淘宝 - 太好逛了吧

3.5 (5.1K)
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Last update
11 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for 淘宝 - 太好逛了吧

3.5 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
3 years ago, MorbidMermaid
Update Had Trashed Image Search Feature
The most recent update has completely screwed up the image search feature on this app. I’ve been using the taobao website for several years now, and only just tried out the app earlier this year. I was very pleasantly surprised by how much smoother it runs compared to the browser site. For a person whose only language is English, and with lots of help from a translation app, I myself find this app very easy to navigate and it is in fact one of my favorite apps/websites to shop on. I’ve had no problems with this app until the most recent updates, and I have to say that it’s both disappointing and frustrating. The image search feature on here was one of the best I’ve ever used as well as being the most helpful tool for me, especially due to the language barrier. I have, on countless occasions, been able to find the exact items I was looking for, just from the reverse image search all on it’s own because of the notice to detail. Unfortunately, with the recent update, the reverse image search has been reduced to a very diluted version of its previous superior quality. I really hope that this will be addressed and corrected soon.
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5 years ago, scttch
Suggestion for the item I don’t need
After I have bought an item, I kept getting new suggestion for the same type of items. Some items I only need one for a long time, if you are showing me better ones will only make me feel regret of what I bought or just wasting my time and your resource as a unintelligent APP. Don’t think that you have made a great platform and services will automatically high rating of the APP. Keep up the good work and create the APP up to what you should of be, be the real top platform of China and do some real user friend creation.
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2 years ago, AKjkljs
I love shopping 🥹 my wallet suffers though. Great for finding hanfu 🥰If you keep getting banned, their security is uselessly strict so you shouldn’t change your IP too much. Avoid logging in at different places/devices because they’ll see it as a security breach on your account. You will need to ask your friends currently in China to purchase everything you want on their account and then pay them back. Probably delete the app before going to China and then pick up your stuff, or just have your connection in China send them to you overseas. It will take a month or two. Security is uptight like wechat tbh, but even harder to recover on taobao. Living in the US requires patience with taobao. It’s good to know people in china for this app. As for the other stuff, I’m not expecting a whole lot from them since I was able to access my own secure method for shopping.
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12 months ago, nasoonmi
Make a international vs of 5 step verification
Hello, I’m here to say the stuff on here looks absolutely stunning, I made my first ever purchase on taobao infact, but already ran into a issue that was far more worse than I anticipated. I no longer have no access to my account and won’t be able to unless I go through a 5 step verification? How can you make it where people can shop on her internationally but as soon as they make their first ever purchase you make it where we have to have a non international verification process? Like? I don’t understand. I know it’s a asian website however, there should be no reason why international is an option but verification for it isn’t international. Now I can’t even check my order status or browse and buy things anymore.
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7 months ago, starboy0204
Please Add Translation
I’ve been using Taobao for years and all the products arrive perfectly and undamaged, shipping is too high for air shipping, but I can wait paitently for sea shipping since it’s cheaper, but I really wish it had a translation option, because translating a lot of products and talking to the sellers is very complicated when translation wrote the wrong word, some seller knows English which is helpful, but I wish there was still a translation option so I don’t have to screenshot everything to translate the photo on Google translate
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4 years ago, Love that guy with da mustache
Pretty useless, due to limitations
This app actually receives negative stars because it takes up space (exists) without doing any good. I registered an account after downloading the app so I could save the snacks I want on the app, and buy them all when I visit mainland China. Then I’m told the account is being protected and I cannot add items to my shopping cart nor can I save/like some things to a list for future shopping. I asked the customer service they said it’s because when I registered I probably used unsafe connections or having unsafe apps in my phone so then the system went ahead and did these protective measures for my own good. I should register another account and use that. I said ok. I tried to disconnect my phone number that’s associated with the account, can’t do that because of the limitations (breaking the rules in their words) ... So I used another phone number and registered a second account. Same issue right away. I didn’t do anything except registering that account with a phone number, (I didn’t even put in any information) and I am told to have the same limitations. What a piece of trash system. No one else has the same problem? Is it cuz I’m in the US??
