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User Reviews for XtraMath

2.35 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Shelly2011
Updated review
I go back and forth between hating and loving this app, but now my mind is made up. My daughter passed her addition and subtraction facts with this app, which I thought was great and I thought meant she knew her math facts. Then, we switched from Rod and Staff math to Singapore Dimensions and my daughter definitely does not know all of her addition math facts! And when I say she doesn’t know all, I really mean she pretty much doesn’t know any of them without counting. So, she pretty much wasted her time on an app she hated anyways and from which she learned very little. We’ll just stick to flash cards and speed drills from now on, and skip Xtramath. Definitely frequently assess your child to make sure she/he is actually learning her/his facts and able to solve addition problems presented to her/him in various ways if you plan on using this app or any math program that focuses on drill and rote learning. Unfortunately, this app only presents the problems in one way, so if your child is later confronted with an addition problem written in a different way, she may not understand how to solve it, which I didn’t think about until we started Singapore math, which wonderfully does present problems in multiple ways and expects children to actually think about the problems (I’ve learned that this is important for solving novel and unfamiliar problems!). And now I’m kicking myself for being lazy and leaving my daughter’s math facts learning to an app.
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7 months ago, Lizzy008
Too Much Pressure (but it did make me better)
If you ever ask me whether I like XtraMath, this is what I would say: On one hand, it helped me remember facts I forgot because of lack of practice. It also helped me keep an momentum when practicing facts. On the other side, it is really frustrating that I need to use the keypad to click the answer. It would be nice if you can have a choice where you could write it. Plus, you should add more activities to practice. Some that you don’t get timed, so it could be more relaxing and be a nice break. It gives me pressure when I have to do one race after another. Mr. C (I think that’s the name of the red-shirt guy who is also bald that users see before and after activities) can also give more advice, such as writing the facts down on paper to help memorize. All in all, Xtra Math is a great resource but has space to improve.
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6 years ago, LaseCupcakePew22
Taught me a lot
This app has taught me a lot of stuff that is now easy for me. In 3rd grade, I was really struggling with my math because, it was all multiplication and division. I was at a public school in 2nd and we were just starting to learn about multiplying. We didn’t learn division yet, and then I changed to a private Montessori school. And they were already doing like 4th and 5th grade math, so of course I was clueless!! But I was glad to get outta that public school. Now, I’m in a public school in 4th grade, and my teacher made us do XtraMath. And curious little me was wondering, “What is XtraMath?!” So, I tried it, I hated it. I didn’t realize that slowly over time, I was getting better multiplication!! And one day, I passed! I was so unbelievably happy and proud of myself!! Then I started division, I hated it, but eventually I got better and passed! Now I’m on the faster multiplication and I’m close to passing!! So thank you so much XtraMath for changing my life for the better! So anyway, long story short, BUY this app! It helps your child with adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division. It may not be that fun, but it’s worth it!! So buy this app for your kid, it totally works, I promise! Have a good day! 🤗🤗🤗
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4 years ago, Robert Rydr
Great application for kids
First let me say that Parent5234 seems to coddle their children too much and is obvious by the review given. The teacher on screen is a guide to whether the child answered correctly or not and can be turned off if a child cries about a computer image on screen, the world is not all cupcakes and rainbows, wait till that child gets a job and has a boss telling them what to do. Second thing, yes the app is timed, but is by no means prohibits the child from learning, if your child is slow, then work with them instead of ignoring the true problem, your kid. Okay, now for my personal review. My 3rd grader is learning what is demanded of kids in 3rd grade and she is doing great. She may struggle, which is shown on her progress report, but it is all about practice. The progress reports are great because it shows their improvements. I am extremely satisfied with this application that I will now set up an account for my kinder child. That is the other positive things about this app, it has settings for different grade levels. Customer support is also a plus when questions come up.
