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Last update
2 years ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for x2VOL_

4.21 out of 5
644 Ratings
4 years ago, Berndatte03
Great app
This is app makes is much easier and more convenient to request verification for service hours but it would be much easier if they made it possible for someone to verify on the spot by maybe signing in your phone. Though it’s convenient and handy it also makes it much more likely for problems, specifically technological problems, to come up and it makes those problems much worse and harder to deal with. For the most part, however, it is great app and makes it much easier to verify hours.
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2 months ago, Cocosnow24
Absolutely impossible to use
The only reason I got this app in the first place was because I needed it for my school. I have never written an app review EVER so this is when you know it’s bad. First off the opportunities tab takes forever to load, and every single time I open the app it says it “needs an update” and “to open the App Store” so that is what I’ve done multiple times and no update is needed. I’ve seen another review talk about this so it can’t just be me. What prompted me to write this right now was that after it said that and I just clicked “ok” because that’s the only button you can click it kicked me out of the app. I thought maybe it was just a glitch or something but every time after that I went back into the app and clicked ok. It still kicks me out. I can’t even be on the app or look at opportunities for longer than 3 seconds until it kicks me out again. Fix this now.
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3 years ago, DianaAngon
Easiest way to track service hours
Eliminate paper forms and timesheets by tracking hours online. x2VOL gives volunteers the ability to submit hours for verification and approval. It’s easy to use and volunteers are always clear on what they have submitted!
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8 months ago, Microwaveeo
Emotionally this app deserves Zero stars.
The app INSISTS that it needs an update and to go to the App Store to update it. Go to the App Store. Last update was more than a year ago. Eventually it stops letting you see any of your information. Go to the website. Somehow shows you even LESS. It’s also so inconvenient that you aren’t able to see any of the information from the hours you submitted, so you’ll never be able to know what email you sent the verification to because OF COURSE the ‘resend verification’ NEVER WORKS. 0/10 honestly made everything so much more stressful. I hope whoever made this gets toe fungus permanently.
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10 months ago, I be poppin bottles sparkles
I be poppin bottles
Sparkles like champagne VIP my section Royalty lookin sexy
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9 months ago, KatLover5637
One of the few times the app is worse than the website
x2vol is almost useless as an app. It’s always a 50/50 chance if the app will even load in the first place, let alone function correctly. I can’t believe it, but their clunky website is better for submitting volunteering time than the app.
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1 year ago, jumper362
Worse than the website in every way
X2Vol works great on a computer, in a browser, or even in a mobile browser. Which begs the question, why is the app so much worse? If it was functionally identical to the website, it would be a perfect 5 stars, but the UI is worse, the form submission is worse, and there’s a ton of stuff that just can’t be done when compared to the website.
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10 months ago, hagsirjsgxn
Won’t work
The app used to work perfectly well, but when I went to check how many hour I had, it was stuck at 0. I deleted the app and redownloaded but now I can’t login because it won’t let me.
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4 years ago, TheFerrety
Website is superior
While using this app, I was surprised at how limited it is compared to the website. Unlike the website, this app makes it impossible to update and edit your hours. Additionally, when switching schools, the website was needed instead. Personally, I think an updated interface is very much needed as well.
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5 months ago, Planter toe
My review
Like the app but y can’t I change the information of the company that I did my service with I accidentally sent it to the wrong email so and now it won’t work
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3 years ago, Dubtak
Login Issue
I’m having issues logging into my account, it says incorrect password/login but I know it’s my school email and I just now changed my Password. I try to use the trouble signing in button but it says “x2VOL error message” nothing else.
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3 years ago, Meg~23~16
I keep trying to login and it says the my email isn’t valid. It is a school email and I have everything correct. I don’t know what to do because I need to log hours.
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2 years ago, hororr lover
Very limited
It’s a good app idea but it’s very very limited with stuff and every time I open it I tells me to update when there’s no update. It won’t let me do anything
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8 years ago, Lightbulbperson
I felt bad
This app does nothing but I figured a little support would give them some initiative
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4 years ago, MLG184
Bad app
App has a bad user interface and in need of upgrade. Can’t do half the stuff that I can do on computer.