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10 months ago, izzyabij
not only is this worse than the website its annoying
the website and app are incredibly difficult to use even with translations. Its stupidly difficult to try and make an account or use the application or website without one because youll be directed to a login screen which doesnt tend to work and you lose whatever you found before that. its horrible in terms of how it works and hardly even does so correctly at all. it seems great it does. however the way its mechanics works is horrible. ill be directed every second to something else rather than what i asked and making an account is incredibly difficult. I suggest both the site and app are fixed. theres no reason to promote your app if its just as bad as the website
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4 years ago, 不错哦哈哈好
they can ban your account without any reason
I registered a Tao Bao account online with my phone number last night. And then, I purchased six items through the app soon after I log into the app. This morning, I login my account to check the shipping status again around 10:30. And then after half hour later, I was told that my account was permanently banned! I contacted the customer service, they did nothing but saying I must did something wrong and they were not able to give me the reason because they were not allowed to see the reason! I just purchased some stuffs from your app! What am I doing wrong??? They also refused to provide me the contact information of my sellers. Then, I sent the screenshot of my purchase confirmation number to them. They told me that they cannot find my purchase! What hell..... I was trying to register another account but failed because my phone number has been registered. Tao Bao, just return my money since I have no way to pay the cross-boarder fee and unable to receive my purchases. I’ll give you negative stars if I could.
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6 months ago, Gmale1
English is needed
There is one major drawback to this app - it only supports the Chinese language. This can be a major challenge for foreign users who do not know Chinese, making it difficult for them to navigate and fully utilize the app's features. Despite this limitation, the app is still highly praised for its functionality and user-friendly interface. It is highly recommended that the developers implement a language selection feature to cater to international users and make the app even better.
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3 years ago, Pmnewkirk30
Needs an English option
I have no idea why this APPs description is labeled as English. The entire APP is in simplified Chinese and there is no way to chage the language to English. I’d give 5 starts if they’d offer an English option . Until then I will stick with 3 stars because of the inconvenience of always having to flip between Taobao and a translation APP to understand anything.
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2 years ago, Eggyaa
Worse customer service
The app allow third party of the company’s choice to open your packages for consolidation while not monitoring if the items inside are missing. When items gone missing they blame buyer and/or seller couldn’t provide proof such as video of you opening and count item. When you ask their third party to proof all items are packed since they signed and opens original package, only thing you will get is “station says everything if fine” no evidence will be provided and then all sort run around till time expired system force you to pay automatically.
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5 years ago, JH111222
Weitao is too much
The app is very good in general, but one thing is incredibly annoying. Why on Earth do I have to follow the shops on Weitao if I want to keep them in my favorites?! When I clear a shop from Weitao, it also gets deleted from my favorites folder. This makes no sense at all. It just forces you to follow updates on every single shop in Weitao that you bookmark. It would be great if there’s an option to keep your bookmarked shops but not follow all of them on Weitao.
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3 years ago, yu_1213
Worst app ever!!!!!!
I bought some clothing on this app on Oct, and it took almost 2 months to deliver. TaoBao has a policy said if the delivery time is over 30 business days, they can refund your shipping fee. However, if you pay in USD, it won’t refund USD to your bank account, instead, they will refund Chinese Yuan to your TaoBao account, because they don’t have a refund directly to your bank account service!! So, if you can not wait 2 month or even longer for your package , don’t buy!!!! Also, if you can not accept the shipping fee are not refunded directly to your USD account, DO NOT buy!!!!
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5 years ago, Hongdoushalh
Serious privacy concerns
Whenever I opened the app it immediate shut off any music playing in the background. Even if you manually turn it back on using Control Panel, the app will shut the music down instantly again. Why are you doing this and at the same time constantly requesting microphone access? Are you trying to secret record what’s going on when people use your app? This conduct is utterly intrusive and unduly, let alone the obvious privacy concerns. Oh by the way, if the mall chooses to turn off the music the second you walk in, isn’t that a clever way to say happy shopping.
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1 year ago, shdgewtyrjdbs
Full of scammers
Don’t even buy anything on this platform! Lots of scammers and there is NO customer service. I got scammed by one seller and when I contacted this platform’s customer service, all he said in the message was “Sorry we can’t do anything with the seller. I’m sorry that you had bad shopping experience.” Other than repeating these two sentences, the customer support did nothing else to resolve my issue. I’m very disappointed and won’t buy anything on this platform again. 99% of mainland China sellers are scammers on this platform!!
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4 years ago, Jadejieh
Keep getting restricted
I did not even have any transaction yet but it just blocked me from adding anything to the cart or favorite. 1st time directly blocked my account and the representative told me my account was permanently blocked and I should open a new one. After I opened a new one, it blocked my purchase rights again, and asked me to go to safety settings. When I go to the safety settings it just keep telling me I need to turn on the facial recognition, but it doesn’t give me the option of turning it on! It wasn’t like this before and all happened today.
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7 months ago, Maximas Samus
Very useful
This app is really helpful for us while living in China. Couldn’t live without it! For future updates i Would really like to see more work done making the app working with other phone numbers (like US numbers), translation with other languages, and ability to connect with Alipay easier (with US number).
