Yes No Tarot - Instant Answer

4.7 (1.9K)
53.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yes No Tarot - Instant Answer

4.74 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Chittaphrrrrrrrrrr
Too good
So I never write good reviews but this deserves one. So i really like to know about my future. It’s always something I’ve been so curious about. This app really gives me an inside on my future. I’m really curious about my future soulmate so I asked about him. I asked if I was ever going to live in South Korea which is my dream place to live. It told me yes which I already knew because I already started saving up to move. I also found out that my soulmate is asian which is my type of guy. He’s gonna be famous, and he a kpop idol which I’m addicted to kpop. I asked if we would meet at a concert and it said no. It said that we would meet on the street. And he’s gonna be apart of one of my fav kpop groups (they have an infinite amount of members so once some retire, they get new ones) It makes so much sense because I love to travel and I love going outside a lot so it makes sense that we would meet on the street. I also found out that he might be in a relationship at the time which I’ve done several other tarot’s and they’ve all said the exact same thing. I’m really exited and I love how this is a yes or no thing. I can’t deal with “maybe” or “possibly” It also has told me a lot about my career and wealth and it says the EXACT same things as online tarot’s say. I rate this a 5/5 because it just straight up tells you “yes” or “no”. I recommend you download this if you have any questions abt your present or future. Thank you developers!!!
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2 years ago, derek graziaom
i liked this game
I love this game, it's been my favorite game since the iPod 2 came out. I'm still addicted to it from the start, the game never has you waiting like all the others these days. Like when you're waiting for a building to be built, you can go fight monsters or compete with others in an arena. Most games are all "pay to play" kind of deal but this game is very friendly to everyone where no matter what, you always get something. This game is being watched like a hawk, it takes experts to hack from all the fine tuned programming in it so you know that the best are ite gam ddicted you wait then you can go an aren; d of des le wher ing. Thi it takes ed the best References
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4 years ago, Shinetick
Great Tarot App
Honestly is it super in-depth? No. But it’s a great tarot solution if you want a quick answer and you don’t have your cards on hand. It is exactly what it says it is, a yes-no tarot app! I liked that it has a scroll feature so the app isn’t randomly generating which card I pick. The fate of the choice is truly affected by the user. A lot of other tarot apps pick randomly for you so this was a nice touch.
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8 years ago, Oceania406
I like it 👌☺️.
I know it's just a app but I believe everything happens for a reason and all things that are shown to you are no coincidence. I actually have a stack of tarot cards and I occasionally read for myself and a lot of the cards I pulled for myself are the same or had the same message as this app!?
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5 years ago, celestia.j.k
Great app!
I had been searching for an app like this for ages! Other apps like this have pay walls, to many pop up ads, and just plain don’t work. This one is nice and simple! And as a bonus’s it gives you the meaning of the cards (which i find is often very helpful!)
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4 years ago, anajensie
I love it so much 🥺
Honestly I feel like my spirt guides connect with me through this app I’ve always been indecisive on little decisions and when I ask it always resonates so much with my question I love this app and when I don’t listen I usually regret it haha
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3 years ago, $hayG31
The App is doing the job
I love that I can get on the App and go for the first thing that comes to my mind and when I start reading it seems to always hit the right matter and let me know what I’m doing or what is going to happen
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4 years ago, Sunshine is my Spirit Animal
When life gets too confusing!
Love this App! When life gets too confusing, you can just ask a simple question, and get a simple answer. Or is it simple? It really makes you think! I wish I could shake up the cards or shuffle somehow.
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7 years ago, SORENGIRL1318
Everything happens for a reason.
Good app. I am a believer in that you see things for a reason, read things for a reason, and feel for a reason. This app opens my mind a little more to things around me. Changes my perspective on certain views.
