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User Reviews for XFINITY TV Remote

1.87 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
5 years ago, 2n4cycle
Most features of the remote are there. However, having 3 different sections is really not needed. Why not just have all the same features of whatever ur current remote being issued out be the same of the UI when customers open it up. There are many other "universal remotes" out there including brands like samsung where they have an app for most versions of their different remotes. Not sure why that would be so difficult to do to make it easier to do. If you want the voice control part to be a separate tab i can kinda understand that, but for the rest it does not make any sense. Or even give the choice to the customer by allowing us to pick which remote resembles their current one and implement those features to an extent based on those choices. One of the BIGGEST ANNOYANCES to me is having no power button at all, but mostly NO VOLUME BUTTON AT ALL, which is very important to all customers to be able to control not only the guide or use on demand, but being able to turn the volume up or down as needed. I mean u have many customers, millions of dollars, dedicated design teams and app teams and NO ONE has thought about adding a volume button. The idea of using the app for a remote is usually when u lost ur remote or when the batteries die and u have done. please just add an on/off button and volume button at the least.
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7 years ago, Nutella Bear
Good but needs so much more!
This app has the potential for being a real value added perk for Xfinity and my main wish is that Comcast invest the money in this app to bring it to full functionality. It needs to have all the functionality of the X1 Remote with a full set of tools to manage program guides and schedules. The app is about half way there and is screaming for greater investment. I would rather use something like this than any of the on-screen guides. One feature I would really like to have is the ability to construct my own channel lineup. Right now I have more than 300 channels but my actual viewing is typically a list of about 50 channels. I would like to have the ability to put together my own list of channels that displays only the channels I typically watch and be able to group and order the channels the way I want them displayed in a guide. This feature would be more important to me than the ability to "jump" in the channel listings. Jump is important now because there are so many channels I don't watch cluttering up my display. Update v3.7 — I hate the new way you mark Favorite channels. The old pull out tab was great. Now, with the star always showing, as I move through the listings I frequently end up unmarking the station as a favorite.
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1 year ago, Tiffany Blue Tarot
Sub-par By Far
The Xfinity TV Remote app does indeed function and certainly comes in clutch during those times you just can’t find your actual remote…but sadly, that’s where the fun ends. This is in no way, shape, or form a replacement or even a viable alternative to your standard Xfinity remote; most of its features and functionality are simply not there (ie. volume, channel up/down, ‘home’ button). It’s almost as if the developer quit midway through & they just let this thing go live anyway. So, am I grateful for this app in a pinch? Absolutely. If I was talking to a friend about Xfinity & feeling helpful, would I recommend it to them or even brig it up as a ‘feature’? No way. The Xfinity TV Remote leaves much to be desired…and by the looks of it, it’s going to stay that way, since it’s been getting similar ratings & reviews since Day 1 and remains sub-par all this time later. **Come on, Xfinity. We pay a pretty penny for service…so don’t we, as loyal customers, deserve a basic functional remote app?! Even Vizio offers that & the TV I purchased from them only cost $89! (That’s less than one month’s service with you.) Do you not value our business? I’m not asking you for the ability to launch a rocket from the comfort of my living room…just suggesting you provide the basic industry standard remote app. Wuddaya say??
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4 years ago, bythebay10
Works perfectly IF YOU UNDERSTAND how it works
All of the reviewers here are leaving 1 star because they don’t understand the app and how it works. For starters, this is only available if you use an X1 box as explained on the description and support doc. Secondly, you can’t use it until you set up your box first. It does not replace the remote that comes with your X1 box. Third: you just realize that the technology used to adjust your TV volume is infrared beams. This isn’t possible with a smartphone because your smartphone doesn’t have an IR beam like a physical remote does. You’re able to control the cable box playback, navigation etc because the app communicates with your box over WiFi (or really app-to-cloud-to-cablebox, for the tech savvy reading) to control it. this isn’t possible with your tv or soundbar etc. Hopefully this helps people and saves you from wasting time on the phone with tech support who also doesn’t understand the app or how it works. I have no affiliation for Comcast but the app works perfectly for me and it’s sad to see such dumb reviews from people who complain it doesn’t work and can’t even read the description.
