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ZipGrade LLC
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User Reviews for ZipGrade

4.89 out of 5
30.1K Ratings
7 years ago, DrBPierre
Great potential
I wish I had this ten years ago! A technical tour de force, unfortunately for the last decade’s curriculum. This is a great way to score multiple choice and is ok for rubric scored items. It was most relevant for secondary application where teachers were not concerned with “tagging” individual standards for mastery. As common core is implemented with a greater focus on these standards, and an increased number of math sections converting to integrated math, this will be a big limitation. At the elementary level, It has lost relevance because it does not have the common core standards pre-uploaded so you have to manually input them, then associate the manually written standards with each test item one by one on your cell phone, a colossal task. Corrections to the standards database that you have entered manually are not easily accomplished: you have to erase the standard, re-input it, then re-associate the standard with each test item it was previously associated with. In schools where report cards are written to individual standard mastery, this is a big liability. In the future, the inability to capture images for rubric scored items, i.e. the inability to maintain a portfolio of actual student work images will ultimately render this program to a minor role for the common core teacher.
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6 years ago, words and musings
Time-saving and meaningfully helpful
I am so very grateful for this app. In the obvious ways, this app is great because it is time-saving and allows me to give my students immediate feedback on their work. But more subtly and just as important are some of its other virtues; I export the data and am able to return it to students so they can make their corrections. I also use the item analysis to look at patterns that might reveal shortcomings in my instruction. The app developers have been great at providing a rapid response when I did have an issue (which was totally user-error though they were polite in saying so). This app allows you the opportunity to try before you buy but I am happy to be on my second subscription, and thank you for not having it set up to renew automatically! This is without a doubt the best value subscription I have for making easier my job as a teacher. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Roseyredsox
Worth the membership fee
I teach 5th Grade Science to 6 classes (a total of 130 students). The free version would not have been sufficient for my needs. My school previously used Achievement Series so I had become accustomed to having my tests and quizzes graded and analyzed quickly. While this program falls short of Achievement Series in being able to tie my standards to my test items, it exceeds my expectations in many other ways. It did take me some time in the beginning to set up my classes and assign student numbers, but once it was set up everything else is a breeze. I must say I really appreciate the feature where I can download the pre-filled student sheets as this will save me 5-10 minutes of assessment time teaching the students how to properly fill in their information.
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7 months ago, CalcFan2.72
Huge time saver
Huge time saver. Scoring a test takes seconds per test. It was frustrating for me to learn the how-to(s), however. There are pre-made answer sheets for 20, 50, and 100 item tests. You can custom make your own also. I have found it best for me to stick with what’s provided. Allows you to change question point values after grading. This is helpful for eliminating questions with high error rate. A shortcoming is that it doesn’t discriminate between an erasure and an answer well. The result is that a correct answer can be marked as wrong because the scanner sees two bubbles marked. 100 scans per month are free. Subscription is $6.99/year. Well worth it.
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7 years ago, Uktashe
More variety, flexibility and functions
I love that I can create multi-select questions, make answers worth partial credit or bonus credit, and fix errors to the key with an easy tap of the buttons. Even after tests are scanned, changes are instantly made to all my students' quizzes or tests! Better still, I can easily fix mis-scans and student errors in the app without a rescan. If I question a student during follow-up 1-on-1, and they orally answer correctly, I can change their scanned answer in seconds! And since I'm always trying to improve as a teacher, item analysis shows me what I need to reteach (when students answered all over the place) and what questions were worded ambiguously or on which students were unanimously mistaken. Next year, I can teach those concepts better or change the question to be more clear! My wife and I both use it for small quizzes and large tests, and we recommend this app to every teacher out there!
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5 years ago, Ander763
So helpful!
I’ve been using this app for over a year now and love what it lets me do in terms of tracking student knowledge. I can tag questions with learning objectives and then give students a summary of how well they did for each objective. It gives me amazing control of data! One thing I wish they would do was give more functionality to the website portion. The things that are app only work well, but it would be nice to have the option to do everything on the website, too. I don’t need the app to handle all the features but it would be way easier to use the service if at least the website could do everything (create quizzes, tag questions, etc).
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6 years ago, elizmcp
Love this app!
This app is so easy to use and so much better than using standard scantrons. Student can see their scores as they leave the classroom and grades are automatically entered into a spreadsheet that can be exported as an excel file for incorporation into my own grade book or into Canvas. The app generates stats and analysis per question, and provides a list of how many students chose each answer. Syncing your exam data to your computer is also quick and easy. One last comment- this app is affordable! Finally a great teaching app that is not cost prohibitive.
