YouTube TV

3.7 (51.9K)
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for YouTube TV

3.7 out of 5
51.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Fireguy36
Needs tuning
Tried it out and liked it. Wasn’t sure how it would be going from a satellite tv system to You Tube but I don’t notice any big differences except a lower monthly bill and not having to call constantly with problems. Not real happy with the volume blowing me out of the room when commercials come on. Wish they would fix that. I like watching some of the VODs but have noticed that when a commercial comes on it frequently goes in the streaming circle mode and won’t resume my program. Can’t wait for some other channels to get on board, we’ll see. Overall happy with my choice to switch over to You Tube TV😃 Still waiting for more channels. Not a lot more just a few more. Really I don’t know how much longer I can take the high jump in volume when the ads come on. I get it, you want me to know there is an ad on. Ugh😫
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6 months ago, plgtfvjg
Worst streaming tv app ever
The design of the app is just plain stupid. Number one you can’t delete a show you have recorded. No other streaming app is like that. Why do you make users put up with the clutter of months n months worth of shows? It says shows remain until they expire. Yet the disappear at random. I have shows only a month old that just vanish yet another has sat there for 9 months now. If you set it to record a show it sets it to record it on every channel that show is on. That’s stupid. I set it yo record a football game and every game with that team records. I’m get recordings of the Dallas cowboys that are months and ever years old. I don’t want those. You can set it to record only new shows. That’s stupid. It records dozens and dozens of old shows and you cant delete them either. I could go on and on. No thought at all was put into this app. It’s clumsy. Takes lots of steps to get anything done and it’s design makes no sense. It’s almost as it they sat down and said. Just how stupid and backwards can we make it. It that was the goal mission accomplished.
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1 year ago, 4starlite55
Add features
Two features needs to be added. Delete and profile tabs Delete button is necessary to have when you no longer want a program to be in your library. Even though it is cool to be able to keep a recording for nine months before it drops out it is also necessary to add a delete button to delete shows or program you only want to see once and not sit there for a long time before it drops out. Being able to delete programs what you want to watch one time is a must have as the nine months thing should only apply to the program you want to keep that long. Please make that change and add a celete button to delete programs you want to watch only once. Profile button should be added so that instead of sending invitation to family members and make it hard to be added doing that, adding a profile button is a better choice that way you can click on add profile and just enter the name of that person that way they can start using it. It is that simple. The way it is is too complicated.
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5 years ago, sigbruner
Pretty amazing technology, but seriously flawed
I was hoping this app would suffice to replace my standard cable television, but unfortunately, I can’t watch an entire episode of anything without a video-killing bug ruining the whole thing. Specifically, about 3/4 of the way through a television series episode, the video glitches and odd things begin to happen: the audio track jumps to the beginning of the episode, the video freezes for a moment and then continues to play under the audio from the beginning. And then the advertisements! Oh goodness! For $50/month, I would expect fewer ads, but there they are every 10 minutes: 2 to 3 ads at a time. And guess what? When you have to close and re-open the app to find your place in the episode you were watching, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. You try to track through to the spot where you left off. The episode starts to play, and then a series of ads immediately kicks in. Missed your spot? More ads. It is infuriating and app breaking. I am using a first-generation iPad Pro, for what it’s worth.
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1 year ago, reench
Way too many ads
Many people switched to YoutubeTV since it was cheaper than satellite. Then the price increases multiple times. Then there are advertisements. Then there are more, longer advertisements. You must record many things if you wish to watch them as streaming is not available. Then to top it all off, after you record the show and are finally ready to watch one, you have to watch a timed advertisement. Then every so often there are longer advertisements. (Literally a downgrade from Dish because at least with those recordings, you could fast forward during commercials). Not to mention, sometimes it forces you to watch an ad before an episode starts, then plays another 2:00 minute one after the show intro. Also, if you lost your spot due to stepping out of the room for a while whilst it is playing, you may have to watch an ad to go back to the spot you were at. And to top it all off, I’d you pause a show for a few minutes and come back to resume watching, you guessed it, another ad.
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5 years ago, Artys069
5 stars
It’s honestly the best tv product I have purchased, I’ve been a member for about a yr. However, there are a few things I would love to see added: 1. When browsing through all the movies / series, you can not tell which movies or series you have already added to your library. After selecting the title, it will than show you have already added this to your library, rather than scrolling and selecting only what you need. 2. When you view what is being recorded or upcoming, it appears to be recording new episodes AND episodes I have already saved under my library. I wasn’t sure if this was a glitch, but it prevents a member from seeing what would be new and upcoming, rather than something that is already saved. Plus it only allows you to see 50, half of which you have already recorded and saved to your library.