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6 years ago, Firecaptainrich
Just like all of Comcast / xfinity, this is garbage. Worst of all is xfinity customer service. HORRIBLE customer service. How about the constant glitches in my service. How about my set top boxes saying I'm not authorized to receive the service when I pay $200 a month. How about repair technicians who don't show up, which had happened to me 5 different times after waiting all day. How about the cable line that is running through my yard for 2 months now and the guy who buries the line hasn't showed up yet. I could go on and on because I'm only scratching the surface. Xfinity is garbage not worthy of garbage and so are their employees. Beware if you think of signing up for this service or leaving your current provider. Here’s an updated review since my last review above. Since I have switched to the X1 service (2 years ago) I’ve had much better luck with my service. I haven’t had to call customer service, even though Xfinity customer service is still rated at the bottom of the barrel. The WiFi is very fast too. The xfinity tv remote app WAS really good, right up until you can no longer record your programs away from home. WHY WHY WHY would you get rid of that feature???
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5 years ago, Gloriami1
Downloaded because xr11 remote doesn’t work
Months of probs with remote, lots of days on end w/o tv and outages, and a phone customer service call more often than not takes 45 min . A few times it took much longer. This app does not allow you to adjust volume. This app allows me to turn tv on and off, and change channels, good, since the remote does not even turn off tv. I pay extra each month so that I don’t have to drive 18 miles to my local Xfinity store. Last time I did that the wait was abt 15 minutes. Additional costs for Comcast $5.00 gas to drive to Xfinity store and back. Time involved with this. This remote: $7.99 for 8 pack of Duracell batteries; batteries life this time was less than 2 weeks, so batteries cost for 1 month was $4.00. I tried using cheap Chinese batteries but they were too weak to work the remote. Batteries are purchased on regular grocery store shopping days. I see that Comcast products are not reliable. They have, in my opinion, a third world attitude; there is no pride in excellence. The allegiance of this company is ONLY to the family of the managers of Comcast/Xfinity. By the way, the most common reason that a company changes name is to avoid liability.
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7 years ago, BadBrain13
Average, could be way better
My physical xfinity remote broke and Comcast customer service wanted to charge me to have a new one sent out, or drive 30 min (one way) in the rain, then stand in line, just to get a replacement. For what I pay each month I expected better help but shame on me. So now I have to use the xfinity app to navigate my comcast cable. It’s not too bad but has the potential to be much, much better. I finally realized after a few months of use that tapping the microphone icon within the remote app also brings up the arrow navigation and keypad, and that makes my life so much easier. It’s not very intuitive but at least the functionality exists. I would love a way to go to a channel directly from the guide, instead of going to a page description first. Also it is too easy to click/unclick the “favorites” stars on the guide page. Hopefully the app will get better over time. It serves its purpose for me until I dump xfinity for charging too much, frequent outages and providing total crap for customer service.
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5 years ago, BadRobot2013
Needs to Be Deleted From iStore
I am a new Xfinity customer having switched from FIOS a few days ago. So far I am very happy except for Xfinity Remote. FIOS TV app has a very good channel guide that I can view from my iPhone or iPad. After downloading Xfinity Remote and trying to get it to work I finally called Support. They answered very quickly however the 1st Tier CSR could not solve problem after directing me through several menus. I was escalated to another rep who told me the app is disabled and not functional, that it is being upgraded but no time window for that. There is no other way to view programming by day and time nor set up or cancel recordings from a mobile device. Why is the disabled app still available for download? You would think this would be a priority. Since according to other reviews her why not just go back to a working version until the new app is available? Small bump in the road on my Xfinity journey but irritating. I would like to commend customer service for the quick response and not requiring me to spend the 10 minutes it takes to work through FIOS auto attendant process.