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6 years ago, Trav790
Zero stars if I could
My daughter loved math before having to use this app for school. Now she doesn't even want to do her math homework which she used to enjoy. I pray the makers of this program do not actually have children. If they do they should be ashamed of themselves for thinking phrases like "you know you want to be better and faster" and "don't worry about understanding, just memorize it" should ever be told to 5 and 6 yr olds. I was sitting with my daughter during the first time she used this app and watched as she showed significant anxiety with the insane emphasis on timing. I've never seen her respond that way to anything before. Now I don't think my kid should be shielded from reality. I get that she will be timed in school. And I don't think every kid should be constantly told how great they are or get prizes for their work. That's not life. But why can't a first grader be able to enjoy math? This app takes the opposite approach and boldly (and blandly) introduces mature academic measures of fast vs slow and good vs bad into very young minds. My husband is an elementary math teacher this app made him disgusted. He feels it's another example of trying to teach to standardized tests. If this is in fact true, congratulations Xtra Math, you've helped our education system stoop to a new low.
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6 years ago, P226Ted
My kids ask to do their math everyday now
I almost didn't buy this app after reading a lot of the negative reviews. There IS timed math on this app and it did really stress my kids out. I had talks with them about how they need to practice working under pressure, because there are lots of times in life where you have deadlines and you have to remain calm, or you will screw up...not to mention timed math tests. I also told them that this is the perfect way to practice working under pressure because this app really doesn't do anything. It's not for a grade, just for practice. After our talk, my kids turned a new leaf and learned how to work calmly while having a timer. They now love the app and want to learn what comes next after they complete a program. There also is a setting where you can turn off the timer, but I think it's good for my kids and we keep it on. In summary, we love it and it's helped my kids learn life skills and not just math.
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6 years ago, Parent5234
Not the best, not the worst
My son’s 3rd grade teacher uses this app to assist with memorizing the multiplication tables. The app seems to focus on answering math questions quickly. I have never understood why doing math quickly is important unless you are trying to calculate the trajectory of an incoming missile and that is what computers are for because I’d love to see people working that out in their heads. Anyways, I have emphasized with him to ignore the timer and focus on the problem. As he learns he naturally gets quicker whether the timer is there or not. I suppose teaching kids to ignore outside pressures and distractions and just get things done is life skill in itself. There are a couple of body language expressions the “teacher” makes when he gets things wrong that make him think the “teacher” is mad at him which does not seem conducive to learning but I reminded him it’s not his real teacher it’s just a character in an app. Overall, it’s not the best math app I’ve seen, and I kinda feel it’s unnecessary for what my son’s teacher is using it for, but I’ve seen worse ones.
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5 years ago, Iam Uprise
I’m a veteran teacher & I ❤️ this app!
I’ve taught 5th grade for 15 yrs & can tell you being automatic w/ math facts makes math so much easier. Not knowing math facts is like trying to read w/o knowing the alphabet. This app is well-worth the few $. I use the free desktop version in class, but I bought this for my own child after seeing how well it works. I’ve never had so much success w/ math facts. Most of my class has passed multiplication, & even those who haven’t yet have improved dramatically. I have students w/IEPs who “just won’t ever be able to memorize them” about to pass. They came in barely knowing their 2s. Now their down to a few 9s. 10 min a day is all it takes (& it tells you when you’re done). The app has you practice the ones you miss to help you improve. I tell my students to focus more on getting them right than being fast. That makes a huge difference in their success. I ❤️ this app!
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5 years ago, 3lttlbirds
Wish I had purchased flash cards instead.
I never would have purchased this app except for my kid bringing home an enrollment form from school. I feel like it was heavily marketed towards the school and then sold to me as a good idea for my kindergartener. My 5 year old loves math and is doing well in class. It is developmentally normal for a kid this age to count on fingers or use other physical objects to solve for addition and subtraction problems. With this app she has to set down the phone to check her answer on her fingers, pick up the phone to select the answer and try not to accidentally touch the wrong # from the cluster on the screen. Add the annoying countdown timer clicking like a metronome the whole time and my kid was a balling mess of angry tears in minutes. The format would be fine for an older kid. But even if your kinder kid is ready to practice for speed and accuracy I would recommend good old fashioned flash cards. I’m bothered that I was pressured to spend $5 on this app by our school and I feel like the developers shouldn’t be marketing it for 5 year olds if they don’t understand age appropriate needs.
