Yellow Avatar Face Maker

4.5 (989)
93.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alberto Aznar
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Yellow Avatar Face Maker

4.47 out of 5
989 Ratings
1 year ago, Angus G.
Great tool to avoid fidgeting while you wait.
Bear in mind I am writing this having made only one sticker using the free version. I previously had the “head in a jar” app and enjoyed making my friends and other folks’ head in a jar for the “head museum”. It had more head shapes, and more options like tentacles, antennae etc. It also had backdrops. I have been checking the App Store for years trying to find the head in a jar, and this is as close as I have gotten to that. I think I will likely fork over the two bucks for the rest, but bring back the jar app! Great fun in the waiting room 🤓 👍
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3 years ago, yeetfries96
I made me a Simpson!
Wow I really like this app, no I’m not a stupid bot saying “this is so good” I’m just a normal guy saying this is so good!!! I’ve made all of my family members, I also made the simpson family, the hair (Except homer) was not in it though the mouths were fine, though homers and others costed vip (once again, I’m not a bot) but that was fine, because I am a die hard fan, I love the simpsons though the three things that anger me is every time you save it plays a ad, want a new part? Watch a ad, last of all, I know people are drawing YOU as a Simpson with the 36$- a lot of $ payment but, really? 32 or more big ones? No way, my sister can draw/paint me as a Simpson. Overall this is a great app, 9 out of 10
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2 years ago, JenniJenni82
Gender biased options
Why is such a small percentage of the traditionally female hairstyle included with the free option? This included the options that are still free for adds. There are 2 options for shoulder length hair, curly or straight; and that’s it. But there are at least a dozen short styles. Also, it would be nice if users could pick a color for hair or eyebrows, and then match that for the other. You could offer an option to match, or allow users to type in the # to match colors. It’s a cute idea. But the hair options make it useless for anybody with hair below their shoulders who’s trying to match their own look. I’d be willing to watch multiple ads for a certain hairstyle. But as basic as it is, I certainly won’t pay money for anything in this app
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2 years ago, colcafe
Cool app
This is a really cool app, however it still has the bugs that were mentioned in reviews that were written a year ago. This makes me think that the bugs will not be fixed. When you try to edit, the avatar reverts to the original colors or sizes. This is frustrating after you spent a lot of time building the avatar. These make wonderful stickers to use with WhatsApp. All in all, a good app, that needs some attention from the creators in terms of ironing the bugs (and adding extra clothes!). I did buy the full app because I really liked the avatars you can make. Thanks.
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4 years ago, You are down
I love this game but glitches
I like this game because it added eyebrows in this new update but Now I started playing it then it happened I left my game then I was going back on the game then I got on my avatar the body color was blue then I had to change it back then I was going on again same thing over and over and over again I don’t know how or what that glitch is but maybe in next update the game will never do that again if it does but glitches aside I love this game please continue on your updates!
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2 years ago, trprboy
Super happy
I purchased right after thanksgiving and I know this is a busy time. I purchased the regular turn around time and it was about two weeks. I’m happy with the product and I truly know my 13 yr old son is gonna say this is his fav. Christmas gift this year! I’m excited to give him this gift! Also, I did reach out to the customer service to check in and they were quick to reply and keep me updated. Customer service is big for me and I would recommend this company for others!
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3 years ago, curiosityband
Pretty Good, But...
I like this app, it's fun. But there are some glitches. The eyebrows always layer over the eyes, which looks weird with eyelashes. I wish there was a layering option for that. Also, when I tried to load a character to re-edit, the app loaded it with some weird skin tone & clothing color (like green), no design on the shirt, and the features resized to default. And all I wanted to do was change my character's NAME in some cases! Also, there's no Undo button so if you mess up the standard yellow skin, good luck matching it up again. Pretty good, not great. I hope they fix these things in a future update.
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9 months ago, tHeMidnightSon
Needs SO MUCH more!!
EXCELLENT concept! EXCELLENT idea! LOADS of potential! But just like I did, once you get passed the excitement of what this app COULD BE, you too will come to the annoyed realization that most middle schoolers could have dreamt up and made this app and it would have been 30 times better! The sad small amount of options you can choose from for each facial feature are very cookie cutter (looking similar to all the rest) if not boring, unimaginative and having miles and miles of room for improvement! This is WAAAY less a “Yellow Avatar” making app, and WAAAY more just a simple boring “Assemble by numbers” Simpson’s character maker!
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4 years ago, bw_vee
This is a great game overall I think, the only thing is that you have to pay to get all the good hairstyles and extra things. It’s not that much but still. It is a great game other than that I think though, because you can change the color and placement of everyone and you can also put the people in different poses. Also it is really funny to make Simpson style people and naming them whatever you want. I think this is a super awesome game.
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4 years ago, This is the cooles app ever
Great app!
This is an amazing app! At first I didn’t think it was that cool, but then my friend said that you can change the skin and hair color! So I tried it and it worked! I was so happy. If you do not know what to do with the app, try and make characters from the simpsons on to the app or make real life people into Simpson characters! If you don’t want to make that then just make your self. But the whole part of it is to have fun so make sure you are! It’s an amazing game.