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4 years ago, NA6127
App getting worse
1. It stops the background music player which brings me privacy concern 2. It doesn’t cache the previous page. I switched to my Notes app to check my shopping list but when switching back, it erased all previous searches. It’s kinda wasting my time to do it again n again. 3. Burning up my phone resources that causes my battery heating 4. Frequently crash and even make my iOS crash once 5. Oddly keep refreshing pages even though the picts & pages looks normal
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5 years ago, Chunqing123
Super easy to find good stuff
Very easy to use to find good stuffs, oh my all kinds of things that you can think of. Enjoying browsing every day and fill up my shopping cart or favorites. Also one button to pay by Alipay, would be better if they don’t charge 3% fee for overseas credit card.
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3 years ago, illusiony
Ewwww disgusting company
This company do not respect female employees and allow sexual harassment and abuse. Their company culture is also ridiculous. They use excuse as “talking about business” to force female employees to drink enormous amount of alcohol and allow clients to sexually assault the female employees. When the girl was trying to get help but the company did not support her at all. This company is disgusting. So, the app from this company is not worth supporting and we should block this app to force this company to do the right thing. I wish I could give them 0 starts.
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5 years ago, Kalex Luthor
Great App
Very user friendly and easy to maneuver. However if there was a way to change the language or a translation option, that would make it better. This would come in handy when talking to sellers as well as many message but do not speak other languages.
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9 months ago, colinyu2000
Ask for Chinese ID to use this app, seriously?
The worst app ever!!! You have to provide an Chinese ID number for unlocking my account even it is the first day I registered using my U.S. phone number due to unsafe reasons? I just want to buy something but I ever can’t finish the registration at all. It looks like to do business with them is going to very difficult since a lot of nonsense requirements during the registration stage.I think the only unsafe reason is this app. Totally ridiculous! Remove it now!
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2 years ago, Wendywendyy
Poor customer service
Poor customer service from both seller and Taobao customer service. Other platforms like PDD is now way better - lower prices, free returns and better customer service. I just had my worst after sale customer service experience after 16 years of using the Taobao platform that caused me a lot of anxiety and loss of sleep. Taobao customer service is of no help and it’s extremely hard to communicate with them. I will be deleting this app and do my shopping elsewhere.
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7 years ago, tokyotsui
App uses too much data
For most users like me who are not using an unlimited data plan, this app uses too much data while I use it like once or twice per day. Drained like 400MB in 5 days. No options on the settings menu to reduce the data usage. I understand that most vendors added many pics but an optimization of reducing the 4G data usage will be much appreciated.
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3 years ago, 电影评论jia
Service has gone down the tube! Sad
I used to love Taobao due to the diversity and life it brings. There are some fake products but you know what you pay for. Recently I paid for some import goods, they did not ship after 3 weeks, and if they don’t ship, you can’t ask for refund either. Two long customer chats and no solutions. In comparison, JD always solved the problems on spot. I just looked into my ETFs and sold everything with BABA in it, this company is going down fast!
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2 years ago, Chen.DYS
If you live outside of china I don’t recommend this app
I’m not able to look at products because whenever I click on something it will ask me to register, after registering it keeps asking me for verification. After a while it says I have to verify my identity and change my password, after changing my password it keeps asking me for verification so I’m not able to login to my account. Without an account I can’t look at the products.
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4 months ago, Prime user for many years
Not international Friendly
Although this app do delivery internationally, but it mainly target customers that understand Chinese well. It’s not internationally users friendly; as the app doesn’t have the function to choose the languages you want and it makes the purchasing a lot harder to understand when encountering problems since they are very strict on account set up and payment methods.
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7 years ago, Hanyu Xuesheng
Similar to Website
You can do everything the website does but with fewer clicks. I know it would asking a bit much, but the screen buttons could have Language localization. Maybe that is part of the Taobao learning curve.
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5 months ago, Fdramos2
Great little app for surviving in China. I just wish they had a translated version or if they would allow the native iPhone translate feature to work. What would be great to is if the search could translate your English input as well.
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1 month ago, customer18492
newly over-aggressive solicitation = bad UX
In the past year, they’ve added so much solicitation that it takes many, many touches to clear my notifications or navigate pages. I’ve stopped using the app to browse. I purchase known products directly, then wait for SMS delivery notification. I won’t even enter the app to track delivery or check messages, which works well enough now that I only buy a limited range of standard goods.
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6 years ago, Mrs.Starkey
Does this app have English version?
I love to shop on Taobao, but the problem here is that it is in Chinese language which I don’t understand. Also, it gave me such a hard time to translate from Chinese to English when it came to search for items and purchase for the wanted items. I really hope that this app will launch the English version, so it will be more easier to the foreign customers to shop or use Taobao app.
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4 months ago, D.artmei
Excellent app
It is a great platform to buy products and play games. It is so much fun to see videos of wonderful cooking, pretty makeups, exercises and so on. We love it. It is nice to see better services from sellers in Taobao with good quality products and integrity. Best regards and blessings.