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7 years ago, ACcfdsrhubiiyb
Great App for Team-Based Learning
This app allows the instructor to grade individual quizzes (readiness assessment tests) right in class while students are working on the questions with their teams. Having instant access to the individual results (including item analysis of each question) helps the instructor immediately provide feedback on areas where students need the most help while skipping areas where students performed well. Being able to import the results directly into a grade book was a huge time saver as well.
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6 years ago, Peyton Inness
The best
I decided to use ZipGrade at the last minute for my semester exams and oh my goodness it has saved so much time. The app is super easy to use and very straightforward. The item analysis on the web version is beneficial for grading purposes. It breaks down who answered what for each question. If I were to try and analyze every test for 120 students it would take SO MANY HOURS. All it takes is a few minutes to add your rosters and a couple minutes to scan a class test. I’m super excited to be able to use this a lot more.
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6 years ago, Gua gua
Deal Changer
I stumbled upon this looking for a phone scanner for scantron forms when I was far away from any scantron machine. This app is INCREDIBLE! It does so much more than a scantron. It does stats graphically and way more calculations. It is also much faster and everything can be documented and sent to various electronic formats. I have showed this to many of my coworkers and they too switched to ZipGrade. I pay for the full subscription which is a deal considering what you get. I highly recommend this.
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7 years ago, MrsDr.B
Let's me grade quickly and collect data at the same time
I love this app. Worst thing about teaching is grading papers. Zip grade makes grading so much better. Students don't have to use pencil, I can create and print individualized grading sheets for my students, as I grade - I am automatically getting an item analysis on each question , AND if I decide to alter the point value of a question, or add options that are acceptable, I can do it on the spot and the app degrades the papers automatically. Super! Thanks
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1 year ago, Lynnmarie22
Best $7 I have ever spent.
I can’t say enough about how great this program is. The custom answer docs are amazing. The program has gotten better over the years at accurately reading student answers and is incredibly accurate. Gives me tons of data at my fingertips to inform teaching and keep administration happy. Kids love the immediate feedback. Makes my life as a high school teacher so much easier!!
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7 years ago, Sithlord75
Fantastic tool for all teachers!
This app is amazing. It saves so much time, even compared to Scantrons. Immediate results, which students love. Also, statistics for individual questions and entire exams. The gradebook is handy for keeping track. The only drawback is there REALLY needs to be a button to change "all" or "all selected" questions to a different point value in one step. It is a hassle to change 50+ questions to a different value, rarely are my questions worth the default "1 point".
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5 years ago, shouse in the house
I love this app! My school does not really have the budget for scantrons, so this is the best alternative. Plus you don’t have to go to the scantron machine to grade, students can have immediate feedback on your phone. Not to mention it keeps a digital copy, so if a student tries to cheat and change one of the letters to the right one when you are going over the test, you can be like “hmm that’s weird because this is what you had originally”
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7 years ago, Fayettephil, AR
Unbelievable performance and low cost (after a free trial)!
A must-have for teachers using multiple-choice exams. My three wishes: 1) Add an option for an answer key with every class pack [extra blank answer sheet with test header info]; 2) Make changing the value of each question less tedious [input menu or default to "test_value / question_quantity" would be nice]; and 3) Adapt the program to be used for surveys [all of the statistics without an answer key].
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7 years ago, TomgirlToy
Time Saver
ZipGrade is such a timer saver for me and the students. The instant feedback on assessments is so helpful to the students and being able to reference their answer sheets historically is also helpful - especially in a parent conference. I purchased the paid version because I was so impressed- it even kept all my answer keys from the prior years. Thanks for making my life as a teacher a little less complicated.
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7 years ago, Mimi_01
Best money you will ever spend!
With all of the focus on student achievement and differentiation, this is the best thing out there to give you the data you need to quickly access students areas of weakness and address them instantly. My kids love it as much as I do! After all they have grown up in an instantaneous society, so the immediate turn around is also a great thing for them. I recommend it to every teacher I know.
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5 years ago, BradB 001
Used for Ballot Counting
I used ZipGrade a little differently than normal as a voting ballot at an event I hosted. It worked amazingly well! There were hundreds of ballots. With two people scanning ballots we were able to get them all counted in about 45 minutes so we could present awards before the event ended. In past years we had many people counting ballots by hand for a few hours. I highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, WonderWoman1125
Love Love Love
I teach math at a high school. Zip grade has changed the way I do so much of my quizzes and grading. I love that I can collect data on individual classes or whole groups to find most commonly missed answers as well as most missed problems. I love that Zip Grade has the opportunity for me to see the frequency correct for every question. I can anticipate and align my assessments providing alignment for backward planning. It is worth every bit.
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6 months ago, NorskyViking
Easiest way to grade!