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5 months ago, Gus12347
This is the worst app, it forces children to do child labor which is bad. Should ban app immediately.
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4 years ago, chdjrigog
Overly complicated and deletes your info sometimes while you are writing it
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4 years ago, tiredhighschooler
Waste of my phone me worry space
I was so excited when I got this app because I do a lot of volunteering and needed a more accessible way to log my hours on the go. Sadly, this app is neither efficient or easy to use. So far, it won’t let me add hours, requires me to enter information every time I add hours to an ON GOING project, and I can no longer log in online to try to enter my hours. I wish I could say the lay out is at least marginally better than the web page but that too would be a lie. I honestly wish I could give this app a better review but it simply does not work. Hopefully the developer can make a few improvements because this is the only way my school will accept volunteer hours.
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5 years ago, A mildly upset student
Please fix!!!!!
I am unable to log into my account on the app but have verified that I have entered all of my information correctly by logging into the browser. A friend has successfully logged into their account on my app on my device, but I am unable to do so. My account has been verified and I’ve even tried changing my password (twice). UPDATE: the app will NOT take passwords with special characters like the website will. Only numbers and letters can be in the password to use the app. It would be nice if this were disclosed so I didn’t have to figure that out by changing my password… yet a third time.
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8 years ago, Gymnastics Man
I have to use this service because it is required by my high school and this app does everything possible to make the experience inconvenient. I have to sign in every time i open the app even though I select "Remember Me". If i have to change anything on an hours claim, all my information deleted. I spend just as much time entering my hours into x2vol as i do while doing community service.
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6 years ago, Customer496
Great app works swell. Best day of my life was when I got this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, hduxna
Please fix this
I can’t submit more than 23 hours and 45 minutes. Can you increase the number of hours one can submit?
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5 years ago, Snoopster25
This app has many bugs and is not updated often. It has the most trouble on phones with large screens. It would be a lot better if the app was updated it to work with them.
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6 years ago, Goochiehokie
Won’t let me sign in
I’ve tried signing in from my X2Vol account on multiple networks and it just won’t sign in. How am I supposed to log my hours if I cant get into the app for school? I can’t fully rate the app until I can get signed in
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10 years ago, 00fun00
I can't even log in
I tried many times to log into my account but it doesn't let me. I've also tried the "forgot my password" option, but it just gave me an error message. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, hq442
This app is utterly useless. Make a new one
Totally useless, never download it, honestly I wish Apple could just make an executive decision to take it off cause clearly intelivol won’t take out the trash
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8 years ago, silverm34
Terrible inconvenience
Often when I try to submit hours/create a project, the app fails and erases everything I've written. Prefer desktop site. App is rareky updated
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6 years ago, TeachPEinTX
Keyboard won't even stay up long enough to let you login... Scared to even use it to track hours of I ever can get it to login.
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8 years ago, Blahpenguin26
5 stars 3 good 5 me
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6 years ago, Susan67
That app won’t let me log in even though online login works
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5 years ago, appleAPPreviewer98797
The website has a spot to add photos the app is missing this critical element
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8 years ago, DianaCRCH
Very laggy! Disappointed in that. Want to add hours easily from phone.
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8 years ago, Abradantmatt
It does the bare minimum
This app does the bare minimum it can do just to scrape by. Although you can add hours, it's missing a lot. From viewing your total hours to other features it promises, it just doesn't hold up. I only use this if there's not a computer nearby, and even so I try to wait to add my hours until later. It's missing the basic things you would expect from any app such as "remembering my username and password" not actually doing what it says - just remembering the username. And, if you get the username / password wrong, you have to retype everything. Very frustrating. Schools pay a lot to use your service so at least put the of amount effort in to fix your app and not screw people over.
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5 years ago, CPatt_1105
Can’t add hours
I just got this app. It won’t let me add hours. Disappointed
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1 year ago, Love myself yay🤓
Not user friendly
Not user friendly
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3 years ago, Argainia
Unable to log in
I downloaded this app so that I could easily show and check my hours without pulling the website up on my computer. Upon opening the app, it refused to accept my username and password. This could be because my x2Vol account was made through Naviance, and not x2Vol directly, but it is still an issue that should be fixed.
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