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3 years ago, domiNATE20
Works great
Idk why this has such a low rating? It Connected with all my boxes instantly after signing in and works just like my normal remote does. Even could use the voice command function and opened up HBO max with it. Perfect for when your laying in bed and can’t find the remote lol 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Edit After reading reviews and seeing peoples complaints it’s obvious that no one takes the time to look through the app and find everything that you’re complaining the app doesn’t have.. it’s all there… arrow and enter buttons being able to look through the guide being able to set to record… it’s all there except a volume function but honestly not that big of a deal… anyways before posting a bogus bad review take the time to learn how to use the app.. honestly not that complicated 🤪
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3 years ago, Midnightstar81
Changes needed for this to be really good.
I love this app for iPhone & iPad. It's voiceover and Zoom friendly for those who are blind and visually impaired. However I have large print enabled on both of my devices and the app wont cater to that. So while large print enabled on my devices it'll show is very small print for the app. That definitely needs to be changed. Also, several of my friends in the Linus community have noticed that the remote feature and this app does not include buttons for power on/off and volume/mute as well as channel up/down. It has every other button available. This too needs to be changed. There also needs to be a way to toggle accessibility settings on and off through the app like an actual remote. Other than that it's a really great app.
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4 years ago, wolfchild59
App broke the same day I got an email stating their commitment to keeping things running smoothly
No longer able to view anything at all on the On Demand tab. I’ve tried closing the app fully down, restarting the phone, and deleting and reinstalling, but nothing will make it work again. “Best” part is that the same day it stopped working, I got an email shortly after where they were stating their commitment to keeping all of their stuff running smoothly knowing many folks were going to be home a lot more the next few weeks. I keep checking a few times each day to see if it’s working again, or if they’ve released an update which may fix it, but still nothing. At least On Demand on the box itself is still working, for now. Since that was down for almost two weeks not long ago.
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3 years ago, Alex-RG
Don’t bother
This app worked perfectly for two years—no glitches at all. Then a couple of weeks ago, it quit. Although I could open the guide, it couldn’t download the guide data that would show what show was on which channel and when. I thought it was a slowdown and would resolve itself, but it didn’t. I tried a few times a day to access the guide, and it would give me the same error message: “Unable to load information because the server stopped responding.” I upgraded my iOS, and made no difference. I even deleted the app and reinstalled, and I get the same error. Obviously the problem is on Xfinity’s end, and they’ve had at least two weeks to fix it, but they either are unable to fix it or don’t care. Bottom line: don’t plan on using this app for its guide or remote purposes, because you’ll just get frustrated. I also have DirectTV, and its app works perfectly, so I’m abandoning this Xfinity app in favor of DirectTV.
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6 years ago, Cwordy
Feature removed
I researched for a couple of months before switching from antennae to Comcast a few months ago. The top two features that made me go with them was the voice remote and that I could view guide and set recordings from my iPad which I used every day. I could look ahead at schedule and set things I wanted to record without disrupting my husband watching TV. I could also use it when not home. Now the record from the iPad has been removed - a major feature that I’m paying for. This isn’t what I agreed to when I signed up. Are our bills going to be reduced? I see Dish now has a voice remote and you can record from phone etc. Now I think I made the wrong choice.
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7 years ago, TimDawgz
Sad... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Really Comcast? What happens inside that company that prevents you from getting it right? I used to be able to schedule new recordings through this app which was extremely useful for people like me who aren't home much so we can still schedule our desired recordings while out of the house and now that functionality is gone?! I can no longer set the ability to record when viewing future TV shows in the listings section or edit recurring recording options which I used to be able to do. The red record button is simply gone. Worst part is that it would appear that this change is intentional considering I don't see any mention of an ability to set or update recordings anywhere in your description. It's no wonder so many people are jumping ship and becoming "cable cutters". ✂️ 📺 That always sounded like more trouble than it's worth but everyday I think I'm getting closer to joining them.
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4 years ago, ColsonThePhotographer
App works great!
