ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones

4.3 (58.2K)
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3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones

4.35 out of 5
58.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Iraidarosario
Something changed with app!!
My live wallpapers use to work fine which was great and now none of my live wallpapers seem to work when I set them on my locked screen which is where I set all my live wallpapers! What’s going on??? I love Zedge but please fix this issue!!!! :(. I wrote this a while back and yet no response from zedge or apple because I don’t know who controls platform. I really wish someone would reach out and tell me why my live wallpapers won’t go live anymore as they use to. Miss having that feature on my lock screen. Thank you for reading and it is a 5 star app because I love it but right now only 4 til live wallpapers start working again.
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9 months ago, Plushcrafter
A few things wrong
I didn't really want to write a review but nobody really touched on this but first Paying for wallpapers?!?! Wth and the fact that there aren't very creative wallpapers. Now for my main reason I'm writing this, pAInt. Paint is an air that creates what you type and that's the only reason this isn't a one star review and it's actually good but there are massive problems with it 1: it can't really identify a lot of words you say and that's a main aspect of it, still it comes out pretty good 2: sometimes it will say it made an innapropriate image when either I typed something completely normal or the ai says its inappropriate when that's blatantly false. And 3: the community has great photos but as of recent some completely fine photos get flagged and taken down and don't get me wrong some did deserve to be taken down but others people probably just take down out of spite because they're "inappropriate" just to clarify A shirtless guy or a Christmas outfit is NOT INAPPROPRIATE and if the ai wasn't running on 1950s gasoline it would at least recognize an inappropriate image based on looks instead of words. That's all hope this helps and to the developers if they ever see this, respond with a non NPC response or fix the problem or I'll make an even worse review.
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6 months ago, Boston’s226
Was good until…
I had zedge from all the way from 2014- present and I had seen the updates. Most of them have been good until recently. Now these days you either have to pay or watch an ad to get a decent wallpaper or ringtone. Before you didn’t have to do that at all. I still remember showing off my cool new ringtones I had found on the app to my friends and they would be amazed. I get it that times change but I feel like this change was kind of stupid. I really did like Zedge but now I’m having complications with having to save ringtones to my files so I can use them. I had recently changed to an iPhone over the summer and before I was able to use it just fine but now it won’t save and I brought my phone in and they said it was fine and it was just the app. I am disappointed in the app, it went from being amazing and having funny ringtones, notifications, and cool looking wallpapers to just another app to spend our money and time on to get something so simple.
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1 year ago, willy31788
Absolutely can not find anything I’m looking for !
I used to absolutely love this app but unfortunately something happened and I can not find anything that I use to be able to find. Nothing popular or modern whatsoever. If it’s there then it’s well hidden and not easy to find. If you want cheesy crap for ringtones then this app is for you. You have some amazing Wallpapers you really do but if you want to support your favorite College or Pro Sports teams then your options are very limited to say the least. Not a lot of options here at all. And you used to have some hilarious little things for when you would receive messages or emails but now those are long gone as well. Now I’ve been very loyal to Zedge for like 10 years now maybe longer but if something doesn’t change very soon then I’m going to be forced to go through someone else for my Ringtones and Wallpapers and I’ll take a lot of family and friends with me if and when I do go. Just hope to see a change VERY SOON !
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7 months ago, MeltySmileyFaces
Ruined by Paywalls… and pAInt!
I downloaded Zedge years ago and had a lot of fun with the various wallpapers and ringtones available. But like many other reviewers, I’m not impressed with how it works now. Any wallpapers they have that I like, I have to use either what little “credits” they give me to start with, or pay real money. One thing I really want to warn people about, though, is the new pAInt feature. For personal or entertainment use (and inspiration!), it’s perfectly fine and does churn out some amazing results. Unfortunately, as a result of how quick and easy it is to use, a large chunk of Zedge’s so-called “User Created” wallpapers are AI-generated now, which makes it harder to tell at a glance which wallpapers are made by real, talented artists and which are just “type in what you want and bam there’s a picture”- made by AI. With how much it boasts about its creative community and how it supports artists, you’d think Zedge would have a “Made with pAInt” watermark appear on AI-created art! 😞 Big disappointment there.