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3 years ago, Adam Pinball
A great app for kids to become comfortable with basic arithmetic
Xtra Math has helped my children excel at mathematics. If you want this app to be effective you have to encourage your kids to use it as often as possible, preferably daily. If you do this, it should be impossible for your child not to grow. This app does not teach the concepts, it is exactly what the name suggests: “extra” practice. Your child should already have learned the concepts before sitting them down with this app. I like this app for my kids because it’s no nonsense, no fluff, just straight up timed addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With reading, we expect our children to move on from sounding out each word to “sight reading”; this app basically does same thing but for mathematics. My kids are no longer calculating each answer in their heads, they now sight read the problem and spit out the answer super fast. At first, it was a bit of a grind trying to get the kids into the habit of using the app but after awhile they started to enjoy it and loved that they would receive a score at the end of each session and would use that to challenge themselves and each other. Often they would proudly tell me how many happy faces they were awarded at a time. This app gets results and I highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, mmarche_
What a wonderful app for educators
I use Xtramath ALL the time with my students. I run a tutoring company and Xtramath is hands down the most efficient way to solidify basic arithmetic facts with my students. I often use it as a warm up at the start of each session just to get the mental gears running which gives me a few minutes to gather my materials and plan out what we’ll be doing later, all while they can slowly but sure get their facts down. I even use it with older students in JHS and beyond if I feel they need help with facts. It saves me time and effort not finding/creating fact sheets and it’s more dynamic than simply having them fill out addition or multiplication charts as it emphasizes speed and accuracy of the fats that they struggle with. Not to mention their analytics are extraordinarily useful as well giving me a solid insight to their progress. 10/10
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3 years ago, Momeverymoment
Another way to do flashcards
Just started homeschooling and had my first and third grader start this program to help with math facts after having them do assessments for other math programs. I was a little surprised by their initial assessments and realized I could help if I was more consistent with flashcards for repetition. A few things to note: 1. It is not a curriculum 2. It is a tool to help with memorization. 3. It tracks progress and gives a weekly summary with it of your individual students. 4. You have the ability to remove the teacher during when it quizzes you or races.. I admit that my third grader didn’t like that, but I framed it for him to say that I wanted him to crush the teacher and it didn’t require seeing the teacher visibly. There’s a function that takes the visible teachers body language away so it’s just the flashcards. It’s been super helpful and to see him triple their accuracy rate and has given me time to help my newborn when they tackle it as flashcards at a consistent time. I really really enjoyed telling them that they have a numerical value with their progress that they can understand their improvements with memorization. I also remind them that they are in different grades so trophies come and go based on them as individuals. It has helped tremendously.
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4 years ago, Pink quacker
Just don’t like getting timed
So when I was talking to my mom my mom just got the idea about downloading the XtraMath but it was optional and I was in Hazelwood elementary and I don’t like this much I do have a small complaint about it but also do you have another thing that you can see on the title I just don’t like it and kind of stresses me out and sometimes I even cry but sometimes I’m like hey this is not that bad very sarcastically bro no that’s just no no no no and every time you get a question wrong and you’re doing a race the teacher the teacher takes away literally all of your stars and I don’t like that I don’t like that I mean happy faces were yeah and I just don’t really like it also now on and if I could actually choose I would say no no no oh and also I had to I did it before I even downloaded it on my iPad and he yeah that’s cool I didn’t like it I kind of like my friend Oliver but it’s just not comforting me I just goodbye have a nice day right of you if you want and you can look at the other ones mine was kind of based on the one that was titled zero stars if I could
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6 years ago, Ali123412341234
Wonderful custom options!
