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User Reviews for Wyzant - Find a tutor

4.87 out of 5
28.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Kellie BX Mom
Excellent tutor - great with teens !
I have a 14 year old son who , like most teenagers , swears he knows everything! He was not excited at all to get tutoring because he is passing (just barely) Algebra and insisted that he was ok to pass the first practice round of regents. I knew he needed help and insisted and Venicia was highly recommended and she did not disappoint! She came to help prep him for his practice exam and he passed ! And he actually enjoyed his session. She finds ways to not only review important concepts with him but can also handle his know it all attitude with ease and humor. She even spent time explaining to him why and how math was important , for all aspects of his life. She is trustworthy and reliable as well. I can’t say enough positive things about her!
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4 years ago, WyzantSucks
Basically no customer support
The experience in terms of finding a tutor was okay. But the issue with Wyzant is that there is basically no customer service. Rude, professional agents, especially the ones who take care of online chatting for customer support. I would recommend no one link their banking information to the Wyzant account, because I bet there will be some financial issues with the tutor, and Wyzant would not do anything. They charge your PayPal account in the forms of ”automated payment, ” which makes it really hard to dispute. It is not a subscription service so there would be no need for them to charge you with automated payment. One of my tutors told me that Wyzant takes a quite huge percentage from the payment also. I am pretty sure they do not invest that to improving customer service. Do not use Wyzant. There are other subscription services such as Chegg. I have had no issues with them, especially in terms of payment. Wyzant is so worried that the customer contacts tutor directly to avoid their service fee, mandatory fees they take from the tutor. I understand that, but it cause so many confusion, meaningless wait time whenever there is a payment issue.
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5 years ago, :)macd
Horrible Experience 1st Time USER
If I could give zero stars I would. I’ll try to keep this brief...I was looking for a Gmat tutor. I created an account. Built my profile. All seemed good. I messaged a local tutor that looked promising. I needed a tutor ASAP so I proved the tutor my phone number in the message and let them know I was interested in their services. I waited for a reply. No reply. I went back to the App and it is asking me for a credit card. Hmm that’s weird. They want to run my credit card... why??? I’ve used message and platform apps before but they never forced me to put in a credit card and then charge the credit card just to send messages and connect with users. I called support. They told me I need to put in a credit card to use their app because I’m not allowed to give my phone number out in messages. Why would I give my credit card over so easily to you? This app is bogus and they need to fix their new client adoption process. Zero stars and I’m not using them again. No one should. Call and friend and ask if they know a tutor. Also they charge 9% service fee. Way to high. See yah
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3 years ago, LoveBrittanyIN
Concept is great, the guarantee is a lie
They claim there is a great fit tutor guarantee, but even when the tutor leads you in a wrong direction putting you in a worse off place than you were when you started, even if the tutor straight up says they don’t know how to help you, Wyzant’s customer service never gets back to you. It may be worth the risk, just don’t expect them to follow through on their promise of crediting you, refunding you, or finding you someone to better help you. And especially don’t try the find me a tutor option, where you set a time and they find you a tutor. They set me up with tutors who literally never looked at what they were teaching. They told me they were doing a quick tutorial before the session. I told them it wouldn’t work, then I tried again and it rematched me with the same person. I told the person that this wouldn’t work for me, then the person went off on me for messaging them. The tutors don’t seem to know it’s an automatic match. I wish there were more options for this sort of service out there.
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3 years ago, Awesommmmmmmmeeeee
Online tutoring
I was hesitant to try on line tutoring, since my 10th grader needed help this weekend with Geometry. I like in person tutoring. I took a chance with Tamar and was pleasantly surprised that in a short notice she was able to accommodate us. Tamar communicated with me hours before his first lesson so that she would have all the necessary school work before she started tutoring my son. She was also very engaged with my son and was easy to understand. Thank you I also want to thank Wyzant on how easy it was to do online tutoring through their website app. I love love all the tools it provides, like the folders and the recording. I definitely recommend Tamar and Wyzant. Susan F
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2 years ago, TanyaTVT
Jack is a great teacher!
Jack is a great teacher! I was looking for a tutoring of Honor Humanity course for my son, and then we met Jack, and we are so grateful to find him. My son has already had three English essay writing lessons with Jack, and we will continue them. As a professional writer, Jack helped my son write a fantastic story for his school project. He is a patient and supportive teacher who knows how to motivate and engaged his students in the writing essay process. The environment in his classroom is positive, educational, and inspiring. My son has learned a lot and began more confident in writing, grammar, and critical thinking. Thank you so much, Jack! I highly recommend Jack to everyone.