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6 years ago, Theemin of Scortartorus
Still one of the best
There's a reason why ZEDGE has been so successful since the early days of the App Store. It's one of the best apps for seeking and finding tons wallpapers and ring tones to suit every taste. You can't please everyone with UI changes, but speaking for myself I find the change refreshing. Ads don't pop up but are set within the scroll like pictures you can choose or pass as you go. Darned good implementation! Apps must be payed for and I don't see Zedges method for accomplishing this end as troublesome compared to so very many other wallpaper apps which don't advertise that they require a subscription in their descriptions and pop you with rediculous and confusing flash screens the moment you open the app. Such apps don't get past that point before I delete them. Zedge,however, I'll keep.
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9 months ago, ShadyElliot
It has good wall papers but I wish there were more and more hood free ones so I don’t need to spend so much money on coins and have more options so that’s deducts one star and the other problem is I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something but I tried to paint and make a picture I’ve never done it before (also I don’t have premium) but when ever I try to paint a picture with using words it says (it’s something like this) your all out of creations but don’t worry it restarts in 24 hours till you can paint again which confuses me because I’ve never made a picture on paint and non matter hour much I wait a day, 3 days or weeks it says the same thing so that also deducts a star but it’s a fine app. But seriously please fix or help this I really like this app and I think if the paint thing works I’d really like this app and it would be a awesome feature.
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2 months ago, brookeorlynnorlynda
Totally a great place to get all kinds of wallpapers!
This app is a lot better than i expected. You just… get wallpapers that suit your likes and dislikes; and although there are Zedge app coins you can save up on to get all sorts of wallpapers, too, there are countless awesome wallpapers of all sorts to simply watch an add and download ( and they’re not the real annoying kind, besides the fact they can be annoyingly repetitive sometimes). It baffles me why this app doesn’t cost money! Folks reading this, totally get this. Realism. Fantasy. Nature both made by an AI and real. Gothic. Green rocks. Purple neon flowers. Just about every genre. I can’t say much about the ringtones, but in my opinion, they’re alright, from what ive listened to.
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4 months ago, Heidi’s Thoughts
Your ad runtimes are soooooooooooooooo long that I quickly lost interest. I remember when your app was new and free. I get that you have to make money, but the price is ridiculous, and the ads are so constant and looooooooooong. The MOST frustrating thing is that there’s no longer a way to set the wallpaper. The motion of the live wallpapers are also unsupported. Yes, we can watch afs to earn credits instead of spending real money. HOWEVER: Each ad is 1-2 minutes long, you will earn 10 credits per ad watched/sat through, and you don’t get to choose where you spend them. Instead, Zedge app decides which wallpapers/ringtones you can spend your credits on, and which ones you have to watch more ads for. You will only be given ONE choice for which photo you can use your credits on (10 points per 1-2 minute ad) and it’s not going to be your choice. The app decides for you.
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5 years ago, J.Dancer2
I love this app. But there are some reasons I do not. One is that so many of the backgrounds are boring, and we don't get enough new ones, or one that spice it up a bit. Maybe you could have 20-30 new backgrounds posted for an entire week and then refresh once a new week starts. What I mean by refresh is getting rid of the backgrounds you had before, and getting new ones each week. For example, every Tuesday we get completely new ones. Maybe the ones people like best from last week 1-5 could be posted somewhere and stay up for another week. Also, we need it more organized. For example, by themes: seasons, nature, emotions, quotes, music, etc. It would be much easier to find what we are looking for. Like I said, I like this app, but it needs to be tweaked a bit. Thanks for you consideration!!
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6 years ago, StarNerd420
Good app gone bad
This used to be one of THE best wallpaper apps for iOS! Key words there are “used to be”. It has since been ruined by not only the change of the UI, but even more so by the change they made that requires you to have or buy credits now to download certain wallpapers! Come on! Really!? Who pays for their phone wallpapers!!? No one! They’re freaking wallpapers people! They should be free! I’m willing to bet that most of these wallpapers can be found with an image search on google, and even if they can’t be, I still wouldn’t pay for wallpapers! A one time fee for a wallpaper app, sure, no problem. Buy credits just to download a certain image, no way, not on this app or any other! Let’s face it too, what can’t be found on google, can be found in another crappy wallpaper app on the iOS store! They’re a dime a dozen in the App Store. Zedge used to be the exception. Not anymore.
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8 months ago, Echoka8
What happened?