I usually have at least 2 or more versions of each test. Easy to scan multiple keys in. As students finish I scan their papers and they get immediate feedback. You don’t have to keep the completed scan forms as the app saves a picture. I pay for the upgrade as I have 200+ students. Worth it!
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7 years ago, Euroteach
A Teacher's Friend
ZipGrade really is a teacher's friend! It makes creating a quiz or test a snap and then grading the test is a breeze. You're able to give your students feedback quickly affording them insight to what they need to review and study. Therefore giving you information on what topics you need to cover again which will build your students knowledge and confidence.
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6 years ago, SB3743
I love this app! It has saved me so much time with grading. My one suggestion/question would be if there would be a way to delete a class set of grades for every school year? I mostly use the same assessments every year and delete each previous students' names/grades one-by-one and I was wondering if there could be an easier way to archive that information. Thank you!!
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5 years ago, Madog1001
Fantastic app!
One of the best apps I’ve ever used! I conduct a lot of professional training classes and need to grade tests quickly. This app makes that super easy and fast. I also love the functionality of this app where I can immediately see which questions students are having trouble with. Wish I had this years ago! Great job Zip!
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7 years ago, kstieren
Easy way to scan papers.
This app makes it simple to scan answer sheets and is easy to use. My one complaint is in the mapping answer key feature - it would save me so much time if I could type in which number each question maps to instead of having to scroll through all the numbers. I would like if even more if you could add/map keys on the website instead of only the phone.
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4 years ago, Dennmother
Love it!!!
I've been using it for a little over a year and I love this product. It is such a time saver. I am able to give faster feedback and analyze my tests. Can't say enough good things about it. Have recommended to MANY of my teacher friends. You don’t pay me to sing your praises but you should. I’ve also given tutorials to people both in and out of school.
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4 years ago, Eric Shock Home
Best classroom money I’ve ever spent
In today’s educational profession of data driven instruction, having a tool like ZipGrade that breaks down your item analysis so easily and accessibly is invaluable. Add onto that customizable bubble sheets and pre-coded answer sheets and it’s better than any “ScanTron” like tool out there. This is what bubble sheets should be like in a digital classroom! And all for about $7 a year??? Money well spent!!!!!
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1 year ago, jrmayberry
Amazing tool for teachers.
I've used ZipGrade for years and it is wonderful. I often grade quizzes in class as students finish. They are a bit nervous at first to get the immediate feedback on what they missed, but it is soo good for them to see. I also love the statistics and the ability for students to see their quiz results on the student portal.
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6 years ago, Punkinchris
This is app allows me to scan my students’ grades effortlessly, and upload into the grade book. There’s even an item analysis by question and answer choices. The only thing I could suggest is they allow you to group students in each class so you can see an item analysis on ethnicities and SPED groups. Other than that, perfect for grading
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6 years ago, bocrock
Instant feedback so much more
Best app I have ever purchased. This allows the teacher to grade instantly, analyze test data, and gives feedback immediately to the students. This will keep teachers from burning out and allows more time for them to prepare their lessons. Furthermore, student grades can be up to date for an accurate account of their grades.
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7 years ago, Areviewprocessneeds2work
More useful than scantrons
This app is very easy to use just for grading but it also allows for using statistics to analyze quiz questions and it makes it easy to adjust scores without having to run them through the machine again. It's really a very powerful tool that allows me to give immediate feedback to my students.
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7 years ago, ASunnyDre
Instant feedback
My students love that I can scan their tests as they finish. We can also quickly see the most missed questions. I haven't found a report I like. I don't know if I can't find it or it doesn't exist but I'd like a print out of the same stats I see on my phone. I'd also like to be able to compare Form A to Form B of the same test. Right now it's too cumbersome to have two different forms.
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7 years ago, Fballgeek99
This App is the bomb!!
As any teacher will tell you time is of the essence. It's so easy to get behind on grading papers therefore it is so nice to have an app that you can use at anytime and for any type of assessment. In addition to that, in a data driven world such as education. The app provides data analysis so that you can check for strength of mastery for each student and classes.
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1 year ago, bejuh3785749997
This app quite literally a waste of my time
It works 30% of the time. In the time I spend standing like a statute waiting for the app to do its job, I could have graded the sheet by hand. Don’t waste your money or your hopes for a time hack, you will just end up frustrated and disappointed.
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7 years ago, Player10156
Saves me so much time!
This has been best $7 I've spent in a long time. Using zip grade on my very first test was worth the $7. The amount of time I spend grading is ridiculous. Now I can give multiple versions of tests/quizzes and sometimes get grades back very same day. The item analysis helps me determine where to concentrate reteaching. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Matty bizzler
Excellent data
This app gives you whole class data, individual student data, and superb item analysis. It’s perfect for deciding how to modify instruction. You can choose to group students by overall performance or performance on specific question. It’s also great for deciding how to structure whole class remediation.