I’ve had the same complaints that others have had but now the custom option gives a little more time to those still working on their math facts and found the 3second time frame terrifying. My 8 yr old daughter knows her math facts but not quickly and the 3seconds discouraged her, making her want to give up and she said she “felt stupid.” The custom 6seconds allows her to practice without continued failure. Thank you so much for adding in this vital component. If you are considering this app, be sure that your child has strong number sense FIRST. This year we begin multiplication (we homeschool) so fast recollection of addition and subtraction is necessary. Thank you to Xtra math for listening to the reviews and making an even stronger program to assist those who don’t operate under the shortest of times.
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9 months ago, dimond Dragon ball
An anxiety inducing nightmare.
I grew up using this and felt pressured to get every question correct and get them all right in time. From my memory, this program was used first for my class in either first or second grade, and then again in 4th. The emphasis on time made me panic, trying to put in the right answer as quickly as possible, before moving onto the next one an repeating the process. And when I got a question wrong? I felt dumb. Like I had failed this test, and that I wasn’t doing good enough. I eventually got a specific play my hand would be in, as to answer as fast as possible, while also being correct. After all, that was the only way I’d succeed. That’s the only way I’d get those green smiles instead of thumbs down or neutral faces. The fact the creators smile never leaves doesn’t help either. This app may have even worsened my ability to take my time on tests, which has messed with me in the past. Heck, it might have even made a afraid of math as a subject, thinking if I try it on my own I’ll do something unacceptable and fail. My mom used to have me use this at home to, back when we first had to. Until she watched me use this program, that is. Also, please be aware I instilled the ‘Failure = bad’ into myself, and my parents never contributed to that. So all in all, please don’t have your child or school use this. Why my school did is beyond me, considering the reviews.
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6 years ago, jshdyvd
My daughter has used this app for three weeks and she appears to do worse every time. The pressure and stress of time pushes her to anxiety. To a 3rd grader who is not use to even using a calculator, the inverted number pad causes delays in response as she spends time looking for the numbers that are not in their natural order as she knows them. Second, while understanding the importance of rapid recall of math facts, a little more time should be given before an answer is marked wrong. Third, the racing the teacher aspect places more pressure as the guy in the side makes motions of “why don’t you know this” when an incorrect answer is given. There is a lot of improvements needed on this app and there should be other activities to gauge progress than repeated timed stressful testing. Learning should be fun, not stressful. While I am leaving a comment here that hopefully will spark more development of this app, I will also be commenting to my daughters school to discourage any further use of this app. This is a huge confidence deflator.
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6 years ago, marbil481
Misses the mark
My grandson uses this for school. As a retired educator, I can see where a classroom might see this as beneficial. You can assess many children in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, this does not help all children. My grandson knows his addition facts very well. He has been able to write answers to 100 addition facts in well under three minutes. His fingers do not hit the keypad accurately thus recording many incorrect answers. Also, when using a keypad, your sense of touch feels the same in your brain for a 3, for example, as a 7. When you are physically writing the numbers, these facts will be recorded to your long term memory much more efficiently. This is his seventh month working with your addition app and he has yet to ‘pass’ to subtraction. Unfortunately, his classroom doesn’t utilize multiple forms of assessment. The timing factor does not work well for him either. If this method works well for your child, great. Don’t continue if it’s not working for you though.
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3 years ago, 9Ktogo!
Not a teaching tool!
I can see the benefit of using this tool once math facts are already established in a student’s mind, but using this tool to teach math facts is missing the mark. This should be a tool to refine speed rather than teach facts and I think school districts that use it are missing this important step! Teach FIRST, refine LATER. Use of this app without teaching the facts beforehand is similar to quizzing a child on facts about the Constitution prior to teaching the child what the Constitution is. It is incredibly frustrating and disheartening to watch a student have to fail over and over again to get an answer rather than simply giving them a flash card, teaching them the answers and how the math works, and then quizzing them over the problems with repetition and positive reinforcement. The app itself works just fine, but use this tool for what it is!
