Xbox Game Pass

4.8 (82.8K)
96.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Xbox Game Pass

4.77 out of 5
82.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Pan20
Excellent Remote Cloud Gaming Application
Biggest Reason is the cloud gaming feature. This product has grown into a force to be reckoned with. I’ve watched the console wars for thirty years, and I knew that the only way to move forward was for one company to obtain almost full in-house gaming with enough servers, and financially strong to maintain the servers. Sony accidentally becoming a gaming company due to Nintendo choosing cartridge vs disc for the Nes CD, and leaving Sony and all game companies with games already on disc. It’s now 2021. Sony shouldn’t have gone after the Microsoft and Samsung hardware and red laser disc drive (same as blu ray). Sony blocking the media from being mass produced because they are members of the MPAA was a power move. When you use you a Samsung tv the device the tvs recognize is the Xbox. Automatically. My best guess is Xbox will come preinstalled on Samsung tvs for years. Steam just could keep up with the traffic and lack of actual controller, or ox builds that work efficiently. The future is here if enough people build momentum for the cloud streaming. Microsoft isn’t a gaming company. If they lose money they will sell or break it up.
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2 years ago, BATmanfighter57
Good With Problems
I’ve used this app to see a lot of new games on Xbox game pass. It’s awesome! There are problems and suggestions I need to let you know about. When there are new games I want or games I found that are interesting, I try to install it through the app since I don’t have to turn on my Xbox just for that. But then it’ll tell me to get game pass when I already have it, then it wont even do the thing. That’s a big problem, otherwise it’s a great app and I recommend downloading this if you need it. I have a suggestion of adding a new intro to your app. When you enter, it would show the Xbox logo. I recommend changing it into your profile picture with Xbox logo and next to it saying “game pass”. That would be cool and useful. “How?” You may ask. Well when people are trying to go into the Xbox app it self, they might press on game pass and won’t know because they have the same intro. Then, they would think that it’s been changed for game pass only. (Which probably won’t happen) But if it does, that’s where you guys come in to change it. It’s better to know which app your going in so you don’t get confused. (I sound dumb but it may be true) That's all I suggest, anything else, I’ll let you guys know.
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3 years ago, cmonsta77
More than I could ask for.
I don’t know what else to say except this goes beyond my expectations for any video game streaming service I couldn’t have imagined how well this is actually gone and proceeded to be a success. Technically I’m an older gamer and I’ve been playing for a long time I particularly love the fact I can play all the Metroid Vania style gamesOn my iPad or my phone.I think if I actually utilized all the different capabilities of the Xbox serviceIt could be a very fulfilling lifestyle including playing deep or shallow games and having deep or shallow relationships with people who play those games. Personally I play Xbox games mostly by myself but with all the new ways to engage other gamers I intend to build on my friend list and really get into this as a lifestyle. Xbox has clearly made it service top shelf, Class AAA,And I’m confident by the track record that it’s only gonna get better. keep it up Xbox,Much due respect For how well you treat your customers. What else can I say? Xbox game pass is the best.
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2 years ago, a random Anna main.
Absolutely Fantastic!!!
I love Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as it’s a great reasonable price point for many fantastic gaming titles that especially if there’s any games I think I might enjoy but am not sure about and they are on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate I can try them out through game pass instead of wasting money on buying a game to add to my library that I’m not too sure about. A great example of that being Star Wars:Jedi Fallen Order from 2019, where I’m a very casual fan of Star Wars who enjoys the movies and loves The Mandalorian series on Disney+ which sort of combines two of my favorite elements of film Sci-Fi and Westerns. I know I just got into some Star Wars content that wasn’t gaming related but, I wanted you to know where I was coming from when I say that, I decided to jump into Star Wars:Jedi Fallen Order and I absolutely love this game and I wasn’t honestly even sure where the game took place until I looked it up and it takes place between episodes 3 and 4 of the movies. This turns out to be my favorite game that so far since I’ve had game pass that I decided to take a chance on through game pass that otherwise I’m not sure I would have played it unless I could get it dirt cheap on a holiday season sale and to be honest, I may even buy it anyways to own it just to support EA for making a really fun Star Wars game which I can’t say as much for their most recent two Star Wars games which were battlefront 1 and 2.
