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Ideal for indie developers and small teams
Built for heavy usage by medium and big developers
Paying annually or $449 month-to-month
12 Month Minimum Commitment
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Monthly Experiments
Accelerated Experiments™
Variations per Experiment
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App Page
App Page, Category, Search, Search Ads
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Dedicated Success Manager
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Managed Services
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All plans include these essential features

Pre-launch experiments

Real-Time User Behavior Analytics

Run A/B Tests in 14+ Languages

Integrated with Facebook Ads

Integrated with major Mobile Attribution Platforms

ASO Health-Check Auditor

Deep Reporting and Segmentation

Easy Report Sharing

No SDK, No Development Needed

Common Questions

Does SplitMetrics require SDK integration?

Using our service does not require any integrations or SDK.

Do I need to pay for the cost of sending traffic to the experiment page?

Yes, in addition to your monthly pricing fee you need to pay for the user acquisition costs.

Can I test the app which is not yet released?

Sure, you can run an A/B test even before you launch. This can help you find the most effective app store listings and collect the user's emails.

Google Play experiments are free, so why go elsewhere?

Google Play indeed allows mobile publishers to run experiments on their app pages, but it comes with significant limitations: experiments are limited and time-consuming, no on-page analytics and you can’t test iOS apps there.

If I am not satisfied with the service how do get my money back?

Refunds are rare, because we do all that we can to ensure your satisfaction. There are, however, specific situations in which refunds are granted, for example, if there are no active experiments during a long period of time.

How does your platform work?

We simulate an app store page so that it looks identical to the app page on the App Store or Google Play. Then you create different variations of your app page, launch A/B test and send a portion of traffic to the test web page to define the most effective variation.

What does your managed service include?

Managed Services mean that we are in charge of the whole process, ranging from setting up you experiment to driving traffic to it and preparing follow up tests.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to try your service?

No, the first 30 days you will get a free trial and your credit card is not required.

Is your service reliable?

We use 256-bit SSL encrypted connection and continuous backups to keep your data safe.

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