Y’all use to be the best app to personalize your device when it was freshly bought and coming right out the box your the first app downloaded to make your phone YOURS!!! Now idk what to even say. You can’t find half of what your even looking for now and the ringtones that’s use to be there aren’t anymore. Now y’all have these horrible selections of self made noise by people making their best impersonations of whatever it may be into a cheesy mic with horrible editing software and allowing them to submit whatever they want now. And the best part was it was all free absolutely free aside from a few things here and there but y’all sold out hard or y’all just wanted the money instead of doing what was awesome like y’all use too. Y’all last your way. I doubt you’ll find it again. But I used y’all for a long time and def won’t be using y’all ever again
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3 years ago, Raimonzi
Micro transactions for wallpapers!??
I’ve had Zedge for years. Years. 5+ years. A few years ago I found the backgrounds I was happy with and haven’t had to go back to the app for a long time. I also don’t auto update. After finally getting a new phone I decide to update and open the app again. What’s this? A point system? Wallpapers are now worth certain “points” in order to purchase/download? But don’t worry, if you don’t have points you can buy some for as little as 99cents! How shameless can people be? I’m deleting this app. There is no way people are seriously paying for this. No. Way. Is this what the app and smart technology world is turning into? Finding a way to charge you for ANYTHING. This is laughable. Do what we did as young kids and go back to using the Google search. Absolutely ridiculous that they think this is acceptable. Never coming back. Microtransactions are an absolute spreading cancer.
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6 years ago, morgan huls
this app used to be good
I had Zedge for a long time, and I absolutely loved it. I was able to find my ringtones that I wanted, and I was able to get them for free. But then I stopped going on the app because I was completely satisfied with the ringtones that I found, so I stopped looking for more. Eventually I transferred to another phone, and I immediately downloaded Zedge and became disappointed. The fact that I wasn’t on there for a while and the amount of changes that were made for the app were in my opinion were unnecessary and the changes shouldn’t have been made. It’s also disappointing that now have to PAY to have those ringtones, and now I can’t even find the ringtones that I had on my other phone. It’s like they never existed. I would recommend that this should change. I trusted and loved Zedge for a long time, but now I’m disappointed.
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2 years ago, the boi that likes bøoks
Using it as a free app
For me, I cannot put in money into this app, and that gateways a lot of stuff. For a while I was able to get coins from watching ads, but after a certain point it wouldn’t let me get more. It kept saying I had to wait until tomorrow to get more, but that started a year ago. It still hasn’t worked. Also what is the point of making and buying nft wallpapers? They don’t do anything? Fix the ad thing, and I will use this app over google searching wallpapers.
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4 years ago, DarkLight2815
Liked the old version
So I had zedge on my Samsung for a while and I loved it I was always change if my wallpapers and sometimes my ringtones. I had some funny ringtones it was awesome but then I switched over to iPhone and I was very disappointed all of the stuff had to be bought with in app money and to get in app money u had to buy it with real money. Then I tried searching for some wallpapers I had on my old phone to see if those were free but I couldn’t even find them and the one I did find cost as well. Why did u change it up zedge hope u go back the the old version
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2 years ago, MrVman858
Not the zedge I remember
I like the old version better where it was more focused on user created ringtones and wallpaper by hundreds of thousands of different users. Before when you searched for a sound or wallpaper you would get hundreds if not thousands of different search results now I’m only limited to five or 10 results making this app completely useless now and I have been using zedge on and off for 10 years. You guys must be doing so bad you have to put micro transactions on almost every single thing and 90% of the stuff isn’t even interesting. Maybe if you guys went back to your roots opened it up for content creators to add custom sounds and wallpapers and having it free to download or pay for certified creators maybe you’ll have a chance again. But for now I’m done and disappointed…
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4 years ago, Edgar319
I used to use Zedge when I was younger and I would always use it for ringtones and wallpapers I would also just use it to look at all the wallpapers that were there and after almost 4 years of not using it I thought to myself that it would be great to download it again but on my newer phone so I did, when it was done downloading I immediately opened the app and scrolled through bringing back old memories of the app yes it’s a little different but I loved it until I found out that you need currency to get a wallpaper that used to be free so I went to the search bar hoping to fine free wallpapers as I was searching them but there was nothing that was free all of the wallpapers had a price I was disappointed and filled with sadness that some people may never be able to use Zedge the same way I did when it was in its prime😢
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6 years ago, Greg-_
I used to like Zedge for downloading wallpapers and ringtones, but ever since they pulled the premium BS the app has gone downhill. Never in my life will I pay to use a wallpaper or a ringtone. Especially when you can find billions of wallpapers on google images, or make your own ringtones using already existing songs. And not to mention that they’re insanely overpriced, where some wallpapers cost 2000 credits but the minimum amount of credits you can buy are either 500 for a dollar, or 2750 for $5. So if you want a wallpaper that just happens to be over 500 credits, you’d have to spend atleast $5 to get it. For a single wallpaper, that to me is ridiculous. But hey, atleast we have the option to do surveys that never pay out, and watch 30 second ads over and over again for 20 credits a pop.
