511 Georgia

1.6 (16)
81 MB
Age rating
Current version
IBI Group
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for 511 Georgia

1.63 out of 5
16 Ratings
5 years ago, jotu666
Could be great but it's not. At all.
Too slow. Too clunky. Having an account doesn't actually save the same preferences as on the website. A way to favorite signs would be nice. A way to access favorite cameras saved on the website would be nice. A way to save commonly used drive times would be nice. Interface is dated and useless while driving. It had so much potential and is so disappointing. It's like someone said we have this data so let's make an app, rather than let's make an app that people will find useful.
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6 months ago, JLdog
Not useful; actually dangerous
The one reason to use this is to get accurate traffic incidents (indicated by traffic helicopters near my house). Well, even after completely removing and reinstalling, “my location” remains zoomed at a national level. Not to mention they removed dozens of dormant cameras (due to highway construction), haven’t replaced them in over four years, and many are still dead. This is USELESS. especially if I’m trying to quickly determine where an incident is. And one high-def camera isn’t worth salt.
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2 years ago, therelybare
Huge disappointment
The 511 app used to be a great resource. I would check out the accident and construction areas in the areas I was going to be traveling. The cameras were helpful, too. Now, it looks like they’re trying to compete with some of the Map Apps. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to ditch a Map App that works all over the country for one that just does the state of Georgia. 🙄 Please consider returning to the earlier version of the app that was useful! I used to use this daily! Now, not so much!
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4 months ago, cwhiten
Live camera views all around!
I liked the app when it showed live camera views of the interstates. It was nice having still shots of the others. I love the new live cameras from everywhere now! Great improvement.
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2 years ago, Muny_man
Frequently Crashes
I like being able to see the cameras but there is no need for built navigation in this app. In addition to that odd addition the app constantly crashes every couple of minutes for no apparent reason.
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1 year ago, jmat57
This app was really good before the update but since they done the update they overhauled the entire app and now it’s crap the cameras are saying streaming video error and that’s almost always don’t waste your time on this app.
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1 year ago, NoFakeHere
Not good
App is average whit icons too close together, but the DOT cameras are terrible. 1) most are broken-take them off the app if not working. 2) cameras are dirty which makes them useless. 3) some cameras are pointing in a direction that does not make sense. More tax payers dollars wasted.
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2 years ago, Notstoopid
This app revision is awful. Why change what was working before? You can’t even see the map for all the blue camera dots. Can’t find local incidents like before. Just a hot mess. I’ll stick with Waze.
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2 years ago, Gingersnap6020
Completely useless
This app used to really work well. You could search highways, construction, and for incidents on roadways. Now it does absolutely nothing. You can’t find any information on here.
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7 months ago, Vicbbinatl
iPad app failure
the app shows the 511 black splash page and that’s it. Never hands over to the map.
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2 years ago, Vmullis2
I live outside of ATL and found the app helpful when visiting. The latest update is a disaster. It’s like someone wanted to see just how well stuff could be hidden! Ugh!
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1 year ago, MustangMan S-Code
Totally useless. Sitting in a traffic jam and the app tells me nothing. It is absolutely useless. Used to be good.
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10 months ago, CHERYL A LOFTON
Keeps Crashing!!!
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3 years ago, TanGlue
Before the update, 511 app’s interface was user friendly and practical. I checked the app before I got on the road every time I had to drive. Access to the cameras allows me to gauge traffic and the alerts were so helpful. After the update, this app is useless to me. Finding a traffic camera is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Why make it so difficult to access them? And, don’t get me started about the hideous blue dots. What purpose do they serve? Why do I have to zoom into the dots and the. Zoom in even further to find a traffic camera? I used to be able to just locate the Hwy that I need and then find the traffic camera that I want to access. Why make the app more difficult to use? This update removed the ease, simplicity, functionality and practicality. Now, the app serves no real purpose at all other than to completely frustrate me. I’m so disappointed in this update that I will be deleting it immediately. Obviously, you failed to hire a developer/team that specializes in end-user design and real-world experience. Someone with actual experience using the app. Pls return the app to its previous version. This is one of the worst updates that I’ve ever seen.
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3 years ago, long distance trecker
What used to be basic and simple is now so confusing & complicated. The map I used to click on showed red/yellow or green stripes of how traffic was running in live time. You just clicked on map and you could navigate anywhere on map and see it live. The update is so painful! No red/yellow or green lines, just a map with no info and if u click map it pops back within seconds to another screen that isn’t helpful at all. What’s going on? This isn’t user friendly at all, it’s actually more dangerous as we’re trying to find the easier logical map that no longer exists which takes our eyes off our driving and wastes time searching this terrible app now for nothing! IM SO DISAPPOINTED IN THIS NOW! I removed app cause it’s actually a major distraction trying to navigate it! Thx 511 for nothing!!!!!