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11 months ago, ubhcdd
Like it but..
I think you should remove paying for the photos and have it done immediately like the other cartoon apps because I’m not waiting 6-7 days just get a picture and the ads are slow.
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4 years ago, Andy 🌌🌙
Great app..
I do like the app but one tiny suggestion. I understand developing takes time (trust me. I do more than you might think), can you preview the things that are paid? The app is great but I’m not entirely sure if I’d waste my money. From the preview at the. Bottom it looks good. But preview it with your character and just do t let it sabe because it has premium features. Thank you ❤️💕
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4 years ago, yodhdydh
A bit of fun with this Simpson’s sticker marker.
This is fun if you really love the Simpson’s and need a new sticker; of you as a Simpson’s character. That was the fun part, all of the options, when creating the character. What makes this app so nice is each choice is able to be changed to exactly what color, you want! Plus they offer many variety of style options.
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11 months ago, This/game/is/trash/😡
Regret downloading 😡
I have a family of 7 and to get portraits made of 7 Simpson Characters that look like us… well let’s just say it cost a lot. This app was really disappointing because yes, you could make a bunch of characters, but the options were very limited unless you want to pay. There were 3 girl hairs available and others needed you to watch ads. This app was a complete waste of time, I Would not recommend getting it.
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3 years ago, Bridyn1238777770
Really good but needs updates
It’s a good game I love it but needs some updates first thing plz make it so we don’t have to buy most of the stuff plz another thing can you guys add new clothes for us to pick from and last can we have little mini games to play as one of our characters thx have a good day
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3 years ago, sophisof
Super fun and easy to use! :)
This game is amazing! It is super easy to use. The only thing is that if you do not subscribe to the app and you want to do a different hair than the ones there are, you have to watch multiple adds and it gets annoying. ( One add would probably be enough). But other than that this game is AMAZING! :)
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10 months ago, SooubwaySurfersFan
Pretty fun but problems
If I make a character with a human skin tone then try to edit it the skin color shifts to blue also you get very limited access to anything without watching 3-4 ads or paying money. Please fix these things it’s really annoying also I saw no other reviews that said this so this might just be happening to me but still fix the glitch
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4 years ago, 15£
Perfect Except For One Thing
Everything is amazing, except for when this happens: I save my custom avatar > I go to the home screen > I tap on my avatar I just saved > Everything is the same BUT the eyebrows are gone and the eyes have been reset to the default position and size (the eyes aren’t reverted to the default SHAPE, just the positioning and size) Please fix this as it’s tedious when I clone an avatar and have to constantly put the eyes and eyebrows back where I want. And just a personal preference: more color options when customizing. Other than that, brilliant job!!
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3 years ago, crescentclaw
I have paid for the full version of the app and whenever I want to go back to edit a character the skin changes to green and the features revert to the original size and position, it would be very helpful if you could resolve this issue otherwise it’s a great app
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3 years ago, emiq22
fun but limited
I like the app, however not liking only a few facial features are available...not much you can do with limited amount of body parts to create someone. I get y’all need $$$ but watching ads was already helping pay it’s cut, why not do that with all the features instead of locking everything. Just saying. I don’t mind the ads, but having to watch 30 seconds ads 3 times to unlock 1 item. That’s really annoying and not necessary. It takes way to long to unlock the free features. Graphics are identical to the simpsons👍 limited features 👎 way to many ads to unlock 1 item👎 not enough facial features 👎 the price to play 👍 overall not bad. 🙂
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1 year ago, Jyñx
Great concept
Don’t get me wrong it’s a great concept, i fell it could’ve have been done a little better maybe more in depth body choices and outfits the ads for everything is a little much i get you gotta make your money but there’s still tones of work this game needs if the actual owners of simpsons made the game it would most likely me 10 times better great take though
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11 months ago, The Organist
Yellow Avatar is fun but…
Yellow Avatar is fun if you like creating Simpson like cartoon images. I paid for the upgrade and still have ad like pop ups blocking use of the app. Particularly the email entry field that stays on screen. It gets in the way of creation and takes the fun out of the app.
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1 year ago, Amelia1134567
I love this game!
I love this game so much. What I do is pretend I’m marking characters for a cartoon kind of like the Simpson but my own. The only thing is I wish you did not need to by premium, but besides that I love this game and highly recommended. Premium is only $1.99.
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3 years ago, CaptainFakename
Great app, but it needs fixing
The selfie characters are 18 dollars at LEAST. The game is also at a discount for the photos, so it would normally cost so much more. I think if you change some of your prices, your profit would be better than now.
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2 years ago, 🌈Kim
Great Experience you must try out!
They’ve done a great job transferring me to a Matt Groening character💕 My portrait has bunch of flowers along my hair and they’ve handled it amazingly! Such a bummer we can’t share images on apple review😢
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4 years ago, jazzy pierre
It is fine
The app is ok but it could be better what is the point of paying for the premium it is $2 dollars I was able to manage using it without paying but the app doesn’t try and force you to buy the premium I like it so download
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4 years ago, M@rkci@nit0
Fun app! Could use a few other styles
It’s a neat and fun app! I wish it had some more hairstyles like for slickback and different buzzcuts. It would also be nice to customize body parts like the chest area without making the character look fat.