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3 months ago, Amazingly wonderful app
Zedge is a wonderful app
I think that anybody that downloads this app give it a five star immediately because I’ve been trying to find Naruto theme song alarms for me to wake up to boom Zedge got my back on that cool red and black blood wallpapers boom like I don’t think there’s anything Zedge does not have who made this app. Clapping applause for you. You deserve it. You’ve made a wonderful you’ve made my day. I’m bout to cry right now probably of probably how happy I am making you right now while you’re reading this I am making people happy and hopefully this review makes a big giant smile on your face😁☺️
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3 years ago, mferraro58
Don’t buy this or download this.
I spent $20 for 14,000 wallpapers I had to delete my phone because of issues with the phone I signed back into my account and they took the the 14,000 wallpapers for me I only downloaded like 15 wallpapers at most and they took the $20 there is no more tokens do not download this app they steal from you.I would like a refund of the $20 I spent for 14,000 tokens for wallpapers and live wallpapers and when I bought this new phone that’s the one I bought the tokens I had to delete my phone because all my information didn’t get download it from Verizon so when I went through download that app again all my tokens were gone I only downloaded like 10 wallpapers you guys stole my money either give me the 14,000 tokens or reimburse me my $20 please thank you
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3 months ago, keyplyr
Can’t get in to get money back
For years I used Zedge Wallpapers because of the unique and beautiful artwork. Most of it was free. Later one was required to deposit funds in order to purchase pieces . Fine. Then I recently bought a new phone and tried to sign in to Zedge to use my deposited funds to buy new artwork. However, now I can’t even enter the site without agreeing to sign up for a monthly subscription. I would have appreciated the chance to at least retrieve my remaining deposited funds instead of being forced into buying a subscription. This shouldn’t be legal. It is a huge disappointment especially for a site that features so many talented artists. It’s hard enough to be an artist in this world.
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2 years ago, Shoto's ~Baby~
This app is trash now.
Hello, I have had this app for and I really liked it. I was able to find my favorite wallpapers , ringtones etc. So just yesterday I was going to long back into the app because I had gotten a new phone and wanted to have my same account and wallpapers. But I logged in and I looked for my favorites and couldn’t find them. I specifically was looking for anime wallpaper “ My Hero Academia”. Before there were tons to choose from but I only have some weird not at all My Hero Academia at all!! I was looking to also see if I could see any other anime wallpapers, I found a lot other then My Hero Academia!! I am not happy with the changes. As an anime lover I would love to find my favorite wallpapers and ringtones. I wouldn’t recommend. I wouldn’t even give this one star.
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3 years ago, Bubbles Butterfly
Luv Y’all!
This app was the very first app that I ever had for ringtones and wallpapers! I think I had a flip phone back then 😀 I so appreciate all of the beautiful wallpapers and all the holiday ones! Thank you so much for being here! I was so sad because for a while I didn’t have my update and I couldn’t get your app😭 I missed y’all so much… I’m so glad I’m back!!! I especially love those rainy nights in London… Oh I need to look for Paris nights too!!! Anyways I love the romantic! I’m an old lady … when you get old you can say whatever the heck you want lol lol 😂 Thanks y’all!!!
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6 years ago, Ant8894
Created blank albums in my phone
I’m not sure what exactly happened but I went to download a photo and then the app froze. Next thing I know a pop up window says “Zedge has created 2000 photo albums, would you like to keep them?” I have no idea how this happened but essentially I went to go check and yes there was actually over 2000 empty photo albums created by Zedge. There were no photos in them which was weird but just empty albums. I went back to the app and it asked me again if I wanted to keep or remove them and obviously I removed them. Luckily it was able to delete those albums but I quickly uninstalled the app. I just had a bad feeling, if the app can do that to my phone (which it never has before) then what else could it possibly do? I’m never installing this app again.