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2 years ago, forrest romibe
Greatest Value in Gaming Paired with an Intuitive App
It’s no secret Xbox Game Pass is one of if not the greatest value in gaming right now. So it’s fitting Microsoft and their team at Xbox have delivered us an app that allows us to access and install games to our Xbox devices remotely. The game pass app is not only intuitive but surprisingly versatile in its use cases. Not only will it allow you to browse the game pass library but it will also allow for the remote installation of the games to your Xbox! The synergy between this app and your machine is further strengthened by the app letting you know how much storage space is available on your selected device and going so far as to let you delete games you aren’t playing anymore to free up space for the new arrival all from your smart phone or tablet! This is a great companion piece to a stellar service that has of yet not been rivaled. If you’d like for the transition between browsing games on game pass to playing them to be as seamless as possible, I’d strongly recommend installing this app!
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3 years ago, Darnocjosh
Great concept, poor execution.
When I saw there was a game pass app for iPhone, I was instantly curious. What would such an app look like? I decided to give it a try, and liked what I saw. You can search the games library, browse by genre, view a list of games coming to and leaving Game Pass. You can even queue an install straight from the app, so it’s ready to play when you’re ready. The reason I can only give it 3 stars? You cannot view “all games.” The option to browse the full library is there, and you’re able to click it. But I found that as I was scrolling, the app started to freak out. It kept listing dirt over and over again. I scrolled and scrolled until my screen went blank. I closed the app, reopened it. It did the same exact thing. I scrolled all the way to Z and started working my way up. At around S, it starting loading in the listing for Dirt, pushing everything down until I was back in D, looking at a full screen of Dirt. If the app worked as advertised I would probably give it a 5/5. But, since “Browse all Games” is broken, it gets a 3.
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4 years ago, g_d0t
I was iffy about GamePass but now...
IM ALL IN! Let me start off by saying that I usually like to pay for my games, that’s just how I am. I loved the idea of GamePass but thought it just wasn’t for me as I buy titles that aren’t really offered in the GP (yet). I’m currently using the 14day pass that came with my elite controller but Microsoft can have my money thereafter lol. The way the quests & rewards are setup not only incentivizes the experience but has me playing games I wouldn’t normally play which I think is great. Currently I’m using the app on a 5s while I’m waiting for my XS to be repaired and I can say the GamePass app is a delight to use. It’s easy and straightforward if you’re familiar with the xbox ui. It seems to be optimized for each of the respective devices which is a little thing but it shows Microsoft cares. They have themselves a nice little gaming ecosystem and I’m thrilled to be apart of it.
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11 months ago, anonymous_jae
Not worth it ANYMORE
With all the day one games coming out on gamepass. How many of those games actually boot up no problem? Well so far it’s been none for me. I pay for ultimate game pass as I play on PC and NONE OF THE DAY ONE GAMES LAUNCH or even start up. Always gives me an error and then I spend like 5 days to trouble shoot it works for a day and then an update happens and it stops working again…. I’ve put reviews and suggestions trying to address the issue with day one games. No response nor do they address any of the issues… their trouble shooting tips are literally copied from trouble shooting my pc (non game related trouble shooting). The fact that you guys wanna raise the price and not fix these issues gives me no option but to cancel my gamepass subscription. It was good, but now it’s crap. Unless you are rocking an 13th gen cpu and maybe a 4080, I believe the day one games just don’t work. Definitely NOT going to recommend friends to get this. I HAVE AN XBOX AND IM SURE THE GAMES WILL WORK ON THERE…. But why would I do that when I play on PC these days… PEOPLE… DO NOT GET GAMEPASS HNLESS YOU HAVE A EXPENSIVE RIG already…
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11 months ago, Mr Farfan
Amazing this Game Pass App
Amazing how this app works so fast and so easy I am just surprise. I’ve use this so many time to play my games on my tablet. It is amazing and that’s not even part of it Samsung game hub you can even download and play your games without a Consol, which is amazing. Also, I think that’s a separate thing from game pass. I have to say this is really easy to use just like the Xbox app but game pass app is a little more advance & enhanced. What’s amazing is just like the Xbox app on the game pass app there’s a reward system separate from the Xbox app so that’s another tier of a reward system game pass. Also, don’t forget the Internet explorer points and the Microsoft edge apps that you can download to get more points. It’s amazing how Microsoft an Xbox has grown. I enjoyed my time being with Xbox and game pass. Thank you for the opportunities that I got to experience.