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6 years ago, Lazy loopsy lion
Love it and won’t look back.
I have had YouTubeTV now for about 5 months and wish I would have made the change a long time ago. So happy to cut the cable and the outrageous monthly cost. I read some of these bad reviews and I don’t understand why people are having issues. I went out and purchased a few Roku’s for my tv’s and had them set up in less than 10 minutes. Now if I want to watch on my TV I just turn it on with my Roku remote and then click YouTubeTV and it connects right away and I don’t have to stream from my phone. I have found that most times I just lay in bed and watch my shows either live or from my library on my phone or IPad. I have yet to have any issues at all. I also love being able to be out and about and not miss any baseball or football games. Highly recommend this. Keep up the good work YouTubeTV.
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9 months ago, jb41ios20
Two fatal flaws
I mostly love this app, but there are two major problems with it. 1) when skipping around in a recorded program to avoid commercials, once the video starts playing, it frequently has portions of audio that do not play. I will hear 2–3 seconds of audio, and then 1-2 seconds of silence. This bug repeats itself until I force close the app and start over. This happens dozens of times per day and is entirely unacceptable. 2) sometimes I really have to search to find a recently recorded program. On occasion, I will have to use the Search feature within the app just to find something that was recorded an hour ago. The recently recorded section needs to be chronological and it is not. 3) I don’t consider this a fatal flaw, just an annoyance. When, watching on my television, I can scroll on the guide to find programs that will air in the future. On the app, I only have access to programs that are live right now. That’s kind of ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Deebuwo
Crashes too much!
I believe I was one of the first subscribers in my area. The app worked flawlessly, but not anymore. When watching recordings, the program regularly stops after 40 minutes regardless of program watched. The program then starts from the beginning. I have to restart my phone to continue watching from the interrupted part. Now when watching a show that is recording and if I don’t catch it from the beginning and ask the app to display it from the beginning, the show repeatedly starts over from the beginning on its own while I’m watching. It is extremely frustrating! My price is scheduled to increase to add more channels I don’t care to watch while the channels I inquired about having added haven’t been added and there is no communication about if they will be added. It seems like soon after I recommended the service and app, the reliability tanked. I’m not going to pay more for worse and not getting what I want. I use an iphone 8S plus with the most updated ios.
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5 years ago, RickAS66
Cable Never Again!
When I finally said goodbye to cable, it was so liberating! I started using YouTubeTV shortly after it came out, did the trial thing and was hooked. At that time it was $35 a month, and still is for us early users. As a sports fan, there are plenty of channels to choose from, and when they added MLBtv and NBAtv (at no extra charge) I felt like I had won the lottery! The overall channel selection is good, I don’t watch a lot of television, but when I do I can usually find something on in real time, you can even record shows and watch them at a more convenient time. I’d give it 5 stars if YouTubeTV carried HGTV, that’s the only thing I miss from having cable. Very rarely have I experienced any technical issues, far less actually than I had with cable. So as for me, I’ve been very happy with YouTubeTV and will have cable never again!
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2 years ago, MatthewC21
Is this for real? More commercial time than actual show!
Am I missing somewhere here? 16-20 minutes of commercials PER BREAK! I am VERY glad I got a free trial because this is the worst streaming live TV app!! The selection is great & all of that but I just went to watch my first on demand show, after a few minutes the first commercial break started & I notice there is a counter in the top right hand corner saying there are 7 commercials ahead …. 7 in one break, the commercials are each 2-3 minutes each & there are 3 breaks per half hour show. Are you kidding me?!?! There is more commercial airtime than the actual show!! If each one is 2 minutes & 7 ads per break is 14 minutes of commercials, that happens 3 times during 1 show, that’s 42 minutes of commercials for a 26 minutes show ….. I can’t believe this app is still running & people are paying $70 a month to watch minutes of commercials in a 26 minute show, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Canceled it immediately
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6 years ago, lonelydragonfly
PROS: you get your local channels, the staple channels such as ABC CBS NBC FOX etc. and a variety of sports channels. CONS: we have experienced CONSTANT problems despite the fact that we have high speed internet such as not being able to change channels because it will change on the phone but not on the TV and then no longer pulls up the TV to cast to so we are left to uninstall & reinstall the app EVERY time and programs not playing just to name a couple. Also not a very wide variety of channels to choose from. While you have options to choose from for sports, there's a deficiency to offer popular alternatives like possibly HGTV, GSN, Lifetime, Hallmark or any type of cooking channels. So when comparing pricing and channels offered with dish networks, it's really not worth the trouble to pay the same or comparable for less channels and less conveniences so I'm glad a free trial was offered to know what the service would be like before buying, although I've heard canceling is just as difficult.
