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1800 Flowers
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for 1800Flowers

4.59 out of 5
27.8K Ratings
5 months ago, Myrna407
I am a big gift giver and ever since Covid, delivery fees are $20 or more! It’s just too much and not affordable. So (800) FLOWERS has a special program where you pay a small fee for the year and most shipping is free! I love this because I am able to send nice gifts without worrying about a shipping fee along with taxes. (800) FLOWERS also has discounts all the time so on top of not having to pay for shipping, I get a discount on the actual item I buy! It’s really an outstanding program and I highly recommend it for anyone who is a big gift giver. I am very happy with my membership. Also, the flowers or gifts are great quality! I recently had a problem with my order because it was delivered to a wrong address (delivery company fault). I called (800) FLOWERS and not only did they order a replacement order, it got there the very next day and they gave me a $20 credit for a future purchase. Just outstanding customer service!
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4 years ago, aurightteihtsme
Worst Service Ever!
I made an order a week ago, and had it scheduled for a delivery today! I have tried everyday since September 1 to place an order for September 23, but it idk if it was the system or my phone but it wouldn’t let me place an order until September 16, The slot was finally open for me to place a delivery. Everything looked right, Arrival September 23. During Business hours. This morning I woke up with a text that my delivery date changed to September 24! Then it kept going back and forth from September 23, to 24, back to 23. By the end of the Business day, the recipient had already gone home, with no flowers! I called customer service twice for an update and they kept saying “it should be there within the hour, or shortly” The office is now closed and I call back now requesting a refund because they said they are gonna deliver tomorrow, and the thing is my recipient isn’t gonna be home tomorrow. That’s why I requested this specific date. Why ask when things should be delivered if it isn’t gonna be delivered when it should be. Now customer service lady over here goes to ask me “so how do you wanna resolve the issue on your order”. Like excuse me, what? I have never been so disappointed and angry with a delivery. I usually am pretty patient, but this was a special occasion, and the delivery hadn’t arrive when it should, and customer service was horrible, and totally didn’t need the attitude from M, like it was my fault or something. Ughhh! Just so angry!!!
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5 years ago, Kfritch
Horrible Customer Experience
So I came across the App & decided to send my new girlfriend (Who is a veterinarian) a Christmas stuffed animal coming out of a chimney like Santa. This was for a very special event concerning adoption of animals for Christmas so I thought it would be perfect. I placed my order using the app quite easily at 10am on the day of the event. I paid & expected same day delivery. The delivery was never made & the next morning I called to find out what had occurred. The person I spoke to apologized & said it would be delivered that 2nd day. I received a “We’re sorry” canned message from the CEO which also included a $20 coupon for the mishap. However I was given only 1 day to place another order (how ridiculous!). GUESS WHAT? No delivery occurred the 2nd day either. I called again & this operator informed me that the previous operator, for whatever reason, did not initiate the order. The operator did refund half my purchase ($45) & I was told it can take 2 billing cycles to show up. (Again ridiculous! They can take your money almost immediately but an instant refund!? Forget t). The order was placed again & My recipient was called & apologized to. Finally 5 days after the event, my girlfriend receives Xmas flowers and not the stuffed animal I originally ordered. So very poor & unacceptable execution. I will never use 1-800Flowers again. I can’t afford to take the chance of improper mistakes... 3 strikes & your out!
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3 years ago, Xidoptimist
Horrible. Read reviews before making the same mistake I did. Most likely pay for 5 star reviews.
DON’T TRUST THE TOO REVIEWS. I wish I could give ZERO STARS. I made the mistake of reading the first few reviews, seeing four and five stars and believing it would be a good idea to use their service. Never have I been so wrong. I placed an order for a same day delivery in the morning, being told it would be delivered no later than 9PM. Around 7Pm I received an email stating that the flowers had been delivered, but to my surprise there was nothing there. Upon calling customer service, this happened because of an “error” and that I should wait until 9PM which would be when the flowers would be actually delivered. I waited until 9:30PM with no flowers still so I called customer service again. After checking my order number all the service rep says “I apologize sir, would you like a free upgrade?” Which, after further questioning, meant not only have the flowers not been prepared yet, but that they wouldn’t around for another FIVE DAYS. I immediately asked for a refund because that was just plain ridiculous. If you decide to use their horrible service, read into the reviews. They most likely pay for positive reviews to be put up to the top to falsely advertise their “top notch customer service” when in reality it is the furthest from the truth.
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4 years ago, Janet Jimenez
Never Again
If I can tap a 0 star rate I would because honestly this company I was counting them to send me a Father’s Day gift to my mother ! She has been mother and father to my mother and I since our fathers never cared ! I was depending on them to send my mother her beautiful flowers but no I waited and waited it said it was in “Transit” that’s pure BS! Because it was telling me it was going to be delivered today for Father’s Day never showed up! When I called to talk to a representative named Fritz tells me that it going to be delivered until Tuesday like what I placed the order a day before fathers day! Like obviously I need the flowers I bought for her for a specific day ( A special day). Never again buying any flowers from here and I will be telling my friends and family about this terrible service this company gives and there also only giving me a 13$ refund back from my 76$ purchase this is a pure scam !!! And you know what it’s racist also because obviously my last name is hella Hispanic. But if it was a white last name or anything like a Karen jones or something like that her order is getting places right away but no they think it’s the last time they here from me I will be calling everyday to make sure I get my full refund if not a full lawsuit will be happening soon!