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2 years ago, TinyThor
Well rounded, well managed.
When GamePass came out I was skeptical at first due to trying Play Station’s version of monthly game subscription. Their version is a huge rip off. They are not choosing games that people want to play. That is not opinion, that is statically shown in numbers, and numbers do not lie. 3 months after being released I finally signed up and it was a great investment. I’ve been into games since the 1980s and I won’t ever let up. My two favorite things are anything active like being at the gym, paddle board, kayak, hiking, etc and the second is gaming. Im a huge RPG fan and the choices on GamePass are so great. The day one releases, the old titles, the games that you would never think would be on a subscription are there. I am and will forever be a fan. Great service and great team running it. Thank you GamePass employees.
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4 years ago, add194205
Game Pass offers something special and exciting if you enjoy playing video games seriously. In recent years I have found myself to have beat most games I own and will just continually play multiplayer games such as (Rainbow Six Siege, GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption) and as amazing those games are after you play them for so long they will eventually become old. The game pass offers so many titles you may not even know where to start. From smaller indie games to massive triple A titles you won’t get bored any time soon with the game pass. So many games on the game pass I have always wanted to play but not pay for are now completely free and my finger tips. Not only do you get all the amazing perks of game pass with free games and perks but it brings back that true nostalgia of years ago when everything was so fresh and exciting with gaming!
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3 years ago, jagentry
Amazing and a good way to get free rewards
The game pass is such an amazing idea, it lets you earn rewards for free by simply owning the game pass subscription and doing different tasks, with the subscription it allows you to pay only around 20USD$ to play a huge library of different games that if you wanted to get normally it would cost you a way bigger amount, not only that but with the ultimate game pass it also includes EA play, which makes the library of games even bigger, but also gives you Xbox live gold, meaning you don’t even have to pay for that to enjoy the full online experience, meaning that’s it’s way more worth it aswell, all in all, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with this feature, keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Papa DeFranco
Love the access to new games
In my opinion, for the money having the ability to play a good variety of games on multi platforms, is a win. The new games day one releases on game pass is one of the best things about game pass, too me of cause. That way we get to play a game like Halo on day of release and if you are someone that will continually want to play the game even when it leaves game pass, you can buy it at a discount, witch is usually around 20% off. The game stay long enough that you easily can compete any game that’s added. I have multiple platforms I play on like the Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox one X, Xbox Series X, to name a few, the older consoles from PS1 - PS3, Xbox - 360, Nintendo- Wii U and the others just a plug-in away to do some retro gaming. I Definitely recommend game pass to friends and family. Well worth the money but only if you have it and are someone that likes to play game and like being able to play on console, pc and now the cloud so you can play mobile as well. PlayStation has come out with a similar ish thing to game pass. I haven’t got it yet as I’ve not heard anything good about from friends and team mates, but I sure eventually Sony will step up and offer something worthwhile but till then I’ll stick with game pass. #HappyGaming and I’ll #SeeYouOnTheBattleField 🤗🤗
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2 years ago, 26374647
Amazing I love it! Just one problem…
So I have been using the game pass app for a while and I love it! It’s a great way for managing your games and it’s like the Xbox app except specifically for games you know you can install and it’s really convenient to install them to your console. I do have one complaint tho. I wish that this was just like a tab in the normal Xbox app. Bc I’m currently using three different apps for my Xbox: the Xbox app, the game pass app, and the cloud gaming app. I get that cloud gaming is technically a website that you add to your Home Screen, so I get why that’s a different app, but it’s really annoying when I have to open two different apps and remember what’s in each one when they both have such a similar purpose. I feel like it would be a good idea to just make this another tab in the Xbox app
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3 years ago, IanBainE
I enjoy that I can mindlessly look through games when I’m out and about when I get bored. It seems insane that Xbox and Game Pass are different apps. They seemingly share a majority of their content. Also the game pass app doesn’t seem to actually sync with my console. I can remotely download games to the console(which I can already do with Xbox app), but it never can show progress or anything more. And whenever I’m in My Games it’s never correct. It’ll show three. The sad thing is I have 17 games and only five physical copies, in other words game pass installed 12 games on my system and is and isn’t aware of most. Microsoft apps are getting overwhelming. Bing & Edge? Bing on Edge? Xbox app & Game Pass app? It’s like your competing with yourselves. Regardless, smart tech that doesn’t properly communicate with other products from you guys. Better syncing is a must.
