Xfinity Stream

4.5 (88.9K)
90.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Xfinity Stream

4.54 out of 5
88.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Magicstick87
Me and my husband went on vacation and I was wondering what I could do to watch my shows without getting so far behind on them. Also I have a lot of channels and me and my husband loves football and the place we was staying didn’t have all the stations we needed to watch football so I looked up on the internet to see if there was a way to watch my shows without being at home and I found this app and it has changed everything for me. That week I was able to enjoy my vacation with my hubby and stay up to date on my shows. Plus watch all the football games we wanted. It was so nice. Also being a mom my kids always have the TVs occupied and having 3 kids who like different things all the TVs are always occupied so now I can watch my tv on my phone at any time and any where. I never have to use the tv again and honestly I don’t because I have it on my phone: this is the best thing Xfinity could of ever done. I literally can watch all my recorded shows or live tv. I couldn’t be any happier with this app
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3 years ago, Midnightstar81
Sound only option & ability to run in background/Lock Screen needed.
Please allow the app to play in the background as well as in lock screen mode. There are times I want to sleep to a TV but get blinded with the light that comes off it. With my iPad or iPhone I could listen to TV without that annoying bright screen in my face. Sadly you have to leave your device turned on to listen to the program. When you turn your device off during a program, you only get a few seconds before the app mutes itself. This could be a bad thing because if you leave your device turned on It can make it hot or run down the battery. T The ability to run the app in the background or in the lock screen (without video playing) would make it easier do use at night while trying to sleep. Plus if you're blind you can't see the video anyways. So to be able to have the video switched to sound only would make a huge difference for those who want sound only while using the app. I definitely love that Xfinity went the extra mile to make the app voiceover accessible for those who are blind. As well as contrasting colors for those who are visually impaired. However, I would like to see the app be compatible for those who have large print enable on their devices. Otherwise I love the app but it could definitely use some tweaking.
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4 years ago, disappointed to Nth Power
Xfinity Streaming has not worked yet!
I have had mine since Feb 20th and still can’t stream. From what I can tell you can download the streaming app on newer versions of my TV in the family room but mine is 7 years old but still a 55” LG Smart TV. I mainly started my service back up because I desperately needed the Internet to job hunt and that is where all my time has been spent (easy when your Cable isn’t working). I paid extra for the 300 mb/sec so I would be prepared to accept any type of position available including work from home, independent consultation, or partial commute. That is when the sales rep talked about the awesome streaming app and no monthly fee for equipment because there are no cable boxes for every TV. The 300 mb/sec Internet comes with a different router than other plans and it is also required for the streaming app service. The sales rep really unsold here on the service and by lowering my monthly bill due to no charges for each cable TV box, that is what sold me on this plan. Sales reps should verify over phone the make/model of your electronic equipment to ensure compatible for streaming services to work as intended for optimal performance. This would make sure customers have a good experience getting up and running efficiently and effectively with the new service being introduced. Plus, it is just the right thing to do.
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2 months ago, th3darklady
Unable to cast from IPad/audio issues
So I was able to find one other user who left a review with the same issue. Since the recent update, I am unable to cast from my iPad. When I press the Chromecast button in the xfinity app on my iPad, the window with my list of devices opens and closes immediately making it impossible to choose a device. Comcast responded to the first user with a useless fix as it wasn’t even related. I moved from using the app on the Roku to Chromecast from my iPad as the xfinity app on the Roku had terrible audio issues for over a year with no fix and once again here is another issue. Why can’t xfinity fix their apps. Edit: Now sometimes the sound cuts out while watching live tv. There has been no update. I’m very close to trying another service because every few months some new issue comes ups and Comcast does nothing to fix it. Update: Revising my review as Xfinity provided an update to the IPad app fixing the Chromecast issue. Finally able to watch on my tv again. I was having issues with audio cutting out while watching on the IPad but I haven’t noticed it while casting.
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4 years ago, Megfgkkdjf
Able to watch shows but the app is slow and glitchy
The app is nice for watching your shows that air on cable directly on your phone or iPad, however, there are many issues with the app. For one, just searching for the show lands you in many loads of the title - each time you type a word or letter the titles take a moment to load. Now the load time isn’t longer than a couple of seconds, but when it goes multiple times the time starts becoming significant. Another major problem I have with this app is the functionality. When I tried to scroll through an episode of my show it would take me back to the spot I was at before scrolling and it would show me an additional advertisement. This specifically bothers me because I despise ads and I seriously despise when an extra ad is fed to me when it shouldn’t have. Wanting to watch my show while I ate, I kept trying to scroll and the same issue persisted - forcing me to watch 5 or so of the same Allstate ads (yes... bland). My food was getting cold and I was hungry so I gave up, closed the app, and moved on the the tv channel’s app. The app is okay, but it would a whole lot better for the customers to not have to experience multiple Allstate ads even though television needs to be a little bit greedy.
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8 months ago, null_error_404
It’s The Worst Internet I Have Ever Had!