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4 years ago, yodonetokn
what’s the point of the currency system?
I used this app years ago, and the wallpapers all used to be free... as any wallpaper should be, but now there’s some kind of Zedge tokens / credits you have to collect and spend on wallpapers ... Most wallpapers cost 10 credits and the app only starts you out with 10 credits... so you can only download 1 wallpaper before you’d have to spend real money on these credits, or watch ads every time you want a wallpaper. It just seems like an inconvenient and unnecessary system for something as trivial as phone wallpapers. They literally make you pay for aesthetic boxes of pixels. You might as well just search for wallpapers on Google images, where they’re all free to begin with
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1 year ago, kshfbsjsb
GET RID OF THEM!!! no one is going to pay for some currency just to get wall papers and have them not even be able to work on the phone. I was looking on the internet for GOOD wallpaper engines. THIS CRAP came up as Number one…NUMBER ONE, why. There is not going to be a dam soul who buys point to get there semi cool wallpaper…it’s ok to have a premium version of the app to get new and better things, I’m ok with that, I can afford it, but there are some people who are living off of one dollareno, and can’t afford to get points…I found half of the wallpapers online with google search…if people are this down bad for money to have not one, but two ways to throw your money away then this world is going down a lot quicker than I thought…
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4 years ago, Zbasketballgrl
It’s not good anymore
I remember the good old days of Zedge where you didn’t have to pay for stuff and all of it was free. It has changed a lot, and not in a good way. Even though I may not like how it is now I tried to set the “Best Friend” ringtone by oh. This then led me to the tutorial on how to upload it. This was a lot more complicated than I ever remember it being. My eight year old self at the tile would not have been able to download that. Anyways, I followed the instructions opened garage band opened the keyboard went to the three lines pressed loop went to files app and NOTHING was there for Zedge. This is a garbage app compared to how it used to be. I want the old Zedge back. Maybe then you’ll stop getting all these bad reviews.
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3 years ago, hayden jarrett
Where to see saved media?
Ok, so there used to be three lines in the top left corner and you could see your saved wallpapers, ringtones, and notifications. But it seems like they removed that, because now they don’t even have a way to save media, whenever you clicked on a wallpaper or anything it would have a heart button next to the download button, if they have removed this, I feel like that would be a little dumb, because you could have all your favorite wallpapers, ringtones, and notifications all in one place.
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7 months ago, waaaa my name
I’m 9 years old and really, and I know all wallpaper apps cost money or being 12 or older. I wish someone could make an app for any age with billions of wallpapers, all styles, costs no money, and once again, any age! That’s really the kind of wallpaper app I am looking for. That’s why I prefer going onto google, looking for a wallpaper, and putting it! Idc if it is live or not, just if I can have it. I’m really sad I could not save more than one wallpaper for FREE and get ringtones and other stuff FOR FREE. It would be the best experience if it were for all ages, and actually free. No scam. I would not recommend this app to anyone because of soo many bad reviews. 👎👎👎👎👎👎🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫😫😫😫😥
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1 year ago, Shu2204
Hate it sort of
I have an Apple phone and when I download a song it says sent to file so I searched up how to set it up and I had to go to garage band so o did on my phone than I went to files and found the Zedge file but the ringtone s I want won’t let me use them so I’m very frustrated and I thought maybe a different song would work and I found one I liked with 10 of those Zedge credits or whatever they are and I used them and went back I figured out it still does not work so Im saying this because I just really want new ringtones on my phone please try to see how it works or even fix it.
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6 years ago, chloe=makk
Too much scariness
Hi, I just downloaded this app. It is a great background app, but my complaint is.. that it’s too scary to even look at it. I understand its halloween but, a voodoo doll? Like, come on! Pointing out the middle finger? There may be kids looking at this app, and I feel like its too inappropriate and a very bad example for kids. I don’t want to see the halloween backgrounds ever again. Like maybe put it in a section, but I don’t want to see it on the home page. No no no no! The rest are good which I like. So many options to choose from. Please do this ASAP!