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2 years ago, 05152022
Bad experience
I personally had a really bad experience trying to have a delivery sent with 1-800 flowers. They were not delivered even by six days after the delivery date I selected. I chose this service because it offered next day delivery, and I was very unsatisfied with the lack of updates and the inability to accurately track where the flowers were and what the issue was regarding the shops production of the bouquet. I contacted customer service to get a refund, and was also unsatisfied with the responses I received from customer service. I asked for a full refund and I was told that the item was in transit still six days after the delivery date. I was then asking the representative specifically if I could get an update from the company because she was only offering to contact them to see if it could be delivered late. I did not get a specific responses from the representative and it seemed she was avoiding my questions and repeating a scripted response. I do not recommend this service, based on my experience, and I’m pretty upset that my friends did not receive their wedding bouquet on the very special day that I had planned it for. I feel like it was so bad that I should get fully refunded even if they end up getting delivered.
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4 months ago, Deac327
Valentine order
App is not user friendly and not intuitive. Tried placing an order for several days. I was using Apple Pay which is an option in the app and when I pressed pay, nothing happened. I called the help line and they told me what I already knew which is that the order was not placed. Meanwhile I tried explaining that the items are sitting there in my cart and that there is no order number because the order would not take. After trying an alternative payment (adding credit card info) it came up saying “the country cannot be empty” but did not take you to where it needed to be filled in. So I finally went into edit my profile and saw that the country along with city and zip are not filled out. The app should have been intuitive enough to state that originally from the beginning and automatically take me to that specific location that was holding up the order. If you want peoples business, then your app should not be a deterrent, but rather a smooth transaction that would make you want to come back again. Although I was finally able to play lace the order, it was a disappointing experience.
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6 years ago, Mrs Jacy
We almost lost my 91 year old Mother about a month or more ago. When she came home from the hospital, my 71 yr old sister took a family leave from her job and flew from AZ to PA to care for our Mother (she’s an RN) I sent the beautiful bouquet with a dozen pink roses (her favorite) & Asian lilies in a gorgeous pink vase. She called me up (I’m in FL) and cried “Thank you” over & over again!!! Several days later, the lilies all opened & she called again crying 😢 about their beauty!! The day after Mother’s flowers were delivered, I had a smaller bouquet delivered for my sister as a “Thank you” for giving up 3 weeks of her life to be the main caregiver. She too was enthralled by their beauty. Both deliveries were on the day I’d asked for, & both lasted for a long time!!! I was so very happy 😃 that I’m getting ready to order some more!!! I hope that we’re just as happy with this delivery 🚚
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5 years ago, Johnny Garcia
Never again
This is the first time I have ever written a review on a service and I am writing it because it was probably the worst experience I’ve had ever. They were supposed to deliver flowers for my mom and my sister to my house one day before Mother’s Day and they ended up delivering a bouquet to my house three days later and then a bouquet to my mom a day after that and then advocate to my sister a day after that. He took multiple phone calls and text messages and multiple broken promises for my mom and my sister to get everything delivered late. They kept trying to offer packages for future orders as if I would want to place future orders with them after the service. I ordered chocolates for both my mom and my sister and they never delivered and I tried to get credit for that portion of the delivery and I never got the credit. I take care of patients so I understand the importance of delivering quality customer service and I understand the importance of keeping my cool and being patient, calm and collected, however this was by far the worst experience and I never plan to use them again. Please use any other service but this.
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5 years ago, Not REO
Ruined Mother’s Day. Horrible Service
I purchased a standard bouquet of flowers for delivery to my mom one week ahead of Mother’s Day (for Sat delivery) using the app. On Sat morning 800Flowers called me at 6am confused about the address. It was a standard address in NY, NY so I was confused why they called. They assured me the flowers would be delivered that day, so I wouldn’t need to call a local florist as a back up. By Sat night they didn’t deliver, so I called them back. They assured me delivery would be done on Sunday, still in time for Mother’s Day. I called Sunday at 12:30pm concerned. They said they spoke to the vendor and they would definitely be delivered by 8pm. I called at 7pm. The call center rep said the local vendor still had an hour to deliver. He tried phoning the vendor, but they were closed. No flowers delivered to mom on Mother’s Day. Total Fail!! So, Monday night I called again and they said the reason they weren’t delivered was because the vendor ran out of those flowers on the previous Friday. I tried multiple times to talk to a supervisor or the local vendor, but was refused. Ultimately they refunded my money, but Mother’s Day was already ruined. I’m deleting the app and not looking back.
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4 years ago, Sparticus.121
I placed an order for July 31st. I went through the horrible UI that doesn’t allow you to pull in your contact information or card information so everything has to be manually input. I paid the ridiculous extra charge for free shipping even though they said it was free for a year (it isn’t. They charge you the fee right away for “convenience”). Then, guess what, they charged me twice for the order and changed the date to August 6th and the second order to August 7th. So, over a week late and double the charge. The even double charged the “convenient” subscription fee that is supposed to be for a year. I naturally called and tried to fix this. They could not deliver at the time I paid for. I told them clearly I only want what I ordered for the date I ordered it. They said they could send three days earlier (still late). I clearly said I am not interested cancel many order now. This went back and forth a few more times. They will not cancel the order, I ended up hanging up. Thankfully I can just charge back with my credit card. Avoid this company at all costs.
