ASO Benchmarks & Mobile Trends Report 2023

1. Introduction

The year 2023 has brought dynamic changes significant for ASO managers. The adoption of artificial intelligence means both challenges and opens up new opportunities. Inflation and looming economic slowdown influences incentive for spending on mobile apps. The long term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic still reverberate. Product pages of apps on app stores need to reflect their fast-paced environment.

This edition of SplitMetrics’ ASO Benchmarks & Mobile Trends Report covers Photo & Video apps, as well as two robust subcategories of Education apps — Language Learning Apps and Music Learning Apps.

Affected by new technology and targeting diverse audiences, apps from these categories are a great example of successful adoption to emerging trends in user expectations. Studying them will help any ASO manager out there to establish an app store presence necessary to be successful.

Each category comes with its set of recommendations, benchmarks, and ASO trends gathered and analyzed by the team of experts at SplitMetrics.

“Mobile apps have changed our perception of education and entertainment, often combining the two. Our newest ASO Benchmarks Report highlights the similarities of these categories — as well as their differences — to provide you with clear recommendations for creating and changing app metadata. What’s more, this report is a pioneer of sorts as in this version we disclose tips for designing custom product pages on the App Store.”

Zhanna Radovnya
Customer Success Manager at SplitMetrics

SplitMetrics is an ecosystem of mobile marketing products and services that enable publishers to unlock new levels of app growth.For this report, we’ve gathered the freshest data from tests collected and checked in the first half of 2023 with our in-house solution, SplitMetrics Optimize. It’s an advanced mobile optimization platform for data-driven decision making, used for validation of concepts and features with transparent A/B tests for iOS and Android.

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