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4 years ago, anonannarbor
Terrible picture quality
When I open a new channel, it defaults to auto picture quality. And for some reason this means that it is a total blur for 30 seconds until either it figures out that it can do better, or I manually change the quality. It should have a setting for a preferred picture quality to start watching with. Also, it takes about seven button clicks to change a channel. It is virtually impossible to be watching one game while clicking over occasionally to see what is happening in another game on another channel. Changing channels should be one of the easiest things in the world for a TV replacement, but on this it takes exiting full screen, then minimizing the picture you are watching, then finding the other channel in the guide, then loading it up, then changing the picture quality so it is watchable. It's absurdly hard for a simple task.
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6 years ago, gavinfla
Cutting the cable
I’m a one subscriber and not sure how long I will be. But I haven’t had Home cable or Internet for five years now, it’s just to expensive to pay for something that keeps you trapped in your home. Think about it folks, these cable companies are making you pay to stay home. To me that’s a rip-off. I’ve seen many things disappear from our lives, wire phone, vinyl records, 8 track, VCR’s, development of pictures.. to mention s few. Sorry to tell you folks but cable is pase. I’m sure their will be a lot of cleanup work to make the app work flawlessly with all platforms but I think plugging in your cellphone to your TV is awesome!! I just hope they don’t get too greedy. I still have a lot learn about it before I decide to continue, and see if I still have TV when it’s stormy an of course money is always the deciding factor.
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6 years ago, jgrmsmith
Needs work
Needs work When you hide channels that you don’t want to see but every now and then, you have to add them back to your list to watch them. Then I have to remove them again just so I can only see my regular channels that I use daily. Need a list of “your list” and a “view all”. Would also like to be able to set where I want it to open to. I’d like to set it to open Live TV because that’s what I use the most. But I have to wait for it to load then I have to change it to Live and wait again. Would also like to be able to view the evening lineup by swiping down the timeline. It’s 6pm but I just want to see what’s on at 9. I have to leave my view and go to the channel. I should just be able to swipe down to 9. If I like it set a reminder to come back and watch at 9. I want to be able to see all channels at once at 9, not click each individual channel to see 9. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Rookie Streamer
Love it! Get rid of cable!!!
First off, cutting cable was a great decision! Thank you for airing all my sports! That was the only thing holding me back from cutting the cord a while ago! Awesome sauce! Okay now that I got that out of the way, here’s the details. The iPhone app is great. It works great on WiFi and pretty good on cellular as long as I have good service at the time. Now the Apple TV app is horrible...that’s why I give this four stars. I have to screen share from my phone to the Apple TV as the TV just sits with the circular loading screen. And when it does decide to display, it is a horrible picture. Please really look into the Apple TV app. I know the most recent gen runs 4K and if you’re looking for a easy way to tell us you need to charge extra to see in 4K like Netflix, just tell us. Please figure out the Apple TV app sooner than later.
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2 years ago, canoe man
Commercials, Commercials, Commercials
Overall, the service is better than cable, especially from a cost perspective. The sports choices are quite good with the standard subscription. It’s nice to record a show or event and watch it at your convenience. I like that you can record most all sports teams games or movies and shows by just adding them to your library. Now the frustrating. Every time you turn on the app, whatever show you select begins having to sit through commercials. Even if your tuning into a “live” sports game. If you change channels, most all of them make you watch commercials. When a commercial comes on, if you change channels all the other channels have commercials too. I understand why they do this, but it is annoying and frustrating to the point of not keeping the subscription. Another thing, if you want to replay something you just watched, most of the time it will only let you scroll back a couple of minutes, if that much. Finally, they need to get the volumes leveled. Some channels have to be at 40 or 50 on my volume setting to hear them and when the commercials come on they blast you out. Other stations you can hear well at an 8 volume setting. That’s a lot of variability in VC control.