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12 months ago, Dare2Metal
Game to your heart’s content
I’m having a blast with gamepass, it has a lot of games I’ve wanted to play for a while and got to experience most and discovered a few Jems on the way. The lineup is getting better every year and at times new games are coming straight to gamepass that right there is awesome. Also one quick thing X cloud gaming is incredible take the games from gamepass on the go with your safe file and continue your adventures anywhere you want, I will say sometimes depending on your internet speed your experiences might not be consistent but most of the time it works great. it’s still on Beta so there’ll be more to come from xcloud gaming I’m excited for the future.
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4 years ago, Kaizer284
App-Xbox Communication
I love game pass, but this review is just about this app. It functions well, and I like that you can see newly added games as well as games you don’t have for much longer, but I would like to see HOW much longer. If there’s a game that’s Leaving Soon, I may have not seen it before and like to try it, then if I like it I may buy it. The problem is I don’t know if I have a week or just 2 days to download and try out the game. However, the bigger issue with the app is that it does not communicate with my Xbox One very well. The Remote Install feature only ever works for me if the Xbox is already turned on AND I’m on the same LAN. If I’m anywhere else, I have to go home and manually start the installation. I’d very much like to see this fixed, because the install times for Xbox are terrible and every minute counts
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3 years ago, Akent93
Needs a better incentive for casual players
My one complaint is it’s not the best for semi active players.(that maybe go a few weeks without playing). Spitballin here but I think people that cancel subscription should receive an offer to buy a game one might be far into at a greatly discounted price once they have canceled their subscription to game pass. After being a loyal subscriber. More than the discount you offer to game pass customers at the moment. If me or anyone else has paid for 2 years and played 3 games like me I think all parties would benefit from appreciating the money vs use ratio that if fixed in my opinion would convince more people to sign up for this awesome sounding but flawed program. To be clear I still pay for and support game pass.
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3 weeks ago, Atomic Biotic
Really cool app
I love the design! Updated review of Spring 2024 XBOX gamepass app is a very nicely designed app without any crashes or bugs. The timing of push Notifications are nice & not overwhelming. Installing a fresh game to the console remotely is very smooth & simple. Viewing the trailers & photos of games before they download is nice. The app is all around a pleasant experience & i’m sure they’ll add new features in the next upcoming seasons. Features that may include xcloud into the app rather than using the browser or allowing xbox games into the app store & playing the gamepass games on the gamepass app itself, possibly for the game to run smoother & have a better graphical performance.