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5 years ago, Jolaxxx
Ruined the Valentines
I dont really write reviews but this company really upset me for RUINING THE SURPRISE I had for my wife. I ordered flowers for my wife, days before Valentines day, to be guaranteed delivered to her work. After reading all the reviews, I figured I willl cancel the order, and I’ll just go to a local flower shop because this company might ruin the surprise on this special day. They said the flowers are enroute and they cannot cancel anymore. Come Valentines day, I was so worried that my wife wouldn’t get the flowers and I find myself checking the status of the delivery all day and their system doesn’t really give you an update. The only update that I got was when I saw my wife came home without the flowers, and she said nobody ever came to deliver. RUINED A SPECIAL DAY!!!! I called them the next day, it took almost an hour to be able to talk to them, and they wouldn’t give me a refund and they said that they will try to deliver that next day. I thought they were joking but no, they were serious. Just go to your local flower shop if you want to surprise anyone with flowers because this company will definitely ruin it.
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1 year ago, Le-Frenchie
Two orders, three misses… never again!
I placed two orders in a fairly short time period, and they managed to fail me three times..!.!! - first order were 60 tulips, a vase and Godiva chocolates. Order arrived quickly, but in a box… why not. However, while the vase and chocolate where bubble wrapped, the flowers had no protection. Result: they were crushed, broken, and very sad looking. At $116+, that’s inadmissible… but I looked the other way. - second order was a “hoppy Easter basket”, with flowers, a happy Easter balloon, and again, chocolates. This time… well, it never arrived! I contacted the customer service, who was very to talk to. Even though I was officially with one person, I felt like talking to three, repeating myself several times. They eventually re-placed an order, for the following day. This time… flowers arrived, but with a blank white balloon… and STILL no chocolates…. I had to go again to the app to complain… I’m still waiting to see whether or not the chocolates will show up… they’re supposed to arrive 4/10, when we’re one day out of Easter🙅🏻‍♂️. 0 out of 5 stars.
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7 months ago, Calypso_15
This app has made me look like a fool twice. I sent flowers for my sister’s graduation- never arrived. Had to call in and they gave me a $15 credit and my sister didn’t get the flowers until the day after I called in. The next time I sent flowers to a friend for her birthday. They never arrived. I called, they said that the “bockett” I ordered, could not be delivered now as that arrangement was not available any longer. So the lady said she would look through the flowers and send something similar but I specifically picked out that bouquet as I knew my friend would like it. She offered me a $20 credit and I told her to just upgrade the bouquet I had ordered because I wouldn’t need the credit as I don’t plan on ever using them again. Then she said she would send roses and that’s not at all what my friend would like so I just told her to refund me and I’ll order through another company. She said it would be 10 business days before the money would be back in my account! Just useless and such bad business! Don’t waste your time using this app. What a mess!
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5 years ago, YoursTruly..
Worst Buying Experience
I had a gift card to these guys and I went to purchase 24 long stem roses and a box of chocolates for my wife on Valentines Day. My gift card covered the full amount of the cost. I place my order on the app and a screen pops up and says that my order couldn’t be completed. And it emptied my shopping cart. So I went to re-order the flowers and it said there was no money on my card. 3 days later the money was returned to the card and I tried again. On this attempt the flowers I wanted were sold out. So I had to settle for a different bouquet. Once again the same screen popped up and I was out money and still no flowers. I called after each incident and was told they had no record of my card number or any of my orders. The money was back on the card today, the day before Valentines Day, the are out of all of their Valentines bouquets and yet again my money is gone and I still don’t have an order placed. Be extremely cautious buying online from them. I won’t be back. I tried to plan ahead and now I’m out $125 and nothing to give my wife. Thanks 1-800-Flowers.
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5 years ago, PW.Skyline.V37
Valentines Day 2019
I placed an order, paid extra for Valentine’s Day delivery & even bought the yearly membership in order to save on future orders. Midway through the day I contacted support as the order showed one item en route and one with just the label having been created but no other updates. They assure me it will arrive by the end of business to a business location. My wife decided to work late to finish a few things and wait on the flowers. At 4:56pm I get notification that one item just arrive 3 hours away at another facility. The app never told me they wouldn’t use a local shop but would be using Fedex. I bring this up to support (via their iMessage text) & they dismiss the complaint. I reiterate this and they dismiss me again. Now text support won’t respond. I’ve been on hold for phone support for 20 minutes. They answer in a noisy call center (1800Flowers FYI: noise cancelling microphones work wonders as I manage a call center). I’m being told they won’t refund the order as it has already shipped. Horrible experience, will absolutely never order from them again.
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3 years ago, Greenestar
Can’t change a delivery date 4 days in advance! Total crap..
I accidentally picked the wrong date for a girlfriends flowers delivery at work. It’s our first year together, so I feel it’s an understandable mistake. So I go to change the date, after waiting 15 mins for the chat person to tell me that can’t change it cause it’s confirmed in the system... what crap!!! It’s 4 biz away!!! The chat person disappeared saying they’d waited too long for my response! Talk about adding insult to injury... My advice! Overpriced under performing company..., shop around,,,, don’t go with the guy that advertises the most or has the trickiest 1800 phone # ! Update: they sent the flowers anyways, in attempt to rectify the problem, I’ll give them more stars for thaT... thanks she was happy after all!