This app works really great as a TV guide and an internet-powered TV remote. There are complaints that this app can’t change the TV volume; Iphones don’t have Infrared LEDs necessary to control the TV screen’s volume, so the app can’t do that for hardware reasons. What’s really cool is that the app controls the TV directly through the cable. You can control the home TV from your kitchen, your workplace, your car, your local Amusment park, and practically anywhere with internet access. Great way to prank family and friends; you can change the channel on them or hit the “last” button on your Iphone remote and leave them wondering how your TV is changing channels by itself!
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4 years ago, madmonu
Lags....a lot!
My remote broke while in the midst of stay-at-home orders in March. The stores are closed and I can’t get a replacement remote. For the past two months I’d had to rely on this app to work with my streaming box. It works, but suffers from huge lags. You press a button and then wait for about 3 seconds for it to reflect on TV. Its not such a big issue when doing a voice search, but this delay in changing volume, switching channels or typing something in Netflix search (xfinity doesn’t support voice search in Netflix) is extremely frustrating. I wish they fixed this soon (or opened their stores soon)! Also- it has no power button or volume button! I need to use another app on my old galaxy S5 with an IR blaster to double up as TV remote now 🤯
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7 years ago, Hyemart
No longer able to set recordings from TV Remote app
The ability—from the xfinity TV remote app—to set recordings, has recently been removed. DUMB MOVE!! This was one of the best features of the app. Now, recordings can only be set when at the location where a customer’s TV service is provided. A person can no longer set recordings when traveling or otherwise away from the service location. When I called Comcast to complain, I was told it is “a legal issue.” Comcast owes its customers a complete explanation and a time estimate when the feature will be restored, if ever. I’ve been a Comcast customer for many years and have rejected many solicitations from other companies over the years, but now may be the time to change my service provider. Satellite or internet companies may be the answer.
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7 years ago, Mark326
Why are the review dates all out of order?
This goes out to both Xfinity "and" the ITunes Store. Before I usually install any updates, I typically like to see the reviews of the updates after a few days, so I don't do an update of a "bomb" or a problematic update. Now, it appears with all the apps in the ITunes Store, the reviews are literally all not in chronological order by date, but from dates all over the place. It's making me hesitant to install any updates ever since I noticed the change. Remote app I have really isn't anything like my home remote with the menus so it's pretty difficult to give any kind of review, except for this one where I can't tell if any recent updates are even available and that the remote doesn't appear like the XR1 remote for X1 which isn't a plus.
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7 years ago, J0(|{5TR4P
First, let me say I rarely write reviews. But, this app warrants 0 stars (I had to pick 1 star but I wanted 0). Comcast removed the ability to record or cancel recordings from the app. This is totally inexcusable as This was the only useful feature. Put it back or I will be switching providers. This app is worthless now! I read another review where the reviewer said Comcast removed functionality for legal reasons. Comcast needs to stop providing total BS answers. Furthermore, even in my house, I can't set recordings from the app. I can only set recordings from the remote control in my house. I know for a fact that DirectTV can set recordings remotely. I was told the functionality was removed because it was not used by many customers. This makes no sense whatsoever. Shame on you Comcast. Why don't you actually put your customers first for a change. 0 stars!!!!!!
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3 years ago, smartashley
Poor design
This app is so poorly designed. Why on earth would developers think users want to see a blank screen a keyboard when first opening the app. There’s no reason why the app can’t open up to the actual controls. You have to press the microphone just to get to the main screen that, for some reason, has 3 separate sections?? voice, directional controls, number pad. All this would literally fit on one screen. When changing the tv you want to control, a whole screen pops up just so the device names can be tiny in the corner. this app is so crudely designed. I don’t know who designed this or who is in charge of the maintenance, but I suggest they find another job because this is a poor attempt at good user interface. It hasn’t changed in YEARS. The ONLY positive thing about this app is that in the event there’s an issue w the remote, I can control the TV. Wish there was power/volume controls though. Also not sure why xfinity has a million apps. Why can’t there just be ONE app to consolidate my account, xfi, remote, home, hotspot, like this is annoying. The only separate app I can understand is the Stream app. do better Xfinity. Customers don’t pay an arm and a leg just to be neglected.