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3 years ago, Henrieta-Soderlund
Wonderful tutor and so worth everything
We’ve been working with Jane for about a month now. She works with 2 of my children once a week and both are working on two different areas that need improvement. She is an amazing tutor. Both of my children have different ways of learning and absorbing information and Jane was able to adapt to their ways of learning. My son and daughter are teenagers and they are actually looking forward to their weekly lessons with Jane. She will be a part of our family for a long time as we have two younger ones growing up who will hopefully be able to start working with Jane pretty soon.
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2 months ago, Pianomama67
Phenom APUSH tutor!
With Kelsey you hit the ground running on Lesson 1. He is extremely insightful and knowledgeable, and will know exactly how to help. That help includes lots of access to extremely practice resources but also fundamentally centers on how to help you to make adjustments in how you read and interpret because MCQ’s, DBQ’s, SAQ’s LEQ’s involve a certain “deciphering” of how to correctly answer what is being asked of you. Kelsey nails how to do that. My daughter’s grade was raised an entire letter grade in a matter of a handful of lessons. He is also such a gracious and patient educator. Highly recommend and cannot say enough wonderful things about Kelsey!
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3 years ago, Taireagan
Incredibly Helpful and absolutely the best!!!
I have always been hesitant with seeking help from a tutor let alone paying for one because of the uncertainty of walking away with a better understanding of a subject however Michael completely changed the way I feel towards tutoring!! 100%. He has made me not only understand Econometrics better but has created a place for me to learn and grow not just fulfilling my assignments. Thank you very much for all the time you have offered. I always feel more confident in this subject after every tutor session. He deserves 100 ⭐️. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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1 year ago, JB mum
Algebra 2 tutor
My son is high functioning with autism but has blocks in his brain with math. Although he usually has grades in the low 90s, this year was tough as you added in chem so we had some mid 80s and 70s. We worked with Danylo on the last week of finals. My son was struggling to get concepts down as his brain was so overwhelmed with facts for each subject. Danylo helped Colin a lot through patience and routine. Whilst I have been my son’s tutor, he needed a break from me. Danylo was the perfect solution. Grade came back today. With the help of a very good final exam grade he wound up with an A- in Alg 2! Wished I used Danylo earlier!
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2 years ago, Onur' mom
Knowledgeable teacher
If you have a great teacher, who is kind, affable, knowledgeable, and of course helpful then you are a lucky person. So is Natasha . She has all these qualities and a good option to learn something creative. My son was getting stuck in the picture description. She better knows how to conduct lessons and make the learner pick it quickly. My son likes her methodology, The best thing which I learned through her lessons she send to me my son work . Next time what will they study plan. Her lessons were so creative and useful. Thank you Natasha my son is increasingly improve..
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4 years ago, Hudson's GiGi
Excellent Experience
I’ve used Wyzant several times this year. I didn’t experience difficulty with customer service nor with any tutors. I’m not your most tech savvy person but the application and how to use was fairly easy. My tutor experiences have been great thus far. I would admit, sometimes you may have to try a few in order to find the right fit. The students learning style and the tutors teaching style has to be compatible. I have emailed the tutors of my interest to kind of go through a little q&a prior to scheduling the session. I truly will use again and will recommend to other families.
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6 months ago, CKAS28
Excellent math tutor to level up
My 13 yo son was looking to join his school’s math team. The current team had been playing together for 3 years so my son had a lot of catch-up to do in a very short amount of time in order to make the team. Peter helped him get up to speed quickly. My son tried out a few different tutors but Peter really stood out for him. Peter has been great at advancing my son’s math competition knowledge and running very efficient lessons. He also has a positive style that makes learning feel encouraging. We highly recommend Peter.
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4 months ago, RyhanIslam
Highly knowledgeable and incredibly patient
I reached out to Kevin to help clarify a Java assignment I had been tasked with. I’m coming into Java with a background that’s revolved solely around Python. Kevin helped explain concepts and tools that I struggled to understand in a very clear and concise manner. By the end of our session, I had a strong grasp of the knowledge I needed to finish my assignment. I look forward to reaching out to him again in the near future. In the meantime I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a Computer Science tutor!
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3 years ago, Shekki222
Singing with Ease
I loved my lesson with Jordana today, because my vocal concerns were not only heard, but understood. She then guided me to start at the beginning. We openly experimented with a variety of ways to nurture, protect, and build up my personal foundation, and my personal core. In this way, I learned and experienced a fundamental principle that will support me in producing free flowing of sound. This was amazing because I have searched and searched for this for a really long time. For me, singing involves the body, mind, and spirit. Jordana’s approach covers them all.