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2 years ago, gucfe
It really could be better
The app itself its not bad, but is it really the point of the app just to show the games available and an option to download to your console when available? Why not just add this feature to the xbox app instead of creating a whole app just to show the games? I have 3 xbox apps (Xbox, Xbox game pass and Xbox cloud) on my phone and none of them show or it makes easier to see the price and purchase a game from my phone. Why don’t let it available to purchase the game? They could really improve sales if it shows all the games that I’m able to download through game pass and an option of purchase right next to download. They have to make the buying option easier and not create a whole app just to show available games
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2 years ago, RevengeOfThePiff
Got Rid of Perks, and the entire reason I really enjoyed this…
I wish they’d not get rid of the perks, as many people including myself have gotten the benefits of having them; that added a lot of incentive to pay the money to play new games using Game Pass Ultimate. Now it is hard to justify, especially for those who pay monthly, since they took a core aspect away. Nobody wants Paramount+ Trials that lock you in and force monthly payments, which isn’t something explicitly said. That also goes for most of the “freemium” (pay to win) games, that constitute the rest of the perks. Hoping they bring back the reason many people use the Game Pass app, and use the same thing as myself and others, really saw as a major part of having Game Pass, and then Game Pass Ultimate. XBOX BRING BACK THE PERKS!
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5 years ago, Farvebeans
Gamepass is like the Netflix of gaming.
Gamepass is like the Netflix of gaming. This progressive service model coupled with Microsoft’s purchase of several new gaming studios provide a clear view of Phil Spencer’s (Head of XBox) vision. This long game view of the Xbox not only positions the company for an increase in market share in the next generation but it pushes the entire video game industry to the next level. From indies to triple A and even the newly coined quadruple A Microsoft seems to have it covered. With something for every type of gamer packaged up in the form of top of the line hardware, PC, mobile, and entry level devices Gamepass is a service that should be part of every gamers wish list now and for years to come.
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1 year ago, Gpal07
One of the best apps I have
Wow! This app is easy to use. Gives me recommended games based off of my already expansive library(50 games). Found one of my favorite games that I played on my now-rarely used other console. Discovered a very fun game, got a game that I had been wanting for years but couldn’t get, and discovered some of the finest platforming games out there. I think Microsoft added the right games at the right times. This app is probably the easiest way to find games that interest you whether it’s platforming, action-adventure, or any other, you will find something that you love.
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5 years ago, Stuntman48
Was hesitant at first...
!!All I have to say....I need more !!storage!! 😆 so far this upgrade has been well worth it. Even if games come and go it’s no different then Netflix plain and simple. Having the option to play games day one is like binging that new awesome show day one and I believe it’s genius! Sure to have the option to buy the game if you want before it’s taken off game pass is awesome. P.S. if you aren’t using bing rewards....I highly encourage you to start...I haven’t paid for Xbox live from my own pocket for 6+ years now and I continue to use bing rewards to keep my Xbox game pass ultimate going it’s a beautiful ecosystem! 👏🏻 thank you Microsoft haha
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2 years ago, KoldKarl
It’s nice, but think about your download speeds.
Very cool concept, I appreciate the library and the ability to Willy Nilly switch between games I played when I was younger to new titles I’ve never tried. Convenient and simple to do, but the issue I had until just recently was that it took forever to download new games because of my past internet speeds. We’ve recently moved and I was able to get a much better service, with which I can download a game in anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on size. But just something to think about before subscribing.
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4 years ago, Mildoze
Don’t pass on game pass
It’s the best value in subscription game library offerings. Don’t. I know there’s issues w not working here and there. A few of the dozens of xbl titles are basically straight pores as such not great for win 10. However the sheer volume and cadence of new titles for sub 6$ monthly? It’s a 1$ not bs for first month on new signup. I’m sorry but you’d have to be all of the stupid to pass on trying Xbox game pass for low cost. In app install to linked pc and xbox consoles. Better still is the cross save/buy between them. The app is kinda pointless other than social and some browsing. But hey get on this sub already. You’re missing out.
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11 months ago, TheCatGamer2019
It’s good.