On a daily average over the last year as a paying customer, I have had to call the techs back out repeatedly because I lose internet connection at least 10 times per day. Every time someone comes out I am given the same story, “This is going to fix the issue and you will not be experiencing these problems anymore.” The Field-Techs have replaced my router more than twice and installed a new dedicated cable line into my unit. When they are here running tests, the service appears solid. When they leave, it mysteriously goes bad again. I have been back in forth in chat support and I am just feeling exhausted from it. How can a person home school or work from home under these conditions? How can home smart systems stay operable like this? How am I suppose to rely on Comcast to provide a reliable ongoing connection to my security system if it keeps disconnecting? The internet connection over the weekends seem to be nonexistent and it causes the family some stress because the children want to play a few games online and my wife and I want to cuddle up and stream a movie or two but we cannot seem to stay connected. After repeated visits from Technicians and ongoing sessions with chat support, we are just feeling done with Comcast.
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4 years ago, 'LethaK
APP won’t work
I have been trying to watch Xfinity Stream on my phone away from home for the last five days either with data or wifi.I keep getting the message “We’re sorry. Something unexpected just happened. Please try again.” After going rounds with xfinity chat in which their support did not have an answer to my question, I spent an hour on hold to speak to an agent who me to uninstall the app and wait five to ten minutes and then reinstall. Agent wouldn’t listen to me telling her that I had already tried that and my issue was signing back into the app. Now when I press the Get Started, I get the same message. Now I am back on hold to try to be able to sign into an app, that according to other reviews, is not working anyway. On top of that she gave me a number to call for technical support that is no longer working. So much for their commitment to keep us connected during these times. I would give zero stars if that was an option.
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4 years ago, Laljibhimani
App not working
After about a week after posting below, I was on phone with Tech for about an hour. Help at 2nd tier with consulting help at 3rd tier, resolved my issue and app working fully now. Not changing stars, so people having same issue may find my post helpful. Only, less than 10 live channels. No recording option, On my IPhone 11 Pro or Ioad Air streem app. Spend about an hour with tech center. They were nice but could not resolved issue. I was advised to wait day or two if problem is resolved, after my waiting for 7 days to report to issue. I was told every thing looks good on their part, it must be some issue with app itself. Deleted and reinstalled app few times, sign in and out few times but nothing is helping. I was told my call ticket will serve as lead to what they have to do. I hope thing get resolved soon, great app otherwise.
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3 years ago, NizG12
Ads are out of control.
I wouldn’t mind the crashes as much if when watching movies with ads, if it crashes, which is still common when using PIP and coming back to the app, it didn’t go back 2 ads earlier, so if the app crashes you have to sit threw two set of 3 minute ads. I’ve already wasted 20+ minutes im one spot, and like 6 in a earlier part when it crashed as well. Ads are already bad with 5 minute ads every 20 minutes, so in a 3 hour movie 9x5 is 50 minutes of ads. But if the app crashes like for me that’s 1.5 hours of ads in a 3 hour movie. If they make ads every 30 mins, 5x 6 = 30 minutes of ads which is pretty acceptable. Also if I’ve already seen a part and the app crashes making it rewind it should not play new ads. I’m just so frustrated right now. I don’t mind ads but the lengths of the ads and the frequency is painful and gives me a headache. One movie a while ago I didn’t even brother because it was an ad one, after the first one I gave up on that movie, I’ve become weak to accept this many ads. I might look for alternate apps and will stick to ad-free movies for this app unless they fix these problems, but idk because obviously it makes them money
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4 months ago, former user 999
Worst streaming app ever.
It’s never been good, but since the last update it’s been atrocious. Not only a I logged out on my iPad (1 yr old iPad Pro) all the time, but it’s happened several times now that I’ve been in the middle of watching something on my home wifi (also from xfinity) and it’s logged me out. While streaming. What kind of garbage app does that? Today I can’t even log in on the iPad (everything else is fine). First I have to sit through the stupid, time-wasting X animation they added, every time I open the app, but now the login goes dead; the progress bar goes about a centimeter and a half, and that’s where it stays. Also, my “recently watched” doesn’t include what I’ve recently watched. This app is terrible. Their whole marketing plan that centers around how you can go from device to device seamlessly is an outright lie, and they don’t care that it doesn’t work that way. Oh…would you like to speak with an actual human being to find out what the problem is? LOLOLOL! They’ve made it nearly impossible, forcing you through their AI chatbots, which can’t answer your questions and force you into a failed info loop. It’s the absolute worst streaming app anywhere. Hands down.