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2 months ago, Oli K .
Exceptional tutor !
Justin is an exceptional calculus tutor. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and my son has benefited greatly from his lessons since the very first one. Justin is patient and explains everything step-by-step to ensure that my son understands the topic thoroughly. We will definitely be booking more hours with him; he’s our go-to tutor now. I’d like to mention that although we’ve used Wyzant tutors before, Justin is by far our first choice. Highly recommended for his exceptional services
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2 years ago, TheGentlePanda444
Great Service!
I needed drastic help in Algebra 2 and the tutors here on Wyzant were very outgoing and many were willing to help me. I had this one tutor and she helped me from not getting an F in my math class because I was heading down the path of failing. She was always available and even when things came up, we were both able to work around it. Definitely recommended for parents who have children in need of any help in high school, especially for math.
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2 years ago, Chobagui
Algebra 2
She is amazing! Not only is she proficient in her knowledge but also patient and explains complicated concepts in direct and clear manner that makes it easier to understand. She also gently guides the lesson plan to advance at an appropriate speed and adapted well as needed based on my daughter’s needs. My 16 year old daughter has learning differences and she was a perfect fit! Thus, I booked her for multiple sessions ahead of time. We are now going on our third session:)
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1 year ago, katieyap
Amazing tutor
Christ is a second tutor I met through online. We had a few classes before. Due to I still having the issues with my project, he was really helping me to figure out where we went wrong from the previous and personally take his time to go deeper go over it . I am really appreciated what he did for me . I am highly recommend him to everyone if you need help for python and GIS or ARGIS. He is a great and very passion person.
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4 years ago, H Choi
Well prepared teacher!
It was only a first class with her, but she was well prepared to teach my 7-year old son. Before the class, I discussed with her about what my son need to learn and she prepared the online teaching materials perfectly at the first class. Before the class, she also recommended me and my son to have a demo class to get used to the program. Everything went easy and well, and we are satisfied with her. She is amazing!
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2 years ago, j. manz
My daughter has excelled working with Matt
My daughter is in 8th grade , she always had some trouble with math. Working with Matt, my daughter has a much clearer understanding With the problem solving. After each lesson Matt sends an email, telling us about her her progress, where she’s been improving. And what she needs to work on. He also provides links and practice worksheets for her. My daughter, my wife, and myself could not be happier with Matt.
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12 months ago, Meegie B
Like the options, reviews. Search function not the best.
I’ve been using this website and app on and off for a month or two to find a summer tutor for my child. I really like that you can see how long someone has been tutoring, how many people they have tutored, rates, and their reviews. However, I’ve spent a lot more time reading through lots of profiles because the search function doesn’t work that well with topics/specialities and the specialities aren’t totally clear (black vs blue font- are they approved in both?). I’ve gotten math and chemistry tutors high in my search for a grammar tutor. If they could improve that it would be perfect!
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3 years ago, Bcfdhduyt
Amazing Hard Working and Effective Tutor!
Juliette is fantastic and since she started working with my daughter I can see that my daughter is now motivated, focused and excited to work on her college applications. Juliette takes all the stress off the parent and child and is so organized, knowledgeable, thoughtful and well-prepared for every lesson. Total game-changer if you have a high school student needing support through the college application process!
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3 years ago, Salmastheatre
DeAnza is a Great Teacher!
Greater understanding and teaching style. Very unique way of teaching concept then breaking them down piece by piece in a way that it can all be put back together! More than Exceptional! Her teaching style is like art in itself. Which is what you want if you are an artist or an inspiring artist. I feel confident that I will accomplish every goal that I set out because of DeAnza’s understanding and ways of instilling experiential learning.
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3 years ago, CrazyaboutPeanuts3
Stellar outstanding amazing.... what more can I say?
Grant is an amazing preCal tutor! My son struggled in the subject both semesters and much more so during the 2nd semester. Having Grant as a tutor meeting with him virtually twice a week was so incredibly helpful. Grant was always thorough and willing to back track on a unit or 2 so that my son could better understand concepts that were more difficult than others. I would recommend Grant as a tutor for anyone!
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2 years ago, Tomo tan
Great Teacher!!!
Anna helped my son for the preparation for his AP Japanese test for the last 6 months. She has been always very positive and very organized. Her instruction was very clear and she made so many valuable suggestions for the test taking skills. His Japanese improved a lot thanks to her instruction and he maintained a positive attitude and made him more confident speaking and presenting in Japanese. Thank you very much for all your hard work, Anna!