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6 years ago, grobie
Overall, thrilled (with a couple exceptions)
The service and the associated AppleTV app have been the perfect replacement for my FIOS TV service here in New York. I’m giving it five stars simply because I’m so happy with the change— but there is room for improvement: 1. There should be the ability to hide channels you don’t EVER watch, or vice versa, being able to mark channels as Favorites, be able to scroll through only those. Currently in the Live guide, I have to scroll through endless specialized sports channels in order to get to the channels of personal interest to me. 2. The organization of the “Home” and “Library” tabs could be a little more intuitive. Once a show is watched, it should disappear from the “New recordings” list. I also feel like “New recordings” should also group themselves into per-show folders. 3. I find the behavior of the AppleTV remote to be a quite jumpy, especially when going left and right in between Library, Home, Live, and Search. 4. Please support single sign-on on the AppleTV to make using per-channel apps easier! The endless logins are tiresome. Can’t wait for some refinement to the UI, but overall still extremely happy with the apps and with the service!
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7 months ago, OmegalLizardLicker
Not worth money
Glitchy. Won’t show me anything in the window when I’m seeking through time more than half the time. Has so many problems skipping the commercials that it practically forces you to watch them. If it wasn’t free with Verizon, I wouldn’t be using it at all. And I’m glad Verizon gave me the chance to know should never give these people my money. It’s only tolerable if I can skip the commercials. And every time I try it gives me issues, which ruin my peaceful state of mind that is very hard to hold onto with my ptsd. For my own mental health, I probably shouldn’t use it—even if it is free. I have never seen an app have such horrible problems with seeking. It being such an oddball with that makes it feel intentional. The app on Roku and my iPhone have this issue. The fact that it has the same (if not worse)problem on both formats, makes it even seem more likely that it is intentional. Unless you like watching commercials, don’t bother.
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3 years ago, jd1236
Great service, but!
I am completely happy with my service, and there only two things I would like answers to. 1 I used to be able to control the streaming quality thru a menu you have on the screen, the option is still there, but it does absolutely nothing anymore to lower or raise the quality when you select a resolution. Can we please enable this again so that I am not burning thru my data in two weeks watching shows on my phone when I am out side of the house? 2nd why can we not get history channel added to line up? I miss some of the shows I watched on there and refuse to sign up for their stand alone service, I already have enough streaming services at this point.. thanks for your prompt attention to these matters.. Jeff.
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6 years ago, J Hartz
Very Pleased
I definitely love this app, I think it’s a better option than cable and much less expensive. The only improvement I’d like to see is a better way to skip forward while watching longer programs on the Apple TV platform. The issue is there’s no 15 second fast forward while watching shows using the Apple TV remote and this happens to be a problem because if you are trying to slide your finger forward during commercials you tend to over shoot your mark quite easily. I’ve noticed when I’m using other programs, such as Netflix, the Apple TV remote has a 15 second fast forward option by simply placing your finger at the bottom right or bottom left part of the trackpad on the remote. Other than that it’s a great way to watch TV and I wouldn’t recommend it.
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1 year ago, threadpoolz
App makes it extremely difficult for people traveling often for their jobs
Google is beginning to shamelessly throw you privacy out the window. If you aren’t concerned with them mining your location data like the gold rush, then I can assure you will be bothered by their content gates locked by mining your location. This $60 a month app will force you to update your location to use it each time your location changes. That might not sound so bad on its own, theoretically you should just be able to simply update and watch right? Nope not how it works at all. It’s super buggy. Even when it is “updated” you will get hit with a “content not available outside of your area until fully recorded” error message. So this means if you legitimately travel for your job, and location changes often, you still won’t be able to use your subscription reliably, which is just insane for such a high subscription cost.
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4 years ago, Izzy4usa
wont let you save the shows you watch
i saved all my shows but this service doesn't just record the new episodes, it records all of them from every channel!! whatever channels the show is on it ALL records. theres room for it but then its using up bandwidth constantly & always running. they need to make a way to save your favorites without recording them all, i have seen others reviews where ppl say this crashes well if you are using tons of data like that you will have problems. make it so we can save favorite shows without recording. also i notice many channel like Hallmark & game show network & others are missing? if they raise it at all i will just have to go back ti sling tv. Also it’s quite a bit more pricey than some other services. We enjoy it so far.
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3 years ago, NellyC58
Just charged
Update: Just changed from one to four stars. Looking back at emails I see that I did pause my account but I never received an email saying that my account is about to be back restore. Think they have a good way to get back refund and this is a good app which I hope to get back in maybe in the future when I’m able to. Lots of people have a lot going on so would be nice to receive a notification not just hey your account been restored. Previous one star review: Just got an email saying my account was restored. Only had the free trial awhile ago and didn’t just restore it. Trying to figure out how it even went though since I don’t have enough money in my bank account. Also can’t find how to cancel it again.