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5 years ago, Instructional Leader
I only get planning periods once or twice a week, and though I hardly ever give tests, when I do I can’t ever find a scantron or get to the machine to grade. Now o can print a class set off at the beginning of the year, have my librarian laminate them and then kids can test with dry emerald markers. No mess, no pencils to sharpen, we save time, money, and sanity by using ZipGrade.
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1 year ago, RHStaines
An Educator’s Dream!
ZipGrade is an amazing resource that helps teachers accurately assess understanding of and provide feedback to students. The item analysis portion is crucial for diagnosing issues and planning remediation. Thank you for giving us time to help students by making such a fast, reliable program and app!
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6 years ago, Phys Rules
Best app I have ever purchased!
Administering and assessing student work has become such a breeze and so incredibly simple and fast with ZipGrade I would recommend it to every educator. Everything on it works perfectly. The price is extremely reasonable especially especially if you use all the features.
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6 years ago, Cheap Reader II
Time saver
This app quickly lets you grade multiple response true false questions in seconds. Initial setup of putting in students was easy enough. Teaching students to use ID number is a minor irritation. I had to step in to help out on a whole school standardized test and grades 1000 students in and hour or so as I am slow sorting papers. It is a scantron on your phone. Instant results in a classroom. I grade the papers as handed in and do the data entry live in class. Major time saver and chance to check for mismarked while student is present to correct. Instant grading sends a message to students too. Worth every cent.
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7 years ago, Paul, just Paul ...
I love that there are iPhone, iPad, and web interfaces, all for a very reasonable price (or even free for less than 100 tests graded per month). Personally, I would like to be able to create keys from the web interface, and ideally even import/export keys as text files. This would be really helpful for big tests from a publisher bank.
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6 years ago, Sean Xavier
Best Grading App Ever
This app has saved me so much time on grading multiple choice math tests. It has also provided me with data to help me modifying my future lessons to help my students with any misconceptions that they may have experienced. I decided to purchase the app. Only $6.99 for the year for unlimited scans. It’s so worth it. Thank you!
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9 months ago, 2808Godd
Analysis of test or quiz
I love the test/quiz analysis of every question so I can see the highly missed questions on the test/quiz. I recently gave a test and on the day I returned the test — I was able to spend a few minutes to reteach a few concepts students missed.
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5 years ago, L's disappointment
Awesome app!
What a God-send for grading multiple choice exams. I created my own answer sheet (because the exam has 25 questions) and used it last night to grade exams. Worked flawlessly. Took just a bit of time to set up using both my desktop and phone, but well worth the time. Thanks for the FREE app!
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6 years ago, Durakiin
Could not live without it!
I am so glad I found this app. I use it all the time, it is my number one app, without a doubt. To be honest I never bothered looking at data before I started using this app. Now I use it all the time, there is no excuse not to. It has improved my teaching immensely. Buy this app!
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7 years ago, Don Braxl
Grading, what grading
A college told me about ZipGrade. After my first quiz, decided to upgrade to annual. My students love that I can scan their quiz or test and give them a grade on the spot. Only downside is that their is no manual, as yet; however they did respond, quickly I might say, to let me know they were working on one.
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7 years ago, Losoccer14
What's Best for Kids!
This apps is phenomenal. Not only does it save time for teacher and give much needed instant feedback to both teacher and student, but analysis feature is unlike I have seen before. The data from this app about the questions and responses, ensures that assessments are developed and revisit to be what is best for kids. LOVE IT!
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2 months ago, Spoonick
Makes grading easy
I love this app. It makes grading easy and works on multiple platforms. It tells you if the lighting is off or if there are missing or multiple marks. Wish they had a lifetime subscription for it.
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7 years ago, Sweetbabies
I really like this app. It save me so much time. I can get my students multiple choice questions graded as they are finishing the exam and have time to grade their free response. I just wish the app would show the correct answer along with what they missed.
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5 years ago, Joseph Rayle
Good Tool For Teachers
I like the fact that you can customize your tests. The subscription rate is pretty reasonable (I just buy it myself; my institution is too busy hiring administrators to give lowly profs money for classes). I find the interface a bit fiddly, and I wish I could create quizzes on the website. Overall, not bad. I’m on my second year of using this.
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5 years ago, benv98
Makes life easier!
This makes grading and collecting usable data a snap. I wish there were some more features for making the key such as a way to assign points for certain sections instead of one question at a time. Other than that, it’s great!
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