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5 months ago, Cbage55
Ms Maureen was very patient and prepared. She had a plan of action put together and followed it which made the session easy for the parents to understand and assist our daughter and Ms Maureen when needed. So far it is off to the best start we could imagine. Our daughter is looking forward to her next session and that’s the main thing. Making the child want to learn. Ms Maureen made our daughter excited about learning.
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6 years ago, KSade'J
Wonderful experience
Ms. Jodi was so amazing. We feel like she properly assisted us in what we had questions and now we have a better understanding. We feel a lot better going into our test and will update her once we receive our test scores back. She was really nice and funny which made it fun to learn and used analogies that made sense to help us understand the curriculum a lot better. We will definitely be back for tutoring in the future. 🤗
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3 years ago, Beksa556
Super convenient and awesome
I have been using this platform for a few years now and it has been the most convenient app to find a tutor of my choice. It is simple to use. My only issue is that I wish I could view lessons from my phone instead of just my laptop. Other than that, i have no complaints. I love the whiteboard feature as well as having the recorded lessons post session. Would love for me to able to take lessons on my phone so I don’t have to use my laptop!
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5 years ago, Da_awesomeness
Normally I am very patient and understanding with websites. However this website was very confusing and difficult to understand. I think they need a complete rundown on how the whole online tutoring process works before I spend any money on a lesson! Because then I am just wasting my money because I am spending time trying to figure out how this website works. I understand that they have a demo room for online tutoring and it’s cool and all but everything else is still really confusing to use. They should have more clear directions and walkthroughs on the whole thing.
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6 years ago, Leonard J. S.
Eric M., Spanish Wyzant tutor is outstanding.
My daughter is a sophomore in high school. After her second session with Eric, she has increased her confidence level in Spanish and is looking forward to becoming more proficient with each tutoring session. Eric is quite personable, very responsive, and most importantly provides my daughter with exceptional quality today. I highly recommend Eric for any parent who is interested in assisting your child receive the best Spanish tutoring. Leonard S. Rolling Hills Estates, CA
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3 years ago, JefreySiler
Knowledgeable, Helpful & Patient!
Can’t say enough good things about Brendan, heis VERY versed FCP and treats every issue as if it was his own. He is also very efficient in getting to the bottom of a problem and helpful in showing best practices so that you don’t get into similar problems again. I have used a few different Wyzant lessons and Brendan has been the best, I already booked a second lesson to deepen my FCP lesson
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2 years ago, djdjsjehsuzbebsns
Wyzant messaging notifications
Usually Wyzant works fine but recently the notifications green/grey slide bar keep going off and on when I’m trying to keep it at one place. It won’t let me keep notifications on and have to repeatedly turn it back on. This is preventing the tutors I been messaging from seeing what I wrote to them. I’m assuming this is happening with everyone, so please make a update to fix it if you can :)
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4 years ago, jo.lloyd
Ananya helped our son with 8th grade Algebra. He said he enjoyed the session and the hour went by so fast. Usually he tends to not pay attention at subjects such as math and he was engaged the whole time. She was able to show him different ways until he had the ‘aha’ moment. Looking forward to getting him more lessons and enjoying math. Highly recommend, professional, flexible, great communication, and will continue. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Ron Hutchins
Yoko Anderson “Great Teacher! “
What can I say, Yoko Anderson has all the qualifications of being a great Japanese teacher. She really helped me in trying to learn the Japanese language as well as the culture. She is the type of teacher that realizes that most people have other thing in our lives. She is very understanding with no pressure. I have enjoyed my lessons tremendously. I would strongly recommend Yoko to anyone that wants to learn Japanese.
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5 years ago, Jackrattackk
This is who you want for Your kid
I don’t know what to say other than Michael is a stellar tutor. He is extremely flexible knowledgeable and kind. He always makes sure my son understands the topic and can find ways to help him understand. I have used Wyzant many times in the past and I can see this is your guy.... he sends my son worksheets always is in contact before a lesson to see what topics you want to discuss. Their is really no one like Michael...
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1 year ago, ARC Rethom
Amazing tutor
He is efficient with his time and focuses on areas that help his students learn quickly. Because he works with a lot of students, he truly understands how kids learn and provides incredibly valuable tools to help them absorb the ideas and material. My son was really struggling before and now really looks forward to his tutoring time. We are so thankful to have found him!
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2 years ago, dontknowbud
Enthusiastic Teacher
My daughter really enjoys her piano lessons now, which was not always the case before she had lessons with Christian. Her skills are progressing and I appreciate that she is learning more than just some songs in a book. She is learning about music theory too! It is obvious that Christian is not only passionate about music, but he also loves teaching too. High recommendations from us!