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5 years ago, Tt9977
Not able to stream
I have never held Comcast in high regard because of their price gouging..I was paying well over $200 for internet and one tv with basic cable and they could never answer why friends I knew with more services were paying the same or less. I cancelled cable service but kept internet which included broadcast television for an additional $10 they the streaming app and it was working out well for me until it wasn’t anymore. Spent over an hour on the phone trying to figure out why my app won’t show any channels or recordings any more. Was transferred to a higher level tech support to no avail. They reset credentials, establishments and nothing. I have internet and pay extra for broadcast television that I have not been able to access for weeks. Representatives tried to be helpful but I’m still without the services I pay for. They said a level 3 tech would call back in 24-72 and this is the second time I have been told that with no return phone call. We are limited to the internet service available in our area or I would have disconnected my service all together a long time ago
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2 years ago, Ravyhn
One of the worst apps I’ve ever used. The internet speed is much more than needed and even when this is the only thing streaming on WiFi it pauses, cuts out, buffers, etc. it won’t allow you to watch networks you pay for on live tv (CBS and more). During Stanley Cup Playoffs (while on TNT through this app) the video cuts out and leaves you a message that it’s trying to reconnect but never does visually. Sometimes the audio comes back but that’s useless when you can’t actually watch the game. If you use an app you don’t expect to need to back out and re-load the app every single time a commercial comes on. Half the time we try to continue watching a show we’d started earlier it will leave a black screen with no audio or video until you completely back out of the app. Sometimes you have to try and back out 3-4 times before it’ll load. Extremely disappointed in an internet service providing company having apps that don’t work. The only reason I’m leaving 2 stars is because recorded shows usually work.
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12 months ago, speaktruth59
Terrible on Roku
This app has been nothing short of absolute garbage on the Roku platform. The audio CONSTANTLY gets out of sync with the video! You have to back out of the channel you’re watching, then select the channel again to get it to sync up. Sometimes you have to do it multiple times, and even have to go as far as to reboot the Roku box. I’ve had the Xfinity technician out here twice in less than a year and has replaced every possible connection. He monitored the signal coming into the house and it’s as strong as it should be throughout the house. All of our Roku boxes are receiving excellent signal strength. The last tech that was here told me he’s heard the same story and is confident that it’s the Xfinity Stream app. After the constant trouble we’ve had with the app since we converted to the Roku boxes, I’m inclined to believe him. I’ve addressed the issue on the Roku community and found that I’m not the only one experiencing this exact problem. I pointed out that Roku needs to ramp up pressure on Xfinity to fix this problem once and for all on their platform but, ultimately, it’s Xfinity’s responsibility to fix it.
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4 years ago, Losing my love
Updated App is amazing
Have been w Xfinity/Comcast since it was first offered in my area, decades. There has only been one occasion where I couldn’t access the app. The latest update has really impressed me. The Picture in Picture is so convenient, my favorite feature. They must have fixed the recommendations logic as well as the history because it actually works as you would expect it to—updated and relevant now, previously it would just randomly choose programs to suggest and the ‘recently watched’ was anything but. Very happy to see that they’ve improved the app to this level, I currently watch shows on it exclusively. Highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, Permenter,Madison
Needs updating
This app was great for a while and the past few months I’ve noticed anytime I go to watch a show (on my phone or tv) at certain parts throughout the show it’ll freeze for a minute or so and then restart the whole thing. Just today I was watching something on my phone and paused it to go do something and I hear it started playing on its own. I went over paused it again and swiped out of the app I walk away to finish what I was doing and it started playing again. I walk over exit the app completely and go back to what I was doing. I bet you can guess where this is going, yep it started playing again. So I deleted the app and won’t be using it anytime soon. The amount of problems that keep happening makes me not even want to watch the shows I recorded. I ended up downloading the networks app directly and logging into Comcast through that and didn’t have any issues, of course now I have to watch the ads but I’ll take that over buffering every few minutes.
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2 years ago, fromnv2md
Must be nice to have the monopoly on cable.
To bad everyone doesn’t realize their group power and ban together and stop subscribing for a while at the same time till COMCAST/xfinity and any other company we want to hurt financially. If they feel the same financial pinch we do as customers then their greed may actually stop capitalism. But instead we just keep paying and complaining. There will come a time when people will ban together and make a the bottom line matter. It’s happened in the past when people weren’t so greedy or self absorbed. I wish the future all the best. Within one second I went from watching my shows to NOT! I’m traveling and have my old iPad (because I don’t like traveling with my good one in case I lose it). And due to this UPDATE! I NOW CANT WATCH ANYTHING BECAUSE I CANT UPDATE PAST TO THE NEW VERSION OR STREAM OF THEIR DUMB WEBSITE. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY I PAY $300 for a service I don’t have CONSTANT ACCESS TO NO MATTER WHERE I AM? I HAVE HAD IT THIS ENTIRE TRIP TILL about and hour ago. Then poof your grinch system just decided to make me want to stop my service even more!
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2 years ago, Belydncr
Keeps getting worse
I have used this app for along time on my IPad. It worked great until they “improved” it. When I play a show that was DVR’d, the audio goes out after about 20 - 25 for about 10 secs. If you hit rewind the audio will play straight through. Within a min., it goes out again. Then it goes out again at about 40-45 min then again about a min later. If I have to quit watching a show and come back to it later, I hit watch, resume - where I left off - and it starts the show all over again from the beginning. Lately, when I TRY to watch a show that’s On Demand, it won’t even play. Time is ticking but the screen is black and there’s no audio. If I could, I’d get rid of Xfinity. Have you ever tried getting a live rep on the phone and you know more about the system more than them? Yes, my pad is updated, yes I have done a reset on the tv, yes I have deleted the app and re installed it. If it didn’t work for me, how is it going to work for them? Being a very long time customer it gets very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Tom359
*WARNING!*- high data use! All streams count against your data cap.