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2 years ago, Leland S03
Great team
I’ve used these guys ever since they came out w the iPhone 4. I love that they changed it so you pay for some artist work I think they very well deserve I just hope that whatever money you do spend on it that it goes to the artist themselves. And very recently they changed there icon and there very open about supporting Ukraine and I love that. Maybe it will help some of the people who don’t understand the seriousness of the situation.
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2 years ago, Jinn_7220
These changes are CRAP!
I have used Zedge for over 13+ years. I loved this app when I first found it because I could find any wallpaper, any ringtone, any notification sound I wanted… All that has changed so much!… It’s really sad that this app no longer lets you search for any specific tones or sounds anymore but it’s especially tragically pathetic that they’re trying to force us to pay for wallpapers now by credits.. and if you don’t have credits all you gotta do is buy some all for wallpapers that can probably be found just as easily on google and if not pffftt, oh well cause I’m not paying for credits and I’m not paying for wallpapers. APP NEEDS TO GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS!!
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7 years ago, DJfromDC
I love Zedge!
I've been using Zedge since I first got a cell phone! I love looking through all their photos! I download a lot of them just for my enjoyment! Or I choose one to write Scripture on and post. I get plenty of great feedback on the photos. I've had the Zedge app for many years and I've never had any problems whatsoever with it. They constantly add new ones and my husband likes to change his wallpaper frequently with Zedge photos. Definitely five plus stars!
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5 years ago, gasp, adam
Like the app, but can’t find what I want
I like the app and the idea of it. But, when I’m on Google or other sources and find a ringtone or wallpaper I’d like to have, I can’t find it in the app! I’ve searched up the same exact title and tried other things, but nothing works. I feel that it would be better to be able to be taken to the specific ringtone or wallpaper in the app (if it’s downloaded) once you click some sort of button on the website. I have deleted the app before due to this, and this is a personal dislike I have for the app, but nonetheless it’s a great app!
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2 years ago, tdyxyrxryryd
App gone bad
2016 zedge was definitely better. There were cool wallpapers that you could actually get without paying for and honestly the ringtones were better. Everything now is kinda boring. Also the platform layout imo is kinda annoying, and it frustrating to have to actually like click onto an audio just to play it. It used to be a very fun app me and my sister go on and it was a good app now with all the updates the app kinda went bad. Not to mention, why are we paying for WALLPAPERS we could get of google for free?
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6 years ago, åddie
Okay app but,
When i went to my photos to put something into an album, i discovered that there are about 120 albums labeled ’zedge’ that were all empty, and I don’t understand why they are there, and why there are so many of them. And since you can’t mass delete albums, i had to delete them one by one. I know i did not do anything to cause this because I hadn’t downloaded any ringtones, wallpapers, etc. And i had just gotten the app THREE HOURS before this happened. Why i give this app two stars is just because it was a very frustrating thing to deal with. To end on a good note, i explored the app itself, and its pretty good.
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9 months ago, KevinMkz
Droid does it best
Literally hate iPhone / Apple for these reasons. Can’t customize nothing with out a round.. unfortunately I have both for the matter of convenience of using Apple Pay when google pay is not accepted as I hate using filthy keypads & inserting cards and waiting around to have my card information get skimmed with these bogus ATM machines . iPhone still gets 3 stars while droid gets 4 stars. Phones nowadays should be extremely hard to break. They just want more money to fix these…Get me a battery that last a few days then which ever comes up with that gets 5 stars. Rated this app 5 stars on Droid play store. Apple gets 1 star
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3 years ago, gtbwest
Wishlist Feature
It’s a great app for Wallpapers with great quality. My only thing I want is a location in the app where we can access wallpapers bought with coins or downloaded before. I delete wallpapers I get sometimes and I have a hard time finding them. Or I just want to find the creator to check other wallets that they create. Either to follow creators or a place in the app to find downloaded photos from before would be very amazing
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9 months ago, Ajsnsn
Same mistake update after update!🙄
I can't believe that after this update they are still not able to understand that their live photos do not work in iOS 17, since iOS 16 they have had the same error in all their live photos or video wallpapers, especially when the photos are in jpeg format🙄 🤦🏻‍♂️, I hope they solve it because for me it is the best app for wallpapers but unfortunately the team does not fully understand the problem of being able to put a live photo on lockscrenn.