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2 years ago, kaleigh bob
Thank you
I am terrible at reading cards and this makes it very simple and easy. I love the cards and how I can pick and choose the layout. I have had many apps before, but this one is top notch
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3 years ago, july florea
Not good
I’m just going to say that is not true because if you ask the same question two times is going to give you yes and the other time is going to say no so that does not my sense ??
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8 years ago, HawaiianGirl07
Pretty good so far....
I guess I still have to wait to see if these answers will actually follow through... but it's interesting because I got pretty much the same answers from a psychic that I met with a few months ago. Keeping my fingers crossed!!! 🙏🏼👍🏼
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10 months ago, fjgvv CB cgb
Best game in the entire world!!
I thought this game was going to be so good and it turned out to be yes it is a great game I love it so much its got no subscription at all and it is so right it straight knows everything about me thank you devlopers so much
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2 years ago, nos4atu
Prepare to be invaded by audio ads that are extremely loud and hard to shut off. Great for people like me that do it late at night, it wakes up anyone else who is in the room with you, pets, spouse, etc., even if you have your sound turned down/off, it overrides it. NOT worth the aggravation and intrusion. I have never before had an app as irritating as this. There are plenty of other apps like this, don’t waste your time on this one.
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7 years ago, Jooanafdd
I like it a lot, it helps! When you need some answers about your life, it's nice to ask questions to the tarot deck. So think deep about your question and believe in your readings. You can totally use this app and find out a lot about yourself!
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5 years ago, Polybushing
You get what you pay for
It’s a great app. But very limited , only 3 decks to choose from , and only the major A is represented. But if you just want to to play around it’s fine& it’s free . Remember kiddies to never ask magic 8 ball ( or other random things like the cards ) really important questions .
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7 years ago, Kellyantonia11
Finally an app that gives you answers for free
I've tried a bunch of these type of apps and they don't give you the results unless you pay, this app is free, and it really seems genuine. I highly suggest it
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8 years ago, sw4001
Eerily Accurate
I have to agree with a previous review in that the answers are all spot on and I'm not sure it's always coincidence. Strange how accurate they are when there's no real medium reading them with you.
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8 years ago, Of the many who use this app
A serious problem
After the last update, I choose a card and one gets stuck, blocking the screen. It is impossible to get behind the blocking card to continue using this app. I have had to turn my phone off to rid the screen of stuck card, only for it to happen again within moments. Please fix this. Thank you.
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4 years ago, @heraldjaden
it’s decent for entertainment when you are trying to turn off the mind before bed. but I asked the same questions twice and picked a card at random. first round of questions were all no and in the 2nd round of same questions and picked from a different part of deck it was all yes.
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2 years ago, bluehova
Good App
Loving the app for making fun decisions that at times, end up being the best decision. One request is to implement card shuffling within a deck. I feel like I know which area of the deck will be a Yes or No.
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8 years ago, Fasely
Nice deck
Accurate reading concentrate in your question, whether Yes or No destiny is unpredictable what is No can be Yes in hours or days. But if it is definitely No, God may be has something much better for what you ask for.
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7 years ago, Britxlier
Super interesting
I am a psychic my self and I believe the connections made and probabilities of these tarot card out comes are true. They connect and my not answer the specific question your are asking, but more the less...what you need know.
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5 years ago, Malaila😜😜😜
I love this app so much I do not know how it was able to know what I thought but this is awesome I am going to keep this app for a long time because this app is perfect and it work so good and u don’t have to pay a dime
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8 years ago, aprilmwalsh
Everything in one app!
Accurate & useful for on the go. I've used it on my other devices for awhile now & choose it over any other tarot apps👌🏻Download & give it a try!
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7 years ago, Flowkeeper81
So accurate, that it's scary:)
Tried with all types of questions and the answers were amazingly accurate as it turned out.