Let me just say I love this app. So much so that I stopped using the X1 box, and only watch/record shows through the app that I use on my AppleTV. I have never, ever come close to using my monthly data allowance. For the last 3 months I’ve been getting “you are at 90% of your monthly data” towards the end of each month. I was perplexed, then it hit me…this only started since I’ve been using this app. When you watch through the X1 box, my understanding is that does NOT count against your data usage, or at least it is heavily discounted. This app appears to make every megabyte you watch count towards your cap, which doesn’t seem fair. I’m still just accessing the content I’m subscribed to. I would have no issues with this app at all if the data counted the same as watching on the X1 hardware.
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11 months ago, Deanb444 pg&e is terrible
Could be better, but never get better
I use this app with wireless and 5G, neither is consistent nor do they stay connected. Xfinity is too busy trying to sell advertisements and less on presenting you with the SAME experience that you have at home on your TV. The app will hitch and play a lagged version of what you are watching along with the “live” broadcast on top of each other at the same time. No other streaming service does this. If your wireless system isn’t 100% and full bars this app runs super slow and cuts out almost every few minutes. If you have Xfinity, you have no choice. Even if you download content, they restrict the time you have to view it. Xfinity, take a cue from MAX, Disney & Netflix, just play the content and stop trying to cut in with advertising. BTW I hate the commercials so much that I will NEVER buy the products you sell ad time. Just leave the regular commercials in.
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2 years ago, 34:;876,,
Pure crap!
Today is Sunday, August 7th, 2022. On Friday at 10 a.m., I lost the ability to stream ALL channels away from home except for NBC. I called Xfinity and got the runaround from the Philippines for over two hours with no solution. Apparently, Xfinity introduced this “new, improved” app to replace the one that worked perfectly for years. If this situation is not resolved within one week, I will QUIT XFINITY. Update — I received a response from Xfinity on Wednesday, 10 August, saying they were aware of the problem and had fixed it, and to re-boot the app. It worked, and works perfectly now. *** My advice to Xfinity/Comcast is to advise their customers and their support staff in the Philippines when problems like this occur, and to provide an estimated date of repair. This would go a long way to comfort customers who are experiencing these problems. Think of it like being on an airplane that isn’t moving at departure time. There are good, aware pilots who get on the PA and give an account of the situation. Comcast/Xfinity should follow this practice.
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3 years ago, Vinsanity30
App is great, but has been buggy lately
This app has been a godsend. However, within the last three weeks, I’ve been trying to watch the NCAA baseball tournament. But for some reason, it doesn’t matter if I am on Wi-Fi or if I download it to my iPad, the games freeze at spontaneous times throughout the game. And it takes me about six hours to watch a three hour baseball game. I don’t know if that has something to do with the update, or if the app is not streaming these specific games in a correct manner. The feed will freeze, but I will get audio. I’ll close out of the app and then it will stream perfectly, but have no audio. Any suggestions? Mind you it still does this after I download it to my iPad and I’m not on any Wi-Fi. And my iPad has 20 GB left on it. Otherwise, keep up the great work. But please fix. I Need to watch my baseball!
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5 years ago, Soul Thief
Can’t Sign-in Since iPadOS 13 Update: “Back Office Provision Error”
I can no longer sign-in to the app on my iPad ever since updating to iPadOS 13. When I attempt to login it gives an error advising “Back Office Provision Error”. It then has a pop up that says restarting device, and it goes through the whole process all over again with the same results. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app several times and still cannot get logged in. Calling Comcast customer services offers no help or solution for this issue. Really disappointing since we are paying for a service that we can no longer even use! We are left with a choice to either update to the latest iOS and lose out on this app working or stay with an outdated iOS version and continue to be able to use the app, but risk your device by not having the latest security fixes etc. I’ve heard this issue is also happening with phones updating to iOS 13. Due to paying for a service that I can no longer use and can’t offer help or a solution: 1 Star Rating
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2 years ago, all the disapointed names are
Not working on iPhone 6
Hello hope Comcast can please fix this. Downloaded this on older iPhone 6 and it works for 24 hours and then says an app update is needed but because iPhone 6 can’t run iOS 13 it won’t update the app. So it then says download an older version- but then it won’t download anything - because it’s maybe already running the old version. Keeps happening every 24 hours. Then have to delete the app and reinstall it. Also running the app on a new iPhone 14 pro with Comcast 1200 mbps home internet. The app keeps stopping all the time. audio keeps going but picture freezes or picture keeps going and audio freezes. It happens on both devices on home WiFi all the time constantly maybe every few minutes. It’s extremely frustrating. Other streaming apps don’t seem to have this issue at all only comcast stream. This issue only began recently in the last few months. Before that the app wouldn’t stop on newer devices so think this is an app issue.