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3 years ago, Dannysolomon23
New version is HORRIBLE
1st off why fox something if it isn’t broke.. The interface used to b sooooo easy. Just click on cameras and then click on the highway u wanna look at and then scroll to what area of highway u want to c live. I was an avid looker of the traffic cams and now I can’t find sh.t…… u used to b able to swipe and I could see the actual live feeds for how ever far I chose… u can not do that any more. I’ve actually tried to call 511 and find out what happened and how do I look I cameras now. Even the worker who answered said yea, they made it incredibly hard…. GA511, please make it easy again to view the live cams so I can see if I wanna take a certain route or not!!!!
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2 years ago, Firemedic129
Absolutely the worst app
This really was the best app for keeping up with traffic in and around Atlanta. I’m a First Responder and used the app a lot to get around trouble spots that would slow me down going to hospitals. Now it is just too complicated to use. It was that you could just open the app choose the area you were wanting to go to and look at the cameras to see if traffic was backed up and what was causing it. Now it won’t stop flipping pages to options and takes forever to load the maps. You can’t even look at the cameras without having to go through ten different steps. COME ON 511!!!!! GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL WAY THE APP WAS!!!!!
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11 years ago, robertswww
Login Not Required
Another reviewer said that login is required, as the app starts out with a login screen which is annoying. However, I simply clicked the Cancel button and it said, "Login Cancelled - Push notifications cannot be enabled without user login, do you want to continue?" If you continue the app works fine without logging-in and gives you access to the Maps, Cameras, Incidents, etc. Very handy app, but it should simply have a Login or Skip button at the beginning.
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9 years ago, Victor99
StateFarm Virus
Ever since version 1.6 where the "State Farm" logo was added, the app has been useless. It crashes on startup every time. Been waiting since then for an update that might fix it, but even the lastest one 1.7 that released yesterday has the same exact problem. Run the app, it goes to the menu sceen showing all the maps, cameras, etc... sits there for about 2 seconds and then terminates. Was a great app, used to use it all the time. Completely useless since version 1.6. No amount of restarting the phone or reinstalling the app seems to solve the problem. Is there an QA (quality assurance) on this app?
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5 years ago, truckdriver92
None of the text shows up.
Updated to IOS 13 and none of the text shows up to know what to click. I can get the cameras to come up but I don’t know which cameras I am opening. Need an update so it will be useful again.
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9 years ago, Patrick McCauley
Maps are great, if you're blind.
Trying to zoom in on a map, to find out where a problem is or where traffic is backed up is useless. Every time you try and zoom in, the map shrinks back down to very fine detail to such a point that you can't see anything. You're better off to just stick your head out the window and look around, you can see better that way then you can what the map has to show.
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3 years ago, bill_wieland
Horribly user un-friendly
This new version is horrible. It’s counterintuitive, do you have to zoom in so close to the circles to get the camera icons, if you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re looking at then you’re screwed. Once you do find a camera, you have to back out to the map to find another one. No more swiping left and right between cameras. Can I PLEASE have the old version back?
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11 years ago, Hittymd
Time saving app
I'm not sure what the griping is about. I can't ask more from this free app, gives me real time road traffic conditions & near real time traffic cam shots. Planning to travel around metro ATL, this app will save you some hassles
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3 years ago, Paygep
Pretty good
But why are these giant blue dots so huge? I want to see where the cameras are but these blue circles block the view of the map. And then you have to zoom in way too far to zero in on a specific camera.
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9 years ago, PC Ron
State Farm Dud
The version before State Farm sponsorship was useful. As soon as the State Farm tag was added the app ceased to function. It turns off within a couple of seconds. It is worse than useless. Guess who I am not going to buy insurance from. ...and this has nothing to do with Obamacare which was slow out of the gate but is now working quite well. This app used to work before the sponsor was added but now is totally broken.
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3 years ago, Greg3323648
What a mess…
The latest “all new” update is quite the mess. Constant irritating slide over panels, numbers (what are these for?) all over the map, confusing navigation between pages, etc Seems that someone gave the directive to the developers to pack as much information as possible into the app, with ease of use and user satisfaction of secondary concern, a distant concern at that.
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7 years ago, SYL-MAC
With all the alternate routes needed to consider while navigating in Atlanta, this is the perfect tool to get a heads up on traffic conditions. Information is in real-time with GDOT cameras, and the maps are interactive, layered and current. Great job! - Thank you!
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3 years ago, quekay73
Thumbs down
The new version is garbage and not user friendly. I used it quite a bit before the upgrade. I am now deleting the app because it’s useless and hard to navigate especially if I just want to view the cameras in a certain area. It was easy to find out where incidents were but that’s no longer the case.
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3 years ago, BigSapelo
Wonderful new look has made this app virtually useless to me. I need to see the map and know where the hot spots & slow downs are so that I can avoid them. Can’t see crap on the new map other than the map itself. I’ve lived here my whole life, so I don’t need the map. Color codes need to be much bolder in order to see them otherwise they are useless.