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5 years ago, sharella08
Helped so much
We had such a terrible year last year we had to change schools. My 4th graders 3rd grade teacher did nothing with them. I would ask if she was ok and if we could do something at home. He said she was great. She went from the upper 90th percentile end of year testing to failing it! She’s my oldest, I didn’t know what they were teaching, I trusted she was doing well as she has done every other year. We had SOOOO much to catch up on over the summer to get her back where she was. Her new school uses this app. It helped sooooo much! It’s a fun game way to teach them the very basics, such as times tables, that makes the advancing math so much easier for her to learn and do. I cannot thank the creators enough, or recommend this app enough!
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5 years ago, AB/CD
Horrible approach to learning math
Xtramath is an abysmal stress bomb of an app that seems to serve a primary purpose of discouraging a genuine appreciation for math. I initially thought the horrid reviews must be from parents who never challenge their kids, and that my high-performing math loving competitive child would appreciate this app. NO. I was completely wrong. My child hates it and this was the first time in his youthful education that I’ve heard him literally say, “Dad, I hate this. This app stresses me out. I don’t want to do math because of it”. I was shocked and did my best to encourage him to press on. My wife is an engineer and my background is econ / finance. Point being is we understand the mission critical role math plays in long-term success. However Xrtramath offers a short path to discouraging a sincere interest in the subject. We will be reverting to flash cards regardless of how much the school may encourage the use of this waste-of-money app as the last thing I want is for my child to lose interest in math.
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3 years ago, Koolvibes288847
NOT for everyone
As a young child myself still using Xtra Math, I can tell you the “ Inside scoop” on a child/students view in Xtra Math. I won’t lie to you though, if your child enjoys or thrives being timed by a clock, Xtra Math could be an amazing app for them. But if your child is having a hard time or is resistant to do Xtra Math, please try handmade flash cards or a different alternative. Xtra Math is boring. Xtra Math will help your child learn math facts, but will not enjoy doing math anymore. Please, listen to your child if they try to say “ This is not for me! “ I hope that you find this helpful and agree on the statements I have made here.
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5 years ago, परेश
Love this app. I recommend it for all elementary school kids
Mathematics has been around for thousands of years. Every civilization since cavemen has practiced, taught and enhanced humanity using math. This app won’t make you mathematician genius, but in this day and digital age, where even infant interacts and learn from digital media and devices, this XtraMath app is an excellent tool/app for any kid till they perfect their basic addition, subtraction multiplication and division skills. It’s the daily practice of doing it in every day till it becomes part of your DNA is the best part of it. Help your kids with good tool/app like this. Try it and you’ll see the difference in your kids abilities to do quick math.
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5 years ago, TheGreenwichGirl
Speed tool only
This app doesn’t teach anything but speed. It’s how to learn by rote. It counts the number of questions answered correctly in a row, not the number answered. As if we or anyone gives a mouse tooth how many in a row are answered, rather than the degree of accuracy overall. The app in general fosters incredible anxiety. My 1st grader gets all the questions right, but goes to pieces in the beat the teacher section. When she accidentally presses 11 instead of 10 because she’s trying to beat the clock, she wails, “I’m terrible at math!” This app is a source of misery in our household. Frankly, the only source of misery. I wish the designers had to listen to my daughter’s anguish. I wish the program allowed for tracking progress without tears. Why is my 1st grader being asked to race the teacher, anyway? Isn’t it enough to race her peers? I give this app a C+ for content (as a math timer) and a D- for quality of design aesthetic.
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5 years ago, Runningmamawith2kids
Great app
My daughter has been using this app for 2 years now with her school. I read some other parents reviews stating that their child had anxiety when the program would start. We had that at first, yes, but when I noticed it, I explained to my child that not only is it trying to get you to memorize your math facts, but if you do not know the fact, it shows you the answer to teach it to you. After she knew that, she wasn’t stressed. And if you use the app on a regular basis, your child will learn their facts quickly! And yes, it is seeing how quickly your child can answer these facts, because in school their teachers have to check that too. Parents, you should remember this back from elementary school. The only thing different is your child can use a computer and see if the answer is correct right away vs. you having to use your paper and pencil and not knowing right away if your answer was correct or not. Love the app 😍 can’t wait for my other 2 kids to get older to start using it!
