WYFF News 4 - Greenville

4.6 (6K)
117.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WYFF News 4 - Greenville

4.55 out of 5
6K Ratings
5 years ago, Janes@347
You need help to improve
Please review channel 9 Charolette NC mobile app and see how close you can get to being as good, They never black out their always on and it runs smoother and better than iuff4 does . In fact some times I start watching local news on my phone and get frustrated and switch over to it So much better and professional always on just like watching live tv,
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5 years ago, Krinkemama
Poor App Format
Many news apps offer a way to make the print larger or at least allow it to go landscape for easier reading. Why has WYFF not done this? The other problem I have with the app is that the radar covers too long a time. When you’re trying to see the direction of storm is taking, we do not have to review the last several hours to figure out what’s about to go on in our area. Lastly as a comment about reporting. I do not think the reporting covers subjects adequately. A lot of information is confusing or completely left out. I can understand that some information about a crime must be kept out for the sake of the investigation, but there are many pertinent points that are completely on addressed, and many of them could be addressed in your articles. I believe you have gotten a little bit better at typographical error‘s and grammar mistakes. Please continue correcting that. You are a news organization and are held to a higher standard.
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3 years ago, Nightcrusier
I’ve been using this App for the last ten plus years. I’ve seen it at its best and now it’s no where like it use to be. Many times I’ve clicked on a particular story and the news desk starts talking about general news. The story is never mentioned. Actually this is the FIRST time ever seeing a pop up asking my thoughts of the rating on this app. Let me say this…. This is the FIRST time ever giving any app a one star rating. This is the first time ever finding a way to give feedback on WYFF 4 site. I really hope I’m not writing this information to just a computer instead I hope it gets to a real person that cares about their job and turns this app and news stories into a real app that’s intended to report the news. I’m hoping that I’m contacted about this. Eddie
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3 years ago, Rmwjrsc71
Too many alerts
I use the app often and had hoped that the local news alert option would be nice. By nice I mean that it only alerts on big urgent breaking news kind of things that a person needs to know NOW. Unfortunately it alerts you on every major wreck in a six county area, it alerts you every time a coroner announces the name of someone who died and even on soft news like today about someone's recovery from an accident. Its not that I don’t care about these stories but I don't think they are alert worthy, they are stories I would read later...when I am reading news. Therefore I will delete and try another local app for urgent local news alerts. Thanks
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6 years ago, ctwoman
WYFF Rating
I am so happy with the WYFF app on my phone. I feel that it keeps me well-informed on a national level, as well as the local level, and keeps me in the know in general. I especially like receiving notifications of new information about on-going stories. I'm not always able to be near a television to watch the newscasts, but with the WYFF app on my phone, I always feel that nothing important is going on that I am not oblivious to. I would recommend it to everyone. My biggest complaint is too many monotonous ads to wade through.
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4 years ago, Minimom69
Too many ads especially in emergencies
During an emergency situation to have to sit through an advertisement BEFORE getting the information that a tornado could be about to hit my house is quite frustrating! Also I have noticed numerous grammar and spelling issues in your articles, I know everyone abbreviates everything these days but in a serious news article it would be nice to see proper grammar and spelling. Other than that, I like their news, they keep us informed right away of the latest happenings. The on air personalities are great, I think they all do a fabulous job.
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4 years ago, Greenville Resident
Horrible grammar and video
You would think a TV station could figure out how to make videos full screen. If I was an advertiser I would cancel! My ad can’t be seen when the video player is not full screen. I am not a grammar person at all. In fact I have really bad grammar. However this app and the people who write for a living make me look like a grammar teacher! You might get new stories about 3 times a week. This market is large!!!! Only two stories happen a day. I believe you should fire your anchors since they have no new news to report! Hearst is the worst! If you don’t believe what I wrong hear, try the app. I speak only the truth! Download channel 7!!!
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3 years ago, JoeSquid the man
Where in the upstate?
I've never seen the use of such vague breaking news headlines by way of the abuse of the word "upstate" the way WYFF does on their app. 90% of the breaking news headlines are titled in the upstate which is a very large area. Both your local competitors at least put the city of the location of the breaking news in their headlines. I understand you want us to go to your webpage so you can get your needed revenues but this is just way over-the-top. And many of the times... the news story is not even local.. sometimes it is hundreds of miles away in the middle of NC or down past Columbia... and unless it has national emphasis it should not be a news alert
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6 years ago, Doodlesmj
Strive to be the BEST!
I enjoy using the News 4 app. The only suggestions I have is 1) Spelling and Grammar and 2) Font color of Weather section. 1) I’m not perfect at spelling and grammar however, I feel as journalists and as the number one news station in our area, you’re held at a higher standard. I use your app daily and as I read the stories I always come across misspelled words along with questionable grammar and punctuation usage. 2) The font color on the Weather page being in white on a light background strains the eyes.