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3 years ago, fairtradeisallwewant
1-800-Flowers can’t be trusted to deliver!
Horrible experience! I ordered roses for my fiancée to be delivered to her work. She is a school teacher and I wanted to surprise her with flowers. They know it is supposed to be delivered to a school cause they ask and know what times schools are open but failed to send them in time ruining the surprise. I trusted you guys to deliver and paid a hefty delivery charge. Now that they weren't delivered on time , 1800flowers negated the whole purpose of buying from them. Also flowers are supposed to be local so I don't understand why they shipped from NJ to go to TN to be shipped up to NH . I know it's around Valentine's Day but that is more reason to get it right! 1800flowers can't be trusted to deliver. could of gone out and spent 4 times less on local flowers and got her other things but a surprise at school would of been worth it. The icing on the cake was watching the CEO of the company Chris McCann say on CNBC interview that they are here for us to "express and connect " which the company failed to do both. Will definitely use any other flower company next time can't get worse.
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5 months ago, CeeCeeNrk
Cart/Gift Msg
Your freeform field, while it has limited character spacing does not allow for edit features to be done very easily. You cannot dictate. And when you try to correct them It’s impossible making you to have to retype it all the time. very inconvenient for customers. Making it hard if you have multiple recipients. there is no safer later option. it would be really nice if you had a ability for a pop up for each item that you decide to purchase as to whether or not all items are going to be shipped to yourself or to somebody else or prompting for the address book would be awesome. Doing it as the screen pops up might help but at the same time allow for an option to do it at cart check out. in other words, a pop-up option for selecting your recipient (save or not save option to address book.) OR do at check out for addresses. by allowing them to select them upfront this would also allow them to see how much it might cost or if it’s possible to ship an item to a different state, plus reinforcing address validations. As for address validations, it would be nice if you could have it fill in your address and then if it’s a PO Box or some other option that’s making you reinforce it to make it pay for the extra charge and the person accept it and state it’s nonrefundable
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6 years ago, BCranford
Terrible Service & App
You know how you do something silly, because you’ve never used an app before and it’s stupidly UN-user friendly, and you try to do the right thing and contact them straight away, and they take so long to reply that your order—which isn’t supposed to deliver for two days—can no longer be cancelled because it’s “en-route” and “already processed”? Yeah, that’s 1800-Flowers. I messaged them, tried to use the app to cancel (but oh! It takes up to an hour for the order that you ordered through the very same app to appear and by then, it’s too late) and contacted them via email but nope, no luck. If those flowers we truly “en-route”, they’d be not fresh at all by the time they finally arrived. But alas, that’s my problem. I guess waiting five minutes to see if I could solve the problem without bothering their CS team was too long. Thanks for the emails stating you look forward to “delivering another smile soon”, but believe me, I’d rather chew off my pinkie toe than order flowers from this rip-off service and impossible app ever, ever again.
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3 years ago, moazy
1800 flowers is a mess
Ordered flowers over a day in advance for my friend’s fathers funeral. His website commemorating his father had a direct integration with 1800 flowers. After placing the order, I called up 1800 flowers just to be extra careful that they would make sure the flowers are scheduled to arrive in the morning - before the services start. The Morning of the service I call 1800 flowers to make sure everything is on schedule - and sure enough - the florist hasn’t even started making the arrangement and said they don’t have any delivery people. They canceled my order and I had to find a local florist last minute who ended up getting a similar arrangement (at a better price btw) to the service within an hour!! 1800 flower customer service refunded me and didn’t even give me a gift card or certificate. Completely ridiculous. They wouldn’t give me the florist’s contact information so I could talk to them directly. It was a nightmare and I’ll never use them again. Just order direct next time!!!
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4 years ago, Tbd3204
Next day delivery??
I ordered flowers and paid extra for next day delivery but now it is three days past the delivery date?? I’ve emailed and talked to their costumer service rep By the name of Orlando about the my girlfriend never received her flowers he states that because I emailed 1800 flowers another representative is working to fix the problem but by no avail she still yet to receive the flowers I’m getting one email that says sorry the delivery wasn’t able to be delivered and ten mins after that I receive another email that says it has been ?? But the only thing that has is 1800 flowers took my 100$instantly and my girlfriend still hasn’t received any flowers .. this is by far the worst delivery service I have ever used .. This is a scam !!! I now have to spend more time trying to fight to receive my money that they took and never she never received her flowers .. what a joke!!!1800 flowers is highly priced which would’ve never been a problem if my girlfriend received her flowers and it brought a smile to her day.. where’s her flowers or where’s my money?????
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1 year ago, Elushado
I ordered flowers for my girlfriend because she was having a terrible day, and it was really important to me that it got to her at the time and date as specified not only did they never deliver it. They promised to deliver it to my house instead to make up for it because I didn’t wanna give me a refund and I said yes and they still didn’t deliver it to my house then when I called him the next day I found out that they were lying and had never taken down the delivery or that I was to be given a refund. They just told me what I wanted to hear. I had to call them five separate times before I got my refund and almost every single one of them doesn’t speak clear English. One of the employees keep cutting me off and another one threatened to hang up on me because he “didn’t like my attitude” like i wasn’t on the phone for hours because they were giving me the run around. Give me a break. I have never experienced such terrible service and I will never be using this app again.