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6 years ago, Eli's Lids
Great way to track multiple children
We love this simple straight-forward approach to math facts! I have a kindergartner, 1st grader, 4th grader, and 5th grader. They logon everyday for about 7-10 minutes for practice. As soon as they master one level, they move to the next. I can easily login and see if they have done their work and monitor their progress. My kids like that they can get on the app and get it done quickly. Now that we have been actively using the app for a month I’m seeing their school work improve and their simple mistakes decrease. I can’t believe the app was only $5. I wish they had an one for sight words!
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4 years ago, T M R L
Very frustrating for students who can do math
My daughter is in first grade and has been stuck doing the same old ‘subtract one digit numbers’ for six months now because she can’t get ALL the answers right in 3 seconds during placement test. She finds ‘Extra Math’ very boring as a result. I suspect the reason it isn’t teaching appropriate to her skill set is all because of an enforced progression regime that requires perfect focus and execution from students during daily assessments so they can get that golden 100% before they move on to the next level. (Daily tests! Eye rolling stuff right there if you ask me!) And this girl was doing two digit addition and subtraction on paper IRL before she even started using this app! So my conclusion is this is all a HUGE fiasco for her. I wish the developer would fix it or the teacher would just drop it. What is ‘extra’ about that?!
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5 years ago, joehug1973
Love it!
I have my children practicing their math facts over the summer and they love this app! They are in 5th, 6th and 7th grade. Like some of the other reviews said, I can see how it would be frustrating for younger kids, but my older ones love it. I teach 5th and 7th grade math and it’s so difficult for students to work on fractions and other advanced concepts when they have to spend a lot of time figuring out their basic facts. They get frustrated because math homework takes them so long. I never understood the need for speed with math facts until I started teaching. Now I do and this app is incredibly helpful!
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3 years ago, PasedenaGato
I know this looks like a good app... And it is dont get me wrong, but there is a few things they should change... like beging able to slide your finger and all the nubers it goes over just registerer. Maybe they could aslo have a way to swich from one set of facts like addition to another like subtraction. Also i think that theer might be a few bugs like I cant tap and see those little videos, it just doesnt work. And it is still a good app and you should have it i just think they should add these things because they would help. So if you own the app and you are reading this can you please add them, becuase they would help alot.
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4 years ago, alkibeachy
Awesome Site!
I've been using Xtramath for many years with my 4th grade students. I can't believe it is free to use. With regular use, my students master thier facts. At first, some students may be reluctant--probably because it is challenging them--but as they keep going they soon learn that practice does work--and works well! Quote from one of these reluctant students: "I didn't really like having to do this at first, but it really works, I really know my facts." This program adapts to individual students, focusing on the facts they have not mastered. Thank you so much for this amazing tool! XtraMath Rocks!
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5 years ago, • Amara Is Very Pink •
Great App!
Hello! I started using this app in 3rd grade and it was boring and useless to me. I still didn’t know multiplication very well nor division. But, after the next few years, I became great! At first it may seem boring and stressful, but once you get used to it, it’s exciting and fun! However, I do have a cool suggestion! I think you should add themes to XtraMath. Such as like a magic theme, space theme, or even different colors for the layout! But I think there should also be a way in Settings to have no layout if your student/child would be distracted by it. It would be a fun idea though!
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2 years ago, OilBiz
Excellent for multiplication and division tables
Let's face it - the kids can't spend time figuring out basic multiplication and division when they should be focused on learning new math topics. My daughter ended up completing the mult and div tables twice - once at two different schools. It's one of the best things we ever did for her early math progress. My daughter and I tutor kids in math, and I am continually surprised by how many students don't have these basic, essential skills. Just have your child complete this. You'll be glad they did.