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2 years ago, Irelanthos
Pay entirely too much for the services rendered.
Every few months something always goes awry with this service. Can’t load content, freezes, but the best is getting all your “entitlements” removed randomly. That’s what they call it. The channels you’re allowed to watch. It’s happened twice in less than a year where the system thinks I don’t pay for any of the channels I want to watch and they have to reset it. Ok fine. But then I have to remove all the apps and reinstall. Ok cool. Now there’s a 3 step verification for each device, all of which have been previously approved and active for almost a year! Subpar tech for a Goliath monopoly. I’ve been leaning more and more ditching their cable and I think this might be the last straw. I pay entirely too much to have to work this hard just to enjoy the services I party for. Took about two hours just to get it all back to normal only to know it's going to happen again. Do better.
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2 years ago, TriptychNY
Worst app. Don’t bother downloading
I pay Comcast enough to feel entitled to a functional streaming app. The app loses a connection to wifi when casted on TV. I have the highest and fastest wifi that Comcast offers therefore it’s irrelevant whether it’s the app or the “lighting speed” connection. Either way, it’s still Comcast’s problem. Yet, nothing is done. At any rate, once the app is finally functioning after 30 minutes trying to get it to work, once one pauses the show being streamed, it takes another hour or so to make it work again. AND , the app restarts the entire movie. I don’t want to watch the entire movie again, I’d like to pick up where I left off! Fix this. The monopoly Comcast has over cable/internet is absolutely outrageous and there’s nothing one can do but to continue to pay these exorbitant rates. Please people, do NOT buy into their cell phone offers. They can’t get an app to work so what a makes you think they’ll succeed in the cell phone department?
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3 years ago, pendingverification
App keeps freezing on same commercial since update
I use to love this app until it’s recent update. The layout changed which is horrible but the app hasn’t worked right since. It locks up and freezes every time the “Birdie’s “ commercial comes on. The audio continues but the video freezes. This happens on every recorded show you are watching. You can’t fast forward through it either. I can’t finish watching several recorded shows do to the app locking up & freezing. I tried to submit a complaint to the designers & developers yet for some reason they have stopped taking complaints and emails even surveys. Comcast/Xfinity doesn’t even have a section to handle app issues. It’s been a nightmare since switching to Comcast/Xfinity. I posted a review hoping to catch someone’s attention but the glitches and bugs still haven’t been fixed and I posted on social media. Social media wanted to try and fix it through my account when it’s an app issue.
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5 months ago, MomsHelper2012
Works, sort of
The app crashes and doesn’t remember where you were on a program. This is especially frustrating as many shows now cannot be fast forwarded. So if you were watching a two hour show that crashed somewhere in the middle, your out of luck unless you watch the whole first hour again-which I absolutely will not do. In my latest case, I had a phone call coming in partway through, and I could not go back to where I was in the show. When I went back in the app, it showed me having to watch the whole thing which I did not. Stupid and frustrating as this app has always had issues with crashing/recovery it’s just worse now with the blocking on fast-forward, even if I’ve already seen the show before. Back to Netflix, prime, or any number of other services were I don’t have this crashing issue.
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8 months ago, LKAbenj
Useful, but frustrating glitches
Xfinity could have a home run with this app, but two annoying features make it a 3 star app. Switching between full screen and thumbnail is essential for those of us that multitask on our iPads. But 75% of the time if you try to switch from thumbnail back to full screen, the app crashes and you have to go back to the guide and reselect the program. Of course you try to return to full screen to catch a news item or moment that is gone when you finally restart the app. Second, too many content selections get the prompt “please connect to your home Wi-Fi to view this content”. The biggest benefit to Stream is to view your home programming while on the road! I know this is some licensing gap, but Comcast should pony up the $$ to make Stream a complete mirror of the home content that we pay $200/month for.
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2 years ago, Mom6t
As of recently HORRIBLE!!!
This used to work really great but recently it is horrible!!! I couldn’t even watch the football game today!!! I ALWAYS use this app while I’m cooking or baking and have NEVER had a problem until this latest update!!! AND it’s not just the app!!! The TV seems to be not functioning properly either!!! It’s bad enough that most of the channels on the app don’t have numbers??!! but it says “now on “ but won’t let you watch??!!!? I don’t write many reviews but this really has me upset because we pay for this!!! My boyfriend is so upset that he is talking about going to Verizon, I personally can’t stand Verizon but I understand his ire!!! The TV says we don’t get a lot of the normal channels we have always gotten and the plan isn’t cheap!!! PLEASE FIX THIS BEFORE THE THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY!!!! I will also be calling the Comcast xfinity company tomorrow (Monday) to see what they have to say about this situation. I used to LOVE this app and this company but now it’s so frustrating and maddening!!!!
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3 years ago, tim b b
Very unreliable.
