YourErie 2Go - WJET WFXP News

4.5 (1.3K)
88.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for YourErie 2Go - WJET WFXP News

4.54 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Dragon16323
Love it
I love it I live in Cooperstown Pennsylvania I pick them up on the antenna that I made myself and I watch them every morningOne day I’d like to get up that way to Erie and check out the system and thank you guys for what they do I made a intended out of a scanner and tenant and a coat hanger and I can pick them up crystal clear
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3 years ago, Ghlac
News has become Advertisements
My estimation of your coverage of “news” is that you have succumbed to pressures from wherever and re-report COVID, & politically biased crap that comprise advertisements for ideologies you want us to buy into, more than what is “real” I used to enjoy your coverage. I still enjoy Dave & Tom in the mornings. But generally, like other commercials during shows I watch on TV, I have to mute your news coverage (except The weather) to avoid your sales pitches. Last night having Cathy Dahlkemper look down the camera at us lowly infidels was shameful on your part. Who’s big idea was it to film her like that ? We’re not that stupid out here.
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5 years ago, rbt55
This app keeps me informed of the news and weather that may affect me and my family.
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3 years ago, MeowMaiden
I am fed up with starting to read an article and this STUPID rating ad pops up!!! It is irritating as hell! Also this website freezes up EVERYTIME I use it. I have an older Apple iPhone. So I do not know if it is the website or my phone. But, you WJET are no longer my go to place for weather or news. Just too irritating.
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6 years ago, Lbvcasper
The weather portion needs help. It was more user friendly before and better understanding of what was going on. I liked the past, future and minute by minute weather.
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6 years ago, Seapaws
Wjet has the coverage
Always up to date forecast.
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7 years ago, M4Animal
Don't like the update!!
I've been using this app since it came out several years ago and this is the least user friendly update. I don't like it at all. The weather access is horrible. The news updates aren't easy to access either. Time to revamp.
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3 years ago, Woo of ERI
What happened?
Used to be my go to for news weather and sports. Seems like sport stories are now of primary concern. Switched over to the other news agency but I still check in from time to time.
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9 years ago, Busym209
It keeps me up to date.
I like this app, it's usually the first notification I get on breaking news. It's easy to navigate to the many options of the app. I like to be current with the weather in Erie and with this app, I'm the first to know any changes.
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4 years ago, Chipmunk 1.1
News is politically slanted left. Many times we don’t get the rest of the story because it would put a different perspective on the subject.
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6 years ago, Rocky92543
Live stream
Wish they offered a news live stream but they don't....
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7 years ago, Mulsy58
New not always better
I hate the new update as it is too hard to navigate !
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6 years ago, charrison27
New update not working
I have not been able to read anything since the new update. I click on a link, and it only shows a white screen. Please fix this!
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7 years ago, Couponloser
Sorely lacking
This app is not timely, it features paid content, it is not updated frequently and it lacks what I had hoped would be up to the minute info on Erie. Going to delete it.
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4 years ago, Ardiril
Clunky UI
Hard to find the actual news among all the ads. Then again, the “news” they do report is little more than a headline and a soundbite.
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7 years ago, WigsRN
I'm not sure I like the changes. Navigation and timeliness slow.
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11 years ago, danobain
Used to be my favorite way to check movie show times
The movie show times interface in the new app is disappointing. The old app performed this feature much better. You could narrow down to a specific theater and it would stay that way. now every time you go back to the movie listings it bumps you back to all theaters. The new version only seems to show today's times whereas the old app let you see usually at least a week in the future. I found that helpful so I could plan upcoming movies around my work schedule. I have not delved into many of the other features of the new app version, but if they have become as clumsy as what used to be my favorite way to check on movies, it needs to go back to the drawing board, or better yet just bring back the old app.
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8 years ago, Crickethardenburg
Needs better news updates
I like keeping up on what's happening with local news when I travel. It's disappointing to look and see that sometimes nothing changes or only one thing changes. So better news updates on what's going on around the region like they do reporting on tv would be great for those of us who travel and can't see it live or read the paper.