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4 years ago, Nikups
Works For Me
I read a lot of reviews that say their app just stopped working. I don’t have this problem. Mine works perfectly. Maybe it’s the box itself and not the app. Xfinity is constantly upgrading their boxes and routers. They don’t inform the customers though. They will let you go years with the same box and router. You can call and request a new box and router or go to service center and pick them up. Luckily I have a service center near me. I take mine in for an upgrade every year, no charge. This has solved a lot of problems with performance. You’re paying good money for Xfinity, make sure you have the latest equipment.
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6 years ago, Shellberr83
Needs arrow and enter buttons!!
My remote stopped working and have to use the app exclusively until the new remote arrives and it is impossible to continue watching anything after one recording or one on demand show. There is always a pop up box (to watch next episode or delete, etc) after each episode or recording that I have no way to get rid of on the app without the arrow and enter function. It stays there no matter how many new recordings I choose or channels I change. I have to unplug the box and let it reset. It’s so frustrating. Of course rewind, fast forward, pause and play would be super helpful too and seem to be no brainers, but to not have the other arrow functions doesn’t make sense for customer service to suggest using it as a substitute for the actual remote because it doesn’t function properly. Very disappointing!
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6 years ago, Shmurah
Why can’t I see just see just this channels in my plan?
I don’t see why you can’t somehow make it so the customer can set up the remote to show only the channels in their plan. It’s irritating to scroll through all those channels only to find a show and it’s not in my plan. And what good shows am I missing because I don’t know where my channels stop? Also to would be nice to have volume control: so after I find a show I don’t have to grab another remote for the sound. You do know that sound levels vary from station to station and from show to show. You call it a remote; so why do I have to keep grabbing an actual remote? Maybe you should have called it Comcast General Channel Listings.
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3 years ago, SoUknow
It works now
***If you update your TVs or cable boxes, you may need to delete and reinstall the app!*** My previous review of one star has now been upgraded to four stars, almost 5. This is because they fixed almost all issues. The remote works fine on both of my Samsung smart TVs. The only issue so far, is that it is not possible to delete previous or old TVs. I switched out my TVs and updated the cable boxes and now the “Edit Devices” section in Settings shows both new and old TVs with no option to remove or delete. The app still works but can be confusing if TV names are the same. iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 14.6
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6 years ago, Twins Man
What About Scheduling a Recording
Until about early December, 2017, I was always able to use this app on my iPad or iPhone to schedule a recording. Since then, this capability has disappeared. This was easily the most useful part of the app. It allowed me to program a recording when away from home and suddenly remembered I had forgotten to do so before leaving. It allowed me to program a recording while someone else was using the TV without disrupting his or her viewing. Now, for no good reason this capability has disappeared. I called CS at Xfinity after a ew days and complained. I was told technicians were aware of the problem and working on it. Here it is, six weeks later, and nothing has changed. This is unacceptable.
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6 years ago, SBonnie1
Xfinity the best there is!!!
I’ve had other providers and with any provider your going to have issues. That’s just the industry and with things always changing and updating consistently you’re going to have some errors but I’ve never seen a company take initiative like Xfinity. I have a sister with special needs so my family doesn’t like having electronics around in her space so a huge benefit was the remote app. I can handle everything she needs in her room from my phone and I just loved it! Now we don’t worry about things with batteries and etc in her room. Xfinity you are brilliant!
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6 years ago, brice60
Communicate to us why recording is gone
Count me as a big Comcast fan. I’ve been a subscriber for 18 years (I think) and eat up all of your new gadgets (mobile apps, new home devices, etc.). I’m a pretty satisfied customer and brag to others quite often. But when you remove a feature, like the ability to record a show while not at home, tell us why. It used to be a slick feature when my wife would ask “can you record XYZ show...I don’t want to miss it” and I could quickly pop up the TV Remote app and say “’re all set”. The feature used to exist, but has evaporated for some reason (I’m guessing lawyers were involved).
