life schedule usually keeps me from watching the news when it broadcasts, I rely on this app to keep me posted as to the highlights. I also like that I can adjust the weather forecast for my actual zip since I live just outside of Metro. Keep up the good stuff, WXYZ! Almont Twp., MI. 💕
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5 years ago, George Perry in SoFla
Provides a little “Back Home”
I grew up in Detroit and watched Channel 7 News for years. 30 years ago I relocated to Florida and missed al of the Detroit products: Vernors, Faygo, Better Made, Free Press and (of course) Channel 7. Now, with the help of the Channel 7 News App, I can get a touch of home. Thanks Channel 7!
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4 years ago, New#1Reader
Straight News/Non Partisan
I switched from the other well known news channel app . Their news stories were more like an editorial with the stations preferences obvious. I just want the straight story/news. I’ll make my own decisions after reading. Thank you!
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1 year ago, #1 dog elmer
Ferndale resident
Since I moved back to Michigan after twenty years in Tennessee this is the only news station I watch morning noon and night really enjoy all the news people nice mix keep it up
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6 years ago, boat mi
Regular news casts
My husband and I have always been faithful followers of channel 7, however the bias that is overwhelming against our President is very disappointing all u report is the negative nothing about all the good his is doing. What a shame that the disrespect for our President is so obvious It is very clear that channel 7 and the news casters make it very clear that they are disappointed with the countries choice for the commander and chief of our country. Shame on all of you. Bob & Pat Fielding Howell, Michigan
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6 years ago, Trololololololkkk
Great app, could use a tad more optimization
This app is very convenient for checking school closings, it even sends a push notification for districts you select! However, the radar doesn’t seem to be optimized for iPhone X, unlike the rest of the app. Other than that, works great!
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7 years ago, Rob. T
Great app
I use this app every day to check the weather first thing in the morning. I use it throughout the day to keep me updated on current events. All in all I really like it, no problems thus far.
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6 years ago, lamb4lyfe91
Best local news around
For someone reason I like channel 7 always have since I was a kid and I’m only 26 now .I watched Dave Rexroth when I was younger and wanted to become a meteorologist and so on just great people keeps me watching !
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7 years ago, Kbrighton
Really helpful
I use it for keeping up on the news and it saved me a few too many times from being stuck in the cold Michigan.
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3 years ago, mstbears
Channel 7 news
Only station I watch for news for a very long time. My favorite news station
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5 years ago, Vernart
New and weather all in one
Unlike the 2 other local station apps channel 7 has news and weather in one app. No hassle and ease of use make a 5 star revue for this user!
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6 years ago, High Priestess Dragon Guru
Stay in the know-wherever you go!
No matter where we travel, we know what’s happening in our neighborhood! Weather in Michigan can change in an instant, and with the WXYZ app we’re informed!
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4 years ago, Mike J-S
It’s such a great app!
Love this app! You can access your News anytime anywhere, gives you up to the minute reports. News you need to know keeping you well informed!!
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2 years ago, Ms Donald
My WXYZ is The Best
I love WXYZ for any and all news. Trust no other. Love, Davey Lew, Glenda, Carolyn, Rexie, all the weather associates, Faraz, Alicia, Keenan, Erin, Nana S. B, Kevin,Jenn, Kim and if I forgot someone sorry. But I am 68 and have watched 7 all my like. They are the best!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Coming to you from Dearborn.
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5 years ago, Mister 14
Video ads
After years of steady and continuous improvement. You have taken the big step backwards to a one star rating because of your video apps. There is no way to select an option of playing them. I am an early riser, and the last thing I want is the video Add playing at 4 AM while I am trying to review the news without disturbing my family. Shame on you. For being so obtrusive.
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3 years ago, Sandpiper 21
I can’t always get to the television
Great to have this app. So you can get your news-weather-alerts , at your convenience.
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6 years ago, Canpun
When I'm home I always watch channel 7 and the app is a great tool to keep it with me when I'm away. I appreciate the job everybody does in the channel 7 family.