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4 years ago, Olson55555
I would give WYFF A 5 star rating but the problem I have is pop up ads that cover part of the news item I am reading. I have tried relentlessly to try and fix this but to no avail. It is so frustrating to only get part of a news story. I have been a WYFF faithful follower. But this should be addressed immediately. HELPme
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2 years ago, Paragon_Mind
Great, but needs muted audio when opening
Love the app and use it often. The biggest qualm is the immediate audio from the ads/video when the app starts. I cannot mute the audio until after the ad finishes. Most apps start with audio muted and you choose to unmute when you want to watch video/hear the video. Please start the app with muted audio and I would probably use the app twice as often.
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2 years ago, Classicrun
Ads are awful, app full of OLD news
Ads come on at full volume. It’s not so much that I hate watching them, it’s the noise. Articles stay on for MONTHS. News is supposed to be current. When you do click on an article to read, of course the ad BLARES first, then when you try to go back it ALWAYS goes back to the beginning of the app and you have to scroll back down. I finally just got too annoyed with this and decided to delete it. WSPA news app is so much better. You can swipe out of the ads and the news is more current. I stayed loyal to WYFF for too long.
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5 years ago, ag412
Ads before tornado warning broadcast!
I get the need to ads in an app. However; tonight I was so disappointed by the disregard of safety. The tornado warning was issued for Greenville county. I got the notification which stated there was a live broadcast, so I go to it to try to get more information. An ad starts before the broadcast.. ok.. fine. So I scroll down to read about the alert while the ad is still playing, it comes to an end so I scroll up, and a new one comes up, this happened 3 times before I got fed up and just decided to try to watch/read elsewhere. This would have been fine, if it weren’t about a tornado warning!
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6 years ago, Greenpondgirl
Decent news app
I love WYFF, but the digital content usually leaves much to be desired. The writing needs work. Some articles are very poorly written and edited. Updates are difficult to find and when articles are updated, the previous information is usually left in, which makes it pretty confusing. I like having the app for updates and alerts since I rarely watch the news on television, but if anchors spoke the way stories are written digitally, I’d be finding a new source.
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6 years ago, JDub320
Needs to improve
It’s nice having access to local news and weather, but there are bugs that are making it unusable. Thinking about uninstalling. 1. Sometimes ad videos get caught in a cycle. The video plays on opening of story, finishes, closes, and opens again a couple of seconds later. It’s an endless cycle and I just can’t read the story. 2. Pictures should be able to open full screen and zoom. A surveillance camera pic of a bank robbery isn’t much use if I can’t zoom in to actually see the picture.
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3 years ago, JR1647
News coverage
I like your site better In some ways better than your TV program, because on your evening news you talk about COVID-19 constantly. Yes I am trying to be careful, but I don’t care to hear about it every minute and every story. Even things that wouldn’t have to mention the disease, you seem to want to find a way to put it in there somehow. It makes me feel harassed.
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4 years ago, Sucky 123
Why? Are there so many sensational headlines that promise one thing but don’t deliver? Instead they play the commercials (yea yea I know commercials grease the wheels of commerce!) Followed by a news cast of previously aired stories, but nothing on the sensational headlines! Maddening!). Sometime later, after another ubiquitous lawyer commercial of course, they do get around to tying the sensational headline to the meat of the story! I gave a 3-star rating that I would gladly bump up to 4 if they wouldn’t use the “bait and switch” scam to sell more commercial time.
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2 years ago, N4ye
The best local news app!
After that Seneca tornado, WYFF4 app was immediately downloaded in my phone. I’m glad I stayed up that night to watch the news and thankful that awful tornado traveled around my house and not through it. Thank you WYFF for alerting as soon as the tornado was heading towards downtown.
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4 years ago, DiSgRuNtLeD infinty
Weather radar
I use this everyday as I work outside. It would be really great if you could set a pin on a location that you’re at or live at, so you can easily see how far rain is from you without having to try and zoom in to find where you’re at. When it’s raining it’s next to impossible to zoom in on roads to find your road and location.
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4 years ago, Brentbman1
A little clunky
There are excessive advertisements on the site. EVERY time you choose a video you experience LONG ads. If you look at more than one video, you are likely to see the same LONG ad multiple times. VERY annoying. Also, the videos will not go full screen (at least not for me). I love the site content and local news reporting, but based on my concerns stated above, using the app is not a positive overall experience.