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3 years ago, SDeMers
Bug or feature?
This is a really useful app for when I can’t find my remote or want to browse the guide without blocking the screen. BUT, just recently, whenever I open it, it has started launching in the Voice Command screen. I don’t use voice command very much, and I definitely don’t want the app launching there. It’s also not very easy to figure out how to get out of it (you have to tap the microphone button, which doesn’t make sense). I hope this is just a bug, or a version upgrade that they will fix in the future, because it has taken my enjoyment of the app from 5-star to 2-3 star.
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7 years ago, Tazman144B
Jerry G
Really glad I switched from Verizon Fios to Comcast. Everything works well and when you need to call Comcast for something the people are nice and take there time to help you with whatever you need. Only thing I wish they would change is to put a record button on the tv remote app so if you are away from home and remember you wanted to record something on tv you could do it with the app. That’s the only thing I liked about Verizon. You could start recording something using the tv app. Hope Comcast will get the ability to do that in their remote app
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7 years ago, Star on ice
An answer, of sorts. No expert.
Someone wrote that they complained to Comcast about not being able to record from our remotes anymore. Which really gets me mad, by the way. I didn’t know why either, and was going to call and complain too. And then thought I’d get the same “legal issue” answer. I mentioned this to my husband and he acted like he knew what they meant. So I asked. And while I’m no expert, I sort of understand. He said yes, he was surprised it didn’t happen earlier. It’s copywrite infringement. I’m not going to go into it any further, since this may not make it thru. But I thought I’d try to explain a tiny bit. And this is too long. Edit if you want, Comcast, but at least publish some of this. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Chickscutie
Just as a previous comment had said, you must read. After accepting defeat of losing my remote.. I decided to download this app. When I saw all the 1 stars on here I was myself skeptical of downloading it. Went ahead just for the heck of it to see if it will somewhat do a decent job of being my new remote and turns out it works good and completely is a convenient replacement of my wandering old remote. Hate that there isn’t a volume/ power button but other than that, this app has my 5 stars!
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3 years ago, nodtv
Cannot click to day and time
Since last update, cannot change day and time to look at. Have to scroll screen to get to a future date? Previously could go to date and time in upper left hand corner. Find it glaring, with the enormous amount of complaints, there are no comments from “ app support” ? Either they have no intention on fixing the problems, and or do not care! Newest update appears to have resolved prior day and time issue. Changing to 5 stars for now.
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7 years ago, cm7434
Needs info and guide buttons
There needs to be an info button and a guide button. It's weird to be watching a show where the "restart" prompt comes up but the app has no info button to allow you to restart from the beginning. It's annoying then switch to search or to the in app on demand. I wish you could navigate using the guide for on demand on your tv screen like you can with the comcast remote. I also don't like that some episode info is not shown in live tv descriptions bc I like to see how long a show is or whether it is the most recent episode so I can know if I should watch a previous episode on demand first.
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7 years ago, Was hopeful
User interface for On Demand too limited
I have no major problems with the TV listing UI although it is a bit small and only shows 30 minutes of time in portrait mode. However, the UI for on demand movies is a complete and obvious ploy to maximize revenue for Comcast. I already pay a monthly subscription fee in order to access free movie content on demand but this app provides no way to exclusively browse for titles I have free access to. A simple filter entry of "free to me", which is available in the Xfinity set top box UI, would instantly improve this app and my rating. For even more stars in my rating you could add categories to the OnDemand screen. Comcast’s grouping of movies isn’t helpful at all. Who care about premium networks when I can’t even sort by genre.
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5 years ago, ATMathome
App Is “Decommissioned”
At least that is what the tech support person told me this evening. I see that many others have the same problem! My problem began with being unable to change channels using this app - something I have been doing for about the last year or so easily. Looking in t app, I noticed that the cable box was not listed under my devices. So, I called Comcast to find out why my cable boxes no longer showed up under the devices and I was connected to a technical support “expert” who told me it was decommissioned last year. Apparently, there were many issues with the mobile app. If that’s true, why haven’t I gotten ANY communication to that effect and why would it still be available in the App Store? It makes no sense to me.