The app is good for it not having to be near an Xbox constantly. It can be laggy at times or a bit slow but it’s still quite great if you are on the go on a trip or something and don’t have your console nearby. I enjoy it. I used to have a 360 when I was younger and got a Xbox series s recently. I’d highly recommend getting ultimate if you are hardcore into gaming and love trying out new games. If the app does lag though when you use it, just be patient it just has to catch up a bit. I’m definitely gonna use mine when I’m going on vacation! Definitely a 9/10!
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3 years ago, Tram 1972
Worth every penny
I had PlayStation consoles and games for last 12 yrs. Sony has nothing that compares to Xbox game pass . Perfect for gamers who like selection and Xbox aims towards making it affordable to enjoy its library of games , where I was spending a ton of money like a lot of people on games that you play, beat em and it just sits there where as game pass lets you enjoy games for a monthly price . Switched back to Xbox and live every minute of it. Kudos to Microsoft for thinking about what people really want in gaming not just trying to sell consoles. Xbox is to me the perfect scenario for where the gaming vision is going.
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2 years ago, CJStayStrong
Really Enjoying It
I used to just have the Xbox Gold. Decided to get Game Pass when I started streaming on Twitch to have easy access to more games. In my opinion and based off of the games I enjoy playing, the Game Pass has been an excellent investment for me, has helped my library of games to stream, and is very easy to use. I can use the Game Pass app on my phone to see what’s available to download and install a game without needing to leave the show I’m watching or other game I’m playing. If you’re considering Game Pass, I strongly suggest you give it a chance.
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5 years ago, D. Hill
XBOX Game Pass
In terms of concept, interface design, ease of search and account management XBOX Game Pass knocks it out of the park. The application pretty much let’s you do whatever you want regarding the service ranging from searching for titles by category, adding titles you want to access later on to a playlist and to me the best feature which is remote download so a title is ready to go from the console when ready. Active users can also see how much time is left regarding their subscription from the home page. My only criticism this far is the app is a bit sluggish when navigating but that can be fixed with updates. A must download for all types of XBOX consumers.
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11 months ago, Google-centric
Never disappointed with the available game library. Always a gem or two worth playing, and a great way to try something new you typically would never spend the money on. Even if every first-party game bombed when released (Redfall), third-party titles on the platform make up for it. Wish there was a yearly or quarterly subscription option to help save some more bucks, but flat $10/$15 monthly option is still decently adorable when compared to the standard subscription pricing payed for all other services (Netflix, Disney+, etc).
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1 year ago, thereee6
Convenient (sometimes)
Very convenient when it works like it’s supposed to. I’ve noticed the app itself can be very slow even on fast internet. The remote installation can be buggy to say the least and the scrolling can be jittery. Overall though this and the original Xbox app are very convenient and share roughly the same issues. As an avid xbox fan and user of both apps I’d love to see improvements on reliability and stability of these apps, with a lot less bugging out and crashing. (This was made on a iPhone XS Max, so not exactly a lack of hardware power on my end) I know you can make this app a lot better and streamlined and I can’t wait to see it happen.
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4 years ago, renegade_cutthoat
Seems like a nice app, but..
I’m trying to remotely install games from the app onto my PC. Problem is, I have 3 PCs connected to my Microsoft account, and only one of them is listed as an option for remote install. Of course the one option is a business desktop that I don’t use for gaming.. I called customer support and they transferred me around three times before telling me they had exhausted their resources. So, now the app is basically useless. I can save all the games I want to play later on the app, but it does me no good, because it’s not in sync with my gaming laptop. Pretty disappointing.
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10 months ago, ihsshoesjdjsjeoejhdgeegdgey
It loads too long
So I was playing the app when I try to play I have to wait two hours for me to get in the game I try to play something else but I have to buy the game pass i was only allowed to play one game. Then I have to buy the game pass to play other games I was tired of this app because I am tired of waiting waiting for one single game to load in for me to play and only take two hours hours I don’t know why it says a lot of people is playing the game but when I play on Xbox it don’t do that but it’s probably just because it’s different but I’m just want you to know if you want to play a game you gotta wait some hours or some minutes
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2 years ago, jackrob
New to Xbox and loving it!!