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3 years ago, aileyon
Absolutely useless now
They took a previously very useful app and made it completely unusable. Just passed a multi-mile backup on the interstate that is not even depicted. And what are the numbered circles that obliterate the map? No information on the app or FAQ’s. Worst app I’ve seen in a long time. Previous longtime user but now deleting this “new” update from my phone.
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3 years ago, anb740
Useless just like GDOT!
The latest update has rendered this app completely unusable! I can barely tell what the traffic colors. And after you zoom into a certain level, the colors disappear completely. Brought to you by the same idiots who spent a billion taxpayer dollars for toll lanes that said taxpayers have to pay to use!
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6 years ago, Marcjustdoit
Great app!
I work in the Emergency Management field and this app is something that comes in handy during work and when I get off.
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11 years ago, DisaChantel
I use it for the map
It's always up-to-date and show the traffic flow around town.
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3 years ago, atlcommuter1
Horrible Downgrade
This is a completely useless mess. All I need to see are the hotspots on my route. Green, yellow, orange, red, dark red and black made sense. This is a confusing map of circles and numbers and lines that have nothing to do with my drive. Trying to read it will cause accidents. Please bring back the old app!
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3 years ago, TROLEX7
Deleted it
Someone must have hired a New Tech Student that doesn’t Drive anywhere!! The app is technically designed but it is Useless and Nonfunctional for anyone trying to commute anywhere. This was a good app. Design changes made it the worst interface ever!! Make it functional again.
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5 years ago, lilibili
Complete Failure App
This App used to work very well, and I used it daily. However, the several most recent updates have ruined it. It is now useless. Tap a camera to view it and the whole App crashes!!! They need to find a competent programmer to work this out and put it back together again.
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10 years ago, MrOrndog
Slow and flawed
It is slow to load and refresh while scrolling. Also, zooming in and out on a set section of interstate can change the color from green to red and back to green.
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11 years ago, CicadaSong
Improved App
This app had been improved to show current data. Now I can check the traffic on the go (not while driving). Thanks.
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7 years ago, Kevin MD
Real time
Love the real time traffic cam can check the traffic before hitting the roads and avoid accidents roadways
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9 years ago, Avispona
App crashes after the State Farm logo "update"
After the update which added the State Farm logo, the app will not run and crashes every time. Please fix the app, as it is useless now. Really needs a zero star rating, as of now the app won't work at all. It was useful, before the "update" broke it completely.
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12 years ago, SheltieHenryMom
It's a joke
I was just looking at the cameras and pinched picture to see time on screen. What a surprise! The date on the camera pictures is 1/14 at 12:30pm. Right now its 1/18 7:18pm. These camera views are BOGUS, you are not looking at live cameras. Makes me wonder if I'm looking at live traffic (red / green lines) on the map or if that's old too?
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3 years ago, TomRule
Where’s the usefulness?
The data may be lurking in there somewhere - you just can’t find it (especially while driving!) It is EXTREMELY difficult to see the color coding (green/red), trouble indicators…..anything of use. Sure, big blue dots with numbers…. But what do those indicate? I’ve spent time with the app and the website - AND I work in tech, with a nod to UI/UX, and this interface is opaque, uninformative, and useless ESPECIALLY WHILE DRIVING. Time to revisit the interface, team. Please. This app is of critical use in Atlanta.
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3 years ago, Chandler907
If I could give less than 1 star
The latest major rework of this app is horrible. It is now impossible to determine where heavy traffic exists. Time to find a new resource because this one is completely useless.
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3 years ago, NewlyJoy
New changes make it useless!
New changes and updates make it completely too detailed to use to check flow around Atlanta. We didn’t need another gps. We just needed a way to see an overview of Atlanta. No longer useful AT ALL!
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9 years ago, Talk-2-day
Doesn't make sense
This app is useless and deserves no star. What's the point of adding streaming video in the latest update if the app won't stay on for 3 seconds without crashing. Make the app workable! Whatever company took care of this app 6 months ago, please buy it back.
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11 years ago, jacisme
Pictures stopped refreshing on Jan 14
Hoping they'll fix this. The website appears to have changed on Jan 14th too. As of now this app is worthless.
Show more
11 years ago, CommuterGRL
Helpful app!
Such a handy app when planning my commutes. Very well designed... This will be a frequently used app! Thanks, gdot!
Show more
3 years ago, Murcudgeon
Not Worth It
After demanding registration just to SEE a public resource, the login doesn't even work. The previous version was far better--procurement should relook this development contract, if they can't fix it soon.
Show more
9 years ago, Dpen331
Why is this thing STILL crashing?
It's been well over a month since it has started crashing. It's well past time to have this app fixed. I'm tired of getting stuck in traffic when I have this app which should benefit me.
Show more
11 years ago, iamthespy007
Requires account but login does not work. Also you can tell the app isn't finished because they have notes for themselves to put info how to associate account and its not there!!!! It took how many years for the app to come back and it's broke!!!!!
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