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4 years ago, fffffffeeeeeeeeuuuuuujhjbh
Fantastic Education
This App is the best app I ever had to help me learn math! I like that they give me time to get ready for typing in the answers. They help me know my multiplication and division quickly. They make it easy for me to understand what they mean. It only takes 10 minutes to do XtraMath. It’s easy and quick to do. I do 2 lessons each day. I was doing math slow but then I went to 3rd grade my teacher said to download this app so I did. It helped me a lot when I did my Test! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for helping me get better and quicker at math.😊☺️☺️☺️
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6 years ago, Adventure Ginger
Decent practice tool.
This app would not be good for learning math, but for getting faster it is great. The lessons are short, so my daughter doesn't mind doing it once or twice a day and I have definitely seen an improvement in her speed. CONS: I wish the number key pad was a little larger. Sometimes she accidentally pushes the wrong number because of the key size. It can be discouraging. In the beat the teacher rounds she can become frustrated because it doesn't give much time to answer. She ends up frazzled quite a bit. All in all, it does a decent job though.
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6 years ago, Rich-Barrington
This app taught my kids Math!
Our school brought xtramath to us and she learned her basic math. When my next child came, the school changed their progam but we were so happy with xtramath, we got the xtramath for him separately. Now he has learned his basic math skills. This is not a game, it is homework, so sometimes we have to push a little, but they love the completion certificates! We love this app and constantly recommend it, even back to our teachers who agree with us! It's a free app but now I need to send some thank you money!
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5 years ago, MayD1221
The easiest and most efficient way for kids to gain essential math skills!
Our school recommended kids to do Xtra Math and I am so happy that they did. Whenever my son asks for iPad to play games, I will ask him to do Xtra Math and then he gets to play. At first, he resisted but it only takes 5 min. so, I guess he realized he would just do it. He got frustrated first and every beginning of new segments but I told him, he would do better next time and he did. The key is to do it everyday, just 5 min.
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4 years ago, Erina L chen
It won’t let my child sign in.
My child has some issues signing in, her teacher Mrs. Sahd recommends this and she gave her a sheet but it says it’s not found. I do not have any IDEA why but whatever is happening needs to stop. Also when she’s at school, doing xtra math she clicked 2, not 1! She was working on division and she is in third grade. I certainly do not want this to happen again! She used to enjoy math but doing this doesn’t want her anymore! She barely does her math homework everyday. I tried my best to help her, but this app made me wanna delete it. Zero stars if I could! Lately when the timer was on it made my daughter look at it and disturb her so you have to delete that.
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6 years ago, Hovfinhf
Hate it!!!!!!
Xtramath is the worst teaching tool on the planet! It's stressful, and it makes me hate math! I used to love math but now I can't stand it because it reminds me of this awful app. My teacher forces us to this dumb game four nights a week and I'm so sick of it. Some suggestions to the developers (if they're even reading this) 1.) put the progress test at the end so students can practice their math first 2.) update the overall design (the app itself looks wicked ugly) 3.) add at least a half of a second more on the practice rounds at the end because I personally (and apparently a lot of other reviewers) find it very stressful I hope this review deters you from spending your hard earned money on this disgusting app.
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5 years ago, 2522251954
Why cant you make it fun?
There was a time in the 2 grade my teacher said we are gonna do something new and I thought it was gonna be fun but when he showed us and started doing it I got bored the second I saw it I kinda wish for you guys to put something new I saw the other comments and it said the same thing as this make it fun but you said (developer) we don’t wanna make any distraction so it can make you more focus and learn better. But when I started to play for a long time I wasn’t really enjoying it anymore. All there is, is the same thing every single time so please do something and put something fun in it!
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3 years ago, fh566hh
In this app I am unable to add subtraction , multiplication and division problem
this app I am unable to add option for subtraction , multiplication and division problem even after changing the setting. Always showing only addition problem. Looks like this is bug in the software. It would be great if developer fix this issue . I would recommend to all of my friends. .. good app need to fix the bug.
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4 years ago, moo0331
Please just add a second
This game I loved but now I really do not like it I just wish if you guys could make it a little slower and add like two seconds to it so we can get smiley faces a little. There is this one kid in my class and he needs help on somethings and he is still in addition and I feel really bad so if you could just add a second that would help a lot. Please add a second please.