I’ve had every PlayStation since the original but got very turned off to the PS5, decided to try something new with the Xbox and I haven’t regretted it. One of the greatest thing about the Xbox is Gamepass. I was able to play a whole bunch of games without buying them and having them sit on my shelf once I was done with them. What’s even cooler is trying games out without the risk of buying a game that I would later discover that I wouldn’t like. I LOVE Gamepass especially because of the HUGE library of games it has.
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5 years ago, OnTheMinute
Great companion app
I love this app. I don’t have a headset so being able to use my phone to talk in a party is great. I also love the ability to download a game remotely so while I’m at work and I see a game I want to play when I get home I know it will be ready to play once I get there. Great stuff. Would have given 5 stars but since I mostly use this for party chat I don’t like that I cant accept a party invite on my console while playing and then open the app to use it to talk. If I accidentally accept the party invite with my controller I would have to leave the party, ask them to send me another invite then accept it through the app instead.
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3 years ago, emmghjk
Very good but some flaws
In my opinion the app is very good on letting you install things from it and play games from it too. But when it comes to letting you know when new games come out it’s a little confusing. I haven’t found any way to change my time zone or area of where I’m at so it says that all games release a day after it says on my Xbox. So for example it will say halo infinite is released on the 9th on the app but it will say it releases on the 8th on my Xbox. I want to know if I can change my time zone or if you can’t if they add a feature where you can so it’s not as confusing.
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3 years ago, nickname please
Game Pass and quests are a no brainer.
I love Game Pass and the value it offers. Hundreds of games for $15 a month is a crazy good value. I also use the app to remotely download games to my console. The rewards program is great if you use it and turn in quests regularly as I’m getting free Microsoft money all the time when I redeem my points. You get points for every dollar you spend and it’s free so if you are not signed up for Rewards you are missing out on free credit for your Microsoft account. Get in on Game Pass and Rewards! You won’t regret it.
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7 months ago, The Gamerman411
Game pass is great.
Game pass is really great. If you love having a multitude of games at your convenience. Especially if you’re the type that’s always looking for a new challenge or experience. This allows you to venture without the expense of rentals, gas expense for traveling to a rental shop, or buying games you don’t like. Some may not want to spend the $18+, but believe me it does save you some dollars in the long run. Unless you don’t really game like that. Just my perspective. It works for me. Been a member since the live gold era.
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4 years ago, Andres303
Doesn’t work waste of time
This app keeps telling me to do something that I can’t because it has been done already it keeps telling me to enable remote downloads which has been on I never turned it off It’s telling me to enable instant on I keep this on to update my console and games now it’s telling me to select my home Xbox but there’s nothing to select I’ve reset my console and signed out of the app and back in again and nothing happens it just keeps telling me the same thing over and over again it will add them to play later but never download anything I went to the app on my console and it said it was in the play later but won’t download this app is just a waste of space on my phone and I will be deleting it until they fix it which will probably be never
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4 years ago, Your nickname can eat me
Exceptional but severely flawed
In my experiences with about the past year of owning game pass on my Xbox, I have concluded that it really just isn’t worth it. The idea is there, and it’s a great one too, but the quality games just aren’t there. I don’t think that these cheap indie games are worth the money that I pay monthly as I just don’t work enough hours to have all that cash just lying around with school and everything. There just aren’t enough hot titles on here to make me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Sure there are some good games, but those only last a little while. Ngl I feel like I’m getting kinda screwed on the deal. But I gave two stars instead of one because I think the idea is there and I do really like State of Decay 2.
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3 years ago, djaicjshxojcsjsi
Needs some fixes
I really enjoy this type of app. Letting you install games anywhere and check on your score to see if you can win those prizes you want. The problems I have is that sometimes it is very glitchy. This also applies to the Xbox app. I have a IPhone 13 (not to flex) so I’m pretty sure it isn’t my phone. Sometimes it won’t let me install the game or say installed when the game was just started installing on my Xbox. Everything else is good and I would give a 5 star if it didn’t have these problems. Thank you for your time Xbox if you even see this.