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6 years ago, unhappy64
Bring back record feature
Let me add my complaint to the long list I have already read about our frustrations not being able to record program from the app. Why was it removed? It was THE most helpful feature in the app and you took it away from us. I would also love to see a star rating next to each movie in the app guide. I have been a Comcast customer from before Comcast bought out my local cable company but I am getting increasingly disgusted with the service. Have you any clue as to why so many are switching to streaming services? Why are you not listening to the customer complaints and bringing back the best loved feature??
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3 years ago, MEMNatasha
Saved by an angel
My remote disappeared & the service rep who answered my call saved the day! . He patiently walked me through the steps to download the tv remote app . Yes, it is not perfect but having my original remote that came with the tv saved tv the day. The app does not have an on/off switch but the remote that came with the tv did. The tech , Angel, shifted my ang into a smile by the time we were finished! Wish I had requested a new remote . In the grand scheme of things it all happened as it could.
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7 years ago, YHernandez4
Love it
I have three younger sister we always have the problem where one of them loses the remote control and it ends up being a scavenger hunt to track down the control but with this app it's so easy all you do is sign in and your set now all we do is grab the iPad or iPod and start watching it's so easy to used honestly I don't see why many are complaining I love Xfinity honestly it's one of the best tv company and I'm glad we did the switch and change from direct tv to xfinity best decision we made
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4 years ago, 2b4nzic
Guide Data Missing”
“Guide Data Missing” is my biggest problem. This app seems to quit working every now and then. I can’t remember how I got it to work, maybe delete and reinstall. It works pretty good most of the time, then just stops working on my iOS device. I have been trying for about 3 months to get it to work. Finally reinstalled it tonight and got it to work. Tried it again and get “Guide data missing”. I have to give up on this piece of junk. I over rated it at 1 star, but that is as low as the scale goes. I wish the developer would fix it. This app used to at least function. It has not been updated in months which means xfinity doesn’t care. They give us something, brag about it, then forget about it.
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5 years ago, Jamie_lynn_07
Trying to get the app fixed
I think i should have just did one star...when I had direct tv I could watch,record and everything and now that I switched over I can’t even watch the local channels on the app...this was supposed to be the best company around and there only letting you do on the app that they want you to and they shouldn’t do that...if they don’t fix it I will find a company that will allow me to do anything I want to when I’m on my app...I shouldn’t have to call people at my house to record a show for me instead of me doing it myself...I like having control for myself not the company telling you basically what you can do...
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2 years ago, Alex #WP
Works completely fine, ignore negative rants
It’s equal parts astounding and terrifying how much of Xfinity’s negative perception would be erased if people took two seconds to think. Your iPhone CAN NOT transmit a IR signal to your tv. This is because this is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Your X1 remote pairs to your tv during setup and does not talk to the box when you hit the volume button. Maybe this app should be renamed to something without “remote” in it, idk. I do wish there was a dark mode though 😝
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5 years ago, superfrustrated x 100
Remote screwed up my TV
My Remote does not work 90% of the time. It takes forever to register the channel, then the screen freezes for several minutes at a time making me miss the beginning of my shows and games! So frustrating. I get error messages telling me that they are having errors or their (Xfinity’s) end and to try again later or to navigate away from the channel and try to come back to it. This has been happening several times nearly every day over the past week. Even the voice selection function using my physical remote does not work. I get locked on an in between screen or the guide page and cannot access the show I want. It’s terrible! I’m gettyready to dump Xfinity!
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7 months ago, Vectors4Prez
I wish I could give 0 stars
I’ve been using this app for a few months because my normal remote stopped working. The app was decent enough, but a few weeks ago all the phones in the house were suddenly logged out. Ever since then I’ve been stuck in a password reset loop. I open the app, it asks for my account info, I enter it, and then it says to reset my password but gives me no way to do so. I reset my password on their website, and it didn’t fix this. I spoke to a rep who said that they knew about the problem and were working on it. My television is stuck on one channel and I can’t change it. I’m looking into switching carriers because this is infuriating.
