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Delta Air Lines, Inc.
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User Reviews for Fly Delta

4.84 out of 5
5.5M Ratings
2 years ago, JFrog45671
Change of flight times
After several lights changes since the time I originally booked, my international layover went from 1 hour and 45 minutes to only 40 minutes. A 45 minute layover for an international connection is not enough time, especially as I am flying with a family of five, this forced asked to switch flights. In doing so, I lost the upgraded seats I initially used points for. This would not have been a big deal, but it is highly disappointing that delta would not reimburse you for the points lost due to a change on their end. This policy really needs changed. In addition, the four hour plus waiting to talk to a representative force me to try to utilize the chat function. Even though I know I was able to speak to somebody relatively quickly, I made it all the way to having new flights but the person I was talking to left the chat. Waited a while and then the screen turned out causing me to start over. OK I thought, disappointing but just a fluke, but what do you know it happened again. The second time, I am mediately typed “representative“ and then we can immediately going through the process with a third agent. At least this time all the previous chat information was still up for her to review instead of starting back from scratch. The system need some bugs worked out, it’s also very hard to read on an iPhone.
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5 years ago, HotToddy
In fairness, there are many things this app does right - however, the plethora of things that are broken and that have been for years now merits a strongly worded inditement. The app consistently crashes with airport WiFi. Delta blames this on the local airport’s WIfI- but for a Multi-year Diamond Medallion with multiple million miles who sees hundreds of airports each year - it can’t always be the airports wifi - sorry Delta, that Dog don’t hunt! Also, the app crashes consistently (usually while I’m in the TSA line). For me, it crashed 1/2 the time I tried to use it in the last year (I wrote it down each time it crashed). This is unacceptable! You can change the amount of information stored on each device vs what has to be downloaded (and which is the likely cause of these crashes). For example, once my boarding pass has been downloaded - why does it need to be redone loaded every time I log on?? A simple byte of info indicating a change vs no change could flag it and give me the option of downloading an updated boarding pass or not - this would prevent it from crashing at the most in-opportune time (at the TSA line). Yes - I can bypass by taking a screenshot or saving it to my wallet - but most of the time I am running. If I’ve already downloaded my boarding pass - don’t make me log on and connect to get it again! I know you can fix this. Please do!!
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10 months ago, codonnell
App continues to improve!
Over the past year developers have clearly been working in the background to improve the reliability of this app! What I’d like to see is more capability on the Apple WatchOS integration so that boarding passes are displayed (rather than having to save to Apple Wallet), more responsive countdown to flight and something as simple as flight is still on time or it’s time to check in. Especially when the user has a Watch that has cellular connectivity turned on for the Delta WatchOS installed app. Second, when using the app to book a ticket for a family member (and I’m not traveling), pls consider a way to segregate or filter the “My Trips” tab/section so that I don’t see their trip listed with my travel in iPhone (not an issue on iPad where travel for others is not listed in My Trips). If I’ve already included their Skymiles member number, and I’m not flying, it should not be in My Trips upcoming reservations. Last, it would be great to see some additional capabilities added to how the app functions on iPads - or better yet, bring back the Delta iPad App! Integration w onboard WiFi, access to inflight entertainment and flight status/map would be welcomed. Right now, iPads rely on a iPhone designed app that doesn’t adjust to phone / tablet viewable /screen size and the experience is awkward on the iPad.
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2 years ago, Steve Czechowski
Delta’s App Failed Us
Our flight was cancelled in advance but we were not notified. The App showed it “On-time” at several check ins on our trip from home to the airport. We left home at 12:40 and checked the flight status on the drive to parking, on the shuttle to the terminal, in the security line and after we got through security. At every instance the app was properly refreshed and re-loaded and we were told the flight was on time. It turns out the flight was cancelled at 12:47 shortly after we left home. Delta sent an email but did not send any in-app or text notifications. Their app also failed to show the cancellation at every stage. It’s sad that Delta is considered a good airline because it would be so simple to have their app display correct information. No compensation was offered and our flight was rebooked to today, which also got cancelled at the gate. Delta has so courtesy rebooked us on a one way flight to New York. Too bad our flight was to Tampa. Customer Service has been on hold for 3 hours. It started at 82 minutes and 3 hours later the hole is still 80 minutes. I wish I had some good feedback and know this happens to many others but a simple notification could have saved a lot of frustration. Fingers crossed we can go on our vacation and salvage the rest of the week after 2 days lost.
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2 years ago, Paisley Bear
Your fault
Usually I’m super humbled and just glad to get home. But this time feels different. I felt like you treated us like trash…. And this time it was clearly your fault…! You cancelled my flight because you didn’t have a flight crew. You told us minutes before we were suppose to board. I called and you said you would call me back in an hour. I noticed other routes I probably could’ve taken to get to my destination, but you did not provide the proper amount of help physically or digitally in quality time. I know it’s difficult to control people’s emotions but I worked hard to stay humble. We finally got seat assignments on another flight for much later that day.. you degraded our seats to Delta Comfort. My question for you.. How can your systems decipher alternate routes much quicker and send info to us digitally so that we are not waiting in emotional lines with dissatisfied customers and stressed employees. Also.. I’m a Gold Medallion member. Although that feels like that doesn’t mean much these days… It would have been nice if you offered us passes to the lounge, at least. I would’ve paid for them, but you don’t offer that anymore as well. I feel I’m owed more than just the balance difference between my original first class ticket to Comfort +…
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2 years ago, Mr. Bummed
Imploding Airline
Let me start by saying that I am not one to complain. Something very drastic has to occur before I become irate. Delta has managed to bring that out. This review is in reference to I recent trip I made from West Palm Beach to Cleveland. (both going and coming). To Cleveland: 1st leg to Atlanta….unknown 1 hour delay, 2nd leg, no flight attendant. Another 1/2 hour delay. I’m sure we could have taken off without a peanut distributor aboard. Return trip: 1st leg….1 hour delay which made the connecting flight impossible. (This delay was texted to my phone 1 hour before I had to leave for the airport).American Airlines had a seat that could have gotten me to West Palm, but Delta could not access that information in their system. Now I’m stuck in Cleveland overnight with a new flight that leaves at 6 am. They gave me 3 options for hotel reservations. 2 of them had shuttles that ran to the airport from 8 am to 10 pm. 1 of them had NO airport shuttle. My flight leaves at SIX! I won’t get into what happened next, just know that Delta could care less about how their customers are inconvenienced. If I wanted to get home the next day, I would have booked it that way. Now I’m hoping my rebooked flight has no issues. As a side note, they issued me a $25 food voucher, that didn’t work. I was also on a Delta flight 3 months ago with the same flight crew issues. I wish you luck if you choose Delta for your next adventure. Trust me….it WILL BE an adventure.