I do not have a cable box and rely very heavily on this app to stream content to my TV via my Chromecast device. Somewhere in the last several days a change was made to this app, that thinks it is casting to my TV. But all my TV says is waiting for content. My iPad tells me that content is streaming but the app itself says content is waiting to be selected. If I had not purchased so many movies through Xfinity I would have canceled them already. Another issue with this app is that when it did work streaming to my TV, I would be in the middle of a sporting event, when a message comes up on the screen asking me if I am still there meaning am I still watching TV. That’s just plain stupid. If there were another provider in my area I would drop Xfinity is quick as you please. I know the problem is the Xfinity app because all of my other streaming apps, Netflix, HBO, ESPN all stream successfully to my TV. The only app that doesn’t work to my Chromecast device is Xfinity.
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4 months ago, MomTrying
Better to use networks apps to watch
I have tried using this app several times. Each time the app freezes, or more often, while watching a show, it will restart from the beginning, play for a few seconds, then restart again. I have not been able to watch an entire show without issues yet. I know it isn't my device, as I can go directly to the network app (like NBC, CBS, etc) and watch the episodes with no problems. This app needs major work. UPDATE: There has been some improvement with the app freezing, but there are still issues. This is the only app that takes FOREVER to load on my tv. Also, currently it will not load my favorite channels, I need to scroll through pages of channels that I don’t watch. Also, I would like an option where you can input the channel you want to go to, instead of scrolling through the pages and selecting a channel, then Ian other screen popping up that you have to select “watch”.
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2 years ago, PorterT67
Horrible Streaming Service
I can’t go five minutes without the app buffering, then eventually restarting due to freezing. This is an awful excuse for a streaming service for a company as massive as xfinity. I’d expect more from a 12 year old trying to pass a computer class than this garbage xfinity has put out. I’ve been trying to use this app since the beta version because the beta was actually a decent app. I’d go several days without a buffer but ever since the beta shut down and the real app was released, it’s buffered like crazy and I’ve only been able to watch about 50 percent of the live tv I’m trying to watch due to freezes and extremely long load times. Even on xfinity Wi-Fi this app basically refuses to work. If xfinity can’t get their heads out of the sand they’re not gonna be able to keep up with television since it’s becoming more stream friendly and less cable friendly. I’d recommend any other streaming app. This one is awful.
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3 years ago, tja711
Why so far behind???
There are too many little issues making this app worthless for me when I need it most…traveling! Why can’t I access my Favorite movies…only Favorite TV shows??? I have all those movies saved & then cannot see them to download the ones I want to have with me!!! Yet they show up with a star if I am lucky enough to come across one. & why are so many movies I get free included with my package to watch @ home NOT available for download??? I find myself instead having to use Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, etc apps all separately…then what’s the point in having this app??? Just like the awful email app you’ve now completely eliminated…how is it a company this large doesn’t have an app to access email…& apparently couldn’t figure out how to make it work??? I hope you fix this app…vs giving up on it as you did the email one😟 Will increase my rating when & if the app improves…
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3 years ago, Chi town 2
App doesn’t work on $1,000 Sony TV!
I HATE this flipping app. Considering cancelling ALL my xfinity service because it doesn’t work on my big, expensive living room TV. It’s 6:12 pm. I open the guide. It only shows 6:30 and later. Only option is to record a show at a later time. I AM NOT GETTING WHAT I PAY FOR! I have many photos of what I see on the screen and am happy to share them if you provide a way to share. Also, the channel logo gets stuck on the screen and the show plays behind the logo. It never goes away. I don’t have as many issues on my other LG TVs. The first issue happens rarely, but still happens. On the Sony, it’s all the time. Sometimes I’ll turn on TV and it’s already on the last channel i watched. Stuck. Can’t go back to see the guide and choose another channel. Please fix this soon or I will cancel my service. Do some fricken user testing on a Sony, or warn your customers it does not work on a Sony and provide a free cable box.
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2 years ago, steve3e
Downloads Do Not Play on Airplane Mode
After downloading movies and multiple shows from my recordings, it is just pointless to try and play them back off WiFi. The fast forward doesn’t work as it used to (allowing you to jump 15sec or more). The bigger problem is that once you hit that search button, the audio stops, or the video stops and the audio continues. If you try and go back, the same thing occurs. Restarting the iPad doesn’t fix it. Deleting the app and reinstalling doesnt fix it. It does not matter what movie or tv show of 5 different ones I tried to play. This has been ongoing over the last last several months (9 months at least). What’s the point of downloading anything if you can’t play it back!! I have an iPad Pro which is currently updated to 15.4.1. It was always updated to current versions. Please fix this app!
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4 years ago, Iwishitwrkd
What the *#%<<€€+
Why would anyone in a position of authority allow this app, that clearly does NOT work, to be published. Is it now just standard practice to care nothing about fulfilling the promise made when you say “watch from anywhere with our app!” As long as the screen looks like it did in a previous version when the app worked, then youre good to go, right? It doesn’t matter that every button links to a dead end. Everything takes forever to load and as soon as it does it diverts you to an error screen saying try again. Is this a crap shoot? Is this a slot machine, “aw you lose, pay us for another month and try again!” It used to work. It was great. So wonderful to be able to check in while away from home. But there’s that unfortunate, twisted corporate mandate: we serve our stockholders not our clients...if it’s not broken then get in there and change it until it IS (broken). Congratulations. Failing is so important in business.