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1 year ago, Taylcx
I am not at all one to write reviews on things, this is actually the first review i've ever written. All I have to say was it took four days for one small vase of flowers to be delivered, they were first not delivered the specifically set delivery date. They rescheduled, then proceeded to give me the completely wrong flowers different note as well, when I called back I actually got hung up on, and the next day they called back asking if they can fix it by delivering another set of flowers (the ones i originally asked for) and i said to just deliver them to my house instead of the business it was originally going to. The next day when they were supposed to be delivered to my home, they got delivered to the business again when the recipient was not at work. All together just an extremely terrible waste of time and money, and to top it off terrible customer service 😂 . Already found a better local florist . Just take everyone else’s advice and find another local florist in your city.
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5 years ago, AshleaG.
Absolutely horrible.
I placed an order on Monday to be delivered on Wednesday. For someone very important in my life who is retiring, very special day. Day of delivery, I go online to track the order. Keep in mind, I have an order number AND I have been charged. I go to track the order and it says “Order placed” but noticed it wasn’t in transit. I message them and come to find out there was an account issue, which is strange since I was charged. So I call them, a lady answers says she’ll transfer me to services of some sort, after being on hold for 9 minutes I get hung up on. So I call back, and am told that since I spoke to someone already they can’t discuss with me. Even though at that point I spoke with NO one over the phone. So I reach out to them again, via twitter. They give me the same run around and tell me someone there has deleted the order! Such crap. I will NEVER use them again. Horrible customer service. They took no responsibility for their horrible actions. And now “hopefully the money will be back in my account in 3-5 days”
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6 years ago, SayNo21800flowers
Never again
Started 1 year ago when Valentine’s Day flowers never showed up. I was issued a refund, but I gave them another chance purchasing flowers 5 more times over the last year. Recently I had 3 different orders on 3 different days. First order never showed up, I called and they assured me order 1 & 2 will show up and they did. Order 2 completely wrong not even the right colors. Order 3 showed up same thing order wrong n colors not even right. I used the chat/text option that was the worse experience I have ever had with customer service. All I asked for was a refund on order 2 & 3. Not only did they promise me a partial refund but to redeliver the 2 incorrect one. Two customer service rep said they would redeliver. When got partial refund but no Flowers delivered. People save your money don’t use 1800 flower, lousy customer service and liars. What you see in the pictures is not what you are going to get. Oh yeah the online chat is a joke, the say how can we help you and say they will be right back but never respond, idiots!!
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4 years ago, heaven4me
A rip off or an app confusion
The app needs to improve ...... when I place the order and paid , I didn’t get a confirmation that the order was place and on the way .... then I went to the orders to see if they have being send and I saw 6 orders with different dates of deliveries...... and they also charge me for them plus 4 passports ..... I call them and it was a hassle to get the message through, the people in the phone had an accent he couldn’t understand me and I couldn’t understand him it was a nightmare..... then he said he will cancel the orders but I had to call another number to cancel the passport ..... well I did ..... another nightmare , any way the app doesn’t show if the orders have being cancel ..... the second person said they did cancel the passport and the flowers .... now I have to look in my credit card to see if they did .... I will not use this app again ..... is terrible PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEMS , AT THE END WHEN YOU SUBMIT THE PAYMENT LET US KNOW THAT THE ORDER WAS ACCEPTED AND ON THE WAY ...... AND ALSO GIVE US AN OPTION TO CANCEL THE ORDER .......
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3 years ago, JonBoy470
Order flow is broken
This app needs some help. It supports Apple Pay, which is great, but the implementation is broken. Tapping on any product in the app immediately brings up an Apple Pay prompt. If you’re not paying attention, and just double-tap, you’ll end up sending yourself a bouquet, with no card or message attached. Even if you catch yourself, and change the shipping address, the flowers would go to the right place, but still with no card. Additionally, you end up being charged for shipping if you’re a Passport member, which isn’t supposed to happen. In any event, orders paid for via Apple Pay also do not show up in your order history on the app, which can lead to confusion as to whether you actually ordered the flowers or not. The app needs to step you through the order process, as normal, and present the option to pay via Apple Pay only at the very end of the process. There are myriad other e-commerce apps that implement properly, in this manner.
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3 years ago, Lissyryan123
Didn’t receive flowers
I have never wrote a review in my life. I felt compelled to write one on this company. In fact, I will go all the way to Apple and attempt to have this app removed from adding due to it being a scam. I wanted a last minute flower gift sent to my wife. I used this app because I didn’t have my card on me to use a local company and was using Apple Pay. It showed my flowers had been delivered. When I called my wife she said nothing was delivered. I called the company and they hung up on me the first time. I called back. They said they were delivered. I said they were not. Then they said they would be delivered by 8pm. It was 8:10pm when I was on the phone with the operator. Then she put me on hold and said that the flower shop was actually out of that order and it will be delivered tomorrow. And they would be happy to give me a discount on my next order. It’s a scam. I paid more because I wanted it done that day. Now I am out the money, the surprise is ruined, and I highly doubt I will ever see my money or the flowers.
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4 years ago, Javi1130
Scam do not download!