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1 year ago, Delta Brad
Road Warrior Loves Delta
I have flown domestics weekly for work for more than 15 years. I am a die hard, dedicated Delta fan. I think I fly more hours to an some flight attendants. Of course there are the occasional delayed flights due to mechanical or weather which no one has control over, but the frequency of those inconveniences have been a small percentage compared to my total travel flights. I once took 2 days off work to earn MQMs. I flew from Orlando to JFK to Amsterdam to Johannesburg South Africa. I spent 23 hrs in Johannesburg and flew back. And I did this crazy long trip so I maintained my Diamond status for the next year. Other airlines don’t come close to the consistent customer service Delta provides. I love the Delta perks they offer with Diamonds status. Things are different since COVID and I don’t get upgrades like I did previously and I don’t care for the Sky Club wait lines in Atlanta but again those are minute compared to incredible service Delta provides. I could easily book with another airline and get many more direct flights but I chose Delta and go thru Atlanta every week. Pretty sure I’ll have to go thru Atlanta when I die. Thanks Delta for making my weekly travel more enjoyable and something I can rely on every week.
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2 years ago, SaunAnderson
Review of Delta App
My original flight 3/9 was canceled from JAX to RIC via LGA and Delta rescheduled me on another flight via JFK. Then my departure from JAX to JFK was delayed so much so that my arrival into RIC was being further pushed back. I was given the option to change my flight at no cost which I opted to do but I was not able to see what seats were available. I thought at some point I would be given the option to see available seats prior to finalizing the change but that never occurred. After accepting the change I found I didn’t have a seat assignment on the departure and I was assigned a middle seat (which I despise) on the connection. A passenger should be given the option to see what seats are available before making a change. I can assure you had I known prior to accepting the change that I would have to wait to be assigned a seat at the airport and that I would only have a middle seat on the connection I would not have changed from the rescheduled flight. Then to add insult to injury I used points to sit in Delta comfort from JAX to LGA because of the length of the flight. I no longer want to use points on either leg of the flights via ATL and I sincerely hope my points will be deposited back into my account. I had aisle seats (which I prefer) on both my original flights and I’m very disappointed I don’t have them on either flight tomorrow. I apologize for such a lengthy message; I didn’t expect to have to deal with flight changes that would disrupt my trip.
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1 year ago, Opusbasil
Delta needs to hire s better IT department
Delta is probably the best American airline in nearly everything except for its technology I am a Diamond medallion customer the shortcoming of the app comes when you try and use upgrades Although it lets you know your seat assignment most, but not all the time - the app won't let you check in online This means you have to either stand in line at the airport and get a paper ticket, or if you are brave you can call their Diamond medallion line where the agent will put you on hold while she checks with the ticketing department who are the airline's equivalent of the DMV 9 out of 10 times this hold time will be over a half hour or, as recently happened to me an hour and a half of listening to their horrific hold music also the agent keeps you on hold without getting back on the phone to update you on what is going on or maybe more accurately, what is not going on The result is you wonder whether they forgot about you, and you debate about hanging up and starting the process all over again Meanwhile if you look at the app it won't even give you the boarding time or gate info since officially you're not checked in
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3 years ago, planboz
Flight changed
We have had our flights to and from our destination twice with one time changing airports on us. Since we used mileage, a free certificates and gift certificates 4months before our trip we call customer service to help us book. Our experience at that time was excellent. We were accompanied for all of our requests including booking our seats. Two months later our flight times were changed which resulted in loosing our assigned seats and not being able to add seats without paying extra for 2 people for a total of 6 flights. That said we were given the run around by CS that they could not do anything until we checked in. So come to find out we could not request any change in seats until we were at the gate. We are of retirement age and my husband is disabled so it is best for us to sit together. The last change was not only the time change but airport change. After calling CS 5 times 2 days prior to our return to let them know the airport change was inappropriate I was told someone would get back to me multiple times however no one ever called me back. CS did say it was Deltas mistake and they would get back to us. No one got back to us however we received an email the morning of check in showing our original airport. Now we will have to try to again get seats together for our 2 legs of our return trip at the gate. The hassle and anxiety of our first trip since COVID-19 has not been enjoyable. Shame on you Delta!
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7 months ago, poopreallyjr
What is happening at Delta?
My sister will be writing you about the horror story her family and my 85 and 86 year old parents experienced while on a family trip for my stepson’s wedding. None of it weather or mechanical rated. Today wasn’t as bad, but it makes me not want to fly Delta. I was flying from Westchester to Detroit on the 12:45 this afternoon. We got on okay, but then were sitting on the tarmac for awhile. Finally the pilot comes on and says that a light cam on and they were trying to figure it out. Then he comes on later and says it was a transponder issue. They aren’t fixing it, just “getting another route?” That was my impression. So now we have to wait for paperwork. Then it was “we need to get fuel.” Then it was “we need to count the bags.” We say on the tarmac until 3:33 when it finally took off. They kept saying it would be another 10-15 minutes. But it just kept getting longer. The pilot and the flight attendants were very nice, but it was super frustrating. Then, I went to the bathroom and there is sticky urine on the ground. Very gross. And I get back to my seat and water is dripping from the ceiling onto me due to condensation from the ac. This is not “Southern Hospitality” in my opinion. I think you have a lot of work to do. I used to fly American exclusively for work. Then I took a 4 year sabbatical and now am working again. I thought I would give Delta a try. So far, not so good.