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3 years ago, mtagge
Everything works wellish but sorting is garbage
Why oh why do the sortings shift? Why do they change? Even worse why do they change while the app is open so you see something that catches your eye and it disappears and cannot be found again. Seriously, when I go in the app I want to see three selections: 1) Recently added, 2) Coming soon, 3) Leaving soon. Put those three at the top, and have them always available. Sometimes you go in to see coming soon for half a second then the screen refreshes and the section is removed. Then after those three put whatever fluff ones you want. Remote install is totally hit or miss for the console but works on my PC. Whatever.
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1 year ago, Petey1Paul213
Advid Gamer
Xbox you’ve done it again! There’s nothing that comes close to the greatness of the gamepass. There’s something here for every kind of gamer! Appealing to the whole gaming community with over 400+ high quality diverse titles that are accessible on console,pc, or the cloud! With the gamepass you can play big new titles DAY ONE! Theres so many more things included with gamepass that I can’t mention because the review box isn't that big😭. But I would love to work for this beautiful company after I finish college!
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5 years ago, ipod geek
This app is great!
I love that I can browse and install games in the Game Pass Library from my phone 10x faster then when I’m on my Xbox. I have seen one issue though. My playlist on my phone shows the games that I’ve installed via my phone, and it shows a status that they have been installed. When I open the app up on my iPad it shows the same list but the status states that they are ready to install, even though I got a notification on my iPad that the installation finished. The apps or third-party notices shows that you’re using firebase so I’m not sure why it’s out of sync. Keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, BLK MGK Joshy
Great Adaptability
I really didn’t expect much from an Xbox app but they put they’re whole gamussy into making this app. It’s literally the ability to hold your Xbox in your hands and do basically everything you would with an Xbox but on the go. I love this feature because I drive around a lot and when I want to play I don’t want to have to lug my Xbox with me, so this just makes my life a whole lot easier overall. I would recommend getting this app if you have an Xbox in a heartbeat!!!
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2 years ago, HAWGTAINT69
Game pass
Game pass is truly great! I was skeptical on buying my own subscription, after using several free months of game pass ultimate I finally decided this was for me after all. Tons of games to explore and even some new titles to play before you buy. For $180 a year it is not a bad deal at all. You get Xbox live plus over 100 titles to play whenever you’d like, and they are always updating. I can’t express enough how happy I am with Microsoft for implementing live with a game pass. Great stuff!
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3 months ago, Rgor2017
If you have a large family game pass is an excellent value for children. I love the parental controls and the fact that I can prevent them from playing more than they should. They have a nice duration of family friendly games as well as games that adults might also enjoy. Given the fact that an average game cost $70 and with the rising cost of inflation it makes sense in terms of value do you have a game pass. If you don’t do a lot of gaming however it is not a good deal
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4 years ago, waynetoosaucey
Its impossible to cancel
Have a feature is great when you can control it. I’ve sat three hours and I couldn’t navigate the Xbox website to cancel my subscription. Not that I didn’t like the app . I just felt like spending my money on other things. After three hours my only result was knowing that if the payment was missed the subscription would be canceled. The payment was a week about and because I couldn’t manually cancel it I withdrew my money of my card. A WEEK LATER and I wake up to find the subscription fee on my transactions. I want it canceled and it’s more like a financial virus. 1 stars because I’m pretty tech savvy and I’m having way to much trouble just trying to cancel a payment. Very unsatisfied!
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1 year ago, Tousungdeath the7thsteel
The Best Value in Gaming
I love game pass this is by far the greatest thing going for Xbox. I’ve played so many different games that I would have never played if game pass didn’t exists. To be honest I’ve been a huge AAA gamer for many years especially on PlayStation side of gaming because so far Sony makes the best 3rd person games on the market and if Xbox can pull that off then XBOX would have the full gaming package. So let’s go Xbox get your AAA exclusive stuff together and bring the games we all know your capable of.
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