Yabla Spanish

3.7 (37)
22.8 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yabla Spanish

3.73 out of 5
37 Ratings
9 years ago, Lego Dude 6622
Please remove echo on slowed iOS videos
When you play a video on slow mode on an iOS device there is an echo that can make it a little harder to hear. The echo doesn't occur on the laptop version. Very cool product overall.
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1 year ago, LazyLanguageLearner
My favorite language learning tool
Yabla has become my favorite way to learn Spanish over the last couple of years. Everything is video based, which makes me feel more involved than other systems, and the price for the anual subscription (linked on their website) is better than for most of the competitors. I use both the app and the browser version, each offering a few benefits over the other, but it is easy enough to switch back and forth. The key concept here is that you can interactively watch and rewatch videos of different sorts, with exercises in listening, speaking and recalling the various sentences. There are also vocab exercises and discussion forums for each video, often with staff chiming in to answer questions. Videos include custom Yabla content, music videos, TV shows and ads. I particularly enjoyed going through much of the Columbian version of The Wonder Years in bite sized pieces. The content is engaging and the repetition key to driving home the grammar until it sticks. Support is also awesome.
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5 years ago, Jrhd00d84
Yabla is wonderful
I have been using Yabla Spanish for several years and it has definitely helped me to improve my Spanish. The amount of awesome content that Yabla provides is incredible and new videos are posted all of the time. With well over 1,500 videos and I believe approaching over 2,000, Yabla is something I think all serious Spanish users should use on a daily basis. I wish more people knew how awesome Yabla is. You will find it awesome too! ¡Buena Suerte!
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7 years ago, 10mdbtoohess
So enjoyable!
Yabla Spanish has added a whole new dimension to my study of Spanish. It rounds out and complements the more formal aspects of language learning by providing real live people in real live situations. Also, the ability to slow down the speaker(s),to pause and backup is very helpful. Good job. Glad I found you.
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4 years ago, Katy the Lady
Yabla where have you been? I have been looking for stuff like this for a long time.
I wish that you could add other languages without having to pay full price for another one. I’m sure it’s worth it, but I only have so much time. So, no sense in double paying.
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4 years ago, E Tx Music Student
Just what I need
Thank you for a great service! Videos are interesting and good to gradually increase listening skills. Please get all episodes on Extra!
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7 years ago, Tim928
Fantastic! I love it.
This app is extremely user-friendly. I love the real life videos which are a pleasant change from other, "dry" Spanish learning materials.
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6 years ago, Doc Molly
Unique and effective
This app is great for the intermediate to advanced Spanish speaker who wants exposure to many different accents and to be challenged by language in its raw form, spoken by native speakers. Enjoy!
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5 years ago, Ozziecookie
Love online but app not working
I am unable to get videos to play. I have to use website. I like site but would like to access videos on the app
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4 years ago, Aaron4404
I honestly can not believe my Spanish teacher had the right to use my money to buy this garbage. This and her poor teaching are the reason why I am stopping after Spanish 3. Please fix your app if you want a better experience for those to come.
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7 years ago, eharas
Amazing & indispensable
I see a private tutor once a week for Spanish lessons and this app was recommended by her. I am so glad I purchased it!!! Everything I learn with her I can look up similar content practice speaking and hearing and listening. I'm very good at reading Spanish but that's not how you become good at being able to understand and speak a language. This app/content takes you to the next level of being able to understand what you hear and helps you understand (via repetition) how they use the language. Contrary to one reviewer who said said this was no Pimsleur, no it's not, it's better. Pimsleur/Rosetta Stone/Duolingo is memorizing words and phrases. This app not only helps with that but it teaches you how people really speak the language. You'll never learn a language fully if you don't immerse yourself in native speakers and native conversation. This app does just that!
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7 years ago, AA Manhattan
The perfect companion
Howmany times you quit learning a language because of grammar complication or tedious spelling or extra unneeded explanation when you just want to jump into it and start to speak and understand. well this app is all about that. I know grammar and I don't want to remember it as I am not writing a thises in Spanish I just want to speak it with people who speak it and there where this app is indispensable as it takes you to life situations and make it fun to learn and you end up learning not overwhelmed with unnecessary information and a vicious circle of endless useless tests. You don't have to write it well or know the gramer behind it, most natives don't , you just make it as a second nature to you and that is how to speak a language.