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2 years ago, Don Kitchen
Awful partnership between delta and aero Mexico
I’m a loyal and long time delta customer. I’ve had my normal travel issue throughout the years (weather, flight cancellation etc.). Yet the past week with delta has been the worst of my tenure. First the app is not working properly when I tried to check in via my phone on my outbound flight it tried to charge me $180 for my free luggage. Then upon arriving at the airport we ran into a similar problem. Fortunately the ticket agent was experienced and resolved the issue with limited amount of wasted time. Now on my return, I had a schedule change and I tried to change my flight via my phone and Aero Mexico and Delta to not talk to each other at all. Both had conflicting information and would refuse to sync with each other. So I tried another avenue, I called delta directly and the agent said they changed my flight as desired and I was all good to go. Upon arriving at the aero Mexico ticketing counter they were only able to find my origami ticket and they helped me get to the bottom of the problem as my flight left without me. Next I call delta back again and they tell me the confirmation of the flight change from delta to aero Mexico new went through and this I was suppose to confirm online which doesn’t work. So morale of the story the very bad partnership between Aero Mexico and delta cost me 24 hrs time, $275 in expenses (hotel, cabs, duplicate Covid test). And most like it will cost delta a loyal customer.
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2 months ago, MsDizz1995
Our return flight from Cabo San Lucas was delayed 4 times and over 5 hours so we spent the day in the airport to only leave at almost 6pm, completely missing our connecting flight and being welcomed into Atlanta’s airport at midnight with a thousand people in line for two Delta Agents to help. We have been promised lodging and tried to discuss the monetary loss we’ve seen due to this delay. We’ve also been told by Delta staff it was everything mechanical failure, weather issues, unexpected regional flight congestion and a massive amount of TSA Agents that refused to show up for work and this morning, computer glitches. All with no assistance and continuing to be passed around from agent to agent and no one seems to be able to help, let alone discuss the compensation we deserve and are owed. Not to mention that 3 - $100 bills were taken from my husbands wallet during the security process when we sent our things through. This has been the most uncaring airline experience we’ve ever had and there’s a part of me that hopes there is a class action lawsuit filed against Delta for their behavior and reaction/inaction to this mess. People are owed compensation for all the additional costs of being stranded in airports, extra meals, expensive meals in airports and other hotel stays in additional cities when this is out of the customer’s control. I don’t know any other business that could get away with this behavior without financially compensating the customer.
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1 year ago, Skippetydodah
Bag issue
Upon arriving I lost 2 hours of valuable time. I was asked to check my carry on in at the gate. The reason I had a carry on was to be able to get to my final destination as quickly as possible. First, I had to travel within the airport quite a distance to baggage claim. Then after standing and waiting for my “carry on bag” which never came on the delivery system and everyone had left I had to find a an airport employee to help me. He helped me install the Delta app which took more time to let me know that my bag was still on the plane ( what the app showed!). Then I had to stand in line which was extensively long and not moving for lost baggage claim. After 45 minutes of waiting. I had someone hold my spot and went to look on all the carousels in the area to find my bag was on a carousel that was not associated with my flight! Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait in that line any longer. However, I still had to pick up my rental car, the weather went from bad to worse and I had to now drive a long distance in the dark on top of it not familiar with the area. I have difficulty driving in the dark especially with the snow storm and ice that was worsening! First time flying Delta in many, many years. Not what I would have ever expected to experience.
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5 months ago, JB in DC
Good, not great
The app looks fresh and modern. But the user experience isn’t completely inline with the app’s appearance. While some aspects of the UX are good (seat selection for multiple passengers is easier that most other competitors), others are maddeningly inefficient. One specific example is saving boarding passes to your wallet. For my family of 4 there was no option to save them all to my wallet at once. Instead I had to do them only-by-one and each I add one and then returned from my Wallet to the Delta app, my place was lost (instead is still showing the boarding pass id just added, it would revert back to the first boarding pass. For example, in my case, there were passes for 4 fliers. I’d save the first pass, come back to the app and the first pass is still displayed. This is as it should be, however it’s when you get to the second pass and beyond where it breaks down. After swiping to and saving the second pass, adding it in the Wallet app, and then returning to the Delta app, the first pass is displayed. This is not intuitive. The expectation is that the most recently added pass is displayed and the in one swipe you can get to the third pass. It sounds like a minor quibble (and probably is), but it’s an obvious example of unnecessary friction in the system that makes the app feel less then polished.
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8 months ago, Americans with disabilities
Completely unprofessional
We purchased first class tickets and were boarded. We were informed that there were no pilots and forced to deboard. My mother has dementia and a heart condition that causes blood clots. She not only couldn’t get her extra meds for the clotting problem but we were rebooked in economy seated apart. She is tall and in real danger of a blood clot when having to sit cramped. Thus the reason for us purchasing first class tickets. We were not compensated in any way even though according to the faa there were no weather delays that this was poor management of staff. We had to pay for our own hotel. We got through the rebooking too late to find foods that met our specific dietary restrictions. So we are not only tired and my mother in danger but we are very hungry. I expect that all of our money be refunded and not a voucher for a future flight as we are very unlikely to fly delta again after the rude treatment we received. Do better. By the way, we were made aware of a delay before we left our original destination which was close to a military hospital where we could have stayed and gotten a small prescription for my mother. We packed her meds into her suitcase right before we boarded as our destination does have these meds and if our flight had continued she would not have needed additional meds. We were told we could not retrieve her bag. Are you immune to the Americans with disabilities act? I would be very curious to find out.
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9 months ago, Arcnspark60
Horrible gate agents at DTW
We arrived at DTW over 2 hours before our flight. We walked into the departure area and were told that we needed to go up one floor. After going up one floor and getting into line a male gate agent told us we needed to follow him down two floors to check in. After going through security a gate agent saw we had checked baggage and told us we needed to go back up two floors and go to the end of the line. When we arrived up those two floors, where we already there I asked a gate agent exactly what we needed to do. She was very abrasive and when I turned to walk away to go where she told us she called me STUPID behind my back. My wife was behind me and heard her and said that’s not acceptable. The female gate agent who I photographed argued with my wife. We went through security again and arrived at our gate as the plane was boarding. We arrived early to get through security and grab breakfast before our flight. Because of the directions of gate agents it took us over 2 hours to get through security which did not allow time to have food for breakfast. I fly Delta 95% of the time and have never experienced this type of egregious behavior by gate agents and to be called Stupid behind my back by a Delta employee is totally unacceptable. I am so angry and frustrated to have been treated in the manner we were.