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1 year ago, Expensive add-on
Patient, empathetic, and professional
Christine has been amazingly patient and understanding of my situation as an adult learner returning to school. I never really understood upper level math and it was difficult jumping back into college math. Christine was empathetic and explained in a way that helped me to complete my assignments and pass my exams. I never would’ve thought I’d get an A in college math, let alone in pre-calculus.
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6 years ago, antigauagrl
A+ Tutor
I was hesitant, at first, when I did not see other reviews on Edward’s profile. He was available at short notice and my son needed a tutor. I decided to give him a try. I am glad I did. He’s an A+ Tutor. He is knowledgeable, patient and an excellent instructor. He boosted my son’s self confidence and broke down the concepts in a way that my son could understand. Don’t hesitate to hire this tutor. He comes highly recommended. He is a gem — a rare find!
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6 years ago, Desiree Bragg
Had my first sessions with Mrs. Andrea, went very well! She broke down every step until I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong. And has a lot of patience when you don’t understand something. She’ll even throw in hints and different ways to help you make sure you can get the right answers to the problems. If you’re looking for a tutor, I would definitely recommend Mrs. Andrea!
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6 years ago, Mashe848
Very impersonal
I tried to search for a tutor for a few weeks. Everything felt impersonal and the tutors did not seem to have their lives together and some seemed to only care about money. I wanted a tutor to help me improve my reading skills but their cookie cutter approach did not cut it. Info about their background and experience was no accessible on the app (If it even existed). All you could do was "trust" a stranger to help you from across the country. Reviews don't cut it for me. I can ask my family and friends to review me and make up stories. I guess you can't expect much from an app but it was a waste of my time and patience.
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4 years ago, Cila Xavier
Great tutor!
Darius helped me so much when I was not able to format my story into a playscript format. He is a very kind and positive person; he also gave me an extra set of ideas to improve my project. The only thing that I didn't feel comfortable with it was when I noticed that he started recording our zoom meeting, but when I told him that I felt uncomfortable with it, he stopped it; that is the only reason I am giving him four stars.
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5 years ago, kibblz1
Easy to use and helped us find a great tutor
This has been my first time using Wyzant and I am really pleased. The app made it easy to identify tutors meeting my son’s needs, and within a couple of weeks of my initial search, he had started with a wonderful tutor. He has been meeting with her for about five months now and has made a lot of progress. Great tool for connecting students with tutors!
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3 years ago, Mimibhutani
Excellent App!
Found them on google while looking for tutoring services, this was the first ad to pop up. I was in a hurry so I decided to check it out. I was not disappointed. Very easy to navigate and got an immediate response from varios tutors. They have an extensive number of tutors for all academic needs. The video quality is great and all sessions are recorded. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, GimpyDuck83
Good Until Recently
Lately I haven’t been able to read my messages in a timely manner or at all. I get the notifications that a message has come in, and the preview in messages, but it won’t show in the message thread. So I still have to get on my laptop to see and respond to the message. Messages are how I run and coordinate my business. Like why… this didn’t happen years ago? I’ve updated the app and everything too. Clean it up, WyzAnt! This is cheddar for both of us.
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3 years ago, pipetpeople
Do NOT create an account with your Apple ID
The app developer should not offer an option to create an account with your Apple ID because then you’re limited in what you can update since you don’t know what Apple uses for the password. Getting access to reviewed and vetted tutors is great, but they clearly haven’t thought it all out. As another example, if you’re a parent, you should sign up with the kid’s info or else your kid will have to use parental info to log in or deal with the hassle of contacting customer support... which they warn you will take a while.
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1 year ago, JA girl
First session!
My daughter expressed how really patient and kind Karen was and how comfortable she was sharing her difficulties. She said she was really awesome and helpful. As her mom, her feedback was spot on from only one session which boosted my confidence because then she will help my daughter succeed further from the fact that she’s knowledgeable as well as being insightful.
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3 years ago, 3iNinjaSeal
Cant believe it!
My sons has been struggling with Algebra 2 and he was getting so far behind he felt like no mater how much he worked it would not make up the difference. After the first meeting my son asked me to book Mark again! What? That has never happened! Looking forward to working with Mark again.
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4 years ago, twinmama!
Christian has been an exemplary teacher for my boys. He is so kind, patient, intelligent, and giving of his time. He has a unique ability to explain the materials at a level the children understand. My boys look up to him as a role model and want to grow up to be brilliant just like him!! We’re so lucky to have him in our lives. I can’t recommend him highly enough!!
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