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6 years ago, Captain toor
Its was pretty good
Lots of people say it’s bad because it’s a bit hard at first but you just have to have patience with it and after a couple practices it will come easily because it was super hard for me at first to but I kept going and finished the program with hundreds in addition, multiplication, subtraction and division so if your teacher tells your or suggests your class to try this app know it really does help.
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4 years ago, Cutepuffyperson
If only zero stars existed
Worst math game on Earth. My daughter is stuck on the subtraction “stage” and she says it is not helping at all. I would have bought flash cards instead and she hates those almost as much as this. My daughter’s teacher said she had to download it, and she did. She liked it at first, but after a while, it became frustrating. Sure, you love it, but it really is not the best app. My daughter hates that it gives you no more than three seconds until it's wrong. She made me do one of them to see how it works, and my feelings were as strong as hers. You can also make the picture of “Mr. C.” go away, just like my daughter’s self-esteem.
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5 years ago, BPSMeema
Great App
My grandson’s first grade teacher used this app. He enjoyed using it and advanced many times ahead of his class so I contacted creator to request more math problems be added. I was always promptly provided return email and information I needed. My grandson ASKS to do XtraMath on the car ride to school, sitting and waiting for appointments. He just started second grade and we will continue using app regardless of if his teacher uses it or not.
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4 months ago, jos3y18
Who made this?!
Where do I begin? First the app does not even fully work as a “mobile app” the buttons are all over the place you can’t click anywhere without having to shut the app down and restart. You have to pay 4.99 for something that does not work at all. I am definitely letting the school know this is not user friendly at all. For them to use this disfunction as a learning tool or a grade for a child when it clearly does not work it’s beyond me. This should not be allowed as a tool for school.
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5 years ago, Perks Place
Great resource for homeschoolers.
I have a sixth, fifth, second and kindergartner using his program. We use it in the computer and app. It’s about ten minutes a day. They all ask to do it again. They really needed lots of help in getting the facts memorized. It uses their competitive nature to get them excited. We get a weekly update for each child. It’s been such a help!
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5 years ago, The amazing graham cracker
Tests your speed, not the math. In the two years I had to do this, almost everyone in the class had some sort of nervous break down at some point over this. Super stressful. I’ve seen the developer saying you can change the time, but he teacher don’t know or won’t let you. Also, choose new teacher images. The teachers look happy when you get it wrong. It tests your typing speed, not your math. There was a girl in our class, she was great at math, but she has a disability, and cannot quickly and accurately press the buttons, so she almost failed math that year.
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5 years ago, Skeletor797
Good game, but...
Nice app! A little pressured, but still nice! My only problem is that sometimes you will be forced out of the app (or something of the sort), forcing you to sign back in. It doesn’t affect me now, but it did when it started happening, as it makes you “ race the teacher “ again! Twice! Sometimes, even three times! Still, a nice game nonetheless! Good job developers! Excited to see your next game!
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4 years ago, xopinkmoosexo
Practice makes perfect
My child uses this app in the classroom and the teacher suggested using it at home. Yes my child may have cried a few times but a pep talk is all they need. This app makes them push themselves and makes it challenging by using a timer but they do timed math at school. The more you practice math with your child the easier it will be for them.
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6 years ago, Jujuondatbeat99.0
Amazing but..
I think this app is great! But the amount of time you get before you lose a chance to get a smiley face... is kinda too fast for some kids. My child likes that. But I think you should be able to choose ( as a parent or teacher ) how much time you get. Because some kids get anxiety. But my kid finds it challenging and she likes that. Great app
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3 years ago, marajoy8
Love this!
This app is perfect for my 1st grader. Simple, and the right amount of challenge/competition. (To whoever complained it caused your 5 year old to cry? Yikes! Lay off! 5 year olds shouldn’t be memorizing math facts unless they want to!) Also- WHY are kids allowed to rate apps like this? Who actually thinks they can adequately gauge whether an educational app is helpful for them or not?
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