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5 years ago, Foxy 95
Great tv service - iPad app could use a few minor improvements
The service is great-streams really well. I love the On Demand feature as well. The interface is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. A couple improvements I would make to the iPad are: - slowness to close out of a show. Clicking the minimize icons takes a 3-5 seconds and the clicking the exit icon (or swiping the show down to the corner to close it out also takes another 3-5 seconds) - the progress bar along the bottom to fast forward and go back is not placed well on the iPad - if you try to use the ‘swipe up’ iPad iOS feature to get to the brightness bar to lower the brightness, it always hits the show progress bar and you lose your spot in the show.
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7 years ago, b-freakin-anca
Great concept, not perfect
I was super excited to download this free trial to watch the World Series. I think this has super great potential. However… In order to watch a show on your TV, you have to screen share from your Apple device. So that means… First, that anytime you want to use Siri to talk to text, your show will end. Next, every time I try to watch a show on-demand and it gets to commercials, it automatically crashes. That makes me have to completely close the app and restart it. Very annoying. Last, if I’m trying to browse the web while I’m watching a show, certain sites will make the show crash as well. I tend to multitask a lot while watching TV, so these are relevant problems for me. If you can handle watching TV without being on your phone and letting your phone do its thing while it broadcasts a show, you should have no issues.
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2 years ago, sweetjake
Not as good as it was
This is my 2nd request for help. The past few months as I am watching from my phone, channels are just going black. Stopping in the middle of a program and the only thing I can do is keep waiting for it to come back on. I have to shut /close the app several times, switch channels etc before the station I am watching will play again. When it happens to 1 channel the others will play no problem at this time. But if I go back to the channel that goes black it still will not play. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing is fixing this problem. This has been going on for months. None of your updates have fix this problem. I am paying every month for this service and I am still having these issues. Really ready to go elsewhere. Have had no responses to any of my feedback to this problem and there is no way to email/call for help.
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6 years ago, sspediacci
Best Service I've Used
The most feature and content rich service available for the money. Hands down. My roommates and I all share access to the service and each person (+ significant others) are added as "family" members. Everyone has their own log in and ability to record shows without conflict. It's amazing. That's $35 divided by 6 people who all have their own set up! I have a Chromecast and a Google Home Mini set up, which is useful for controlling the TV. If I know what I want to watch, I can tell the Google Mini the show, movie, or channel to throw on. I can also tell it to pause, rewind, or fast forward. What I'm trying to say is that I've tried other services and nothing even remotely competee from my perspective.
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3 years ago, jensndhxhehe s
ok ok ok i LOVE this TV it has amazing pictures and absolutely no glitches!! other people have been saying “oh way to many glitches!” yeah don’t listen to them there is absolutely 0 glitches i had sling before and i’m telling you the tv was so crazy blurry but this has a difference and it’s not hard to use at all! so easy!! it’s simple and easy. also you can fast forward it on most shows unlike most channels. and if your a technically lover than this is for you it’s so upgraded and seems like you could use it on the future. but.... there is only one downside it’s expensive just maybe i bit cheeper but it’s totally worth it!! hope you like this and please if your looking for another tv Chanel GET THIS
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6 years ago, Just_Ralph
Glad I switched from DirecTv
I’ve been using this app after having been a longtime DirecTv subscriber and although there are a few drawbacks, I am overall happy and will not be switching back. Channel selection is good, casting works great, and the ability to record shows and take them on the go is perfect. One of the best things is being able to have so many users on one account and being able to cast on multiple devices/tv’s for the price, unlike other streaming competitors. Now there are a few quirks that could still be ironed out to make it a little more user friendly but as you use the app you learn how to work around them and I imagine the developers are figuring that out as well. I love not paying an extra $120 a month for tv!
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4 years ago, PaparazziPaul2
Getting too EXPENSIVE.