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3 years ago, lilrisa7
I like the app but…
My only concern is the different hair types, and Ik there’s many many styles so it’s hard to choose all of them. Maybe consider adding more African American hair types/styles. The only Afro you offer is sideshow bob’s. Other than that you’re making an amazing app and I think it’s really cool you offer this :)
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4 years ago, suve is sus
I am in love
For about 2 years have been looking to find a Simpsons character maker. I was disappointed to see that The Simpsons movie maker was discontinued. But this saved the day I am excited to see what new stuff they add.
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3 years ago, hshbsbdhdj
Female Hairs
I enjoy this app but I only rated it 4 stars because I didn’t want to pay any money for this app so I could only create males because all the female hair cost money so I would really appreciate if the creators would leave 1 or 2 female hairs free.
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3 years ago, 👌🏼😝✌🏼👾👾👾👾👾
Definitely worth downloading
I really love this app, the only one thing that kind of bummed me out is the you only get half of the body I really wish you could see the characters from head to toes
Show more
4 years ago, Jewels2010000
Thank you for updating!
I created avatars for all of my frequently used contacts and it cracks me up to see them lined up in the Messages app! People love it when I send them avatars of themselves. Thanks for adding facial hair! Please add some t shirt logos with guitars - acoustic, strat, tele, pbass!!!
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2 years ago, Guy Eturv
Love this content
This is a great art palette needs a little bit more clothes accessories like Coca-Cola cans or whatever but I don’t know this is a 100 love it you can change the color of the characters the hair is cool ❤️😝❤️
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2 years ago, it kicks me alot
Great game just some suggestions
This is a good game but you have to pay separately for the people and pets and it’s kinda annoying. But over all it’s a good game and I recommend it!
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4 years ago, repunzel_22_12_favs hint hint
Awesome app
This is a great app. Love making people with it, it gets out your anger😂. But the one thing bad about it is you can’t use the premium. Only a few selections but they will do. Overall a great app and would recommend it if you also like the Simpson’s😂.
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2 years ago, jillog
I love this app because it lets you make any Simpsons themed character! I know my opinion doesn’t really matter that much because I’m only 9 years old but, this app is just amazing!
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3 years ago, Lilly Wolf305
Wish it was Simpson specific.
This app is amazing even though you had to pay for premium items but I would really love for it to be specifically from the Simpsons.
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3 years ago, LIfeCOO
Great app, but only if you pay for it
The amount of advertising you have to go through to crate a female is astounding! Little sexist, but I guess a guy created to 😞 Otherwise, really good quality avatar can be created.
Show more
3 years ago, gdewees
This is great
This is the only place I can simpsonize myself for free, despite the small extra cost. The only think I would change is the adds.
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3 years ago, Redeminem2000
Best app ever!!!!
I’ve been seeing ads that say they do this and none ever have then I saw this one and it really works for making yourself look like a simpsons character I love it
Show more
4 years ago, noobs4lofe
Really good for a Simpsons fan
I’m a Simpsons fan and this app is amazing this will make my Simpsons fan boy in me explode with coolness because you can make yourself as a Simpsons character I just ask if they can add mouth expressions.
Show more
4 years ago, sup to flareplaysgames
I am a big fan of the Simpsons and have used Bitmoji so this app is literally a better version on Bitmoji for Simpsons fans like me. Also you can make you look like a Futurama head in a jar witch is just amazing.
Show more
1 year ago, PinkChaos
This is so cool! You really have to buy access to everything for $1.99, but it’s a reasonable price. Super fun app! I created my whole family!
Show more
2 years ago, Jawo2014
The Simpsons
Even though I don’t have WhatsApp I can do it on other social Apps like messenger cause it sends in your pictures!
Show more
4 years ago, Uknknown 2
Good, but only a couple of options
I got this app because I love the Simpson’s but I didn’t know you would have to pay for premium. But I tried to work around it and my characters still look great!
Show more
3 years ago, hghshvhfj g
So fun!
Great app very fun I just wish the body types and clothes could be picked separately other than that it’s very fun and only 2 bucks to unlock everything definitely worth it
Show more
3 years ago, Dr.PickleCheeseBoi
It’s good, but one thing
I think as a Simpsons fan it’s fun, but I don’t want to have to download 3 other apps to customize. It seems unnecessary and quite irritating. So it’s a solid 8/10.
Show more
3 years ago, Lurhu
Good but finicky with custom skin color and part sizes
Have gone in to edit characters but the skin tone I picked didn't stay (turned into green every time) and the facial feature resized and moved back to default locations. Fun to export stickers but would love to see these things fixed
Show more
2 years ago, Ultra bat 2.0
Super Fun
I loveee making these characters! Great app, very fun. I just wish there were more character pieces without premium membership, but besides that awesome app!
Show more
2 years ago, Annie863257
Game amazingly amazing so many different options my son loves it parents game is for 9 year olds son so distracted had game for a year
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