1800 FLOWERS TOOK MY MONEY BUT NEVER SENT ME ANYTHING! I have never took the time to make a bad review like this... Downloading this app is easy placing an order and being charged EASY! But where are my items? My fiancé never received her flowers or gift on the next day so I called to figure out the problem customer service rep klyde Keven made everything worse a 30 min phone call and he still misunderstood EVERYTHING we had just discussed apparently than KEVEN canceled my fiancé’s gifts/flowers (WHY I DONT KNOW) Keven still charged me for membership. Why would a customer call In to cancel his item but pay for a new membership makes no sense! Next day no flowers still that’s when I realized Keven messed up! I call in again after going back n fourth with a new rep for OVER 45 mins, they admit the rep made a mistake. I ask for a supervisor when nothing was getting resolved she than placed me on hold for over 50 mins! Don’t forget I already had been speaking with her for almost an hour! I tryd calling from my fiancé’s phone while on hold several times that phone is linked to the order we could not get through! 100 percent worst customer service no phone call back or nothing from the second rep I guess there modo is just place them on hold until they hang up the phone! Absolutely unacceptable at this point I’m not sure this app is safe to use I am still charged with nothing to show but me waist of my time and a bill
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6 years ago, minn4658
Terrible Apple Pay Integration
I was purchasing flowers for my wife on our anniversary. I searched for options that would be same day, found what I was looking for and proceeded with checking out. When you select Apple Pay it over rises the shipping address with your own. So I message customer service with in minutes of of getting a confirmation email showing the wrong shipping information, they updated the info, took about 30 minutes but it got done. During this process I also found out they would not be delivered same day so I asked to cancel the order so I could find something that would be same day or make other arrangements. I was told it could not be cancelled since the local grower had received the order, but they can update the shipping address? They just kept repeating that they are unable to cancel since it was already received by the local grower. App integration with Apple Pay is terrible but the level of customer service only compounds the issue.
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5 years ago, ChainYaMongrel
Beware of Mobile App Error
Love the flowers, love the service! When I first downloaded the app I made three purchases for Easter and Mothers Day, plus subscribed to Passport. Everything worked fine. However, last two purchases from the mobile app. I would go thru the same process, but would get an error “could connect to the server, try again later.” Yet the credit card would be charged! Then I would have to call the 1-800-Flowers to place the order again...they apologized, we’re very helpful, assisted with placing the order over the phone, but would have to charge the credit card again, and said the first charge pending would take 24-48 hours to cycle out. It did, but depending on your bank, it might take longer. However, in the interim you’re on the hook for both charges! Today, they just updated their app; hope this iteration solves the glitches? Until next time the APP will remain at two stars!
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1 month ago, Llocdo
Signed out while shopping, incorrect item added to cart.
I like the convenience of being able to login to multiple stores with my passport, but I should stay logged in across all of these stores and should be able to have a shortlist created when I’m shopping across multiple sites. Annoyingly, when I finally decided what I wanted to purchase, I added it to my cart, but at check out the incorrect size (conveniently the twice as expensive version) was what had been added. I then had to completely start over to make sure the correct item was added (no opportunity to change the item size once the checkout process has been started!), including writing the gift card note that I’d already created. Senseless and wasteful use of time, the app should be a way for me to save time when shopping.
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6 years ago, Tiff Li
So Disappointed in the App Interface
I have never felt compelled enough to write a review for an app before this. This is my second time order flowers in one week and I have faced so much difficulty with this app. When I placed my first order, I had a New York, NY address and yet the shipping confirmation showed that my address was New York, OS. Apparently OS meant overseas. How does that happen?? Then, I had paid with my credit card directly, and the confirmation email didn't even have the correct last four digits of the card I paid with. The second time I tried ordering flowers, I forgot my account password and I tried the "Forgot Your Password" link on the app and browser and it just kept loading and never finished loading. I decided to give up and not sign into my account and when I tried checking out this time with Visa Checkout, the app wouldn't even let me swipe or press the arrow across Visa Checkout. I'm done with this app.
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4 years ago, DJZirkle91
One Star is too many for this fraud of a company!I ordered flowers to be delivered to my wife on Valentines Day as I drive a truck and would be out of town. They charged an extra delivery fee and all. Their communication is almost non-existent and she never received her flowers. After multiple emails and multiple representatives telling me it’s too late to cancel at midnight last night and that the flowers showed “in transit” (still said confirmed not shipped or in transit on their tracking link) finally today I was told I could have a refund that may take multiple weeks to get and could be refunded in installments??? Now it’s a day late and I’m out my money and will have to purchase flowers elsewhere for my wife when I get back in town. They did offer a $20 credit to my next order HAHA what a joke I will NEVER use this service again and will use From You Flowers as I have in the past and recommend anyone else does as well.
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5 years ago, dgall799
The worst experience ever!!! Never again!!!
This is the worst experience ever, never again!!! I wanted to send flowers to my girlfriend while me being out of town, I have placed the order online through the app, in an hour I received the email confirmation what showed the flowers will be delivered to my mailbox associated with Apple Pay account and the recipient were me!!!! Why would I need to send flowers to myself while me being out of town... And here is where the madness has began... I spend an hour trying to change my order, and the Lady said she’s not able to do anything... I called again spend over an hour on the phone and a guy fixed the order, I was so happy till I have received the new confirmation, with the same issue, I called again another hour have spent, confirmation, same result... finally I am end up with 6 hours phone time no flowers ruined day mood and surprise... The apple Corp should delete this app forever from the platform
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5 years ago, Quixoticoh
Terrible app - needs a clear confirmation page
This app is terrible. It did not even attempt to confirm anything on my order before payment. The order was processed using my address as the recipient address instead of my partner’s address. In addition, I had selected Feb 14 as the delivery date, but the confirmation stated the order would be live red TODAY (Feb 7). All of this could have been prevented if a confirmation page were to pop up before the payment button popped up. I order online A LOT, and have NEVER had this problem with other apps. I had to call immediately after I got the order confirmation to have this corrected. The person who helped me over the phone was very helpful, but they could not stop the order from being processed to my home address today, and that is wasteful, especially since I placed the order only 20 minutes prior to my phone call to have it corrected. Terrible app. Will not use again.