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3 years ago, DidappointedInDelta
I am extremely disappointed with Delta. In an effort to appease customers with a Delta canceled flight Delta packed my flight to 100% capacity. At what point do you decide that customers expecting you to honor your policy that you voluntarily set in place deserve to not receive the benefits of that policy? Customer service is very poor. I called to speak with a representative and the message I received said I would speak with a representative in 58 minutes. Over 90 minutes and I am still on hold. I chose to stay on hold because the last time I chose for a representative to call me back in an allotted time I received a text 2 hours after the allotted time asking if I still needed assistance. I attempted to use the text message option in the Delta app and I was repeatedly sent the same information that I already had access to on the app. Also when I attempted to book a flight with the app the price of the specific flight I chose tripled in the less than 1 minute it took to click the required responses. The app often has the message that it is offline or can’t process my request. In speaking with other members of my family they have had the same experience with the app not being able to process. I have been a loyal customer to Delta since I began flying when my daughter’s family moved half way across the country. I would love to continue to use Delta. Please consider all the contents of this message. Thank you.
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2 years ago, lynb06
I’m not happy
Delta made an equipment change so my seat was down graded from economy plus to economy. I was wait listed for one of three available first class seats using my regional pass and Platium status awhile ago. My origami flight was booked lax to Westchester in economy plus, when my ticket was changed lax-jfk the agent apparently booked me in economy and did an automatic upgrade due to my status to economy plus. So Delta feels this down grade is ok! As my choice airlines and platinum member I thought there would be a possibility of just upgrading me from the waiting list to a first class seat which is available since the economy plus seats are full. Why spend 100,00+ on my Delta card if there is no consideration in maintaining my booked seat. I’m upset and disappointed in the change that was made due to your equipment change. When there are options to help out a customer maybe Delta revenue should not be it’s only priority. During COVID you did not want to refund my dollars on flight I was not able to take but offered credit which I’m still holding. I’m simply disappointed that now that I’m back flying my experience has been negative and disappointing.
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2 years ago, Bill and Nasha
I am loyal to very few large companies on this planet. My loyalty often winds up local whenever possible. However, with Delta, I feel as proud to be a loyalist as I do with a local business. They treat me right. When you earn status, IT MEANS SOMETHING! I capitalize that because with another major airline, my status I earned that was similar when I lived elsewhere and flew them a lot did nothing for me in comparison. I could go on and on about why I love Delta, but I’ll just end with the fact that they really try. They’ve improved. They’re staff is overwhelmingly good, and for a huge business like this, that is not easy. I’m a Delta loyalist for the rest of my days. The app works seamlessly by the way. I am supposed to mention that huh? Truly perfect app that will tell me right when my bags are loaded on the plane, at baggage claim, the whole 9’yards. Thanks Delta for being a good company. I hope this review makes someone happy, because I run a business and can’t even express the amount of people in your employ that have impressed and delighted me in my travels. Cheers! Flying you tomorrow!
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7 months ago, Nuwra1
Great interface, just wish for Two-step Authentication
I love flying with Delta, and the app makes it easy to book flights and locate your boarding pass. My only wish is that Delta implements an optional security feature to prevent those from hacking in. Not everyone flys often to find the feature worth it, so I say optional so a person can make the best decision for them and their travel needs. Reason being is that Delta has plans for international travel to store important data such as passport, other government issue documents, and credit cards such as FlyReady to make traveling easier. My question is jow can I stop someone for accessing my account remotely and changing my password and stealing my information? I CAN’T and unfortunately, my account has been compromised before where someone has done so. I have complained and put cases in but no resolution. Delta could really provide ease of mind for those who would like to store their information within the app so they do not have to continue to upload documents everytime they fly internationally. It eliminates the hassle and things to worry about when traveling or not traveling. If Delta added this, I would give them a 5 star for this app!
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5 months ago, Mom 4.0
Frustrating app experiences
We fly Delta a lot - spouse has elite status from business travel. In August when I booked a flight, the app gave me an error message about insufficient memory on my device, just at the last payment stage. I have tons of available memory on my device so this is ridiculous. Now it’s a month later and my husband is booking a flight, and the app gave him the same error message. Likewise he has tons of available memory. In both instances the app told us we had to start our search over, after having entered lots of information manually due to these being international flights and flights with kids (frustratingly, Delta’s software also won’t let us save our kids as travel companions in our account, even though *every single time* it asks if we want to). I saw that an update was posted today, so I downloaded the new version, hoping that the ability to add an itinerary to Google calendar would have been added, as well as the ability to share the itinerary as a calendar event, so that it could go on someone else’s calendar without them having to enter all the information, but looks like neither feature was added. This app doesn’t befit an airline like Delta in terms of convenience and ease.
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2 years ago, Brennon T
Latest app version update is a fail
The latest update to the “today” tab is the opposite of an upgrade. It is now much more difficult to navigate. The ability to scroll through boarding pass segments has been great and very easy in prior versions. That has been replaced with several clicks needed for the same functionality that used to be a simple swipe. The boarding time and departure time do not show at the same time, instead it may show boarding time when you open the app the first time and departure time the next. Would be better if it could show both times. There also seems to be a bug in the version that causes the user to be logged out. Yesterday I was logged out while in line to drop my bag after opening the app, then again at security, again at the SkyClub, and again at boarding. What a pain to log back in each time (while wearing a mask). As a very loyal and frequent Delta customer, I want to love the app again. It has been great for quite some time now, but the early November 2021 update is a fail for me. Feels rushed and as if no customer feedback was requested. Hoping the upgrade is on the back end with functionality, but from the user standpoint this version needs some work. I’d love to give feedback from a user standpoint, please feel free to contact me.
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6 years ago, hapily
Many missing options
One of the many missing options is the opportunity to volunteer when a flight is overbooked. I just checked in for an overbooked flight and was never directed to the volunteer screen. If I had used the airport kiosk, I could have volunteered. True, volunteering does not guarantee being chosen, but at least I would have had the opportunity to try. I’ve had this same problem when the app has automatically checked me in and never allowed me the option of volunteering for overbooked flights. I am seriously considering deleting this app. Today: After neither the app nor the website would not let me volunteer, I checked in for this morning’s flight at the airport kiosk and easily accessed the volunteer screen. Unfortunately, I figured that I did not need the paper boarding pass because it would be on my phone. This app made me check in again to view the boarding passes and, once again, did not provide the volunteer screen. Fortunately, the gate agent was extremely helpful and added my name to the list at the price I wanted. The big problem is that if two people volunteer at the same price, one of the deciding factors is who volunteered first. It would be wonderful if the app let me volunteer when I check in 24 hours in advance then let me check the status whenever I want to see if the list has begun and add my name — if there was no list yet at check in.