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4 years ago, Dbal1977
They are stealing private data
They are stealing possible private. I could not believe it but when I upgraded to iOS 14 it doesn’t prevent but now warns when they steal your data. You can replicate this go to notes, type something like “this is my fake password” and select it and copy it, then launch the WXYZ app and you will see message “WXYZ pasted from Notes” stating they just stole what you copied.
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3 years ago, The1hawk
Thank you
We enjoy your app very much! We no longer live in the greater Detroit area but we like to keep up with things going on.
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3 years ago, Cupid mom
App rating
Like the app except when get notifications of new stories when click on it & get taken to the sight no story exists yet! Very frustrating!
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4 years ago, Covegirl644
Great App!
We thoroughly enjoy WXYZ app...we receive the latest updates on everything including weather and news locally.
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2 years ago, anynicknamesleft?'
Sound issues
I like to have this on my tv while I am cooking. But I haven’t been able to because I have to keep going back and forth to adjust the volume. If I turn down the volume for the commercials I can’t hear the newscasters and vice versa.
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5 years ago, Yoo54
Great News Coverage
The news is very timely and well written. I love the coverage of breaking stories. This app also provides recap of Detroit sports and concise weather forecasts!
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7 years ago, BGdowkriver
Tv local news
Good web site, would be better if select news stories did not auto start the video portion. There are times I want to just read the news not listen to the story.
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3 years ago, mrcleo
They are the best around. I watch them every morning at 5am. Thanks you 7 keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, Regenia H.
Love Channel 7
Love the 7 News and Weather app and texts of breaking news.
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4 years ago, igudygg gig t
Easy to navigate. Keeps me up to date on the news. Can check the weather anytime I need to. And best of all it's free!
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3 years ago, jgreyno
WXYZ Review
I believe this station is the most accurate when it comes to reporting local news for the metro area & the surrounding counties, aside from their obvious biases. 🥸
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7 years ago, Brand XXX
Great. Waking News, updates throughout the day, accurate! Thanks for great local news when I want it wherever I'm at.
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3 years ago, bigbot moke
Love this app so much better then most of the the apps out there
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5 years ago, AshK87
Worst News App Ever
The app was terrible before but it’s even worse now. Now you have “sign up”, which I’ve tried a dozen times and it won’t let me. It won’t tell me what the issue is either. So much for reading the news. Maybe... just maybe... you’d test your app, and work out the bugs before you launch it.
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4 years ago, Shacj
Needs better support
The video in this app is completely unreliable. I often times lose the sound during a live broadcast, and the buffering is out of control. Also ads will load and repeat themselves while I struggle to get the news from this app.
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6 years ago, Kblas1990
Pay for community service?
This was such a good app, but with a recent upgrade, you now have to pay for “premium service” if you want to see an organized (read “in alphabetical order”) view of school closings.
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2 years ago, Purple Possum
Ali Hoxie
Ali Hoxie is not the correct person to have as your newscaster on live TV. She makes more mistakes reading from the teleprompter and it is so annoying. You have two other women who have substituted in her place and have done a great job. Please consider putting her back as a street reporter.
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5 years ago, pyro279
Ups and downs
Was good then went downhill. Then some improvements came... now the app crashes during opening after the last update
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6 years ago, taylortown33
I like the app and all news stories. Journalism today goes with you and on the go. What a benefit to all.
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6 years ago, Chino_inc
Perfect for Weather
Love this app for weather, also news, totally recommended it, Detroit313 Mi
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5 years ago, annonymous152
Ok app but poorly written articles
The articles are usually very poorly written. It’s a good app to see what’s going on but many articles are painful to read or make little sense.
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7 months ago, Jeb Rennie
Saved Stories
App will not permanently bookmark stories you want to save. Instantly reverts as soon as you click it to save. Please fix.
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7 years ago, j1234566789000
App crashes when opening for the first time , then will work after that usually, app is hard to navigate to traffic and closing shift. The other local news 2 4 do not crash even after 11.0 updates
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7 years ago, Roklobstr
Why do we need to vote.. like every 2 hours!!
The app asks you to vote on tons of topics going on around town... and won’t let you opt out of those voting notifications. I just deleted it because it was too much.. I turned on the notifications for Channel 4 instead.
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