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4 years ago, DaPonderer
Work on your grammar and sentence structure
It is good to get the news, but very distracting at times of poor grammar, confusing sentence structure, etc. We all can make mistakes, but unfortunately this seems to be more the norm on your site than an occasional “ooops!” Headlines often really don’t say what they mean. Sentences within the articles can be poorly structured, often requiring several readings to interpret what you were trying to say. Just proofread! Thanks!
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4 years ago, AMaxx50
Often I receive an alert about particular news item. When I click on it, I first have to watch an ad, which is just mildly annoying, but the actually site is reached it is a news broadcast that doesn’t mention what the alert was about. This morning I received an alert announcing an earthquake in SC. When I try to access, I get WYFF coronavirus news and weather. Had to go to Fox to learn about the earthquake!
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9 months ago, DarkWildBeauty
Weather stays inaccurate
It’s hard to plan your day when counting on wyff 4. This morning there is a 100% chance of rain today so we cancelled the water park. Not even a few hours later it drops to 38%. This happens so often! They can’t keep the weather accurate enough to plan just for a day. Out of all the technology, you can’t tell if the weather is gonna change within 2-3 hours? I don’t know what has happened to this team, but it use to be so much better with weather.
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3 years ago, SeriousTheologian
All good except....
I like being able to get local news in rather short order, but the automatically loud playing videos are so offputting to me. Often times I am with a baby that has just been put to sleep and wouldn’t you know it, I forget that if I tap on the notification to see a story, there is a loud video blaring at me that wakes a baby up. That’s so intrusive and distasteful. Other than that, I guess you’re good.
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4 years ago, GreenvilleSC
The stories on the app have significantly changed recently. The grammar and the sentence structure is horrible. I know we are in a hard time but the app has really suffered. Here is just one example from today. But there are several like this on the app today. ”No communication was given as to where or when the furniture will be ready was communicated the customer, according to the warrants.” Are the stories submitted on cell phones?
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4 years ago, frustratedwiththispricesd
App review
WYFF 4 app has many problems. 1.) it is so annoying how after reading a story and I go back to the main page it goes all the way to the top and I have to scroll to get back to where I was. 2.) I’m so tired of the same news being on the site for months. 3.). Then a little while ago you decreased the news even more. 4.) Often I’m reading and the whole app just closes. Please get more news and new news. There are billions of things going on both locally and nationally and you only have 6 or 7 new stories a day.
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6 years ago, Shootermcgavin1
Too many ads
I downloaded the app to keep up with local news since I tired of FB. It was fine, a few more ads than I’d like but I started to notice more ads. I just tried to read an article and without clicking I had a video ad pop up about every 10 seconds, without touching an ad or even scrolling. The app is fine, the interface is fine, the ads killed it for me.
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3 years ago, Ginwsanders
Great chemistry and delivering of the news etc
We have thoroughly enjoyed the news anchors and loved John Cessarich and Dale Gilbert. Chris Justice has brought a new level of weather reporting to WYFF and Cedric is also very good. We would never consider another station for our local news and weather.
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4 years ago, tall gray haired lady
Texted news feed
Someone needs to proof read text and advertisements before releasing. An advertisement will reduce the news text and leave you wondering where,when. You then go to another stations news feed to get all the information
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4 years ago, 4MomUpstate
Great, but missing things...
I love the WYFF4 app! I appreciate the way it’s laid out and the broad range of information given. My only frustration is that sentences are cut off right before advertisements. Based on what I read just past the ad, it seems 1/2 the sentence is sometimes cut short and a major point in the news article is missed because of it.
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5 years ago, Lynn Irby
Thunderstorm Asthma
Extremely informative! I’m very impressed at how much general information’s at your fingertips, literally at all times! The story on Thunderstorm Asthma was fascinating, for someone such as myself who suffers with COPD, this Thunderstorm Asthma Only happens when the pollens extremely high as it’s been this year. Thanks so much for this info!
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2 years ago, Tiredo4's
I m a native of this town AND Taylorssouthcarolina(1-word!!) Channel 4 has been in our Living Room for 70 years. Monty Dupuy and Stowe Hoyle were guests at our Supper Table. The Volumn was turned down while Daddy said The Blessing, then turned back up so we could hear the Weather. THANK YOU LORD GOD FOR CJANNEL 4!!!! Phil Barton on Kimbrell Road!!!
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6 years ago, stupidestpodcastever
Sick of constant bad news
If you like get alerts all day long about death and misery, this is the app for you. I originally downloaded for weather alerts but thought it would be nice to keep up with the news, too. Little did I know that I would be getting a near constant stream of car crashes, murders, suicides, pain, misery and violence. This app will give you a very negative outlook on life. Had to delete to maintain my personal well-being and sanity.