Was $40 and now $65! We need tier pricing. I don’t need all those added Chanels NOR the continuous PRICE INCREASES. To watch in my home TV you have to have internet. Well that is around $79 a month then add YouTubeTV’s outrageous increased price of $65! That makes $144 FREAKING DOLLARS A MONTH!!! WE CAN GET CABLE, INTERNET and a TON more for less money through the cable company now. Yep, for $90 a month. Google/YouTubeTV has forgotten why we QUIT CABLE! OVERPRICED SERVICE that we can not afford. NOW YOUR DOING THE SAME DARN THING! We are teased into cutting the cord with your original lower price and in a few short years your screwing us. PLEASE START A TIER PRICING PLAN WITH A BASIC MEMBERSHIP NO MORE THAN $40! It’s nice to watch over my phone when I’m not home but we want to watch on our TV and now your TOO DARN HIGH! Come on guys. You’ve gotten GREEDY! We could care less about all the extra FLUFF Chanel’s your adding.
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5 years ago, NikkiCruz1980
I am sorry that I won’t be returning as a customer. While I did actually really like the service provided (when I actually got the service) I think you need a better system in place for people that move. I think it is not worth the headache that I have gotten when not once, but twice I have to request a refund due to home area restrictions that cannot be resolved without unsubscribing and going back and resubscribing. Then when you resubscribe and download the app, you get the same error message about limited access (which actually means no access) and have to do the whole refund process over again. This is something that you guys should look into in the future. I’m just one subscription lost due to this. Not a big deal for you. But it’s a big deal to me just because of my time and effort wasted alone. Hope this doesn’t start happening to more people and you start losing more subscribers!
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3 years ago, MissyS36
Shows watch/marked watch won’t disappear
Lately our recorded shows will not reduce the numbers of shows still need internet watched. Or if we watch all four shows it still says 3,4,6 still available. It’s frustrating because before we could watch a show it would be marked and disappear until a new episode was available. Now if we mark all shows watched it still will say 4 new shows. What happened to them updating as we watch our shows? We already went into setting, we’ve restarted the app, we’ve logged in and logged out. It’s frustrating when we pay for this service and we are unable to update our listas we go. It was one of the main features that helped us decide on what streaming app we were going to use! Hopefully it is fixed soon! Unhappy with service! Missy
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6 years ago, DisneyLoverForever
I like this a lot.
I had Sling TV for a few months and not only is this $10 cheaper, but I had to pay an extra $5 per month with Sling to only get 50 hours, which seemed like quite a bit, but I quickly realized just how little that actually is and also, with it being an online thing, it doesn’t really make much sense to have so little space. With this, I don’t have to worry about that. Pretty much the only problem though is I wish it had Nickelodeon channels like regular Nick, Nicktoons, Teen Nick, and Nick Jr for when my cousins are over, and my mom would switch over to this if they had HGTV, but since that’s the main thing she watches, it makes complete sense that she wouldn’t want it.
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3 months ago, Big Hoss 7
Mobile App More ReliableThan Cable
I honestly don’t get all of these bad reviews! I love YTTV! I don’t have any issues with freezing on my phone, in fact… it’s 10 times better than any experience I’ve had in the past with DISH, DirectTv and many other cable provider’s apps on the phone! Completely blows them out of the water!! My only issue is I wish there were channel numbers so that I could go straight to a channel instead of having to click through the whole channel guide to get to what I want to see. I’m looking into a work around today with the Google Nest Hub, hoping that’ll allow me to go straight to a specific channel with voice commands. Fingers crossed!
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6 months ago, WMMAP
Gets channels but recording management needs major work
Gets the channels I want and you can record. However after having this awhile, the recording manager is extremely unwieldy. They had a way to track what I watched but it continually failed by randomly resetting the indicator. If you wanted to only display what you hadn’t seen the you manually had to set it. Now they seem to have abandoned that based on the app no longer able to set “watched” manually. Now everything is mixed together and when you have hundreds of recordings it’s a jumbled mess. You can’t even choose filters such as alphabetical sorting. 4 stars if not for the recording mis-management. 5 stars if you make the “live” listing able to look beyond just the next hour. Want to see what’s on later tonight, sorry program won’t let you.
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6 years ago, Wassup peeps
Frustrating to pay for commercials
When watching recorded shows from the library you cannot fast forward through commercials. Even if you want to skip to the middle of the show. You can fast forward through the show to the next set of commercials. Then the fast forward buttons disappear and you have to watch sometimes as many as seven commercials. Just to make matters worse there is a timer that shows the remaining length of the current commercial and how many commercials follow before you can watch your program or continue to fast forward again. Just waisted 25 minutes trying to watch AGT. App would play 7 commercials then freeze when trying to load programming. Each time tried playing again it would play commercials just fine and freeze at the end of commercials. It’s a horrible app unless you find value in paying to watch commercials. Seeking other apps now.