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11 months ago, PoSt23!
The app use to be OG
This app was amazing back when I used it in middle school. You could search up almost anything and you will be able to find the ringtones or notifications u wanted even if they were scary, funny or just plane out stupid it was awesome back then but now it’s about micro transaction you have to buy “credits” to get wallpapers that might not even be good once u actually use it. I used to be able to search up any funny ringtones and notifications. I tried to search up smosh and invader zim for gurr but couldn’t get anything now a days the only things that’s up is anything that’s popular right now. It’s not worth it
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11 months ago, Young Rigby
Great app, but have suggestions
I really love the ringtones on this app, but I feel like some of them are a little too pricey. It would be cool if you had a feature that you could share the app with a friend. When you share the app with a friend, you should get a certain amount of credits. I hope you will take this idea into consideration for your next update. Keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, LynneMarieS
Our company developed hundreds of wallpapers for Zedge. Suddenly, today: poof!
We were a premium seller on this app for over a year. We always made sure our work was original and copyright free. Suddenly, today our account was suspended without warning or explanation. Hundreds of hours of our original artwork taken down. Our company has an excellent track record on other websites. We are also a stockholder, but after tomorrow we will no longer be one. Your loss, Zedge. PS. You need a better IT dept. I worked IT for decades, and your support people need server and support training. The headaches we went through! Omg. Good riddance. A once good company destroys itself. Bye!
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6 months ago, PhantomLover(original)
Won’t open & my pics are gone
Just like the title says I can’t open the app. Keeps saying “cannot connect to zedge server try again later”. I have purchased a lot of wallpapers. So where are they? Zedge has been removed from my phone’s wallpaper in settings too, so I’m unable to add wallpaper from there either. Worst of all is the developers are ignoring all recent reviews, as well as their customers. Apple said they will refund me if zedge doesn’t own the issue soon. Oh well. Most of us took screenshots and got your pics for free anyway. Feels good taking advantage of someone who did the same for me. Thanks for the free pics!
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4 years ago, liam garron
A life hack for this app
This app you can get these Zedge credits. Now this might get removed but for y who see this this is important. I have a wallpaper that costed 10,000 Zedge credits. That would I think be at lest 20 dollars just for one wallpaper. Your probably asking who would spend 20 dollars on a wallpaper. Just screen shot the wallpaper. The. Go to your photos a crop it. Now go to your settings and go to wallpaper. And add the wallpaper, it’s that easy now enjoy your dope wallpaper .
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3 years ago, cheekymisfit
Update Made it Worse
I've had this app for quite some time and through the years it has steadily declined in both ease of use and quality. The addition of premium content made things inaccessible and now this new update that took away premium makes it so tedious to download anything. I'm not getting the things that I used to when I search for something and overall it honestly is just so much worse. That being said, it's probably one of the best out there. None of these apps are honest and none of them are accessible really.
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3 months ago, Pumpkin89$
Love my Zedge
I absolutely love my Zedge app, it gives me so many wallpaper choices to choose from that I’ve spent hours browsing wallpapers in a single day. You even get a large library of wallpapers if you can’t join at first or maybe you just want to check it out Promiss it’s worth every single penny to be able to pick a paper for my phone that matches my mood for the day. It’s totally awesome 🌸😊
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4 years ago, Lufialunar
I found this by following their main website. It told me to download the ringtone from the app. After downloading the app. It had 1 wall paper and 0 ringtones that I was looking for. Though their main website had a lot of both. I kept getting referred to the app when I wanted a ringtone and or a wall paper that I wanted on the website. If you want those you have to create an account and jump through several misleading pages to get to the download screen. This app is Meh at best and barely passes with it’s search function. I’m uninstalling and just using the website myself.
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2 years ago, Ay-Kriv
Remove NFTs
I've used this app on and off for years, but had it offloaded on my previous phone due to low storage capacity. Well recently I got a new phone with better storage, and so I decided to redownload it. Big mistake. As I'm scrolling through I see a section for NFTs. I was already a bit worried when they introduced the in-app currency (why can't I just get the backgrounds that I want when I could probably just Google Image search them), but now you're selling NFTs? Disappointing. NFTs do more harm than good, and I hope you reconsider and stop selling them. If that happens, I may reconsider and redownload your app. Thanks for reading.
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