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11 years ago, rjtrudel
Yes! Yes! Yes!
I have been waiting for this app forever! I think it is an extremely effective way to learn spanish. I have bought tons of apps in the appstore and this one is the best. The key to learning another language is comprehensible input and repetition. This app gives you that. Simple to use. Swipe left to repeat a sentence over and over and over again. Use the loop feature and listen while your walking, running, sleeping, driving, getting yelled at by your significant other etc.
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8 years ago, KeithJamesAtown
Love it
Yabla is a fantastic language learning tool. It's even better now with the app for on the go. I'm not sure if the app shows you the most recent videos watched as does the computer desktop version; can't find that in the menus but would be nice. The videos work great on the smartphone and I use it here more than on my computer.
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8 years ago, Puzzle_lover529
Great for someone who has studied the basics and wants to move on.
This app is a great way to learn Spanish through conversations at the pace they are typically spoken. As someone who studied Spanish, but am no longer surrounded by any Spanish speakers, this app is not only saving my Spanish but improving it! This app is truly indispensable.
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10 years ago, Masbuut
The Best
The best app ever for listening comprehension. The ability to slow down the audio without distortion is amazing. The ability to "loop" or repeat phrases/sentences is excellent for training the ear to hear new sounds. This is technology at its best.
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10 years ago, Sr.Steve
Useful AND fun!
This is a great tool for learning and improving Spanish. Choose your level of ability, or focus on a particular country's accent. Enjoyable and entertaining.
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9 years ago, Ashleysc731
So much fun learning Spanish
Great app to learn Spanish. I have been looking for something like Yabla to learn Spanish for years and now I am enjoying so much learning Spanish daily without getting bored!
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9 years ago, Encanta Español
Extremely helpful
Love it!! I wish the class assignments were sorted into tabs by due dates like on the website, but it's still a fantastic tool for learning Spanish.
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10 years ago, Bilingojingo
Great app
It requires a subscription but it is well worth the money. Duolingo is a great to app to start with, but for listening to and comprehending conversations this app is ideal. Please don't mess with it, it's perfect.
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7 years ago, Racepoltergeist
Favorite Tool To Learn Spanish
I graduated from Duolingo and now only use Yabla. Most effective way to learn Spanish, it has helped me immensely.
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7 years ago, Colasante
Lots of fun!
The videos work great and I love to learn about new things from different parts of the world.
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8 years ago, Unpuzzled3
Learn and enjoy
Good way to learn to listen to the Spanish language but also become familiar with the variations in the language
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9 years ago, kahruzorz
How does this not have more users?!!! It's the best app I have found for listening to Spanish.
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10 years ago, Fmfoto
So happy that Yabla finally made an app!!! This program is amazing and so cheap for only $7 a month!!! Great when used in conjunction with Duolingo for learning languages!!!! YAYYYY
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11 years ago, _ko67t (Ifunny name)
Good app for learning but
There needs to be a class assignment for school purposes. That would make the app great
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10 years ago, Miximos
Great but!!
You have to put scores and high score table , also watching history , lessons , and all the web feature
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10 years ago, Krs624
FUN language learning! Love it!
This is a great way to practice Spanish, increase vocab and hear/watch native Spanish speakers.
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7 years ago, Chevyrugerchick
Eh 😕 just typical conversation.
It's ok.(just my opinion ) It's no Pimsleur. If you want to actually learn a language get Pimsleur or Fluenz.
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8 years ago, U. Patty
Best way to learn a language. Quality app.
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10 years ago, DanielaLovesCookies
Class assignments
Add class assignment videos plz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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9 years ago, Zumbatoy
Love it! Highly recommended!!
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4 years ago, spanish boy 01
No me gusta
A mí mo me gusta Yabla.
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5 years ago, YM707
Not worth the money
Many of the videos are songs with translation. YouTube has much higher selection (Free of course) and better songs in my opinion. All videos are very short, most are one two or 3 min, some are 20 seconds. When you add the total video time it’s absurdly low. The idea behind Yabla is good but $10 per month subscription is WAY too expensive for the content. You don’t know this until you purchase the program.
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