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9 years ago, Dirt track girl
I love the fact that I can see everything by the push of a button and I like the alerts for weather it makes me more prepared Ty!
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11 years ago, Bobby joe 2629
This is great
Very useful and informative. I recommend for others.
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11 years ago, Sonney2
Old Version Much Better!
Where's all the great weather maps? The new ones are awful! This looks nothing like the quality of maps the old app featured. Will no longer be using this to keep track of stormy weather.
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10 years ago, Unhappy 72
I do not like the new version. I really enjoyed being able to see an hourly forecast for home and for where my daughter goes to college. It was easier to plan my day around the rain. Please bring this back.
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9 years ago, ECSO33
The latest update is awful!
The latest update is awful! Weather Central will not load. Every news story does not warrant a video clip. For many articles the written word is sufficient. Don't eat up my data unnecessarily.
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10 years ago, Wasz2
Jill McCormic
Can't you replace her she looks like she just got out of bed. Your station always looks like they spend time on them selfs and there outfits. This is a classy station except when she is on. Can't believe she doesn't clean up her act.
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11 years ago, JJ Huey
Very convenient
Bout time Erie did something halfway decent.
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10 years ago, Bkthompson
Great !
Like being able to get the news, sports and weather any time
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9 years ago, Bono wonton
YourErie news and weather app
This latest update is terrible. Either the news or weather information is not accessible. It is a waste of time and data in my opinion
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10 years ago, Tazzzzy's Phone
User Friendly
The new set up is much more user friendly, navigating much easier. It'd be nice tho, if ur weather had an 'hourly' forecast.
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10 years ago, T SPOON 1
Review comment
This app is great I use it every day!
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9 years ago, logannicholas
Needs updated.
School closing are never updated, can't see hours on hourly forecast and old weather maps were better
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10 years ago, Deskset77
Enjoy this app
I use this app everyday love it
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10 years ago, ndolak
Great app
I use it a lot
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9 years ago, dougfronz
No school closings
The news up to date except the 'school closings' section is never updated.
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8 years ago, Halgató
Illiterate reporters, worthless app
Every time I click on a story an ad pops up. Events are reported the day after rather than in advance. Unreliable, inaccurate
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9 years ago, Hizenlows
Half the weather frames never come up. U can't get weather video or almanac to name just a few.
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9 years ago, Epauser
Crashes when i open the radar
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10 years ago, varney2003
Your Erie
Great app I like the old one better
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10 years ago, Thc555555
Great app!!
App is really easy to use. Great set up. Awesome!!
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7 years ago, Swimlady0
Newest Version Won't Update
Can't open the app after the update on November 13, 2016. It constantly crashes.
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8 years ago, waydave
Doppler radar does not animate
Upset that the Doppler Radar used to animate, and now doesn't. You used to be my go to site. Now, you're just a pic.
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5 years ago, telecoil
Hearing Disabilities
We are offering a public service with 1 in 6 people hearing disabled and 1 in 2 over 60 hearing impaired We offer Loop hearing systems for residential to commercial installations. These work directly to hearing aids with telecoils and cochlear implants customers. North East pa has Praise Cathedral Church of God and St Gregory’s Church with Americans with Disabilities Act aproved installations. As Helen Keller is often quoted “ blindness cuts us off from things, deafness cuts us off from people. We can be reached at 8148604968 PSS Wireless
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7 years ago, Dog News
It's ok but sometimes a bit late on sports results.
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10 years ago, Bonton231
It's ok. The radar should load and update faster.
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7 years ago, Sharpshooter_93
Stupid app
Go with another news app
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9 years ago, 567864
The typos on this app are terrible. A smart second grader has better spelling and grammar.
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9 years ago, #1CoffeeGuy
Please optimize for iPhone 6 Plus.
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6 years ago, Zombie Ratt
Weather on the web
The weather videos haven’t been updated since 12/26/17...
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