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8 years ago, ScorpioSista
Usually Accurate
I love this app! As someone else mentioned I may not always like the answer but the answer always seems genuine. I hesitate to give it five stars only because this last update was a bad move in my opinion but a great app nonetheless
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8 years ago, TTQC
Love the ability to ask a question in four different categories, the answers always seem to be spot on
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3 years ago, FrauJane_
Insanely accurate
I don’t know how they make this algorithm or if it’s just the tarot cards speaking to me,but every time is spot on. Been using it more and more to help me make decisions. Thanks YesNo Tarot!
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4 years ago, Peacy107
Life Changing - Very Accurate
I love Tarot, I find it interesting and insightful. It often provides me with clarity when I’m at a crossroads. This app is accurate, and I will continue leveraging. I highly recommend!!!
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8 years ago, T'dOff4Paying
On the money. If I were betting on the answers from this to the questions I ask...wait...I WOULD bet money on the right answer because that is what I get. Lol
Show more
4 years ago, aleks,
Good, maybe not always accurate in predictions, but what is accurate in predicting in life? It shows the options.
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8 years ago, EndlessSummer7
It's good
It is actually pretty accurate.. We all have that inter-intuition thing that deep down says yeeeeaaahhh... I really did know that answer... And this app so far has been soo on point.
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6 years ago, Iamdebsss26
Really like it
I think the app is pretty accurate in the yes and no answer but the explanation of de yes or no I think it does not make sence, at least to me. To the point that i just look the yes and no answer and a general feeling of what the card ilustrate
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8 years ago, Kelalex
Always has the right answers 😉
Don't know if it is accurate but it does always say the right things
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3 years ago, RBC87
Instant answers to questions!
Way cheaper & better than seeing a psychic for those riddles in our heads! Usually gives me the best answers for such issues bugging me.
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8 years ago, Fairly Wild Man
Yes or No
Yup. That's what she does. Answers YES or NO to your question. Quickly. 100% accurate! Just kidding. Tells what your card means. Also explains the other cards. Nice interface. Great for what it's for!
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7 years ago, Devil.david
Awesome app, I recommend all to use this app.
Best app ever, I recommend everyone to use this app. And I want to thank the team for making this app. Thank you very much. ❤️
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4 years ago, Bella uno
Yes to the app
It’s pretty much correct with the yes no question. I like it it’s nice to get a. Answer right away when you need one. Thank you for the app
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7 years ago, BobbiDs
Yes/No Tarot
Whether the Yes or No is correct. I have found the answer/definition of the card gives food for thought.
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7 years ago, Humble Reviewer!
Seems pretty good...
Got the answers & now waiting to see if what the cards said is accurate. I'll update my review soon.
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8 years ago, Jay 813
Easy to use and fun too!
Remarkable app at times very eerie and accurate. Even if you simply use it as a random advise generator! Check it out.
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11 months ago, quizzarya
Love this app!!
I never write reviews but this app has me excited. A definite need for those following the tarot or just want advice.
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8 years ago, JayBeeHorsinAround
Better than an 8 ball
I like that this ap explains the card and the reason behind the answer.
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3 years ago, gwacie g
To all the people saying this works, I believed you at first. It applied so much to what I was worrying about and it devastated me. Then I asked the same question multiple timed and it changed the answer, it even repeated one of the answers which means it was clearly a generator.
Show more
5 years ago, MrsJules
Sometimes it’s helpful to ask a yes or no question - I like the little explanation, too. Better than an eight ball for some things. Good stuff. 👍
Show more
4 years ago, idk 637
I almost never write reviews but this deserved one this app is amazing and I would highly recommend
Show more
8 years ago, Starrbunny
I used to love this app. However since the last update, you can no longer shuffle the cards or move them before drawing one. Now every time I try and choose a card it pulls the wrong one. Please change it back.
Show more
3 years ago, hiitmeya
Fun but random
You can ask the same question multiple times and get different answers each time so it’s more of a just for fun app.
Show more
7 years ago, Themis7449
Fun and easy
Works for all sorts of decisions- which movie to see, where to go to eat or have a drink. My girlfriends and I get a kick out of this.
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