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6 months ago, TchrJo
Like the app, hate the crash
I was debating between 3 a and 4 stars. If the gift delivery apps, it is the best option, but the field it is competing against isn't very impressive. I like how the app allows you to see items from all of the brands, but it is annoying that there are various ways to search and different results show up under the same heading in different search areas. The worst is that it crashes all the time at checkout. I have deleted and reinstalled and it did it on my previous iPhone as well. There are a lot of options and variety of gifts and they deliver rather quickly albeit expensively. I keep coming back because I have the passport and that is worth it.
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1 year ago, ghlatta3
App Randomly Chooses Delivery Date!
I’ve used the 1800 Flowers app successfully in the past to deliver flowers and have been very happy with it. No longer! I chose for some flowers to be delivered, and (of course) up pops additional items to pair with the order. BEWARE!!! The delivery date you choose for your original order is not used for additional items - the app randomly chooses its own date for those! I carefully reviewed my order to ensure addresses and credit card information were correct, but blindly assumed the additional item (in my case, a box of Godiva chocolates) would be delivered on the same date. Turns out that after I ordered I went back and checked everything again and discovered the box of chocolates would be delivered a week later!! I immediately cancelled the chocolates, but I think next time I’ll use FTD to order: They don’t pull this crap in my experience. 👎
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1 year ago, FixUXonApp
Horrible Customer Service | Based in India
May 14th 2023 First off, good luck trying to understand the customer service reps. I called 3 different times and majority of them talk like they have marbles in their mouths. I had a flower arrangement scheduled for Mother’s Day. I received notice the flowers were delivered the day before. Okay, that is fine. However, the flowers were never delivered. I called my mother and asked how she liked the flowers a couple hours after I received the notification that they were delivered and she said she didn’t receive any flowers. No one knocked or rang the doorbell. She went outside and looked around the house. And nothing. My first call to customer service was on May 13th 2023 after I found out they weren’t delivered. The customer service rep said I have to wait until May 14th after 8pm to get a refund or to reschedule the delivery. And that sometimes their vendors mark delivery as delivered before it is delivered. They either don’t hold their vendors accountable or they don’t know how to manage the systems right. May 14th, after the 3rd call speaking with an agent they finally refunded the order. I will be using FTD or calling the florists directly for now on. I would have delivered them myself but I live in California and my mother lives in Michigan.
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3 years ago, Irenique
Makes you place the order twice without being able to cancel
I’ve placed an order through the app, but didn’t get any confirmation email and didn’t see anything in my order history. The automated chat support also didn’t see any orders. I think there was an error processing my payment and decide to try later. Two days later I place same order for the same day as the first attempt. Same story. I get concerned that I may have duplicate orders that just don’t show up for me. After going back and forth with the support, I only receive text confirmation for the second order. Fast forward to today. I receive two separate emails from FedEx saying that I have two shipments my way. Guess what? Both orders placed (without any confirmation or showing up in the history, I also never received any order #). Automated chat support wasn’t able to find my orders. After connecting to a human, I get a response “We can’t make any changes, the orders were shipped”. I didn’t even know they existed until they were shipped! So they don’t let you know your order was placed successfully, make you order again, and then notify you when it’s already too late to cancel.
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6 years ago, B23956
Run Far Far Away
Do yourself a favor, order from another company. I attempted to order flowers and a message popped up saying that it didn’t go through and try back later. I tried again later and got the same message. I checked my bank records only to see that they charged me for both orders. I spent an hour on the telephone trying to make sure I’m not charged. First, they transferred me to another company who did not recognize the order numbers and had no clue why I was transferred to them. Then, when transferred back, I asked for a supervisor. They were busy and promised a call back. They never called. When I called back the supervisors had left for the day leaving their agents unsupervised. On the third attempt they transferred to a company that doesn’t even sell flowers because they were mixed up. Poor app experience and horrible customer service. Who has time for that?
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4 years ago, JesusisLord3247
Horrible terms and customer service
Two things: I placed an order with the wrong recipient name (mine instead of my wife’s). Literary MOMENTS after I placed the order that would be sent the next day I realized the error. Once the order showed on my account about 5 minutes later, it wouldn’t let me modify it. I called and after 28 minutes, they told me I couldn’t modify or cancel my order because it was already sent to the vendor. (Mind you, we’re literally talking about a matter of a couple minutes). Then customer service put me on eternal hold only to hang up on me after 20 minutes. In addition to this, I was offered $5 deliver fee for flexible delivery, or $15 for Saturday delivery - when I checked out, I was charged $20 delivery. I will not do business with this company again, and would recommend you the same. Call your local florist, they’re the ones filling it anyway.