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4 years ago, RamblinUSA
Poor design
Version 5.1 has a terrible color scheme. On one hand, the home screen has a new darker high contrast purple background, but the bottom half of the window as well as all the other window tabs are blaring white and low contrast! Does delta not have the resources to hire a graphics designer? Then, when starting the booking process, the sort function opens a picker control that has all the options (price, duration, etc) rendered in white on white, making it practically impossible to see the choices. Finally, if using the sort function, it actually executed a new query on the server for every option, which is mind numbing slow! Why could you not just re-sort the existing shown flights on the client side!!! Likewise, switching between prices shown in cash, Miles or miles+cash, also executes a new server query. This is sloppy work! You should run just one query that downloads a compete set of information, this will speed up the client app’s performance exponentially! The website is much better, not to mention feature full. I understand that Delta is not a software company, and so it may not have the in-house expertise of one, but these design problems are too egregious to go unnoticed! With millions of active daily users, including your own staff, how could all this have slipped by! Are your testers actually even using the app? If not, they should be.
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2 years ago, Eddy-Oh
The User Interface Needs Work
I've used the app for two trips at this point and want to like it, but I really struggled with it in moments that are simply inexcusable. On the first trip the feature that switches between flights/boarding passes was completely nonobvious to me. Eventually I stumbled onto the drop down menu (which was docked at the top of the boarding pass view), but it took awhile. On my second trip the boarding pass view presented me with a warning regarding a flight delay and I couldn't get the flight drop down menu to work at all. The boarding pass view defaulted to showing me my second flight's boarding pass rather than the first (???) and there was nothing I could do about it. I managed to get through security without a boarding pass and got a paper pass printed at the gate. Later I noticed the delay warning on the boarding pass screen actually had a tiny 'x' in the top corner which was nearly invisible. When I tapped it the flight delay warning went away and the flight drop down menu suddenly started working. Once again, it was completely nonobvious to me what the problem was. It's really disappointing to experience such trouble over tiny things that can be so easily avoided. Better design/testing is needed.
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2 years ago, bluetay011
Absolutely horrible.. currently waiting nearly 24 hours after delta cancelled flight
Absolutely horrible experience. Not with the app but with Delta as a whole. We flew from MSP to SEA and landed around noon with a connecting flight to Hawaii at 3:45pm. The flight kept getting delayed an hour at a time until around 8 they announced that we could start boarding. Everyone was on the plane and ready to go when around 9, the caption announced that due to weather, and an employee running over the fuel hose, that the flight was going to be cancelled… he told us that there was a booth that would be assisting everyone with finding hotels and rebooking flights. Well, we stood in line for over an hour when they announced that they were closing the help booth at 11pm. Mind you, half of the people on the flight were still in line and not offered any assistance in the slightest. We were just left on our own to find our own sleeping accommodations. They also announced that the help booth would reopen at 4am. The employees at the help desk didn’t show up until 4:15 and 4:20am, and it is currently 6am and we are barely half way through the line. This is absolutely ridiculous and after this horrible experience, I will never fly delta again if they do not make this right. I will post updates when we get through this madness..
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2 years ago,
Delay delay cancel cancel
Unfortunately mechanical issues tried to fix overnight got on next morning and still mechanical issues so day 2 and trying to figure out how to get home. I get things things happen but the unfortunate part was lack of staff to handle this. Couple hours on delta’s direct phones was a no go. A 4 hour 52 min wait to call customer service and was cut off after almost two hrs. Another 90 min on phone and then 2.5 hrs in line at gate. Luckily our travel agent was able to get us last four seats on delta’s afternoon flight but took her several hours and multiple supervisors approvals. Also told last night there are no hotels but if you can find one keep your receipt so you can submit it after you get home. Based on the level of service or I should say lack of I can see this being a nightmare. I will say the flight crew and gate agents were nice and great to deal with as it is not their fault but rather management’s lack of ability to shift their staff from the front desk to open gates to rebook people for the third time. There are still dozens in line to rebook 3 hours later and counting.
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1 year ago, PattiKing96
Sick and tired
The app really needs an update. It’s the same old antiquated app that’s been out for years and it’s not working well on many occasions. My biggest gripe is when I go to book a flight and it says oops. Please fix that, it happens far too often. Customer care needs to rename themselves to customer…we don’t care. I flew from Italy to New York over two months ago and had reached out to customer care about a horrible experience. No one‘s gotten back to me. I flew next to what looked like a dirty diaper because the floors were soaked with liquid garbage. The flight attendants garbage container that they dump coffee, beer, wine, soda, and all of the liquids into leaked out and was all under my seat and feet. I asked the flight attendant if I could please have a towel because my socks and my blanket were wet. He said in a not concerned tone, “oh don’t worry, it’s just condensation.” Newsflash condensation doesn’t look like a dirty brown diaper. I don’t know what’s more disturbing the fact that Delta doesn’t care or that I had to actually sit next to that on an international flight!
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2 years ago, Garrick P
Insurance Integration NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
I being the smart, responsible, fully self-aware individual I am pre-purchased flight insurance (I always will because I know me). However, the insane run around I’m receiving right now is out of this world. (Great thing I find runs relaxing.) It would be a great stride in your overall end user experience if insurance claims could be integrated into the app. Let’s be honest, with programming being where it is these days this is completely possible. I’ve already designed the flow in my mind and would be happy to have a chat with you on how to roll this out or I can leave this as a gift to you to do with it what you will. For right now: 1) I’ve been given the wrong information by the third party (2) customer service phone attendant and only now after (3) several calls have been informed after I leveraged my temper to inspire the lazy attendant to get out of autopilot and double check her information (4) that the insurance company isn’t open until Monday. What is this? 1950? I don’t even need to speak to an agent if I have a car wreck and this is by far less dramatic well until I left my review but now this is officially a situation. Fix it in Jesus name!