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2 years ago, CrazyByDesign
Streaming App on TVs is Unstable
I have Xfinity’s cable (and internet) package with a cable box in the livingroom. I use the streaming app without a cable box in two bedrooms. Two different TVs, a TCL Roku manufactured last year and an Insignia that is several years old. Both initially streamed without any major issues, but in the last several weeks, the app has become very unstable. It randomly times out of programming and then displays the guide which then becomes frozen. This requires exiting the app and launching again (and yes, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times). When intentionally using the guide, it often buffers then unresponsive, again requiring exiting the app. And to top off the glitches, the audio lags. Again, exiting and relaunching typically fixes the issue for the session but not always. I do recognize that the app says it’s in beta and thus, in progress; and I appreciate having a way to watch cable without the rental expense of two more boxes (not sure why whole house devices aren’t an option), but the app in its current version is frustrating, nonetheless. I just hope the developers read the reviews for feedback that can help them identify and fix the issues plaguing this app.
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4 years ago, pleasha
My opinion on Xfinity stream
I like it. I like how much mobility it has since you can have it on a phone or tablet and still be able to move it wherever you want as long as you have Wi-Fi for it to be able to work. Sometimes when I can’t see the tv in a part of my apartment, then I can just watch tv via tablet with my Xfinity stream app. And also what if you don’t want to watch whatever is on that someone else is watching, then the app is a great option to go. I think my best favorite part of the app is to be able to take it any place you want. Sometimes I run into problems when I can’t get good Wi-Fi reception. But other than that I find it an a+++ tool to have.
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4 years ago, Bug nate
I’ve been a user of Comcast or Xfinity for ten years. I switch over to Direct TV due to price three years ago. Once my two year contacts was up with Direct tv. I ran back to Comcast due to the speed of the internet, voice command on the remotes and the price of direct TV. It was costing me close to $200. Plus I still had to pay $79 for WiFi. I love the streaming app on my phone on. I can be at a friends home and they are watching something on tv that I don’t like I can watch what I want on my phone. I love the package that I have but the prices are high but I have the premium stations; stars, hbo, showtime. Sports packages all for $235 a month. I have the fastest WiFi that they offer, plus I have five TV sets in my home with each having a cable box. For me it’s a great deal.
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1 year ago, Roneray
On a phone Ok! On TV not so much.
I use Xfinity internet through the traditional cable company. I use the highest speed offered from the company, because I mostly work from home and it is great. I turned the guest bedroom into an entertainment room and added a HomePod to extend the service. I did not wish to see more unnecessarily cable wiring for a cable box. So I opted to use the Xfinity app instead of a cable box. My smart TV, connect to the Internet and I can use all streaming apps. Everything works fine until about a month ago. The Xfinity app started to get very glitchy. It is slow to load and sometimes it doesn’t load at all and I always have to reinstall it. It worked fine until it didn’t now it’s just a pain to try and use it. As I said, it works fine on a phone or an iPad but on a television and it really doesn’t work at all.
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9 months ago, Animals in creative
What’s Up With Xfinity App?
This app used to have a 5-star rating on my iPad Pro. However, now, when I'm about halfway or three-quarters through a show, the app goes completely black. It doesn't allow me to go forward or restart the show, and I can't fast forward. Sometimes, on my recorded shows, the sound disappears. Occasionally, I can restore the app's functionality by restarting it, but I have to avoid fast-forwarding through commercials, or I'll lose sound again. Additionally, the picture and sound gradually fall out of sync after a few minutes. So far, I haven't encountered any issues with live TV, but I'm not sure how long that will last. Is it even worth writing a review, given that there are only a few reviews available to read, and it doesn't seem like Infinity/Comcast is doing much to address the problem?
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5 years ago, lovespite
App is convenient
One of the things that I really like about it is that I can watch shows from all networks in one place and keep track of which episodes I have and have not watched. I did read some reviews saying that I can only watch it while connected to my WiFi’s at home. If that is the case, since I haven’t tried lately, I will be really disillusioned. I have plenty of other streaming tv/movie services that don’t require this. I like to travel and take them with me. But since I’ve only used it at home it’s been good. What I would improve is the home screen. It will show me shows that I am watching, but when I select it, it takes me to the wrong episode. I have to go to favorites and select an episode.
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3 years ago, Amazon Overated
Used to be Great, but having major issues now
I tried to stream Trutv today and it said subscription required. I already have Trutv and my cable bill isn’t cheap. This app used to make up for some of that, but doesn’t any longer. I used it last night and it was fine. Today is when the issue started. I downloaded the update and it still didn’t work. My favorite channels are gone and doesn’t allow me to access most of the content. When I look at tv channel’s most don’t show up. It skips over many of them. The bill is paid and not due till later this month. I hope the developers can fix this issue or explain why it is happening. The app was one of my favorites till this issue. I would have given it a 5 star review till today. If the issue was fixed. It would get a 5 star review from me. Btw, I am using wifi and not cell data. I have phone, internet and cable through Comcast.