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6 years ago, Hair bash
Horrible app; use the laptop & see pic of what’s delivered
The laptop or hard computer has all their items. Their app limits you to literally a very small selection and not many deals. There are s many better offers online than on their app. I thought it was just a matter of time but no, they clearly don’t care, it’s been a few years now and everyone must still be using it so why upgrade when they can get top dollar on cheap looking pieces that are not even arriving as shown. Obviously supply and demand is not allowing them to take the pride they used to uphold as their quality is not as pictured & I’m not only talking about one location. I send to all states and I’m unfortunately seeing texts if thank you’s and I don’t have the heart to tell the recipient that it was not the quality I expected or was pictured. Not happy and will be taking business somewhere else.
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4 years ago, order local
Worst florist on the planet
After placing my covid funeral flower order which took a hour on the phone through a person who barely spoke English they wrote the wrong date. Since we had a language barrier I checked to verify and called back to change the date. Another barely speaking English said she couldn’t find a florist to deliver it so I canceled the order and rushed to beg a local florist to make the arrangement last minute. I paid with PayPal and they reversed the charge then one month later I see a charge for the amount they reversed. Turns out I was charged twice for the flowers I never received. After several hours Of phone calls to PayPal and 1800flowers I was forwarded to a number they said could handle it I was disconnected. So now I’m getting collection calls from PayPal. My advise is pay the 10 bucks extra and order from a local florist. You get what you pay for.
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4 years ago, Lzel99
Customer service... worst!
I called wanting to cancel an order I had placed. I had ordered a gift basket containing food for my father but he was out of town so I didn’t want food sitting on the doorstep for a week. The order was not in transit yet so I thought it would be easy to cancel. However when I called I was told that it couldn’t be canceled. They did however offer me 10% off. (I never received this). I called one more time that same day and got a different customer service representative and was told that I could cancel my order and that I would receive a full refund in 3 business days. It has been 5 days and I have no refund and my order is in transit to my fathers house when he is still out of town. I hope the raccoons enjoy the cookies. Really wish I had read all the reviews before using this service! How do they have an average of over 4 stars??!!
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5 years ago, Dmcpartlan
Terrible, horrible, avoid, avoid, avoid!!!
First, I rarely give feedback on app reviews. I couldn’t resist with this app though. This is the most frustrating app to use. I would give 0 stars if possible. The app won’t recognize my credit card payment method, and because I have entered my savings pass info, it does not process my order yet zeros out the balance on my savings pass. I called customer service and they tell me that I can’t use my savings pass because it has 0 balance because it’s previously been used. It’s maddening!! I’ve tried to get customer service through email to resolve the issue and they reset/restored the balance on the savings pass which expires in 2 days, however, they won’t apply it to the order that I was finally able to put through after multiple days of trying. It certainly takes the fun out of ordering flowers for my mom for Valentines Day. Hate, hate, hate everything about it. Canceling my membership and going back to calling in flower orders. I tried entering this directly on 1800Flowers but I couldn’t send. I guess they don’t want to hear what I have to say. Please don't edit the information below: Application Name: 1800Flowers System Version: 12.1.2 Platform: iPhone App Version: 6.31
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4 years ago, downtownscottybrown
Worst Customer Service by Management
How many times can one company F’up orders? Apparently several! Then claim “CUSTOMER IS WRONG” what kind of service is that? When customer had screen shot proof that customer is right, but 800 Flowers Management “Wendy” and wouldn’t give last name refused to give! But Customer was required too give name. Wendy said over and over that they were right and I was wrong.... (horrible customer non-service) if I had an option for (zero) stars I would give that! Gave flower orders to wrong people at residence, wrong notes attached then said (customers fault) as I had proof of my order but “Wendy” didn’t want my proof.... Orders arrived on different days, 3 orders sent, 1 arrived ontime 2 others in next day! Nice when all orders we’re supposed to be a “surprise” Love that complaints stop at some executive customer department “Wendy” no last name like she’s some world known singer! Just know if you need to log a complaint it will absolutely go no where and they don’t value your business! At all! Made no corrections to order offered a “slap in the face partial refund of 15% which I denied” 800 Flowers was so much better when they were Conroys! Please don’t use this company! Customer service is a joke! They don’t care about you or your business
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4 years ago, anotherangrycus1001
Do not use!!!!! Garbage company that doesn’t keep promise
I ordered a bouquet of flowers for mother’s day a week ago. The guaranteed delivery time is between May 6th- 10th. On May 6th, I received an email saying that the order is confirmed and will be delivered at May 6th. Nothing arrived, waited till today, still nothing. All of the online customer services are robot, I tried website and Facebook messenger, no real agent. I tried to call, but the phone call was shut after it asked me to wait for 2 hrs, so no response again. All they’ll do is asking you to wait for the “delivery confirmation email” without giving you any information of when it will be shipped, who will be shipping it, who’s in charge of the flowers. And there’s no way you can talk to a real person about it. It’s like waiting for a shark at the airport. Do not use it unless you want to ruin you and your loved ones day.
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2 years ago, Pigpensf
Just painful
Ugh. While not the worst app ever, this one is pretty painful. First of all, you get different prices for the exact same thing depending on where you find the item. That Apple Pay “deal”? That just had inflated prices by - wait for it - the exact amount they said they were going to have you save by using Apple Pay. Separately, it made me re-type my billing address for every order. No small hassle when you’ve got multiple orders for Mother’s Day. Seems like pretty basic functionality on an app that got totally overlooked. That type of problem showed up all over the app. You’d think it would be pretty easy to just copy Amazon’s app by this time. What should have been a 5-10 minute process was 35 min.
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