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4 years ago, Carlos from Philly
So good for navigating guide/on demand
The remote function (channel change, voice, buttons, etc) is fine. Nothing special. But the star of this app is using it to navigate the guide and on demand listing. Sooo much more pleasant than navigating the X1 interface itself. One star off because the filters are lacking (ie no way to filter by audience or critic score), there's no grouping of shows by season, and a few other minor critiques. If some focus could be pumped into tightening up the on demand/guide functionality of this app, this app could be the holy grail of streaming tv navigation.
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6 years ago, Under the Indian Peaks
Useful only when it works
It has been useful to have this app .. as an alternative to Comcast’s remote, to select a new channel when we can’t find Comcast’s, to search for programming. It’s certainly easier to search than with the standard remote. And we don’t care to pay for the X1 service. However, half the time recently it doesn’t work. It seems to forget our credentials and can’t load the program guide. And then it won’t allow us to “Sign Off.” Only solution is the delete the app, reload it, and reenter our login. Stupid! Last updated some 7 months ago. They need to maintain this app if they intend to offer it.
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5 years ago, begejoe
Not connected
It used to work. I would have given a 5 star but now it is a 0 star. Had to give 1 star because a zero star does not work. I could review the channels to see what is on as I am watching a program and change the channel if I wanted to. But now my phone says I must be connected to the internet. I am and I could log off xfinity and re-login and it still says I must must have internet connection. I can browse and all my other apps that need internet work just fine. I tried uninstalling and re-download but nothing. I can see the xfinity remote when I am on a different network other than the one at my house and I can watch the xfinity streaming as well, but not in my own house. Why?
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6 years ago, hc716
Let me record a program through the app!!
Xfinity no longer enables setting up a recording of a program through this app. In the past I used this app often, and loved it, as I was able to set up a recording of a program anywhere, anytime through the app. When I heard about a great show, or remembered I wanted to watch an event, but I wasn’t at home to set up the recording- I simply used this app. I even used it to record when I was at home because it was easier than turning on my tv to set up a recording. With this feature disabled I find this app totally useless. If I am at home, my remote works perfectly well, so why should I waste battery life on using this app?!! Fix this problem Xfinity!!
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5 years ago, Adrianna_08
Totally trash
Just like all Comcast stuff this absolutely HORRIBLE. my mom was on the phone for 3 hours with costumer service and all they did was say the same things over and over again. at that time we had just gotten home from getting our new equipment and we couldn’t even get through one screen. I have to say we’re are not participating in anything involved with Comcast/Xfinity ever again. also, about the phone remote I can’t even do anything on it it don’t work it’s TOTAL TRASH! As I already said I just wanna make it clear we’re never participating in anything with Comcast/Xfinity again. Hope my reply was useful for other users and for Comcast/ Xfinity to up there game a little have a nice day.
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7 years ago, alla_walla
Needs work
Since the last update I am unable to schedule recordings in my app. Please fix this. I like to use the app more than my actual remote because my remote can be a bit laggy. I would also like to see better search functions, for example on the on demand screen on my tv there is an option for “free to me” and there is not that option with the app. Another thing I’d like it to incorporate is in the “ways to watch” under a title it does not show Netflix as an option like on my tv. Also, bundles are unable to view or purchase from the app.
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6 years ago, M Fral
Used to be much better
The most convenient part of the app was the ability to record programs when away from home. That was a nice option especially for those of us with busy and/or irregular schedules. Why that was taken away is anyone’s guess. I have read other reviews from many months ago where this issue was described. The reviewers were told by Comcast/xfinity that the technicians and engineers were working on the issue. But it never changed. I was told the same thing just 2 days ago. What a joke. Pay over $200 per month and be lied to. In the past I would have given the app 5 stars. However with the “improvements” it is 1 star at best.
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