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3 years ago, John1166
Paid twice for flight
On top of wait times being astronomical to ever speak to any representative and get any help, having made a change to our flight months in advance the app was confused/ whoever originally helped me change the flight messed things up. I showed up the day my flight was scheduled for (originally scheduled for the day prior - but rescheduled months in advanced for the day after - after they changed our flight time with no notice other than an email I spoke to a representative who got us on a flight for a different time. The app confirmed this change was made and consistently told me the change was made, upon arriving at the airport it was chaos in their check bag line while for 20 min they only had one woman checking bags and about 50 people waiting in line. I finally made my way to check my bag and was told my flight was the day prior, I asked the woman checking my bag multiple times to look at the app that my flight was no doubt scheduled for the current day and she continued to not acknowledge this and just told me I could purchase tickets for a new flight on the spot. 300$ later and I got to get on a flight that I had already paid for as she continued to refuse to acknowledge the FACT that my flight was scheduled on the app for the day I arrived. Bogus, malarkey - I am infuriated
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4 years ago, William Kinsley
Ruined my luggage!
Delta has been exceptional in every way, well, except for 1 small thing .... when I got my luggage, upon arrival, my back was soaking wet. I had people waiting outside so I had to hurry. I figured if anything was really wrong with my things that I’d contact Delta & they’d handle it. Even the bad airlines will, at the very least, give you something for the loss or damage of your property that occurred while in they’re possession. Delta wants me to pay $30 just to file a claim with no guarantee of replacement or reimbursement. You’ve already set me back being I had to replace most of the clothes, gifts, & personal items that I brought & had to replace. So sad because other than that I’ve enjoyed Delta. I’m not a man of means, I’m a carpenter, so I don’t make the kind of money where I can just get new stuff & move on. Spending the money I had to, to replace all the missing & damaged stuff, left me with just enough to get home. I wish i wasn’t writing this because, like I said, I was happy in all other ways with Delta. It’s likely it won’t ever happen again if I stayed using Delta but I literally can’t afford a $1,000 + gamble, especially when there’s zero accountability from Delta when it comes to your property. Sorry.
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2 years ago, Sustrass
Susan strasser
While traveling home from nj to Florida delta canceled our flight. We rebooked with a connection in Atlanta. Delta took off late, causing me to miss my connection and resulting in my having to sleep in the terminal overnight. Scheduled for standby and notifying delta that I was traveling due to bereavement due to the death of my mom, I was told by the delta representative in the sky lounge that we were #’s 1&2 and we would definitely get seats. The next morning at 4:30 when the sky lounge opened I asked about the flight status and seating, the same gentleman told us we were 8&9 and we MAY get on! He then sent my ex husband who was traveling with me to the wrong terminal on the other side of the airport. I have all of the documentation including the boarding pass with the incorrect gate info. I travel with a service dog, due to my debilitating anxiety as I suffer from bipolar disorder, and aside from the grief of loosing my beloved mother, my travel experience on delta caused me to suffer a setback in my mental health. My travel companions were Marc strasser, Jared strasser and Jillian sidisky.
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3 years ago, cxcsxz
Disaster app!
App never new where I was and could never separate first flight from connecting flight yesterday and today. Today it never registered I had switched flight one and never adjusted the connecting flight. Had to do it in person when I arrived in ATL. Phone wait 5-7 hours, wow! Text suggestion useless and a waste of time. I left OKC at 12:10 their time and am still in ATL at 5.00 pm with flight delayed to 6:58, the flight I rebooked in person as I was unable to do it by app or phone or text, what was I thinking. This was my first business trip since Covid and Delta seem to have lost the thread as a service airline. Perhaps American or United have regrouped given the down time, will check them out for the next trip. Will not get home for another five hours, after five plus hours to date. Bad things happen on connecting through Atlanta! I hope this review links to me so one can read it with some understanding of a loyal Delta fan who just got run over by your app and make everyone connect through Atlanta decision.
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1 year ago, Techamon
Very Disappointing
Hardly anything works on this airline. Let’s start with the good stuff. You have excellent pilots. Smooth takeoff and landings very professional during the flight. Now the bad news. The staff at the counters are awful. They are rude, unhelpful, and dismissive. They obviously hate their jobs because everyone is treated like dirt. All three counter staff that I worked with were horrible. The website and app were equally bad. It doesn’t show my reservation or tickets. I couldn’t check in. I called customer service for help, but it took two calls and over two hours to resolve my problems. My flight had been cancelled and I was trying to get on another flight. Plus I got the wrong information on where to check in. I was first told to go to the Delta counter, but since I had a codeshare flight I couldn’t check in and the other airlines’ check in counter was on the other side of the airport. I had to walk a mile to get to the right place. Also I couldn’t get boarding passes for the multiple stops. At each airport, I had to wait in line repeatedly to get a boarding pass to the next stop. Finally every flight was delayed. Nothing was on time. You guys have your work cut out for you. This is the worst major airline I’ve been on.
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2 years ago, Flying constantly
If it ain’t broke….
I have been using this app for years and loved it since they fixed the issues that logged you out at the most inopportune time. I just updated the app for a recent flight and saw the new layout and my first thought was nice. A new improved interface. Soon found out though that the “improvement” was that now you cannot see the entire trip on one screen and seeing just the last leg of the trip almost made me miss my flight! After I figured out that I was only seeing the last leg I tried swiping to the other leg like before and nothing happened. Took me a minute to realize I hadn’t booked my flight incorrectly and that I had to awkwardly choose the correct leg from a small drop down at the top of the screen. This is not an improvement! Swiping through the trip is much better than a drop down. Also like to see the entire trip on one screen. Each leg shows as 1 of 1 which is either incorrect or just confusing. Sometimes change is just change and not improvement.
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4 years ago, AutumnCA
Dear Delta Customer Service, You really let me down today. I booked a flight using the Delta App and when I went to pay, it did not give me my flight confirmation details to confirm the flight was accurate. When I got the email confirmation, it was for the wrong day. When I went back to change the flight (I called your customer support line IMMEDIATELY), the customer service representative charged me an additional 11,000 points to change the flight - and it was just booked moments ago. The representative told me the price was higher based on demand. I was online at the same time, trying to see this mysterious cost increase as there were dozens of flights at the same exact cost! And the same flight he booked me on, there was NO additional costs associated with my flight. I basically got completely ripped off by the app and your customer support representative. To top it all off, I decided to use my points because my flight was last minute to attend and conduct my brothers memorial service. In the future, I will fly Alaska Airlines. They treat their customers better. I’m so very disappointed in Delta. It’s a shame because Delta was always the beat airlines. Now, it feels more like American Airlines... and they are just horrible.