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9 months ago, gardenhead982
Poor functionality
Not even going to go into detail on the poor UI because the functionality is so problematic. When turning on or off Bluetooth headphones the entire show resets and often starts over. Which triggers ads to replay and when it’s glitching it often plays the same as back to back (whatever ad is first). It does a poor job of picking where you left off if you have to pause regardless if that pause lasts 2 min or 2 hours, which leads to restarting the stream and triggering commercials to play again. It also does a poor job of selecting the episode you left off watching and just shows the most recent episode watched often. Right now when casting I can’t go forward or backward because it thinks there’s 11 seconds left in a commercial and the commercial ended 3 minutes ago.
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2 years ago, Drewsky5
FINALLY a tvOS app…but with flaws
I’m glad that Xfinity finally got their act together and made their app tvOS compatible. That being said, there are some large flaws that need to be addressed. -No picture-in-picture support. It would be very, very nice to be able to minimize the current video while I’m viewing something else (like checking other channels while one is still playing) -the back button on the remote doesn’t take you out of the app unless you’re on the channel. If you have a show selected it doesn’t work. That’s pretty wonky. -I’d love to see some kind of a UI that allows you to quickly access recent channels (much like how the “Last” button works on the boxes). It’s too hard to channel skip between channels that aren’t beer each other.
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2 years ago, enordrum
Nonstop weather emergency alerts
Terrible app. Every time it rains we have nonstop weather alerts that repeat over and over again. The alerts are not on regular xfinity. Only the streaming app. They go on forever, then the tv will come back for a couple seconds, then more alerts. Just a constant stream of them for hours. It’s loud and annoying. You can’t change the channel or watch recorded shows. The alerts take over everything. Tried contacting customer support and they were zero help. Tried to tell me how to fix the issue on the regular cable but had no idea how to help with the app. Xfinity needs to fix this issue with the app. Play the alert once or scroll it on the bottom of the screen, but don’t let the alerts take over the app for hours on end. It is literally every day now when it rains. Was not an issue with xfinity stream beta. Only the new version.
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10 months ago, Klj157
It’s great when it works …
I’ve been using this app for years and it was initially a solid product. Since the last few updates, quality seems to have degraded. It crashes and freezes frequently, and downloaded content rarely plays as intended: either the show randomly freezes while sound continues to play or the downloaded content spins and spins as if it’s loading and never does. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app as well as troubleshooting my relatively new phone. Processing speed and phone memory are not an issue. When this app works, it is almost as good as watching and streaming at home. Please fix the glitches, bugs, or other app issues - this app is a big reason I still subscribe to Xfinity!
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1 year ago, DoBetterXFi
BEWARE: App/Service Allows Unauthorized Devices and Streaming
App and Service have no mechanism for booting off unauthorized devices, even as the unauthorized user is actively using the streaming service, unlike every other tv/internet service. Despite multiple password changes and the addition of 2-factor verification, the streaming app does not request the re-entering of the new login information, allowing your service to be used without your authorization. App offers a useless “Manage Devices” section, which is a misnomer because there is no ability to make ANY action. You will only be able to look at the unauthorized device/person that is wrongly using your service. Customer Service appears clueless in solving the issue. Deprovisioning all streaming devices appears to be the only fix, if you can get someone in customer service to actually do it.
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4 years ago, ldstork
Due to being customer since the late 1990’s, I was once considered a VIP. My service was great and I had HBO, Showtime, Starz and occasionally a free movie!!! Well being a senior on a fixed income, past essential worker, my bill on your quad plan has increased at least $75 over the last two years and ALL my “PERKS” have been eliminated!!! I am Strongly considering termination of my service with you, which I’m sure you could care less about, but FOOD is still important to me!!! So I’ll see what your next negotiations bring, and if no perks continue and my bill continues to exceed $250 a month, I will consider termination. I’ve really enjoyed my Internet, phone, cable and security system for 20+ years, but I will find it hard to recommend new customers to you, especially when I hear they have FREE Netflix and I couldn’t even added to my plan for just under $300 a month!!!
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4 days ago, KirkHack
The app has changed - and NOT in a good way
Xfinity is charging a high price for your use of this app - YOUR LIFE! We are paying $350 a month for bundled TV, Internet, and voice. The price has recently increase by nearly $40. Yet, XFinity still insists on tracking us, following internet searches and other privacy invasions - presumably to make more money! I just tried to sign onto this app. Every time, they ask for my cookie preferences and, if I opt out, the app apparently is SLOW. Not only that, it is buggy, with frequent lapses where the content drops out for a second or two. Their customer service is abysmal - worst in the country. We are moving soon, and I am considering dropping this expensive, unreliable, privacy-invading service. I urge you to do the same until Xfinity stops screwing their customers.
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