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7 months ago, Rumble guy
Resume playback is broken on the app
Update: now over 3 months and nothing has changed and no new communication on the support ticket I opened 2 months ago The app worked very well for me for years but starting about 2 months ago my recordings in the app do not resume at the point I stopped viewing them. Selecting resume playback always restarts the recording. I contacted customer support weeks ago and tried the suggestions of restarting the device, deleting and downloading the app, signing out and signing back in, etc. I’ve applied each update to the app. The recordings work as expected on any non iOS device I try. They supposedly elevated the problem but it has been over a month and there is no improvement and no further communication on the problem. It is very frustrating and disappointing that the problem has persisted so long.
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1 year ago, Gaspatchosoup
Needs to be free
The amount of ads they show this should be free. When watching on the tv you’ll get like 9 sections of commercials that are 6 ads and about 3 minutes long. On the mobile app where you can’t see that timer or ticker for the ads I’m getting 17 ads each break. Not only that it’s almost 7 minutes of ads each time. Watch over 7 minutes of ads, continue to watch my movie for maybe 10 minutes then an ad break where I counted the 17 ads and 7 minutes. Will never watch this on mobile again. I’m only getting access to this due to a family member paying for it but if they stop I will never never pay for this. What they charge and then the amount of ads is ridiculous. I have never in all of my life watched 7 minutes not even close to 7 minutes on cable or any other streaming service that has ads.
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5 years ago, Loren K Richter
Good service but need package options
The service is really good but the idea of leaving cable for better options at a lower price is slipping away very fast and will be no better than cable if this continues. I’m starting to look for other options. If you’re like me and don’t need large packages of networks at a high monthly subscription prices then you’re probably upset like myself who got more networks forced upon them at a big price hike. I’d like to see package choices or even better the ability to select per network. Why pay money for networks that you could care less about. How about letting the consumer choose. When you’re looking to cut costs, getting a surprise increase in services and price is very disappointing from a service provider you once really liked.
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6 years ago, ForceBlast
Good service, terrible app
I love the selection of channels and video quality, but the app (especially on the Apple TV) is nearly unusable. Has anyone over at Google actually used this app for more than 5 minutes on an Apple TV? I highly doubt it. Either that or some managerial type forced it to be released before it was done. It’s so bad it makes me wonder, “did they assign the creation of this app to an intern!?!” It frequently gets itself into a state where the directional controls completely stop working. Basic things like swiping using the Apple TV remote app frequently scrolls the wrong direction. Killing and restarting the app sometimes helps but not always. In general it’s frequently unresponsive for no apparent reason. This is the only app I use regularly on the Apple TV that has these kinds of issues. Please fix this or I’ll be canceling the service.
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1 year ago, sqo0ba_steve
UPDATE to my PREVIOUS disappointment… 🤬
MASSIVE FAILURE OF THE YTTV APPLE TV APP LAST NIGHT! Anybody else NOT get to watch the Celtics play the Heat last night during NBA playoffs because they pay for YTTV? Was really very awesome not being able to watch the game past halftime because it started jumping ahead a minute at a time! Thanks, Google! For a time, there was notification that TNT “was down”, which finally went away, BUT THE ISSUE REMAINED. Why am I paying so much for this broken and unreliable app? Previous disappointment is expressed below: Funny how Google finds it suitable to increase prices whenever they add even the most insignificant of channels you’ll never watch, but every single time they’ve lost/dropped major content, there’s not once been a price reduction. See todays email about the loss of most MLB content for reference. You know, we signed up for YTTV to cut costs, but it’s really becoming the Spirit Airlines of TV service. They charge you for every last little thing making the price of cable no longer matter in the decision to “cut the cord”. I think we’ll be exploring the options to get back all of the content we’ve lost over the years while trying to use YTTV. Google, you really need to think about the value you once offered, because it’s gone now.
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3 years ago, davecrosby
Playback doesn’t work for recorded content and it drives me crazy.
Sometimes I can’t watch a football game live. Good thing I set it to record though, right? Nope when i click on the game it takes me to something totally random. Maybe the same channel just live? Only happens if I’m trying to watch after the game has ended. Another thing that drives me crazy is sometimes the fast forward gets stuck on a certain place. So anytime I double tap to skip something it will take me back to the exact same spot, even if that spot was like 10 minutes earlier. Then I have to drag and fast forward back to where I wanted. This only happens with double tap. When it starts happening you have to use the actual fast forward button or exit out and come back in again. Otherwise great app. But these two bugs are super frustrating.