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4 years ago, Montana Mad Mom
Delta Stinks
My daughter and her 3 year old and 8 month old sons just flew Delta from HELENA MT to ATLANTA GA. Her flight left Helena and was was rerouted to IDAHO FALLS ID due to engine problems. No problem there- this happens. The problem was once there my daughter’s seats were given to another passenger- again this happens but her luggage, including her car seats were on the plane she was supposed to be on. I would have driven from MT to ID to pick them up but without car seats it was impossible. My daughter tried to tell two attendants she was supposed to be on that flight and they rudely told her she was wrong. Later they saw that she was in fact supposed to be on the flight that left without her. She was stranded in the airport with two little ones for HOURS before being bused, with rental car seats, to SALT LAKE CITY where she was put up in a hotel for a couple hours before her early flight to ATLANTA. Her reason for flying to ATLANTA was for her grandmother’s funeral which she missed and just barely made the graveside service. I will NEVER fly Delta again and will tell EVERYONE I known to do the same. This isn’t the first time we’ve had problems with Delta but this will surely be the last!! How in the world do you not check the log and why was her luggage and car seats on the flight without her. Sounds like a big security breech to me! Delta stinks!!!!
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2 years ago, screwdelta123
Delta screwed me and now won’t assist with compensation
I’m sorry, but I have nowhere else to vent because customer service is unreachable with this airline that doesn’t care at all about their customers. I had a scheduled flight home from an airport, through delta, when the news comes in that there are multiple delays. Of course, delta refused to tell me what was going on, until beyond midnight when the flight was canceled. It was at this point that we were informed that the flight to the same area the night before was canceled, because of a issue with the lavatory, and it was not fixed by the time the rescheduled flight was scheduled, so they gave the other flight our plane, and attempted to fix the issue within the other plane. The fix they had in mind failed, and they knew hours before that the plane would never leave the ground. They waited until the doors were locked in the airport, circumventing the responsibility to book hotels. We were forced to sleep in the airport, which was truly miserable, and were able to fly a different airline the next day. I am now contacting them to receive a full refund, but it is nearly impossible to reach the department I need. There is no way in the world we will ever fly with this horrifying mess of an airline again.
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3 years ago, Runn24x7
Customer Service
I have tried for 22 hours to get in touch with the Delta customer service department. I have made at least 10 phone calls. The wait times have been as long as 9 hours, then 7, then 5, and then “less than 2 hours”. I waited on the phone last night for more than 3-1/2 hours, still unable to get a live person in the phone. I also used the contact is message link, only to get a text message every 2 hours asking if I still need help. This morning I called, and finally got a message that said to press one if you would like a call back and that it would be approximately 1 hour. It has been 3 hours and still no phone call. This is very disappointing. I understand with COVID we all lost a portion of our employee base, and that you’re working to staff up; however, having a flight that now leaves in less than 24 hours and I am completely unable to speak to custoemr service is again very disappointing.
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1 year ago, alarob
Slow, uninformative, constantly upselling
This app is not primarily focused on passengers. If it were, it would be easier to find the info passengers need or want, and there would be fewer intrusions trying to get us to spend more on frills. This upselling is especially annoying when it happens more than once for the same flight. Check-in should only be necessary once, rather than completing successfully only to show that you still need to check in. Gate numbers and boarding times should not be a closely guarded secret. Reminders would be helpful, and other airline apps do this easily, while this one doesn’t seem to do it at all. Lastly, the legacy software that processes passenger records makes stupid errors that are reflected both in the Delta app and in printed boarding passes. So when I book through an online aggregator I get to see my middle initial tacked on to the end of my first name (“ROBERTP”). I realize that Delta is probably still using legacy software dating in part from the 1960s, but this is ridiculous. It also earned me a brief lecture from a TSA agent in Atlanta, who assumed I had entered my name that way on purpose. None of this gives me a lot of confidence in how Delta does things behind the scenes.
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2 years ago, Shellbo6987
Once any leg of a trip has been changed the app and just delta altogether won’t allow you to go back and change the other legs or the same leg again. It shows an error message leaving me having to go another route to change it. I just had a flight that the time was changed to I had to to back and exchange to one that worked which left me with one that wasn’t great but the cheapest price but I wanted to be able to go back once a day if possible to see if the price on a perfectly fine flight would be close to my original price. I have no way to physically see it I just have ti contact delta and have them do it for me. So not only does delta need to fix that, they need to come up with a way to only pay the upgrade price for a new flight of the price the flight options were on the day of purchase and not the higher new price after the original flight was changed or removed completely. If the flights fare rules allow for change there’s 0 reason why you shouldn’t be able to do it yourself and take time to contact delta UNLESS that’s the rules and it’s stated before purchasing.
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3 years ago, theappreviewer987654321
Not as good as it used to be
Overall the app is pretty good but there's a few annoyances I have with it compared to other airlines' apps. My primary use for the app is for showing a boarding pass and for flight updates. I'm hoping they can address these issues. During the boarding process they could really use more push notifications. I had a flight board early and I had no idea until I happened to load the app and see that it says that it was boarding early. IIRC they used to do way more such as when your boarding group was called. Alaska's app will send push notifications for these kinds of events. They also need to fix the swipe gestures when you view your boarding pass. I had a flight with a layover and there was another ticket for my kid--so swiping will toggle between the legs of your trip or the tickets for the legs based on where you swipe. It's really easy to do the wrong swipe gestures and view the wrong leg of your trip. Tried to get into the wrong seat because of this. IMO tabs would be a way to organize this that makes it harder to get into the wrong view based on an incorrectly placed swipe.
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2 months ago, whitket kennedy
Terrible service
I have had the worst experience with delta this far. Delta staff were not accommodating and refused to assist me at the self baggage line in the Nashville airport. So I waited in the regular line for 35 minutes before being waited on. When I got to the counter the man told me I was five minutes late and so I would need to reschedule or try and take my full size bag through security. This would have never happened if the self bag drop line was open. I had to throw away over $200 dollars in items due to the liquid limit, and to make matters worse was greeted by someone at the check in gate that laughed at us and proceeded to lose my bag. When I arrived at my destination in London I was told my bag did not make it and was in detroit but they would have it to me in London the next day. This did not happen. I was promised by Bobby they would deliver Sunday night but when I called they refused to deliver my bag and forced me to pick it up that next morning knowing I had a flight that departed at 7 am. This was a problem because they did not open service until 5 am and took over an hour to assist me. By the time they came to the gate and let me grab my lost luggage it was 6:10 which only gave me 50 minutes to get on my next flight.