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2 years ago, D@jiyuan1
Beware! False advertising!
This app falsely advertises 30 Chinese dollars of sign up bonus. You will never get it once you sign up and give all your personal information to this shady company. Like Wells Fargo, this app will automatically sign you up for a bunch of other apps including Alipay, without your knowledge and authorization. This company will also give your personal information to the Chinese government. Don’t be surprised if you receive a call from China’s CIA.
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6 years ago, Flame_head
Good but can be slightly better
There should be an Auto translator to speak to the sellers especially because most of them do understand English.. also the app should have an option of changing the language.
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6 years ago, Thatbuddy
How could we use the app in English
It’s very decent app, we really do like it but we do not understand Chinese, description said that there is more than 7 language but how could we make switching languages possible???
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3 years ago, sarahehssanabdul
The way to change language pf app
Please could you help me or learn me how to change the language of app from China to English ?? Because I could not understand and I don’t know how to change it if there is some one know please learn me
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5 years ago, Habakkuk
Difficult to share links with people not on WeChat
I don’t know why the developer decided to roll out their own “share sheet” but the share function to share items with other people seems to favor users on WeChat and SMS. For other apps, you can only copy a link to the clipboard. We live in the 20th century and I can’t believe we still have to put up with this.
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5 years ago, Keke Chen xiaojie
I like shopping here! Many things you can find here, even something you never seen in a store, you can find here. It’s an amazing place, I like tap so very much! Shopping in taobao stores is my favorite thing
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3 years ago, baba shareholder
Protects sellers for fake products and not customers
I’m a decade long customer of the alibaba apps spending thousands of dollars here. Recently bought a stolen iPhone on the platform advertised as real. Customer service doesn’t protect consumers like EBay and insisted that I take a $300 loss rather than letting the fake sellers to risk $10 of shipping to allow a return. As a consumer, I cannot ever envision using this app or any alibaba apps again. Thanks
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5 years ago, benjaminchodroff
App forgets last item loaded
I can’t read Chinese so I have to take many screenshots to run photo translation software to navigate the app. Unfortunately, it seems recently taobao stops remembering the last item/page you were looking at and always reverts back to home if you switch apps. This makes it very hard to use and often makes me lose track of what item I was looking at last.
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3 months ago, lotto_
The payment system is too bad
If you tie your CC with your account, there'll be no way to create an order without paying immediately, hence you won't be able to modify the amount to match the customized order you want. The workaround is to remove your CC and use Alipay instead. Support agent has no clue about this and take days just to get back to you with nothing.
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2 years ago, Kelseyisafish
i’m so annoyed with the live videos going on all the time. every time i accidentally hit that tiny window and a man or woman start yelling promotions at me it annoys the heck out of me... i never even leave reviews and here i am. If you see this I hope you put an option in “settings” so some of us can TURN OFF LIVE VIDEOS for good. Thank you. Bye
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1 year ago, Emmiedarling
Recent update trashed the app
The app has been working perfect all these time until the recent update. Now the app is super laggy and slow load time. Always give me blank page. This had been ultra annoying. Please fix this issue.
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5 years ago, Vikitora
Please please please add English language to this app. Its about 5 year I use taobao for shopping but still dont understand many things about it. If you add english I can buy more items
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1 year ago, 居云儿
Everything is fine
Everything is fine to Taobao
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5 years ago, Xde123
Weird setting problem
I use this app to buy things for my parents in China and recently I am not able to view many items because these items “can not be sent to overseas”. The shipping address is always my home address in China and I never had this problem before. Does that mean I have to go back to China in order to buy things for my parents?
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3 years ago, Qihun tester
Ask for too much privacy to just buy stuff
I cannot buy any stuff from taobao, the customer service told me that my account is insecure and I had to provide my national id to be able to pay via my credit card... But why??? This is super private data and I never need to provide it in all other online stores... So I stop using this app since I don't trust taobao to protect my privacy.
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6 years ago, candi556656
Delivery problem
The package Takes forever , online customer service don’t have 24hr have to wait till USA night after nine to get the costumer service. And they can’t serve the problem, they even throw one of my packages away , just because I click on something that I don’t know. Now my package is gone and my money also cannot be refund . First time experience horrible.
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4 years ago, C_Tang
Dumb region restriction
So many items pages can’t even open because “it can't be shipped to the country/region you are in”. Well, I don’t want to ship it to me. I’m buying gifts for someone in another country. The stupid restriction can’t be turned off even if I changed country settings and default shipping address. This is pure dumbness. Same stupid rules on the web version too.
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5 years ago, Mahmoud-radwan
How to change language to English
Is there an option to change the language to English!!
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