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5 years ago, Rob128128
Glitchy and irrelevant
The news stories that come through as notifications are nearly 100% about obscure stories involving death. When a relevant news story comes through, clicking the notification banner rarely actually gets you to the actual story. I have the app, but the best part about it is that you don’t have to let the app load fully to erase the notification that attaches itself to the icon.
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5 years ago, Suddenbark
Love the app
I love the app! If there was one thing I would change it would be pictures that are posted the articles cannot be tapped and made larger. When things like looking for a suspect it would be nice to get a closer look. Again, love the app it makes me feel connected to what is happening around our town.
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5 years ago, Clemgrad75
Murder, abuse and wrecks on I-85
I have been asked by my colleagues to quit reading the WYFF News while on trips. We have advised our clients that if they plan to visit South Carolina do NOT read the news on your app. From what is listed daily it appears our area is a death trap. It is hard to believe we live in such a colorful, dynamic and charming region of the state when reading the news. Very little positive news is included.
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4 years ago, Snakedoctor149
I enjoy the news you provide to the community, but some of the alert make me wonder why do we care about something so minor? Need to be more selective in what you send out as alerts.
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3 years ago, GinnyReader
Too many ads
I can click on an icon to hear a story, then I get some completely unrelated story after listening to an advertisement for 15 seconds. Waste of my time. I clicked to hear about a traffic back up, but heard about the weather, then about covid, before I signed off and went to another local station to hear about the traffic.
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5 years ago, Teachinggal81
I like WYFF app because I can check the local news wherever I am. It covers most of the news stories I want to read about. I do wish they would fix it it so after reading a couple articles, it doesn’t go back to the top. I should be able to go to the next article.
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4 years ago, TammyH SC
Room for improvement
I like this app for quick access to local and national news on my phone. I agree with others that there are too many ads and editing should be spot on. It seems the font also changed recently and I don’t care for the style or the fact that it appears all bold.
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4 years ago, Chocol8Gold
Cessarich we will miss you and we love you dearly. My dog even watches him. By the way she need a good home as Private Dennis are being evicted for nonpayment for the issues that renain at our apartment home in Eagle Trace apartments. The voice of the I heard is here they are taking advantage and discriminatory. If I could bottle this smell.
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3 years ago, Anderson Viewer
Anderson Viewer
On point, current, always professional! With a busy schedule, I rarely get time to sit down and listen to the news so this keeps me up to speed!
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5 years ago, Isaac's poem
I am having an issue with ads that pop up in the middle of a story or weather forecast and override what I was reading. Sometimes they happen repeatedly and will not stop. I have to leave the app to find what I need. When there were tornado warnings I tried to access the forecast and still had to wait through ads! Not ok!!
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4 years ago, WV6Z - Tom
Best News Service In The Upstate......
......and that absolutely includes weather. I wish I could give you 5 stars, but after all, this is an app review. No way to increase or change font size or stretch text makes it aggravating to try to read some stories posted.
Show more
5 years ago, fix_annoyed
I have the app just to avoid annoying commercials. The ads on here are ridiculous!!! I have stopped trying to close and reopen the app to avoid the ads that come up before you can think to read the first story headliner. It’s too much!!! Way too many, too often and too annoying to even attempt to read any news from this news station!!!
Show more
9 months ago, Sam-Bo-1
News reports
Many of the news reports stop in mid sentence and and leaves you hanging as to the outcome of whats being reported. Pictures can’t be stretched/enlarged so you can see them. Example, Police reports asking for help identifying an individual are so small, and your app doesn’t allow tap and stretch to enlarge, thereby making the identification useless.
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4 years ago, Blest2bHis
Good App
ABSOLUTELY LOVE their Weather Coverage!! Best out of the others I use locally! I enjoy the information that is given in their reporting most of the time. But in the article itself, ads block report content! So I only get pieces! Wish it could change and I would use it more often.
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6 years ago, no nickname not taken!
John C rude?!?
Thanks for the good reporting that you do! I just want to say that I think you should drop the commercial with John Cessarich interrupting people because he hears a “weather” word. I can’t imagine him doing that in real life, and it just makes him seem self-centered and rude. I guess if he has really done that, it’s OK to run that commercial!🙋🏼
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5 years ago, TravelingCamper
Love this app!
I love being able to get breaking news at any time of the day. Even when I don’t have time to watch the news, I can go to my app to read the most up to date news.
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4 years ago, xcandygirl
Covid 19
There needs to be more daily news on the virus. We are in a crisis in Greenville and more attention to the importance of masking and how it’s affecting our community. Too many people think it’s no big thing. The kids won’t get to school, we won’t see local sports, we won’t be going to festivals and plays. Our community is suffering.
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