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5 years ago, Xtrvmwai
Obnoxious desire to be rated
Is Delta so insecure about needing a review that I need to get a notification every 5 minutes until I do so? Ok well then here is the review... I am very unhappy about the pervasive self-serving attitude of Delta and many of its employees. This is especially true at ECP Florida beaches International Airport. My father died and my son and wife were unable to make the funeral service the next day in Minneapolis because Delta cancelled their flight due to “mechanical” problems. Do you think that there would be some empathy or compassion expressed by Delta representatives. When my wife tried to cancel the ticket because Delta said they had no way of getting there on time they said the only way they would refund the ticket would be if I provided a death certificate. Ok, they created the problem and then they want me to go through hoops so I can fulfill their bureaucratic requirement designed to hang onto those precious dollars. Greedy, cold, indifferent and uncaring. That is really messed up and shows how much Delta cares about you as a customer. Pathetic. My family did miss my Dad’s funeral... thanks for the great service and empathy Delta! Oh by the way the “bereavement” fares offered by Delta are actually higher priced than the daily fares offered by Expedia and others.
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3 years ago, dckmoore
Poor inflight service, delays and 3-5 hr waits to contact a customer service rep
Our last flt from anchorage to Chattanooga was a disaster. Have been flying delta for years and have 90+% of the time had a great exp. 1 flt from anchorage to seatle was good 2 flt from seatle to Atlanta - 5 hrs, comfort plus, was never offered a snack or food to purchase 3 flt from Atlanta to Chattanooga - the wheels came off. Multiple delays with flt. Ultimately was told pilot would be available at 1:45AM - 3+ hrs from original flt. Ultimately we were instructed to go to delta customer service. They were helpful and was given a voucher for a room at Marriott courtyard and breakfast. Boarded after midnight on a shuttle bus with 50 new friends. Upon arrival, the Marriott front desk was not aware we were coming and DID NOT honor the delta voucher. We pd, went to bed and out the day behind us. Got up at 3 am for our first flt and the day ended at 2 am. A long day. To date we ha e not been able to speak with a service rep - 3-5+ hr waits. Still don’t know if our hotel expense will be covered since Marriott didn’t honor the delta room voucher. We fly delta again tomorrow. We sincerely hope we have a better experience. We have been silver medallion members for years. I hope to hear from someone- soon.
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3 years ago, TooMuchTimeSpentOnMyEnd
App and website are worthless
I was notified our by email our flights had changed. I’ve had this happen before, and usually the change isn’t significant. This change had us arriving at our destination 2 1/2 hours later, and was too late. I tried everything to change the flight online, and on the app with no success. What was more frustrating is with “My Trips,” it gave the original flight information instead of the updated itinerary. I called the reservation line, and was on hold for FOUR hours before giving up. We are going to a family wedding, so I wrote a complaint/comment because I’m worried about not being able to change our flights. I got an email from Delta saying it could take up to two weeks for them to contact me about my complaint! I called again, and when the prompt asked if I was calling about my complaint, I finally got someone to help me. So if you need help, writing a comment/complaint is more effective than the website or app even if the link to update your trip was sent in the email from Delta.
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1 week ago, PD W
What a fiasco
Flight delayed then gate change and delayed and delayed again. Connecting flight was going to be missed due to delay. Rebooked for next Day. Given Hotel and Lyft/Uber vouchers. Went to get luggage before leaving for hotel. Had been told my luggage would be available for pickup. No my luggage was not. Yet another fiasco. I was told at the baggage claim I could purchase what I needed and submit the bill. Use the ride voucher to the hotel. Was too late to get the shuttle to the hotel. Figured I could at least try to get a good night sleep. At the hotel was told the company card connected to the voucher was declined. Clerk said it was a valid voucher number but the payment card used connected to voucher was declined. Called Customer service was informed I could pay for the hotel and submit the receipt for repayment. Also informed that each airport ( Delta Airlines )has its own agreement with local area hotels and nothing they could do . Offered a few miles for the inconvenience. Thanks but doesn’t even cover the time, frustration , indignity or income loss being experienced. Will see if I actually get home and if my baggage is even there in the Morning. I am hoping it will be a better morning.
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1 year ago, Lucy Des
Delta Upgrade
I always book my tickets through Delta because of their professionalism, but this time I was disappointed. I arrived at the airport earlier than expected and I decided to upgrade my entire family. I was asked for my credit card and was told that, prior to boarding, someone was going to call me to provide me information about the upgrade. I waited another two hours and nobody called us. To my surprised, the hold on my credit card is still active even though I was never provided with the services. In addition, I had spent two hours on the phone, prior to my departure, asking for live TV. The representative on the phone stated that I was going to be able to watch live TV in the plane and even provided me with someone to chat with who confirmed the information in writing. Not only was I not able to watch live tv, but I was charged 30 dollars for wifi which I, unfortunately, never had access to on the plane. This experience has left me wondering if the representatives are trained to provide accurate inflection. Customers only ask for honesty in the process. If the aforementioned were not available, the representatives should have just told me. The truth is all I wanted!
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3 years ago, PattyJoe96
Let me keep my roller bag
Great plane, had screens at every seat, clean, staff was professional and very neat in appearance. Two things, announcement volume was very loud and sure to scare you from a plane nap which are hard to come by- and a few too many messages welcoming me from Delta. Second, I was going to be cutting it close in time for a rehearsal dinner an hour out of Atlanta and only in town for 48 hours so didn’t pack much so just took a carry on. They announced that they had no more roller bag room just as I was next to board. The ticket agent assured me I could check if there was room and could keep my bag if there was room. However a luggage guy came and snatched it away from me as ticket agent put a tag on it and TA DA! I now had to wait for my baggage and go to baggage claim despite my careful planning and several volunteers putting their bags for ticketing. AND there was PLENTY of room on the plane for more bags and I was one of last third to board. Feel like I was VOLUNTOLD. Let me keep my roller bag or truly let me check first and if no room I will gladly forfeit.
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