Apple Search Ads Optimization – 10 SplitMetrics Acquire Filters

What drives your ad spend up? What can boost your Apple Search Ads performance and scaling? How to manage Apple Search Ads account 3x faster?

Applying filters is one of the most effective ways of Apple Search Ads optimization as they provide revealing insights applicable to further improvement.

In this guide, we explore 10 handy SplitMetrics Acquire filters that help boost your Apple App Store ads efficiency.

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Apple Search Ads Optimization – 10 SplitMetrics Acquire Filters

What’s Inside?

In this guide you can discover what filters look like and how they work:

Apple Search Ads Filters: Account Performance Checkers

  • Ad Groups with low TTR
  • Ad Groups with low Download Rate
  • Install Rate and discrepancies between Apple Search Ads
  • Share of keywords with no impressions

Apple Search Ads Filters: Spend Wasters

  • Non-converting keywords
  • Keywords that have exceeded Target Cost per Goal

Apple Search Ads Filters: Growth Boosters

  • Profitable keywords (top converters)
  • Low TTR and a high volume of impressions
  • Low Download Rate and a large number of taps
  • Apple Search Ads filters: management streamliners
  • Overlaps and competing keywords
Download Filters Cheat Sheet

Download Filters Cheat Sheet

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