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6 years ago, Rainyday73
A good idea but some issues
Overall, my family enjoys this app. We get a better picture casting local stations than we do using our digital antenna, and we like having a library of our favorite shows. However, the functionality and access need to improve for this service to truly distinguish itself. The Chromecast and our phones (iPhone 7s) often “lose” each other and we can’t pause or otherwise control what is streaming. The app in general is cranky and often freezes or quits. Also, major stations (including the CW) cannot be streamed/recorded live in my market (a metro area of two million people). It’s frankly not fair that other areas get more stations/service for the price. This would be a five-star app with some bug fixes and better channel availability.
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2 years ago, Reviewer_23947
Used to be good, now constant issues
Used to be the set it and forget it experience when it came to streaming. Nowadays, the major issue is stuttering - happens to me on both Apple TV and iPhone. At least with Apple TV, when I restart the app it goes away for some time, but then returns. Have confirmed it is not a TV/Apple TV issue. See numerous Reddit threads about this known issue - may correlate with the recent update to surround sound. $65/month is basically the same as cable - wish it had more a la carte pricing for the channels I care about. The thing I miss most about cable is the ability to switch to the last channel with just a button. If anyone is listening, please bring this functionality to streaming in the form of a gesture/button.
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6 years ago, Slickvic621
Pretty good
Overall, a fantastic service and channel availability, if YTTV meets your channel needs. However, one major flaw in the app that I’m shocked still isn’t available - you cannot easily scroll the ‘guide’ ahead to see what’s coming on later, for more than one channel at a time. You have to pick the specific network, then view upcoming airings, but can’t do this at the level of being able to see more than one channel into the future. This CAN be done on Apple TV, but not iPhone (somewhat understandable, but other streaming services manage this just fine), NOR IPAD (not understandable with all the real estate...they do however give you two airings (currently live and next), but no more). Please add, and the app will be up to speed with what you’d expect from a TV service.
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6 years ago, Cl65 aviator
Only streaming service that has worked for us
It’s had an occasional hiccup, but usually it is resolved by resetting our Apple TV. I think it’s more of a device issue than an issue with the app. There have been virtually zero issues with quality or any buffering, and I’d venture a guess that people having issues with streaming has more to do with their ISP’s. We had streaming issues due to our last internet provider throttling (our supposedly 500 mb/s download and upload,) but since switching to another ISP it has worked flawlessly. My advice to those with issues, try steaming with a VPN to see if the issue is the app or your service provider.
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6 years ago, PleaseFixYourApp9
Chromecast Disconnects
My review echoes that of other users. The app disconnects from my Chromecast often. This almost always happens when I either lock my iPhone and I unlock my phone, or when I switch between another app or go to my home screen. This seems to be a similar problem with other apps like Netflix, but they seem to handle it better. It seems to me Google should be able to fix this behavior as they should be experts in implementing their own API, or they should prioritize this bug higher in their backlog if they already know about it. I would also like a way to turn off live previews of channels. Sports scores have been spoiled a couple of times for programs that were in the process of recording that I was intending to watch from the beginning.
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7 years ago, Cwbyscootr
Love It!!!
I love this app, I can get most of the shows that I paid nearly 3 times as much to watch with satellite or cable providers. I take my IPad just about everywhere with me and have no problem using the app/service. Yes sometimes I have to restart the app because a commercial will lock up during playback of a program, not a big deal at all though. I can get right back to where I left off. I saw a comment that it was difficult to cancel and someone was being “held hostage” now. This just tells me that they don’t know how to use their apple account. It’s very easy to cancel if you should want to. With this service WHY would you want to?
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6 years ago, Anosognosic Reviewer
Freezes, forgets, fails. Total waste of money.
App often freezes up, constantly forgets where a show is paused, and crashes just often enough to make google more money from ads embedded in shows. Borders on being a scam. Support is like talking to a room full of deaf crickets, they don’t listen but constantly chirp the cut-and-paste party line. Been with YouTubeTV six months, half has been free from credits given because of service failures, app crashes, etc. It’s just not worth it, I’m leaving once last month of free credits ends. Also, they lied to me, said I could share account with family, but since I use a Google account for my email, they won’t let me. Same price as everyone else, but they won’t give me the biggest feature that I came to them to use. Total rip-off. Read the fine print before they rob you of basic features. Dumping this at end of month.
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